Abrechnungsstreit um Fitness-Kette | quer vom BR

julia herrmann tries again[ music][ clapping] she espoused the customer hotline of the fitness studio order so i’m just good meanwhile that i can’t reach anyone that i just have no one to whom i can clarify that ruffles me most of all studios so “youve been” feel betrayed it feels like cheating dubious fraud yes fit to been through the crisis it is company fit you are particularly artistic at the moment and working in collaboration with methods such as a one-sided contract extension, as is the case with julia herrmann sie suspended her fitness studio contract on March 31, but wittmann have now been provided her contract twice for the lockdown months away she were concerned that the contract will pass until 2022 and i are really have to show everything and julia herrmann is not the only one who feels that she has been taken advantage of nurembergern nadine siegel has a facebook gr uppe aggrieved representatives fit worker founded national which meanwhile roughly 3000 beings participate in again over 23 asks actually she wanted to show solidarity with her fitness studio during the corona crisis paid months are supplemented at the back free of charge, nonetheless, I then discovered on my accounting that coin had been debited again for June and of route I was no longer enthusiastic michael mhleck said he hoped that the judgment will be overturned again protection of the consumer yes i already feel a little under-buttered know we have real difficulties massive problems with this attracts that is true but fitness studio motorists have easy and position assistant do wittmann says two million euros per month but apparently not enough the company has come up with something else have consumer goods so julia paid 150 euros in contributions for eight months in lockdown instead of being able to spend it on fitness, the money was only for one consumption credit credited that she can now use for muesli tables protein shakes the paying participation fees cannot be lampooned but simply depleted good keyword but reporting is such a thing julia has been trying for months with the administration behind all this, purchaser counselors believe a calculus such studios counted on it that only a small part of those affected actively restore the money, the majority of members of them is not likely to take legal action against it but think well what the heck and then you have taken the money that you might actually have due to legal status you have to pay back to allay your purchasers has now come up with something special for expeditions a competition to win there are vehicles 500,000 euros and fit mortal vouchers but at the very end of the website you can use it for free months afterwards symbolizes whoever take duty shall cease to be possible no more claim to payment it should then waive it really will be participating in some dubious rivalry and maybe earn a vehicle so that the customers can get their money back even the founder of the company just asks himself when our plan is that everyone Your coin will be due in the second half of 2022 at the latest, so you have to wait until “youre ever” drop out of the line[ music]

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