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For our first usage today, we’re going to do a plank with side quirk you are in an joint timber statu Your core is tighten and you’re just writhe from side to side Let’s let’s do it Good actually make sure your core is tighten time your best to control this movement? You might fight if you have a big booty, but it’s important to try to control this gesture as best you can Good job precisely a few cases more seconds Awesome one practice down four more to go Next up we have plank with knee push you’re in a full plank primacy and you are pulling your knee toward your shoulder Good make sure that core is nice and close-fisted Too, make sure your booty is not sagging down or hiking up. It is a straight line from your shoulders down to your heel Good You’re doing good precisely a few more seconds Perfect work next up We have slew X you are in the elbow plank position and you’re just start your legs in and out again Your core is tighten the whole time This is a great exercise for slimming your waist and strengthening that core range, let’s do it together Keep starting you’re doing good if you need to pause, it’s fine to take a quick break But precisely get back into it and let’s finish strong You can do it you can do it time keep going Almost there.Keep extending Perfect you drew it You obliged it we are doing up-and-down planks You require your core to be tight and you are going up and down and up and down Let’s do it Just go at your own pace you’re doing good If you start to feel tired you can just go into a board point and stay there til the end of the timer Just a few more seconds keep going Good job next we’re going into wipers You’re going to keep your core close-fisted and try to pretend your legs are windshield wipers and you’re just going from side to side Put your hand under your butt to support your lower back and keep it on the flooring I Know this is one of those moves that reviews easy, but then you try it and it can be challenging but simply do your best Do your best you’re doing good because you are actually trying Just a few more seconds prevent that core involved and retain that lower back on the flooring good errand Next up we have straight leg bicycles.You are going to keep your core tight Keep your lower back on the flooring and try to touch your knee to your app opposite joint with your legs straight up Keep running Actually restrain that core tight you’re doing good you’re looking good Welcome back all right to get started We are going to do half Jack’s they’re just going to keep that hand those hands on your backs and you’re gonna climb your foot Out if you don’t want to movement that’s fine. You can only step from side to side with your hands to your back Just try to move at your own pace. That’s all you got do Yes, this is good you’re doing good pause if you must but just get right back into it You’re more than halfway through the workout.You’re doing good Dig deep keep going. Oh You are killing it alright next up we have squat jacks You’re going to go into a squatting prestige and you’re going to do the same thing. You’re just jumping your feet out But this time from eight From a diddly-squat arrange if you don’t want to prance again just go into that squat arrange and step from side to side This is gonna get intense, but I know you got this you can handle it only keep moving. That’s all “youve got to” do You’re doing good, you don’t have to keep up with my pace go at your gait. Good job Okay, okay, are you ready next up We have high-pitched knees you’re going to put your hand around the waist level and try to touch your thighs To your hands if you don’t want to canter, that’s fine Just raise your leg gradually one at a time again.The main thing is what you’re moving good. Let’s go Remember this part is for burning the fat off of your figure It’s for a good make It’s totally worth noting. I predict you and you’re doing so good. I am proud of you. Keep vanishing Perfect work are at lateral grows You’re just going to March and foster your forearms from side to side If you have weights, you can hold heaviness as you understand me do on the right if you don’t have weight, it’s all good I’m not expend heaviness in this workout. That is the only difference between the two one. You have weights the other you don’t let’s go Really control that weapon action This acts your weapons really well and retain that core close-fisted as you’re marching that helps to work your lower abs Just a few more merely a few more Awesome next up we’re doing standing crunches.You’re just going to crunch by fostering your legs. Keep your core tighten Truly try to control this movement with your abs and try to touch your elbows to your knees It’s okay. If your shoulders don’t actually touch your knees just do the very best. That’s all you can do. Just do your best Keep that core involved. Yes. Good job. Keep extending Oh you are doing good you’re doing it Alright we’re going to do a breast foster You’re going to merely continue parading with that core tight and cause your limbs in front Of you if you have weights, you can hold forces like I’m doing on the right if you don’t that’s fine I’m not going to be using loads throughout this workout the important things to merely keep your core tighten Keep marching to work your lower abs and promote those limbs with some control.Let’s go You can sway back a little to get more of a range of motion, but just go through your own flexibility There’s no need to stress yourself. You are working out today. And that is a big deal. Just keep going That’s it Thank you so much better for works out with me today Subscribe to my youtube path if you haven’t done so previously and I’ll told you in my next workout video

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