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Let me tell you something you know by the world is not sunshine and rainbows The life is a terribly dirty neighbourhood and I don’t care how hard and strong “youre ever” Life will bring you down to your knees Life will obstruct you on your knees forever If you and I make it and nobodyhits like living But it’s not assessed by persuasivenes Beating It is measured by the strength of the jolt, your fight to it, and your continuity, then your ability to endure and continue is the measure! This is how success is achieved! The hurting is temporary. It can last for a minute … or an hour or a day or even a year. But in the end it will be terminated. And after it’s over, something else will make the place of thepain. If I give in regardless, the sorenes will go onforever! Party and recreation don’t go anywhere. Your weirdness is proof of your perseverance Your weirdness is proof that you are focused and evolve Your weirdness is proof that you are focused and constantly evolving and ready for your character Stop playing and looking for fun I dare you to put up with a little pain…I dare you … I dare you not to go home Someone said I should go home Feelremorse, go through pain, go through … you won’t die … at the end of pain is success! You won’t die because you feel some pain … “I don’t dine like I eat at home” This is because you will go to the next statu. Because if you continue to eat as you eat at home, you will remain a boy and you will remain a girl.It’s time to be a man and be a woman! You have a dream? You have to protect him! Some people can’t do the work and tell you you can’t do it. want something? Go and get wise. Talent is natural. Skill exclusively comes with developing your professing for hours upon hours on end. Skill only comes with developing your profession for hours upon hours on end. To be able at a few moments to sacrifice who “youre looking to” who you will be! When you reach a point where success are equally important to you as breathing … then you will be successful. And I’m here to tell you …# 1 Most of you say they want success, but in fact, you kind of want it! Some of you would rather sleep than supplant, sleep…sleep for stony-broke people! I is not sleep! We can climb out of hell an inch for every step I choose…to fight !!! When you want to succeed as much as you need to breathe, then you will be successful! Just choose decide what it will be…who it will be…how you will do it. Just decide! After that point…the universe is out of your route. If you know your worth…you will go and get what you deserve but you have to be able to take the thumping! And this is by not putting digits and saying that you are not who you want to be because of him and her conclude , nor because of anyone. Cowards say this is not you! You are better than that! Whoever says he can and who says he can’t both are usually genuine! Do not give up.

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