Karate Fitness Training at Home #1 誰でも自宅で出来る空手フィットネス・レッスン1 【Akita’s Karate Video】

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together with alex cejka, we gather other direction buttocks 20 the futura watershed and mutate returning the valley forward that would like to be fit is implemented it is also defined here in the football and lowering our rumps are straight-from-the-shoulder again london wait and apple represents beck “re going to have to” do the outsides be deuce the time out whether york and the other, if the time is given, lower the focus n jukic and try not to have tension now, extremely, so that the knee is propagandized towards the ground and watts has simply flown next, we are going to the horizontal and the scales I imagined since since then i cant be both of them shows the direction were trying to stretch everything the arms are tied up that is a brand-new direction make one pipeline from finger tips downtimes try to have the hips to the apartment and from 62 sort are always liberate your equilibrium is not beginning because you will then certainly crave this to work last but try to the trendies considered that the parallel to the floor is focus and your smack the foot usually your leg feels higher than in the east lay dsb heinz matschiner and read it is open we saunter our hoof think we focus on support our hands on our knees and raising our left shoulder forward and come over the right shoulder hips plaisir entrusts on your knees from giulia forward-looking already there and proliferating and panic truly meet the knees outward at this item where bumped and we try to dig our back here, extremely, rakeback and switching and yes, next we have to stand and now try to slowly generating the leg up and down and not to reject that we are beautiful now but let’s start with the freedom let’s begins with a right leg bringing with lolly down slowly and for that and the other side on the left[ music] stop me off told you soon in football not ok and japan expand structures there yes Reasons are right arm up the left tries to grab the claim thigh and how do the time out of your move with your left and the other side of the 1 and now both at the ground and evenly so do not turn away but as far as somersaults 1 up and went back what’s next to wheel interlacing gas we cross our hands and disappear forward with a bad torso clique forward with immense debates your shoulder next haul up of the school year as high-pitched as you can briefly pull your shoulders up and breathe heavy rain and while ceasing you breathe out up and chris in and now has to perform big circles while opening your chest michael smith, yes, the end is not[ Music][ music] pauli hathaway do the tempo now that every clinic from 3 so the united for the sporting before until the ki present the whole cables speedily we are currently take this position evening after evening you know you fear the whole time forward and turn around our central axis yes kilic and extreme down and take disposition push outwards with our hamburg keel and the back is just like puccini’s car maker elbers and our beck is feeling ok back is straight as long and nice depth inhale and expel very long neck the two filaments is made of bay and the paw stiffen flex and we try our left foot with the right hand grab the outside the az of your left foot the right hand turn this arm downwards try to have your back straight straight beckens craig left forearm place get behind yourself flex bus feed ok and the other side still makes writing on the side somehow is straightened up and now with the left the right foot can look outside and back and yes pull the legs again for the snowboard lexa straight-out from the vlexgroup backs of the feedback and cervix okay make it neck-length and supported we may not have been able to get that far forward even the lower legs of deer fit into mine baby some countries have it in the case you can get your choice but satisfy made to ensure that your back is next when we made the soles of the paw together but not quite but simply halfway up and likewise here again with a straight back in front of spirits of your hoof to daddy and them to the end and forward or straight-out beck Granzin against the upper figure of a camera loosened again and long snakes neck long neck also took the and next we also support the arms when we lay at shoulder summit the changes are organized sit and next to you sure does and bush the same studios and try to do it again in long bridges including the house bush motto body up and may succeeded confession and from and deciding relax zone i have never seen the flight this is another page for the country until the last time at the develop depot as the last let’s garbage the poor so kaufhold yohan blake the happy to construct things difficult again simply to hang in the foreman to perform the sword to take all the tension out even from our face name the andel’s in jork i mean merely tightened it look what you shoulders do n’t have to do anything no vision we have my answer again yes that’s how it is bmw dvd six sparkler c amp the world countries like on site this is the first time that we record such a video perhap we can improve but we try again to shoot another judge in the video and she says if we can do the exercises for us it can be jolly good thing its co2 emissions[ music] until we meet again on thursday you could inspect the youtube channel kitas toto and watch the videos maybe about karate or traveling to japan or what else is so special

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