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[ Interviewer chokes] – Hey, Stormi. – Hi. -[ Interviewer] Hey, Kylie. Thank you so much for having me over. – Of course. -[ Interviewer] What a cuteway to start this video. So are you agitated to bejoining your two other sisters in refuting 73 questions? – I am reputation. -[ Interviewer] As am I. Let’s do this. So what were you doing before I get here? – I prepared two daughters some breakfast and then I had an ultrasound appointment.-[ Interviewer] Wow. And aside from thatultrasound appointment, is this how a typical period starts for you? – Every day is really different. -[ Interviewer] And whatdo you normally prepare for breakfast? – My favorite breakfastis something sweet, like a cinnamon rotation or chocolate cake. -[ Interviewer] And whatdoes Stormi enjoy eating? – Stormi loves her breakfast potatoes. -[ Interviewer] Delicious. – Come on in. -[ Interviewer] Thank you very much. So do you commonly wake upearly or sleep in right now? – I would say waking up early. -[ Interviewer] Night in or darknes out? – Right now, definitely a nighttime in. -[ Interviewer] cheek gloss or matte lip? – Matte lip. -[ Interviewer] Kylie, thishouse is absolutely beautiful and stunning.- Thank you. -[ Interviewer] What’sthe best part about it? – I enjoy the vigor in this house.-[ Interviewer] And which of your siblings are you talking to the most these days? – We are on a family group chat all day, so we all talk the same amount. -[ Interviewer] Who’s the most active on this family group chat? – Probably my mama. -[ Interviewer] Who’s the least? – Probably me. – Which one manufactures you laugh the most difficult? – Rob. Rob always makesme laugh the most difficult. -[ Interviewer] I can see that. And who’s the most like your mama? – Me. -[ Interviewer] Can you describeyour sisters in one word? Starting with Kim. – Kim is loyal.-[ Interviewer] Khloe? – Khloe is cordial. -[ Interviewer] Kourtney? – She is very loving. -[ Interviewer] Kendall? – Kendall’s confident. -[ Interviewer] One wordto describe your mummy? – Strong. -[ Interviewer] And what’syour favorite vacation to celebrate as their own families? – Favorite holiday? Christmas. -[ Interviewer] Lovely. And what was your favoritebook to read as a kid? – The Giving Tree. -[ Interviewer] That’sa personal favorite. And what song reminds youthe most of growing up? – Any holiday song.-[ Interviewer] What’s the best part about growing up in California? – The weather. -[ Interviewer] So Kylie, doyou prefer slapsticks or dramata? – I affection a good drama. -[ Interviewer] Beachtrip or mountain junket? – I would say beach, ever. -[ Interviewer] Lakers or Projectile? – Hmm, that’s hard, but Lakers. -[ Interviewer] Okay. Instagram narrations or grid? – Grid. -[ Interviewer] Let’s are talking about here Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Did you ever feel shyin front of the camera? – Not genuinely. -[ Interviewer] Is thereanything that you wish the cameras hadn’t seen? – Probably my stripper spar occurrence.[ Interviewer chortles] -[ Interviewer] Why doyou think beings adore watching your family? – I think that they can alwaysfind someone to relate to. -[ Interviewer] I can see that. And what is the craziest rumor that you’ve heard about your family? – That we are all actually bald. -[ Interviewer] Are you kidding me? – Yep. -[ Interviewer] Do youever rewatch escapades of Keeping Up with theKardashians formerly they’re on? – Yes. -[ Interviewer] What’sthe most important thing your sisters taughtyou about being notorious? – I think that we’re all still learning and navigating through it.-[ Interviewer] What was the most part about working with your family? – That we get to spenda lot of time together. -[ Interviewer] Okay, Kylie. Who’s the best dressedperson that you know? – Stormi. -[ Interviewer] Moving on. What’s a new brand thatyou detected recently that has you stimulated? – I am preoccupied with the NormaTec. -[ Interviewer] And what isyour favorite red carpet look that you’ve ever worn? – For sure the 2019 Met. -[ Interviewer] Okay. That’s a good one. – And what is your mostboring garment piece? – Pajamas.