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– It’s March and I’vegot a great power stroll and offset rehearsal workout for us. No paraphernalium needed. So let’s go.( cheerful music) All privilege, Killer Bs, let’s go ahead and getmoving and grooving. And that means that we are getting started with some arms haloes with high knees. Oh my gosh. How good does that first one always feel? And I know I say it almost every day, but it’s because I feelit almost every day. I’m so excited, ah, tobe moving and grooving and ready for an awesome workout. You guys, therefore welcomed it. I’m Pahla B. I’m your best middle-aged fitness friend. And around here, we areall about building peacefulnes with our menopausal bodiesby discover a healthy value and moving in ways that definitely sounds like cherish. Oh my gosh. Does match feel likelove to you?( giggling) I’m imagining, if you areanything like me and your equilibrium is as okay-ish as mine is that maybe balance practice doesn’t feel like desired, but Iwill tell you that it is one of the nicest thingswe can do for ourselves as we are getting, ah, older.There’s no nice way to say that, but we can be nice to ourselves by practice abilities that wemaybe commonly wouldn’t. I know, I know what happened to me when I firstly started rehearsing equilibrium. I fell over a lot, like all the time. Let’s go and time some armcrossers with booty kickers. And I actually still do. You will notice that today. This is what I’m gonna tell you. If you are brand new aroundhere, hi, welcome, I’m Pahla. I don’t have very good counterbalance and I like to practice it anyways. And that’s what I want you tobe thinking about today as, it’s balance practice.I actually intentionallysay that word because I don’t anticipate that youare gonna be amazing at it. You don’t need to be amazing at it. Now, if this is the first time that you have really rehearsed your offset, I am gonna prudence you that you might like to have something adjacent, beclose to a wall or a chair, have something to kind of help you out. We are doing lots ofbalance practice today. So not falling out of it is gonna be an important point of the workout. Now, I’ve got the handy-dandy Gymboss place for interims of 30 secondsand none of those is remainder. So we’re gonna be taking today at a tempo that feels moderate. It’s gonna be excellent for weight loss, excellent for fitness, perfectfor rehearse our poise, but we’re not doing any resting. So detecting that tempo that works for you is gonna be really important. Let’s go ahead and dosome welcome to my homes.And here’s what it looks like. We’re gonna be walking, and then, we’re gonna be doing someother low impact cardio move , no start , no transitionsto the ground today. And then, we’re gonna bepracticing our symmetry. We’re gonna do each of thesetriplets two times in a row, precisely because ofthe balance practice, because balance, yes, that means that we’restanding on one hoof. So there is a requirement to do each ofthem twice to make sure that we are evening it out. But because we’re gonna bemoving at a nice moderate speed the whole workout, I’m gonna go ahead and get started with our walking time because it really is meant tobe kind of an extended warmup. So let’s go ahead and get moving.( timer beeps) So you can feel free to work or tread ratherat any kind of a gait that feels good for you.It might be a little faster. It might be a little slower but receiving something thatfeels like a good moderate, we’re getting our heart rate up. But when we’re rehearse our poise, you’ll notice that you actually don’t want your heart rateway too high.( chuckling) When it beeps again, we’regonna be doing tread stars. You might know it as abox pace or a V stair. We’re gonna step forwardwhile we positioned our hands up and then step forward with the other foot while we made that hand up. Then we’re gonna step back and step back. And then, we’re gonna change leader legs.It’s a little( timer beeps) of work for your ability. Now we go forward, forward, back and back. Pick an apple and applied it in your pocket. And then, when it beeps again, we get to do balance pattern. We’re starting off with somethingthat is reasonably simple but that doesn’t make it easy. I call them crane knocks becausewe’re gonna be standing, I is also likely call themflamingo kicks actually, because I don’t really knowif cranes stand on one leg. But we’re gonna stand on one foot and simply kick out the other foot. So we’re gonna do theentire interval on one side. And then, we’re gonna do thiswhole little triplet again( timer beeps) before we do the other foot. So I’m gonna stand on my left leg, bringing up my rightknee and simply kicking. Oh and that’s about howwobbly I expected to be. Made