For Those Who Walk Alone | LONE WOLF MOTIVATION

Walk your own path Walk your own damn path Lone wolf Don’t stroll someone else’s footpath Don’t step the footpath their own families expects for you only because you feel you owe them Don’t accompany a direction that supposes it’s yours But it’s actually the ideal path falsified by culture about who you should be Don’t walk a move precisely because you You feel that you is not stroll a move that you feel it is your duty and that you are a slave to it because what you need to do according to the customs and knowledge of society move your own path If you are going to try go deep in another way Don’t start even if you are trying to go deep This wants losing sweethearts partners Business relationships, or even your spirit. Go deeper. This symbolizes not chewing for three or four daylights. This represents emptines, solitude, the endow of interesting thing. These are experiments of your stamina. Translated by the team.

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