KEEP STUDYING! – Best School Motivation 2021

what the fuck is up with students and I seethis all the time “theyre starting” University but with the mindset that they’reconstantly looking for forgives about why things aren’t going the nature they wantwhy they’re disappointed with their quiz ensues why they don’t think theirprofessor is schooling them effectively why they hinder getting up late andmissing castes and “when youre doing” that you take all the power you have in your lifeand you devote it apart you exactly propel everything there is apart because you’re blaming otherpeople by blaming your profs or your university or your friends orfamily or your environments you give your ability away to them but you need toembrace it think about the lies that you tell yourself to rationalize being lazywhen you take the easy road and you leave discipline behind when you say toyourself I’ll start studying for my exam tomorrowand then tomorrow comes and you say I’ll start studying for my exam tomorrow andthe exam deadline is getting closer and closer and a few daylights before the examyou recognise you haven’t started studying hitherto and the panic moves in and thesleepless nights begin it’s too late it’s the working day of the exam you sit at yourdesk you open the exam paper for the first time and you event thatall-too-common sinking feeling when you recognise you don’t know the answer to anyof the questions you know what I’m talking about we’ve all been there it’sthe excuses and the lack of discipline that are taking you down paths that youshouldn’t be going there are a million reasons why you’re disappointed but thereasons are not important what is important is what you do about itwhat is it hoarding is how you’re going to slant itso that you take advantage of the situationfailed an quiz good study two hours a day extra from now on had an argumentwith a friend good you time had a crucial instruction in socialscience try to stay more tranquilize next time continue waking up late and getting to classlate good go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier tomorrow whatever yourproblems are they are fixable you just have to persevere and as youwork at it brick by brick you might start out exceedingly inefficient andincompetent at studying but being willing to put in the work and grind itout and becoming a person who has people actually look up to and admire at thatmoment in your life you’ll realize it was worth it all the pain the sufferingthe late night study grinds it was all worth it procrastination the enemy’s every singlestudent on countries around the world we all do it but it’s destructiveit destroys ambition it destroys dreams it destroys quiz scores report gradesscholarships it destroys progress ingenuity ideas itcan even hampered you back from graduating when it’s time to study and you start tofeel your mind floating on to other things when you sit down at your deskand open your textbook but the Tv is staring at you wear notifications pop upon your phone from your friends it’s at this moment you need to reset getaggressive and study do not wait waiting is what feeds procrastination and thefeeling will get greater and stronger until you’re no longer thinking aboutstudying anymore do not take the easy way out do not give up and take the easyroad that’s what the bottom 90% are doing do you want to be in the bottom9 0% or do you want to be in the top 10% because it’s the decision you conclude justas the feeling of distraction is creeping up on youthat is the deciding factor of where you’re going to be fight theprocrastination and get your studying done don’t leave it for tomorrow you’llbe hectic with other things tomorrow do it today right now induce today countas Eric Thomas said I don’t believe in the word procrastination I told theyoung lady in Australia who told me she was a procrastinator I said gaze if Itold you to meet me here tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.And I’m gonna give you threemillion dollars where would you be she said I’d be right here 459 am readyto get that three billion dollars I said right then there’s no such thing asprocrastination what it is is that it’s not important to you it’s not somethingthat’s urgent fairly for you and when something is not urgent and then you putit off if it’s not meaningful to you and it’s not important to you that you’renot going to make it a priority so what you have to do is find out how to makeit meaningful how can you make it purposeful how are you able make it stick andwhen you can find that out I promise you you’ll get up early you’ll get therefirst and you’ll do whatever it takes to move that goal a reality so to me it’snot a procrastination problem it’s a priority issue education is the greatequalizer that positions the playing field and contributes the average person a shot atextraordinary success if you work hard and stay focused on your dream you canachieve it but it’s procrastination that often gets in the way for most of us weall have things that we’d rather be doing things that give a short-termpleasure but are vicious in the long run but it’s what you do when you get tothat edge that determines what you’re going to be having this skill to turnyour failures and in skills into a positive force into actions that makeyou strong and improve you up it can take years of effort before you can do itproperly but it will totally alter yourlife imagine every lack you enter and you don’t see it as a outage you see itas another challenge that can be used to your adviceto fix you smarter stronger faster because we are built for struggle ashuman beings we are built to challenge the world you miss challenges becausechallenge is toughen you up you don’t want environmental issues where yourshelter from all obstacles and so you don’t grow and you don’t suffer setbacksbecause I can guarantee you in the long term you won’t be happy like JordanPeterson said beings have obtained awesome success out ofcatastrophic defaults and I’m not saying that in a naive course I know perfectlywell what is happening in parties you’re doing fine in life and then you get cancer andthen six months later you’re dead and all the heroism in the world isn’t goingto save you at that point but that’s not the pointlife is full of obstacles and heartache and downfall and cataclysmic damages inall shapes and sizes but that doesn’t mean you don’t go out there and takelife by the horns apologizes are tools of the incompetentused to build bridges to nowhere and tombstones of nothingness but we have notime for justifies nobody is going to give you anything none upkeeps how tough yourupbringing was nobody charges if you suffered from a discrimination and youhave to remember that whatever you have gone through it sallows in comparison tothe adversities previous generations have endured and they overcame themthey overcame them you can overcome them more when you do come across failurewhich you utterly will you must get