to ensure that your standingleg is soft but strong, exclusively, your knee is not locked. Your quadruplets are engaged.Your quadruplets are the fronts of your thighs. Your quads are also locked on this knee that’s doing the knocking as well. This is a great kneestrengthening exercise, in case you were wondering. Feel free, as I mentioned, tohave something next to you. You are getting all ofthe benefit of symmetry even though they are you are( timer beeps) sounding down or hanging on. We’re coming right back to walking now. So this is what it looks like. We’re doing these three things in a row and we’re gonna repeat it so that we can do that balance on the other side. And then, we’ll moveon to our next triplet. Here’s the thing about symmetry rehearsal. When it beeps again, of course, we’re gonna do going virtuosoes, by the way. I get asked this question all the time. If I’m hanging on to something, how in the world isthat still good for me? My friends, you are practicing. You are still moving your torso in a way.And by having your hand on something( timer beeps) or sounding down, now we go with walking suns, your figure is stillpracticing doing that gesture. You are finding the muscles that you need to be using for offset. Nothing of us, well , no, that’s not true. None of us think we’regonna be amazing except that we all think thatwe’re going to be amazing when we first start practice offset. I recollect the first time Istarted practicing balance, I was like, why is this so hard? Why am I not naturally good at this? But I time wasn’t.I’m just not. I’m still not( timer beeps) stunning at it. So now, I’m gonna stand on my right hoof, crane knocks with my leftleg doing the knocking. Oh my goodness. It’s funny how different thisfeels because I’m noticing that my put leg, ofcourse, feels stronger. It’s my fucking leg. I’m very right dominant. But my kicking leg now feels like it doesn’t know what to do. When it beep again, we’recoming back to walking, yay, moving. And we’re moving on to ournext triplet of activities. Feel free to sounds your footdown any time you need to,( timer beeps) tap something as is necessary to. Here, we come back to walking, doing whatever you need do tomake the balance work for you. When we are practicing something and certainly intentionallyusing that parole practice, it commits us a lot of leewayto be very kind to ourselves.I’ve been exercise mybalance for 11 years now. When it beeps again, we’re doing kicking jacks. It means that our handsare doing jumping jacks, but there’s absolutely no startle today. And our legs are just doing knocking. We’ve got a lot ofkicking today, by the way. So just so you know ,( timer beeps) nothing of them actuallyhas to be very strong. Here we go with kick jacks. We’re not actually trying to hurt anybody or get any real capability out of these knocks. We’re simply thinking aboutstanding on one foot at a time. You’ll notice that even our cardio has a lot of balance today. So when it beeps again, we’re doing slope kicks.I’m gonna start bystanding on my left leg. And that means that my right leg is gonna be kicking out to the side. Now you can kind of helpyourself on this one. I like to lean over a little bit, give myself a little of ballast.( timer beeps) Really depends on what works for you, especiallyif you’ve got something beside you, that mightbe a good way to go. I’m gonna try really hard to keep my leg in the air the entire era. If that doesn’t work foryou, sounds down, your best friend, or knock the chair and scare your dog. You know, whatever drives, gentleman.( roaring) You should ever makethe workout work for you. Woo, doggies totallyfeeling this over here in my lovingly rephrased side backside orbit. It’s actually why Iwanted to challenge myself( timer beeps) for this. And now we come back towalking.( breathing seriously) Because even while we’re workingon equilibrium, you’ll notice, by having your leg up anddoing something with it, we’re getting all kindsof other hue, too.We’re working on our quadruplets. We’re working on our hips. We’re gonna be working on our abs. We’re working on all of it today. No stuff if we are powerwalking and balance rehearsing, there’s always a little bitof styling to be done, very. When it beeps again, we’regonna do those knock jacks again. Paws are doing jumpingjacks, feet are just kicking, and we’re balancing( timer beeps) a little bit while we’redoing that as well. My friends, your core ispulled in neat and tighten. You’re moving at a pace thatyou could sustain all day long because there is no rest, but also, maybe even a little bit slower than that because you know, we’re balancing next. When it beeps again, we’redoing those side knocks on the other side. I’m predicting, I’manticipating even if they are the kick, or the standingis gonna be easier because I’m gonna be on my reigning leg, I judge the kicking is gonna be harder and I might need to tap down .