Finance Subject Talk – University of Southampton Virtual Open Day 2020

welcome to bc finance program talk of course i would love to meet you today in person and to deliver this talk face to face and to see all your faces now however due to the covet 19 pandemic we'll have to deliver this talk virtually i hope you will get all the information that you need to make your decision whether to come to study finance and university in southampton today so my name is dr larissa yerov i am program director of the bc finance program you can find lots of information about me on our website in terms of the research work that i'm doing i'm lecturing finance at southampton business school and particularly in this program uh i'm teaching portfolio theory and financial markets i'm also deputy head of the center for digital finance and i will talk about our research center a little bit later and of course all the information is available if you will follow these links uh i'm also chair of the cryptocurrency research conference in 2008 in 2019 and even this year regardless the pandemic will have our cryptocurrency research conference uh that to be held virtually in 14th and 15th september 2020.

I'm also an editor in the number of finance tour now so you can see them here like international review financial analysis journal of international financial markets institutions and money international rio of economics and finance and also helion and data and brief journal so as a program leader if you will choose this program i will be one of the main reference points and contact person for you guys so you can ask me any questions about this program about the curriculum about the entry requirements about the delivery yeah so feel free just to approach me anytime if you will have any further questions so in southampton business school we offer two different programs one is three years program and second one is four years program misplacement and without placement so it's entirely up to you whether to choose a program displacement and to go for one year to work somewhere in industry also we offer an option to go to study abroad for a year or uh to choose three-year program and just to progress from first second to third year and to work on your final dissertation uh during the third year already uh both yoga schools are provided here if you're interested in any of these programs so what is bc finance bc finance uh put a great emphasis on skills and knowledge that's sufficient to build a successful career in finance particularly our emphasis placed on quantitative skills so i always like to say that this program is really good for those who are really interested in math who really love mathematics and equations and quantitative methods and modeling however you do not want to build your career in math and you don't want to be mathematician in the future yes obesity finance it's a great place for you if you enjoy numerical exercises and you enjoy data analysis and want to enhance this knowledge and your skills in this area so we will analyze the financial data time series data and panel data to make informed investment decision so in terms of their uh curriculum and the content of this model we always like to say that uh bc finance is one of the most modern bsc finance degrees that currently available in the uk educational market so we will study here finance of the 21st century yeah so very very modern and only very few uk uh universities provides a pure bsc finance degree probably you're familiar with that it is the different programs like accounting and finance economics and finance so it's always something with finance however our program is focusing on finance and to really provide you in-depth knowledge and great understanding of the main theories and concepts of corporate finance corporate governance and empirical finance so why finance in southampton uh of course we ranked at the top 100 university worldwide yeah so it's a very great place uh to study finance in general in terms of the university ranking we're also one of the few universities that offering bc finance degree to begin with and our school provides uh very excellent facilities like bloomberg terminal access to all world famous databases where you can get access to the data and to the financial news and stories like bloomberg for example data stream or pharma and to name but a few so also we have some tutorials and seminar schedule that will help you to learn the main statistical software such as e-views data matlab and as i mentioned earlier we will put a great emphasis on those skills and we really want our student to be competent in statistical software and in data analytics and financial data analysis after the graduation i think it's great for both for employment and also for securing a great placement opportunity if you will select program displacement so why to choose bsd finance one of the reason that i'm sure you've heard somewhere it's a expansion of the financial technology that's uh financial technologies of fintech is rapidly evolving sector and the rate of adoption of fintech was incredibly high in the last decade so if you can see from these slides so according to global fintech adoption index in 2019 adoption of fintech services has moved steadily upward from 16 in 2015 to 33 in 2017 and already in 2019 64 financial industry adopted some sort of uh fintech whether it's cryptocurrency or it's crowdfunding investments yeah so there are loads of different variety of food and therefore in our obesity finance program we will deliver several unique disciplines and several unique models that related to fintech so if you're interested in financial technologies this program can work well for you also our main focus is of liability of course we think that we need to look at the future we need to understand what our graduates will need after the graduation in four years time and therefore we are really dedicated to equip you with skills uh that will help you to adapt to the changing environment and changing job market that getting very competitive so all the extracurricular activities and our curriculum as well everything is just