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Hi guys, Diabetes is our topic today Let’s are talking about here category 2 diabetes in this episode Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which the insulin supremacy in our torso is low and there is no insulin protection. Which mainly happens aged parties, This means that some people produce insulin but do not have the ability to lift their body. There are chances of getting character two diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Affects One crore In One Time In India. Being overweight, obesity from childhood, inactive life style, meat habits, Hormonal changes along with these remedies you know what the real intellects are now. Does This Type Of Diabetes Dangerous Have Any Side Effect? yes 100 Percent Type Two Diabetes Has A Very Effect Type 2 Diabetes has as much effect on the system as the type 1 Diabetes parts never have. That is, we are looking at the effect of Type Two Diabetes on Aged People What this signifies is that our body does not produce the insulin it needs, and the body does not take insulin even if it is produced Ability is a lack.So in this process the body loses insulin armour and what happens is that the body automatically becomes dull. Lucks are that most people do not know manifestations kind Type Two Attack. What most people doubt is that type 1 dangerous or type two hazardous. Both Are Dangerous The Diet You Take, The Lifestyle, Proper Sleep, Activity Or Medication You Have Selected Both are dangerous if all these are not in correct method. As we are talking about the Type One has organ that had an impact on the nervous system, the Type Two also has a greater effect on the heart. coronary failure and nature blow these are also chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Once you have a heart attack, the automated functional task is 40-50 percent exhausted. when you compare to the normal person Your Performance Is less Than 40 -5 0 Percent Healthy. Avoiding that means hindering type two diabetes under control. There are also likelihoods that it comes from type two diabetes genetic Even if you is not lead a healthful life, there is an opportunity that you will get diabetes in the next 50 or 55 age years also.Most Type Two adult Coming After 30 Years Type Two Diabetes Can Attack Anytime. It’s Impossible To Control Diabetes But It Can Be Stalled By Taking Correct Medication With Taking Dr. Suggestion. Medication Regularly Nutrition shunned Simple Crops In Sweets Alcohol Nicotine Free make the particles and nuts lettuce veggies. Cholesterol Processed Foods When You First Take Cholesterol Levels Stop These Foods Fat Deposit No If You Take, Avoid Fatty FoodsIf you take fatty nutrient it will effect on your heart.Part of the most important part of type two diabetes is centre. mind state is imperative for character two diabetes. So Medication, physically Activity to stop the Insulin level at proper At least 10 Minutes Walking Confirm after the affix lunch or dinner. we have learnt category 1 and type 2 diabetes. what about prediabetes? what is prediabetes theatre. this prediabetes manifestations likewise equal to the type two diabetes for some members can not distinguishes the symptoms. Beings in this pre-diabetes stage will also be in border condition when they are on that border.Concentrate on Nutrition Diet, Active Lifestyle with The Inactive Lifestyle with Chon worth. Along with These grains and Nuts Consumption of Healthy Obesity Mostly Veggies Consumption of Green. Non Veg Should Be Less, Take Only Lean Protein, Take The Omega Foods. Which is not out of the condition so we can control it, To Avoid Type Two Diabetes Daily 30 – 40 hours of rehearsal propose it to have 3-4 days in a few weeks. we can control it. if the Insulin tiers are not spike any dinner which you take at least 5-10 minutes march you are able to do daily.So since there is no excess glucose ability then the insulin stage will spike. if you do the specific activities then the insulin statu will not high so daily 5-10 minutes of strolling. so we have learn pre diabetes, category two diabetes and in last streak we learn type one diabetes. In the next video about kidney gathering and the problems are facing and why the kidney questions are getting will see. stand theme realize chaps ..

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