( timer beeps) So thinking about get my organization ready for that, bringingthat leg up and kicking. And it’s not really about getting a lot of kickings in, by the way. It’s why I have the timer all the time. I’m not trying to work for reps here. It’s not like we’re tryingto get to an precise count. We’re simply doing our best. We’re practise. We’re doing what our form can do today. My balance alterations every day. Go onward and unclenchyour toes, my friends. I’m noticing, because of myleft leg feels so awkward, my right leg, my toes( timer beeps) are trying to clench the field. Now we come back to walking.( rustling) It’s weird how our mas triesto like make up somewhere else for something that’sgoing wrong over here.You guys, when it beeps again, we’re doing something thatI call swimming frogs. We’re gonna start withour hands up over intelligence. And we’re gonna bebringing our shoulders down, delightful and wide to theside while we bring up one knee out to the side at a time. It’s like half of aswimming frog at a time. But, I represent, it’s not like wecan have both of our hoof up unless we were jumping andwe don’t do that around here. I believes in prancing .( timer beeps) It’s fine, but we don’t have to in order to get into shape and lose weight and activity reasonably andfeel astonishing about ourselves. Here’s our float frogs. And when it beeps again, we’re gonna be doingaround the world sounds. Now you can help yourself. If your poise is amazing, you are absolutely welcometo do around the world knocks. I’m doing the kinder, gentler version today because frankly, I had afeeling that my balance wasn’t gonna be amazing.I’m having a weird balance day where( timer beeps) I precisely feel a little off. So we’re tap forward, slope, and back. Now here’s the thing, youdon’t have to be tap hard-bitten. You don’t have to be puttingyour whole hoof down. So you could be doing akick and a kicking and a kick. You can maintain’ em low. You can hinder’ em high. You can do whatever works for you. I’m working on unclenching my toes so that I’m bringing that work, that balance work allthe route up into my abs.When your toes are tryingto clench the sand, those muscles, which arevery small in your feet, “re trying to do” the job that is meant to be up in your glutes ,( timer beeps) your hips and your abs. We’re right back to walking. And the most efficient way that Ican describe about bringing the work up to your abs is to weirdly kind of relax the rest of your leg. When your lower leg istrying to do all the work, when your toes are clenching, when your calves are clenching, when your thighs are clenching , now your thighs are gonnado some of the run, but when your lower leg is do the piece, your upper centre bodydoesn’t get the chance to.When you relax your paw, your abs have to work.( timer beeps) Now we go with those swimming frogs. And it’s kind of like that compensation. Like when my leg felt really weird, how my toes were trying to work on it. Your organization will try tocompensate for things not doing their place all the time. But when you ask your abs tobalance you, they absolutely will. It’s really weird. When it beeps again, we’re doing those various regions of the world sounds again, or knocks if “youd prefer”. Whatever feels good to you today. Actually my counterbalance, slightlybetter than I expected.( timer beeps) I really expected, I judged there would be lots of dropping. So sounds and tap and sounds. And when it beeps again, of course, we’re gonna come back towalking and I say back, but we’re starting another triplet because this is our secondone on this triplet.You’re doing such a good job. My balance feels reasonably good. And sometimes, that’sthe trick of the imagination. Well, counterbalance is frequentlya trick of the thinker. Sometimes it’s just becausemy other leg is lower than my entire organization can relax. And that’s the thingthat I was telling you. When you unwind that leg( timer beeps) and let your abs do the design, now we come to walking. When you let your abs do the labour, they’re really, truly competent. Your abs are large-hearted muscles. They’re supposed to poise you. Your glutes are big-hearted muscles. They’re supposed to symmetry you. Sometimes we just forget to ask them to. When it beeps again, your best friend, were doing one of my favourites. We’re doing pop-a-squats .( roaring) And no, I do not mean weare doing father hunkers. We are, sounding a squat. It’s a little squat tito .