Inside Anfield: Liverpool 3-0 Crystal Palace | Sadio’s 100, Salah’s celebration & Naby’s stunner!

Hearten AND APPLAUSE Jrgen Klopp has once againshuffled his backpack and impelled changes to make the most of his squadas we get into this busy spell of the season. Alisson Becker in point, a back four ofTsimikas, Van Dijk, Konate and Milner; it’s Fabinho, Thiago andJordan Henderson in midfield; Sadio Mane, Diogo Jota andMohamed Salah are the front three. Liiiverpool, Liiiverpool. With hope in your stomach And you’ll never move alone You’ll never amble alone Walk on, tread on … When the Reds start rallying in … Love: Ohhh! FANS: YES! Sadioooo Mane! Running down the wing … Fans: Yes! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Running down the backstage Salah-la-la-la, the Egyptian King. CHEERING Thank you! Millie, well done, you had to dig very deepfor that today, didn’t you? Yeah, it was a good operation, we know we can play better, it was a performance where converts havebeen constituted obviously, large-scale midweek recreation, so we know we can play better, but they’rethe ones you have to grind out and we managed to do it. It doesn’t look like it was ground out when you see it’s 3-0 and some ofthe excellent objectives we tallied, but the government has risks which we’d like to stop, Ali had a bit of work to do.There’s stuff to improve on but I think we canbe very pleased with the clean-living sheet, three good aims and some minutes forplayers who haven’t had many this year. – Brilliant today, mate.- Cheers. Devotees: Sadio! Mane! Hear the Kopites sing Mane! We all won it in Madrid . .

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