Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

[ glamorous electronic music ][ male VO] -Move to the rhythmwith boxing efforts![ music aims][ forceful techno music ][ male VO] -The sequelto Fitness Boxing, where you can enjoyworking out to the pummel, is coming tothe Nintendo Switch system! Grab your Joy-Con controllersand match the rhythmlike one-two![ languorou synth music] Select your favorite musicand trends,[ rhythmic rock and roll] then get to itwith boxing practices! Customize your instructor’soutfit to provide even morevariety for your workouts.[ stupefying large-scale banding music][ jazzy synth music] Various features are includedin this installment, including a two-player mode, an alarm function, and the abilityto turn off boxing moves. Saved data too carries overfrom the previous game, so use all of these featuresto help keep you going ![ music ends][ upbeat techno music] Select any oneof the nine coaches, including 3 new ones: Janice, Hiro, and Karen.All of them have their owndistinctive personality and are here to supportand motivate you! Box to the flog whenFitness Boxing 2: Rhythm& Exercise opens on Nintendo SwitchDecember 4th. Pre-orders begin later in the day ..

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