MOTIVATION FÜR 2020 | 4 MIN für den perfekten Start in den Tag!

If we live our lives, simply do the things we feel like doing for a long time. We don’t get to our goal It’s the days when you don’t feel like they truly give you forte Because these are the tests that are the tests that are waiting for you to be honest, the working day when you feel like you are not decisive for your goal work to get the blue stars up that become you feel good The daylights are crucial when you don’t feel like them, these are the ones. Vast. Pieces of the perplex the die. Leaving most people behind I have now reached so many thousands of hundreds of thousands of people if motivation is what people do I see it again and again they do is they work for their goals they are motivated but that is not the deciding thing, the deciding thing is what do you do When “youre not” caused What do you do when you dont feel like what you do when your head suddenly starts to say. Hey, on the other hand, the meat term mollifies you down. Have your merriment. And I have my previous one. Life always demonstrated in to this voice Every time it was not at all that I even accepted the fight I did. Heard that singer and I thought hey that was telling the voice. Just bide young to me. Still, two hours lie clearly discovers. Feel good but deep inside pit. Inside I knew that I lost to myself That I lost the day and I returned the day out of hand because I followed this feeling of comfort when I followed this feeling of comfort. And don’t get me wrong, there was still times when it starts ability to loosen, to tighten, to actively take a break, to treat yourself to interrupts, “theres a place” for it and that certainly procreates smell, but it should be an active decision means you are asleep Because you know that sleep is in the interests of you you sleep because you cleared the decision I sleep today from 10 to 8 so that is my decision I sleep but if I don’t get up at 8 but only then do I know for sure that that is not the case My actual strategy was that wasn’t my actual first will, but in retrospect I countered, lost myself, I didn’t follow what I actually wanted to do and that’s exactly what brought you. That accompanies me to. Um, because inside it lets you know very well that you let your own terms follow no act and it shapes you feel bad because you are no longer in harmony with yourself and the reputation you acquire from yourself is the most important thing you can ever have what you think about yourself decides. As astounding as you feel And I predict you these days when you actually want to do something on which they. Voice that says let’s remain these are the days that are really crucial for you these are the days that enhance your penalize these are the days that really get you to your destination because if you can survive these storms in mollify water everyone can sail everyone can, voyage if everything goes well if everything slogs if he doesn’t have to do anything everyone survives soul if it’s easy but show me how you behave when it gets a little harder or when it gets really difficult if you can still manage it then Are you on a really, really good path? Think about it the next time you make a decision.

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