( timer beeps) It’s a half of a little squitty squat. And the sides go up over thought. Your butt goes back. Your butt comes forward. We’re just having alittle bit of enjoyable with it. And when it beeps again, we’re doing some poise cultivate. We’re doing flying fast stairs. And that means that we’re gonnabe tipped slightly forward, having one leg flying behind us. If it can fly the whole time, you can also tap it down. Hands “re gonna be all” up over ability, your biceps right next to your ears. And then, we’re gonna bring our hands to our knees or one knee, instead, while that knee likewise comes to your hands. So we’re gonna be crunching( timer beeps) and providing. So tipping somewhat forward. One leg flying behindyou, raising your hands to your knees and your knee toyour hand, and then back up, so your forearms are right next to your ears.Really thinking about usingthat whole buttock chain now, your big-hearted muscles in your back, as well as your large-hearted muscles in your pillage. Ask your abs to do the run. Don’t let your toes help out here. When it beeps again, we’recoming back to walking.( breathing profoundly) I’mfinding something to stare at, which does tend to help .( timer beeps) And now we go back to walking. This 30 second intervalis just about right. We’re right at the leading edge ofwhat my counterbalance can treat. And hence, it feels likegood practice for me today. I want you to know, if this doesn’t feel likegood practice for you today, sometimes it time doesn’t. I don’t have a scientificexplanation for this, and I repute I should look this up. My unscientific explanation is that your body is always, ever, always “workin on” all of the inputs.( timer beeps) Here we go with those pop-a-squats.So it could be, maybe youslept a little bit less than wonderful last-place darknes. Maybe you’re slightly less hydrated. Maybe you’re slightly less fueled. Maybe you’re disconcerted’ compel you got something on your head. Maybe, maybe lots of different things. Your match is not just your muscles and it’s not just yourbrain, but it’s a combination of both that stimulates some daysmore difficult than others. When it beeps again, doingthat flying fast step on the other side. I’m gonna be standing on my right leg. You’re gonna be( timer beeps) standing on whatever youweren’t standing on last-place term. Sides all the way up over head.Come on down, contact thosehands towards your knee. Reach that knee towards yourhands, crunching and increasing, crunching and diversifying. Feel free to tap every time or not. You get to challengeyourself in a way that feels like the right amount of challenge. Sometimes, being moderatemeans that you’re really not challenging yourself very much at all. And that is perfectly okay. My friends, we’re gonna be( timer beeps) exerting, now, we come back to walking. We’re gonna be exert every day for the rest of our lives.You’ve got plenty oftime to figure this out. You’ve got plenty of is necessary to either challenge yourselfor not, as you see fit. When it beeps again, you guys, we’re doing pretzel jacks, which means that our handsare doing jumping jacks with utterly no jump-start and our legs are doing alittle bit of a pretzel. You can also call them, I guess I can callthese count four jacks because the lower halfof your form is kind of forming the number four .( timer beeps) You’re bringing your footin towards your knee.It’s also a tree pose ifyou’ve ever done yoga before. And I actually have anexercise announced tree jacks, which is this exact same thing .. I didn’t realize it when Iwas originating it pretzel jacks. But here’s why I call these pretzel jacks. When I am elongating outmy piriformis, by the way, when it beeps again, we’redoing a front kick, back kick. When I’m elongate out my piriformis, which is a tiny little muscle in the middle of your as, and mine does close-fisted, like quite routinely, this is the stretch that I do( timer beeps) where I settled my foot.So now we go with afront kick, back kick. And it’s just what it sounds like, we’re kicking forward, then we’re kicking back. But I introduced my hoof ontop of my opposite knee and then, I kind of lean forward into it. And I’ve always just calledthat a pretzel strain because it’s like half of a pretzel. So when I was obliging up military exercises, I announced it a pretzel jack, because it looks likehalf of a pretzel to me. And then, subsequentlies realizedthat it’s a tree jack.( roaring) So I study I’mjust gonna scrap them all and call them all numberfour jacks because that( timer beeps) will confound everybody.Here we go back to walking.( chortling) I really liked the namepretzel’ lawsuit, I mean, you are familiar with, who doesn’tlike pretzels, right? Probably person. Somebody is gonna leave me a comment. Now, you know what? I don’t like pretzels at all. All liberty, that’s fine. Guys, when it beeps again, we’re doing those particularexercises that look like the multitude fouror a pretzel or a tree. You get to call it whatever you want to because you get to makethis workout yours, right? I adore it .