something out of it andevery time you flunk and you learn from that collapse that’s one stair of theladder to success you’ll have to overcome rigours daily every day is going to be hard there’s a reason why exclusively some studentscan climb to the top of the class there’s a reason why exclusively the top fewcan achieve a 4.0 of GPA this is going to be a long hard-boiled pilgrimage and you’regoing to have to grow layer after blanket of surface to graze all these problems offthat are going to arise and turn them from hardships to advantages whenyou do come across lack which you utterly willyou must get something out of it and each time you miscarry and you learn fromthat failure that’s one step up the ladder to success you might have to fail2 0 ages really to succeed once but that’s just how it goes no one supplants thefirst time and having this skill and it really is a skill having this skill toturn your disappointments and in proficiencies into a positive force into actions thatmake you strong and improve you up it can take years of effort before you can doit properly but it will fully alter your life you might have just missed out on ascholarship or you might even have to retake the year but you can beabsolutely certain that you’ll come back with vengeance with more determinationin your eyes than you ever knew you had you’ll blow those quizs out of the wateryou’ll storm past your friends and classmates you’ll take leadership andall the group work you’re involved with you’ll be the person that everyone looksup to the person that if they had to pick one person in the entire class whothey thought would be successful in the futureit would be you because these are your failures and you learn not to bedisappointed with failing you understand it and use it to your advantage imagine every downfall you digest and youdon’t see it as a flop you see it as another challenge that can be used toyour advantage to oblige you smarter stronger faster because we are built forstruggle as human being we are built to challenge the worldlike Jordan Peterson said people have obtained stupendous success out ofcatastrophic disappointments and I’m not saying that in a naive path I know perfectlywell what happens to people you’re doing fine in life and then you get cancer andthen six months later you’re dead and all the heroism in the world isn’t goingto save you at that point but that’s not the pointlife is full of drawbacks and heartache and collapse and disastrous losses inall shapes and sizes but that doesn’t mean you don’t go out there and takelife by the horns we are getting too soft as a culture and that’s whathappens when we do 100 years of fortune things become easier andthat’s a great thing it means we become more educated our universities usetechnology to educate us more effectively more is known about our subject fieldbut these technological advances also engendered procrastination it’s never been soeasy to get disconcerted with screens everywhere our phones our laptopstablets the Tv video consoles which is bad enough as it is but that combinedwith a culture that is getting too soft that doesn’t know the meaning ofdiscipline and manipulate ethic it leads to even more serious procrastination issueson a huge scale once you’re focused with the project on hand you won’t even thinkabout coming distracted it’s being able to fight delay and refine yourdiscipline to get the best education possible only start that’s the hardestpart only start get in the zone of studying turn your notifications offturn your TV off lock your opening put your headphones on and settle in for a fewhours of studying so the next time you’re facing a decision where you wantinstant gratification and you forget about the long term goal and you forgetabout the dreams you have that’s when it’s time to get excited you need topump yourself up you need to remember the reason why you’re doing it you needclose your eyes and read where you’re going to be in 10 or 20 years era youneed to smell it hear the views and feel it within you exactly how it is likely to be if youdecide to push your work back and stall and if you decide to stayfocused and bide disciplined and get the work done it’s on you no one else canmake that decision for you burn that long-term dream into your thinker thinkabout it talk about it write about it affixed post-it documents around your roomabout it but most importantly do something about it there’s one thing motivational channelsnever tell you it’s something they all avoid saying even though it can be themost motivational two messages you’ll ever sound they all avoid saying it it’s thesetwo utterances you can’t because let me tell you when someone tells me that I can’tdo something when a person doesn’t believe in me or sounds down on me orsees me as feeble and powerless I don’t care it is my parents my friends myprofessors at University Society it doesn’t matter when I’m told you can’tI’ll prove you wrong when you try to drag me down I’ll bounce back twice asstrong with more focus more discipline more tenacity than ever beforebecause you chose the wrong person to mess with because a lot of beings wouldbe discouraged and frightened and fall back when they’re told they can’t dosomething most people are like that and that’s fine it’s normal to feel that wayit’s normal to feel deterred when the people around you are dragging you downthat’s not me I turn that negative vigour into obsessionI studied 3 hour more every day I stay focused like a laserprocrastination doesn’t stand a chance when I’m an obsession state and it’s thenegative explains the people saying you can’t that fuels this obsession tobecome stronger and stronger I can study twelve hours a day ifI go to the gym in the morning study for four hours eeep studied for four hourseat study for four hours then sleep it becomes a routine a create of daily habitsthat I to be implemented by religiously that I’ve adoration every minute of it the studying which I formerly fought withhas become an obsession that I affection I look forward to it every morning I’dlove learning about the world around me I adore the gratification at the end ofthe day after studying for 12 hours I adoration the sense of accomplishment I lovethis feeling of my tiers increasing from C’s to B’s to AIDSask me what gradation I got and I cherish the collapse in their faces when I tell them studying for quizs something that I usedto struggle with on a daily basis but struggle with focus and the strugglewith procrastination the struggle with constant distractions it’s now so mucheasier and I have my haters to thank for that when they “ve been told” I can’t theyfueled me they gave me the vigour to superpower through to cherish what I’m studyingto study at a degree which I thought was impossible precisely a year ago my hatersmade it possible the people around me trying to drag me down helped me and forthat I’ll be forever grateful

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