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Transcriber: Victor BorgesReviewer: David DeRuwe Thank you for sucha wonderful introduction. Great. I’m here today to talk about motive, and I’ve learnedin my few years on this earth that incitement is really the key to effecting changein anything that you do. You can put a newspaper that was writtenwithout motivation, without additional efforts, and a article that was writtenwith drive and affection next to each other; it’s clear which one is the winner. Motivation is the underlying factor, I imagine, in everythingthat we do on a daily basis. If you don’t have motivationin something that you do, then you really can’t achievewhat it is that you trying to achieve. Everyone has motive for thingsthey’re fierce about, things that interest you, things that spur you, and of course you’ll have motivation if you play a athletic, if you’re in drama, if you’re in a strap, you’ll have motivationto accomplish that task.But the true exam of obtain motivating is if you can find it in somethingthat doesn’t interest you. Personally, I’m interestedin sitting through city committee cross and say the 404 -pagetown of Barnstable budget. But others might not findso much article so interesting. However, motivating can be foundin everything that you do. I like to look at it, in terms of finding motivation, as really putting yourselfin someone else’s shoes. When you’re query, “Why do I have to do this? Why do I have to put inthe time and the effort? ” you can just look at what you’re doing and say, “This helpsthis person because … ” or “This person is going to appreciate my act and my motivationon this duty because … ” And I’ve always foundthat that appreciation that others havefor the effort that you throw in, that’s what motivates me, the fact that someoneis going to appreciate what I did.So when the teach givesyou a paper or something to do, and “youre telling”, “This is stupid.I have better things to do. I’d much preferably go outsideand throw a football.” Whatever it is, look at it and say, “This personis going to appreciate the employ. This person put in the effortto create the assigning. Now they’re going to see itand appreciate it.” I do that in every duty I’m given and everything that is everbrought before me. And that’s always somethingthat I think we need to go out and look at when we go out to tackle an issue. Filing newspapers – peoplemight not find it interesting. But think about how much helpyou’re doing to somebody else. Think about the responsibilitythat you’re helping someone else fulfill. And that sort of helpand appreciation causes you. For me, penalty garmenting is somethingthat I like to do every single day, and I don’t time do it because I loved it; I do it because people appreciate it.People see that I made the extra time to prepare myselffor whatever it is that I’m doing, and they thank me for it, and that thanks, that respect, is truly what motivates me got to go and do whateverit is that is put before me. So I want to finish briefly just by saying that motivationis so important in anything that you do, and without it, you reallycan’t accomplish what you want, but with it, you havethe passion to effect change, the passion to make a difference, and you really do have the passion to go out and changethe mode things are done and make a differencein anything that you want to do. Thank you for your time and your ears.( Applause ).

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