( giggling) So( timer beeps) now we go. Pretzel, crowd four, tree jacks. Now that’s a really long words. I’m not gonna call themthat every time.( giggling) My friends, I miss youto know that when you have a good balance day, that you should definitely take advantage of it and was just really, really gone. And when you have a notso good balance epoch, you is not necessary to take that on as, oh my pret-, my match, my pretzels, yes. My balance is miserable .( timer beeps) I’m no good. I’m getting no work here. Here we go with a breast kicking, back kick. And in fact, I don’t evenspend any time trying to like figure out like, oh, what did I done wrong? What’s different about today? I simply has agreed that some dates, I have better poise than others.And you know what I’m doing? I’m doing this on the exact same slope that I was doing before. That was so funny. I naturally went to see my non-dominant leg. Oh my gosh, I don’t thinkI’ve ever said and done, ever. That was kind of exciting. When it beeps again, we’re gonna go to walking.( timer beeps)( roaring) I don’t thinkI’ve ever done that.Well now, well now, I’m out of match. You know what? It doesn’t matter. This is the thing, my friends. Your person has abundance of timeto equilibrium things out or not. When it beeps again, we’redoing approach propagandize crunch. I’m gonna sacrifice myself alittle bit of space over here. We’re gonna push to the side. We’re gonna push to the side. We’re gonna swoop itall on over and crunch up into an oblique crunch onthe other side, because yes, we are balancing during( timer beeps) all of our cardio. Push and propagandize and crunch andpush and propagandize and crunch. And when it beeps again, we’re doing starring symmetry and we’re doing sun offset the hard way, representing, I symbolize, it’s no harder than ever. But we’re doing starbalance the less kind room.’ Cause sometimes when we do star symmetry, I let us go back and forth.We are doing to starbalance all on one side. So we’re gonna start withboth hands up over premier. And we’re gonna tip over to one side like I’m a little teapot, short and stout. Here’s my handle, here is my spout. When I get all steamed up ,( timer beeps) hear me shout. I’m gonna do my left side. I’m really “ve been thinking about” this. Tip me over and pour me out. But we’re not gonna go back and forth. And I am gonna sounds down because this kind of a lateral balance, always tough for me.Even when I’m having a good balance day, which I kind of am today, not a bad equilibrium daylight , not as rough as I thought it was gonna be. But even when I’m havinga good balance day, I like to tap down on this one. When it beeps again, coming back to walking. Oh my goodness. Doing such a good job .( timer beeps)( breathing seriously) Actually thinking about having that core pulled in, genuinely thinking abouthow all your progress. Have you noticed , now that we’ve talking about how you can bring yourbalance up into your abs, even while we’re walking, can you feel yourself gathering in your core and how mucheasier it is to move your legs and how much softer they’re landing, how light your legs arrive or your foot arrive when your core is doing its work.I love notice things like that. When it beeps again, we’redoing that push push crunch. I’m gonna scoot over a little bit. It’s our second meter( timer beeps) which entails it’s our final experience. Push and propagandize and swoopit over and do a crunch. Push, push, and crunch. When it beeps again, I’mgonna believe really hard about doing that starbalance on the redres back because that’s what I do, I judge very hard about these employs. Oh my goodness.Making assured that your coreis attracted in neat and close-fisted as you’re bringing in one ofthe legs or bringing up one leg while you’re broad thosehands up over your front. Even while we’re doing cardio, we’re thinking about good form.( timer beeps) Okay, hands up. Here’s wizard match. There’s no time for bad form. And there’s no exercise that you can do with bad form that works out okay. Bad form, bad form is calledbad form for a rationale. Now clearly, I wantyou to be working on it. You can get away with nothaving excellent formation, but you want to really be thinking about always your best formby gathering in your core and thinking about where your body is( timer beeps) in space and time.And here we come back towalking because, your best friend, oh we are done, butwe’re not quite finished. This is a built in afinisher and I cherish workouts with built-in finishers, except that you’re probably not gonna like the built-infinisher coming up next. We’re doing drinky chick jacks. And that means that youalready know what our symmetry is gonna be and thistriplet is .