focused on your employability to ensure that after the gradation you can secure the best possible jobs and uh will be very very competitive in comparison to the graduate from different schools also the very interesting and very useful uh resource and platform that bsd finance students can use as a center for digital finance which is the leading hub for collaborative and multi-disciplinary research that basically transforms the existing understanding of the challenges of technological innovation in finance and provides solution for contemporary business problems so within this center our students will receive the opportunity to get involved in real research projects and work alongside our academic staff and attend our seminars workshops additional lectures that will be organized and to really feel a part to be part of this very interesting community of finance scholars so i think it's very very great a chance for bsd finance students to get the research skill and data collection skills data transformation skills but while working on real research project with some of your tutors and lecturers and finally why bsd finance in southampton because we're also concerned about sustainability we know that there is a growing interest among students to the climate change problem and we believe that finance as a discipline should help and should contribute to the solution to this climate crisis and emerging therefore one of the questions that we always will ask how finance can help to solve this rapidly escalating problem you will be taught by the world leading experts in finance and here provided just two examples professor simon woof and professor frank mcgourty who are excellent tutors who are excellent lecturers scientists researchers in finance in international banking and corporate finance area like professor simon and also professor frank he's professor of computational finance both of them will teach on some of the modules of in year one year two and year three yeah and also as a members and directors of the center for digital finance they will work closely with bsc finance students and will be able to provide additional support and guidance and advice for your skills development knowledge development and your future career research areas of other staff members very very broad we have experts in corporate finance in banking in digital finance like myself for example factory investment portfolio management asset pricing corporate social responsibility computational finance market infrastructure so it's very very broad uh our overall expertise i really recommend you to go to uh department of banking and finance uh web page on the university of southampton website and please have a look on our excellent members of staff on their research interests where they published or what are their expertise and the experience and previous projects and industry experience that they had and i'm sure it will help you to make your informed decision yeah with whom you're going to work for the next three or four years so i already mentioned our excellent facilities like for example bloomberg trading sued so we have 21 bloomberg terminals and we have two data stream terminals as well so normally bc finance students will spend a lot of time in bloomberg and we'll get these uh trading experience and experience over gathering financial data and analyzing financial data using bloomberg yeah so it's one of the main emphasis and we will try also to support our students uh in their journey to obtain bloomberg certificate which is another interesting and exciting thing to include to your cv and to boost your employability let me quickly to go through our curriculum of course this information can be found on the website however i would like to highlight a few disciplines that will be delivered exclusively to bsc finance students because you know that we also offer accounting and finance program economics and finance programs and other programs with finance here in southampton however those disciplines will be delivered only to bsc financed user and i will try to explain the distinctiveness of this program in comparison to other programs that we offer so during the first year you will have of two disciplines that will be developed only for bsd finance students its foundations of finance and personal finance in the second semester you will have also statistical methods for finance yeah when you already will start grasping some econometric skills statistics skills yeah so for everyone who loves math from semester two of the first year of your study you will start working properly on your quantitative skills however in the first semester as soon as you come to the university you will have uh these four disciplines financial accounting introduction to management foundations of finance and personal finance what is about foundation of finance you will learn the basic concepts basic definition main fundamental theories of finance that will build a foundation of all your future journey personal finance is very interesting discipline and i think your parents could be quite excited about it as well if you're watching this video with parents because how very often uh students graduating from the universities but they do not know how to pay their own taxes they don't know how to pay back student loan or whether they should do it or not how to get mortgage how to save for their first property so they started financial accounting and finance for a number of years but at the personal level the understanding of finance is very very limited therefore within the bsd finance and fobus defining students we decided that we want to teach our students from very first semester of the first year how to handle and how to manage their personal finance so how to um understand finance from very personal perspective so here you can see specific topics that will be considered for example balancing your personal budget appreciating the limitation of financial regulation managing your debt understanding income tax and national insurance investing for the future buying your future home investing and buy to let property so everything that related to