Kalorienverbrauch beim Krafttraining

Hello, Moritz is your doctor andpersonal manager now. Yes, this video deals with calorie consumption duringstrength training and, to be completely honest myself, as a doctor, it is not easy to give valid and reasonable digits now. Nonetheless, it is assumed from various experimental studiesthat, for example, 45 minutes of persuasivenes learn devour as countless caloriesas medium-intensity endurance training of the same duration. We are talking about an amount of energy around 500 to 700 calories. That is not the world, but especiallywith strong education, the so-called afterburn effect and the increase in thebasal metabolic pace through increase in muscle mass is enormous and cancontribute to a significantly increased energy consumption Bringing how much closer tothe goal of person fat reduction and defined muscles.If you want to read more about calorie intake during forte civilize, check out the fitness insight on Hammer.de.

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