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You know You know When you are guilty of consuming experience and lying in bed and you’re being sleepy. You know it whether that was 7 o’clock in themorning or 6 o’clock in the morning You know it you have to start the cycle ofwaking up early by waking up early. Success is not accessible you have to do what is requiredto accommodate success propping the line maintaining the standard giving no slack , none That’s the penalty. There are opportunities thatare gonna come your way and there might be someother things going on and you have to make a choice, youhave to ask yourself the question What do you want? because if you don’t know whatyou want , nothing else things how I’m about to use my age? is it positive? is it purposeful? is it conducting for the purposes of whereI’m going and the meaning of my life? is it fertile? and is it fruitful? But when you know what you crave E why do you wake up at 3:00? because I know what I want.One thing that disciplinedefinitely does help you with is it, it helps you get things done and “when youve got” things done when you you you actually do things, you you you have more success. I wake-up, thunder and I go pursue A big-hearted part of success is just notbeing lazy and exactly doing it. Yeah, Just get- it’s like 90% of it is just showing up. If I look at the most wonderful of the most wonderful whether in business, in science, in the arts, in plays. These are people who have trainedin the downpour, to show up in punish And going up early is not only anincredible competitive advantage because most of your contestants are asleep.But getting up early is a great giftto give yourself, you get more soul. College is all about hour administration. Getting ahead of the veer, because it’s so easy. That’s what happens with minors incollege, that’s why they don’t do well because for the first time there’s no one tracking them no one is imposing discipline on them you have to have -in orderto do well in college- you have to have self-discipline because no one is gonna tell you to startthat paper that’s due in six weeks no one is gonna tell youto start it tomorrow.Get there and start working like, you’re not gonna feel perfect every day if I felt, if I exclusively worked outwhen I feel better, I’d be a fat because there’s a lot ofdays I don’t wanna do it and it’s pretty much thesame with everybody that that actually does good at something that you you get, there’s got tobe those epoches you push through. you need to get the time management croaking you need to get a discipline, period conduct, planned you need to get ahead of thecurve as early as possible. And there, they are probably gonna bemore numerous than the days you don’t and so the benefit of disciplinein my eyes has always been that through self-discipline I get things done.I always tell my, I ever say that I’m likethe most lazy trained party I know because I don’t wanna do it yeah, but I always do. Do you wanna be an artist? do you wanna be an engineer? I don’t know, but I wantyou to start the year off. We’re not talking about-you know- counterfeit dreams and really writing aims down to be doing it. I’m talking about knowing what the hell are you want, because when you know what you want that’s what a drive comes from, that’s what a obsession comes from.When the thing is done, when thediscipline has been implemented remember what that feels like and then remember that thoseminutes and those hours they turn into weeks and months and years and deeming the line inthose critical times will put you in an endlessly betterplace, physically and mentally if you maintain the discipline. when I don’t have my morning routinegame, I feel -you know- out of sorts so I think it’s true for everybody, yougotta own your morning, you got to win it because that starts andsets up everything else people need that penalize, those routinesthat would help the rest of day start better come some impetu and be ok ifthat momentum is really small because it will improve trust that momentum develops and trustthose gloomy and bad pitch-dark epoches. Trust that those are going to be there honor the difficulty when we honor the struggleinstead of hate the struggle we can really achieve amazing thingsbecause our mindsets in the right place.Now the first night you’re gonnahave a hard time going to sleep what you do is the next morningyou wake up early regardless. That first night you only gotfive hours worth of sleep and now you’re tiredthroughout the day, good because then when you get to bed thatnight youll turn off that computer you’ll be able to go to bedearlier like you wanted to.You can live on 6 hours sleep so you’ve 18 hours, you’ve 18 goddamn hours I wanna know what you’redoing with your 18 hours? because you can work your9: 00 to 5:00 and that’s nine and you can travel for an hour here andthere, respect nice little solid travel oh, you want to be a family man mazel tov, you could spendtwo hours with your kids.What are you doing withthose other five hours? You’re watching House ofCards, you’re playing Madden you’re relaxing from the other intense Gary, I previously expended 11 hours Well, great then don’tcomplain or want more. Respect that by gettingrest and this and that you are giving up opportunityto go into a new world you demand the bravery to have a 1% being. and let’s call it what it is you want to live as well as the1 to 2 percent in the world.It’s not very complicatedthe math is ……… Like you, if you want to have oneof the best lives in the world which is you live on your terms you have to pay your oweds to get there and you have to be luckyenough to figure out that you had talent in the thingthat you actually wanna do because you can work 24 hours a day and if you stink at golf or you’renot a good material producer or your insigniums look likethe shit I would become then you’re gonna lose So, that’s what you gotta do.The most important thing youcan do is win the morning. Really prevail the morning soldier It is not easy but it is worth it. As John Henrik Clarke said powerful people can not afford toeducate the people that they subdue because once you are truly trained youwill not ask for power you will take it I have the coldness right now and I demand everyone listening tothis to really “ve been thinking about” that Ability is not given, it is assumed if you miss something in their own lives, you’ve got to become able to take it and that’s the whole pointbehind getting improved. Don’t think about education asflipping through a assortment of bibles going informed is aboutgaining knowledge. acquaintance that has utility lore that can be put touse in service of something but you’ve gotta know whatthat in service of is what are you trying to do? why are you trying to educate yourself? and are you waiting? Are you askingpolitely if you can be educated? or are you grabbing the things thatyou need in order to learn and contending of yourself vowing of yourself that you gain that knowledge that you begin to empower yourself that you construct yourself intosomeone who can not be conquered and as Walt Whitman said I live tobe the ruler of soul , not a slave.To fill animation as a potent lord and nothingexterior to me will ever make word of me Now if you’re gonna live by those wordsyoure going to have to empower yourself you are going to have to becomecapable of something tomorrow that you are not capable of today and the only way to do that is to educate yourself. But don’t get trapped in otherpeople’s definition of education education is not sittingblindly in a classroom education is not simply workingyour behavior through Wikipedia education is about understandingwhat you’re trying to accomplish and getting the insight that you needin order to bend reality to your will.And this is the thing that drives me crazy about how people approacheducation at the end of the day. learning Abilities They are designed to have real-world bang they are designed to give youthe ability to do something that are affecting this world-wide they are designed to originate you capable ofsomething that you weren’t capable of before when it is blind learning, when youthink it’s to impress your parents or to get an A on the test or to manufacture your administrator at work happy you’ve already lost.the point of lore is to make sure then you can close youreyes and visualize a macrocosm open your eyes and thenmake that macrocosm come true. The phase of acquaintance isto control your life Never be pointed out that ..

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