finance that probably you've heard already from your parents uh from use uh and just from general life you will understand and you will learn it and with the help of professional tutors and by these by studying finance at personal level you also will build this foundation to understand more complex abstract and theoretical concepts of finance and more complex models yeah if you understand the basic on personal level how the finance works you will understand how it works in theory how it will works uh how it will work in other modules and more complex disciplines later on in your study so for example on the structure of the second year here you already see why one of the main entry requirements here to have a level in mass yes you should have at least be in math and you should achieve it at your a level why because of the year or two for example of our program because you will have financial econometrics one you will have financial econometrics too financial management portfolio theory and financial markets all those disciplines are very numerical yeah very computational it requires good quantitative skills yeah and also in semester one you will have to choose from two option modules yeah and the new module here that also will be delivered only for bc finance students islamic banking and finance it's very modern very niche discipline that will be particularly relevant for those students hope perhaps will be uh interesting to build korean banking and to build career for example in investment fund or in banking or to go to for example for placement or uh for work abroad yeah so it's very growing and rapidly growing discipline and field of islamic finance and to be included in our curricula so also as i said we are working on creation of new modules for bsd finance students that also will be available only for bsc finance students so for example introduction to fintech so as i explained that fintech adoption rate is really really high and we believe that this field will just only grow in the future therefore for our undergraduate students we would like to offer this discipline where we will cover the main understanding of the blockchain technology what it is how does it work uh you will also be able to distinguish between different types of fintech to understand its main characteristic what it is uh we'll also have uh topics regarding crowdfunding an alternative source of financing different uh regulatory and corporate governance issues cryptocurrency market uh markets peer-to-peer lending and financial inclusivity yeah so you can see the full list of the topics here and uh apart from introduction to finance we also will have cryptocurrency investments that is a new discipline as well that will be very good extension of portfolio theory and financial markets um module yeah and uh i think it will provide some additional understanding of which speculative asset classes can be included in portfolio such as cryptocurrencies uh also big data econometrics this also new discipline the developed by economics department and for big data econometrics can help you to expand your knowledge of financial econometrics so in the kind of matrix one and kind of metrics too you will have uh quite a good understanding of small data and uh quantitative analysis of traditional smaller data set but for big data econometrics you will be able to distinguish how this is different from big data set yeah how big data can help to solve real world business problems and to provide additional insights and to help to create more optimal solutions so in the final year and why i call it final year because if you will choose a program three years program uh for bc finance without placement it will be year number three however if you will choose uh four year program this will be year number four yeah so as if you can see a structure of this uh year you can see that there are new disciplines again for example alternative investments which is umbrella term covering different assets such as commodities for example cryptocurrencies here so we'll have a specific module that considering alternative investments and behavioral finance behavioral finance is a separate mission finance and it already includes different psychological insight and psychological biases of investors and how these biases affect decision making process yes so we will try to understand the behavior of the financial markets and answer on such questions like uh panic uh what is financial panic during the financial crisis and why it's occur what is the herding behavior yeah and we will use the most contemporary examples so for example the recent covet 19 crisis what's going on in financial markets we obviously will be able to consider it as a case study and to try to understand what can be done in the immediate aftermath of these crisis that's currently emerging and escalating okay so regarding the new modules as i mentioned earlier that one of our focus is sustainability and therefore one of the new disciplines for those who will start their study in 2021 2022 you will have a climate finance module so this module during this module you will understand how finance can help to address climate change issues yeah so i think it should be quite interesting and broad discipline climate finance also becoming a separate initial finance and it's very modern and lots of uh world famous researchers working and trying to provide their insights and their contribution and solutions to climate crisis uh therefore we will consider it within this model how green finance instruments uh can be attracted for invest for investors yeah for example green bonds why investors should select these financial instruments and how these new uh green assets actually integrated in a financial system and how they interrelated with traditional assets and traditional financial markets okay so this is the list of topics that uh will be include for example climate finance main actors and stakeholders uh greenbones and green financial institutions private equity renewable energy investments market pricing and the measuring of the climate trees hedging the climate risk yeah and also for example impact