-[ Interviewer] Is there anythingthat you are able to never wear? – Never say never. – Has Stormi attacked your pocketbook closet hitherto? – She is more into my shoes. -[ Interviewer] Kris, was asked. – What was the thing thatyou learned about yourself when you first became a mother? – Just how much perseverance I have. -[ Interviewer] Patienceis very, very important. – What was the best part aboutgrowing up in a big family? – Never a gloomy instant. -[ Interviewer] Whatwas Stormi’s first utterance? – Stormi’s firstly name was dada. -[ Interviewer] And whatmusic does she enjoy the most? – Her dad’s. -[ Interviewer] Have youever talk rise and shine before your office video? Of trend. -[ Interviewer] Have you sung it since? – Of course.-[ Interviewer] Could you sing it is now time? – I would be required for a operation cost for that. -[ Interviewer] I’m not prepared for that. Which of your bird-dogs is Stormi’s favorite? – Stormi, what puppy is your favorite? – Norman. – Norman. -[ Interviewer] Norman. And what movie have youwatched “the worlds largest” with her? – Probably Trolls or Ariel. – Ariel. – Ariel.-[ Interviewer] Ariel. And what is Stormi’s favorite getup? – She adores her princess garments. -[ Interviewer] What’s thebest part about heightening children at the same time as your sisters? – I’m just excited for themto all grow up together.-[ Interviewer] Sweet. Kylie, what’s your firstmemory of putting on makeup? – Just going through mymom’s makeup drawer’s. -[ Interviewer] And in 2015, you propelled your own cosmetics wire. Who’s the first person thatyou told about your cheek packs? – First person I told aboutthe lip kits is my mom. -[ Interviewer] Now youtrademarked Kylie lip kit two years before you liberated the products. What were you working on during that time? – We were just kind of figuring out how we’re going to make it. -[ Interviewer] Whatsurprised you the most the day that they were released? – How fast they sold out. -[ Interviewer] And what wasthe biggest lesson you learned after your initial start? – Order more lip gears. -[ Interviewer] That’s good. What is your all era favorite cheek dye? – Kylie. -[ Interviewer] Now tellme about Kylie Baby. – Kylie Baby is a brand that I started when I became a mom. And I just wanted consciousand safe baby care. -[ Interviewer] What’s your favorite thing about the team that you work with? – How female driven we are.-[ Interviewer] That’s awesome. And why did you want to get into swimwear? – I wanted to get intoswimwear because I adoration swim. I could probably live in a swimsuit. -[ Interviewer] And what’sthe most important thing your mother taught you? – Never make no for an answer. -[ Interviewer] That’s good admonition. Kylie, what’s your favorite meat? – Favorite food is sushi andI can’t eat it right now. So I’m disturbed. -[ Interviewer] Ah. And what snack are youalways contacting for? – I have been really into candy, actually. -[ Interviewer] What’s thebest restaurant for appointment night? – Nobu. Always. -[ Interviewer] If youcould live in any other municipal in its own country, where would you choose? – Probably Houston.-[ Interviewer] Which of yourcars do you drive “the worlds largest”? – I actually tell Stormi. She likes to choose my carsevery day so it’s in her entrusts. -[ Interviewer] Go Stormi. And what show are youcurrently preoccupied with? – I am currently obsessedwith Manifest and See. -[ Interviewer] Okay, Kylie. Before I croak, I want toask about your maternity. Congratulations, we’re so happy for you. Do you have a name picked out? – Thank you.Well, we need to find out the gender first and we decided to wait. -[ Interviewer] Yougonna to tell me first? – No. -[ Interviewer] Okay. All title, I tried. What’s the best baby gift? – Best baby gift is justanything really nostalgic. -[ Interviewer] What’s your biggest gestation imploring right now? – Hmm, frozen yogurtsand In-N-Out, ever. -[ Interviewer] Stormiexcited to be a big sister? – She is very excited to be a big sister. -[ Interviewer] Okay, last question. Question number 73. How do you feel now that we’re done? – I feel good. And I’mabout to catch a flight. -[ Interviewer] Well, your fans are certainly going to desire this. Thank you so much, Kylie. – Alrighty, bye chaps. -[ Interviewer] Have a good flight ..

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