This year my theme is snow Not just as an element I was born in December and I am kind of a child of wintertime and christmas On the other hand, I am small children of sunshine Being finnish and having that “sisu”( perseverance) and concentration But at the same time, the softness, fairness and integrity – of blizzard So , now we are … “we”? All of us I am going to train my fitness number Ringa( my choreographer) came from Jyvskyl to Helsinki Ringa have made all of my fitness procedures besides its first year 2013 We have known each other since the time we were make gymnastics together and “were having” coached together extremely Ringa has represented me … 4 fitness programmes We started doing this routine last-place autumn and this has been ready for a long time but it ever needs some penalize changes Specially because I was ill for a while a arrive I still don’t know if I can do a entire programme or not When I was getting better from my flu, I proceeded and try out to do it Is was not a good doctrine … That’s why I recovered a little longer and tried to keep my civilize lighting I have been training my fitness chore about 2 times per week And this is probably the 3rd time, in this year, when we are seeing each other with Ringa But I am used to train alone I verify my coach-and-four Teemu formerly a month , now when the rivals are coming, we are seeing a bit more often It is good to get some little ploys and do finetuning Let’s see…What Ringa will review Eve has advanced a lot during these times When we started out together we had to concentrate on that it wouldn’t look so gymnastics -like Tightness has always been natural for her, but dancing is something we have been trying to train more Now things are going really well, considering her low-toned vigor Now we have to do precisely a little settings here and there The flip-flops are so lively and potent you can’t know which practice is she going down There haven’t never been a question about Eve on stage.She is always glinting so luminous It doesn’t matter what she is doing, and whether she’d forget her routine, accomplishing is something she can do and that is also why we can concentrate on only a small things With other people I work with, we have to train technique till the last weeks to get the routine accomplished Gladly, with Eve we can focus on to the little details … which ensure that there is her earn We are going to the gym I have been training my fitness programme this morning too I instructed mainly technique and some rehabilitation for my back because I have some problems with it, and with my back’s facet fasten it starts problems with my right side’s nervous system But now, let’s do some delts Maybe a bit limbs … and chest … My training program depends a good deal about my feelings and I like to go “with the flow” I know nearly what to do But whatever feels good at that moment I is not propose strictly my curricula Let’s go…Yeah I have to be precise with the movements and tilts to my dresser and delts When my back comes fastened, it stimulates some nervous problems with the razz line-up of my torso and it is hard for me to keep my title shoulder blade at its right form So I have to concentrate to do the free movement of persons right But yeah, you’ll always find some action to work things out And well, I wouldn’t say I’d had some major difficulties right now, But the fact is that with so many training years that I have, it gets harder and problematic sometimes* feeling detonation* Only because of training That psychological blowup is a combination of many things It is the big picture: how much I have been working for this, how hard times I have had before…And now it ultimately is believed that I have superseded( at least for myself) Winning is pretty important for me and … Of course I want to acquire I have been trying to think that maybe it isn’t everything and the main thing And of course it couldn’t have ever been But I can admit that sometimes acquiring was the only thing that mattered and winning was the one thing that constituted me glad Oh what an outburst of emotions But it is kind of really cool that something like this can cause so big excitements What else could do the same …? Besides love But for myself I speculate I am going to achieve the goals I have constituted And be in the best shape where I have ever been If I could be just as lean as on my first time of competing Getting so lean and cutted is never easy for me, and for few it is But for me it takes a lot In the end calories are low and there is a lot of training And I know that even though I remember I is possible and I could devour less and do more It is not always better It is definitely not ever better I have a good feeling And I will enjoy this as much as I can I ought to have obviously wielding so hard for this Was the result whatever( hopefully good) I have deserved all this And I will enjoy it at full

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