of fintech and environmental sustainability as you can see we are linking all this material together what you've learned building it advancing it and you will be able to build your expertise in the area that you're really interested in so in terms of the assumptions and accreditations we offer in several exemptions that you can see on this slide and also which i are personally very excited about that now we start working on a cva university affiliation program as well so it will be great apart from sima and bloomberg certificate and business accounting level uh from ba to be four to have also opportunity to get exemptions from cpa and to have certain accreditations for it as well all right so if you decide uh to choose four-year program let me comment a little bit about placement i'm sure our placement team you also can contact them directly to ask what is support provided for in terms of the placement but the main information here that the placement can be based in uk or it can be overseas so we are very very flexible our students generally themselves responsible to find and secure their placement but our dedicated placement team can help to support our students and provide advice on cv development uh prepare them for interview if interview will be required for certain placement position during the placement year the our students will be away for a whole year uh you will be required to pay just 20 of your tuition fees which will includes access to steel to all the university facilities and remote access to it as well and support of your personal tutor who may come to visit you on placement okay well our students have gone so far so you can see the list of companies some of them are very famous where our graduates works yeah so normally university of southampton graduates are very highly employable yeah so geographically the majority of graduates stays around the london area and south england but we have some birmingham for example yeah but majority of our graduate stays in the uk and the south region yeah next to london yeah also we have a great peer learning support it's the season that designed when the students from uh who was older from for example year two and year three of their study can support our freshers yeah our first year students and provide them with advice and with support and some guidance on how to survive at the university how to cope with the stress and anxiety and how and somebody specific tips regarding the exams uh time table multitasking and how to communicate with tutors so different communication skills and tips could be provided and they're organizing very interesting sessions well also for to help you with reading academic writing yes or some of the of these sessions are very useful and this is additional support that you will get just to help you to integrate with our program yeah in terms of the current students so we had uh female rate male male 2 female ratio was 51 1 to 49 females are very very welcome to join bsd finance program and i know that finance often consider is a man's world but i would say the situation is changing completely and we encourage more girls to apply for bsc finance program so in terms of the location the majority of our students uk-based students however we have 31 percent of international students from all over the world and 12 percent students from european union we will use different type of assessment methods for different programs for different modules so overall it will be quite balanced don't expect that it will be just exam exam exam or just assignment assignment assignment or coursework yeah so it will be very very balanced uh structure of the assessment and depending on the program side program needs and but specific learning outcome of the program and learning outcomes of this specific module the appropriate method of assessment will be selected whether it's formal examination or assessed coursework uh occasionally we'll have multiple choice tests or computer-based tests also group of individual presentations and different types of group assessments also can be used for entry requirements for 2021 academic year will have aab our general entry requirements uh including maths yeah so mathematics is compulsory and one of the main requirements for this program and i i hope i explained you why because uh there are quite a strong emphasis on quantitative skills and simply it will be easier for students who are competent with math who has at least be in math and that you be at a level to to study on this program yes so i want to ensure that you are not going to struggle if you come here in southampton because this is quite innovative and quite challenging program yeah so there are all other information about other different diplomas and uh you can get more information from our admission team regarding different international qualifications that you might have and whether it can substitute a levels uh and what will be accepted for this program yeah but generally speaking this these the most commonly used uh entry requirements and qualifications provided on this slide so after the graduation again uh our female graduates uh in business um and management from southampton earn uh 11 000 more in comparison to the average level in particular for its ninth place in uk and uh men earn ten thousand more which is thirteenths place in uk yeah so and the majority of our gradients are finding the job within six months after the graduation and or continue further study so i hope i provide quite a lot of information today and uh i really want to answer all your questions so please feel free to drop me email if you have any questions regarding the bsc finance program also i'm very accessible on social media you can follow me on linkedin yeah and drop me a message there you can follow me on twitter yeah so i really like to interact with students and would like to answer all your questions any questions that you may have therefore please let's stay in touch and i look forward uh to welcome you hopefully in university of southampton lbc finance program in 2021 thank you very much

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