Tito Ortiz Tries Out ‘Fitness MMA’ – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Welcome to Fitness MMA, guys. It is a high-intensity3 0-minute workout with one-minute restin between interludes. We’ll time all the same workoutsthat MMA soldiers do, but you’ll never get hit, so it’s safer. From a business modelstandpoint, what size class? Where are you going to makeyour money from? We’re doing these classesfive times a day. We have about 80 studentsin exactly one gym, and they’re pay $45 per month.- $45 — Really, certainly cheap for that. Yeah, it’s very–Right now, we have itvery inexpensive. Do you have this marked? Uh , no becausewe’re the only ones doing it. I know there are othersimilar inspiration-typeof grades, um, MMA TRX program. You say you’re the only guysdoing this, you know. – What do you convey? – We’re the only gymthat is doing it. Uh, our organized class– I guess it depends on whatyou’re calling this. That’s where you’re losing me. I want to see innovation. I like the idea, but, like, how are you doing itdifferently? So, you can use karate, taekwondo, jiu jitsu, striving, and that’s where you getthe MMA part. It’s a high impact workoutworking with medicine missiles, working on heavy bags. It’s functional teach because you’re usingevery muscle in the body. We’re going to start outwith our warm-up. We’re going to do bag jumpswith sprawls.So, from here, we sprawl out, back and forth. Over the pouch, sprawling out, drive your trendies in. Obi: This ain’t no warm-up. The aims of the warm-upis to raise heart rate and to prep the musclesfor strenuous exercising. Starting with the movethat Adrian is doing can stun the systemand result in a muscle rupture. We’re going to organize the handbag, and we’re going to start with our elbows.So, it’s spurt, boom, boom. It’s fast. Randy: And you’re just doing thisfor 30 seconds, huh? Adrian: Yeah, 30, well … You provide instruction, like, “Put your hand now. You stop your core there.”You gotta, like– Where’s the cuing? We need your cuing. Yes. Naturally, I wouldn’t beon a pouch. Normally, I would bewalking through the class. Well, like Erin’s all overthe frickin’ target right now. Instruct me. People pay for classesto learn proper form, and the reason for thatis so you don’t get hurt.Whenever I scheme a programme, a workout, I ever make sure that I order which muscles should be engagingat what stage during the entire exercise. It’s critical. Now, we’re up, back on our feet. Build the cardio up. Look, I’ve done this stuff before. Patently, Tito has, but thisrequires educations. It can’t exactly be, “Here we are. Figure it out.Hit the baggage with your elbow.” How are you goingto school this workout to other teachers if you can’t eventeach it to us? You’re unprepared ..

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