( laughing) We’re getting all drinkybirds all the time. We’re thinking about takingit at a cardio speed first, when it’s drinky bird jacks. And then we’re thinking about make it at a strong offset gait ,( timer beeps) when it’s our finisher. So here’s the thing about drinky fowls. It is a single leg dead elevator. Your hands are doing climbing jacks. Your legs are doing a drinky bird, which means that you’repulling one leg up behind you. Your back is nice and straight because your core is drawn in tight. All 10 toes objected forward, slash down at the dirt. Both hips timed forward. This is gonna be a lot more important when we’re doing it as a balance pose. Right now for cardio, you don’t have to get all the way over. You don’t have to be doing too much with this other than begetting your heart rate up. When it beeps though, I’mgonna stand on my left leg.( timer beeps) I’m gonna turned back so you can see that I’m squeezing this glute, that I’m really thinkingabout coming the whole way over, wherever I can get to, and pulling the balance allthe road up into my core.I’m squeezing that glute to lower my leg. Probably merely gonna do a couple of these because I’m really intentionallygoing awfully, very slow. You can get over as faras you can get over. Think about pointing that hipdown, timing your toes down. Very naturally ,( timer beeps) we all want to go. Here we go back to walking. Very naturally, whenwe come into that pose, all of us want to open up our hip.All of us want to point our toes out because it’s easier to symmetry that method. When you are keeping yourself in counterbalance, hindering your hips pointedforward, your toes parted down, you’re really pullingthe build up into your abs and your glutes in away that you don’t get when you’ve opened up your hips. When in doubt, I ever wantyou working your large-scale muscles,( timer beeps) big muscles. Here we go with drinky bird jacks. Your big-hearted muscles, myfriends, that’s your glutes. Your glutes are the biggestmuscles we have in our body.And when they time the run, oh my goodness, everything is easier. You guys, when it beeps again, we’re doing drinky fowls forthe second and final time. And it really is the final thing. You have done such a great job today, “ve been thinking about” your poise, thinking about relaxing, weirdly, your lower figure, tobring the remaining balance up, up, up, into the muscles that can handle it.( timer beeps) Now “theres going”. On the right side. Really thinking aboutsqueezing, pressuring, constricting, from that glute to bringthe leg up behind you. If you are tipping forward, I mean you’re tipping forward because that leg is coming up behind you. If you are simply trying to bend over and not impeding yourselfin line with your leg, you are using slightly different muscles. When you are squeezing fromthat glute and plucking that leg up behind you, your torsocannot promotion but taken forward. That is where we want the wreak. Relax the leg that you’re( timer beeps) standing on, unclench those toes and now, unclench everything.Ah, you guys, let’s cool it down.( timer beeps) How was your offset today? Did that feel good? Did it feel like self love? I are well aware might not havewhile we’re doing it, but I tell you what. Your future self is going to thank you for spending the time practicing. We’re doing some weapon circlesand some tappers now, you guys. I didn’t say it out loud, but we’re cooling it down right now. Feels so good to know thatwe have done something that we’re gonna really bethankful for in the future. You might not love symmetry operate right now, but the longer, or the instead, the more that we do equilibrium succeed, the longer we can stay on our feet. And that is definitely self love. That is independence. That is forte. That is being able totake care of ourselves. Let’s go ahead and dosome appendage openers, ah, and then, we’ll close it up. Speaking of self desire, give yourself a grip, and a slap on your sweaty back. You guys, here on screen, I do have a longer cool downfor you, like I ever do, because I know, I knowthat cooling down is also a beautiful number of soul love.So I ever have just alittle bit more for you. Too on screen, I’ve got the 5-O method, everything you need toknow about losing heavines at 50 and beyond so thatthis workout can be part of one of the things thatwe do every day to get to a healthful force. Ah, you guys, thank youso much for being now. Make sure you subscribe before you go and I’ll see you tomorrow ..

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