Bioenergetic Fitness #1 – Shaolin Calisthenics & Stretching – Qigong, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Power Yoga

all right welcome to your bioenergetic fitness workout that means we’re going to be working out our organization but too our force so exercising in general so good for your force lifts your humor clears your judgment what we’re gonna do after our young workout a little bit of Yin or Qi Gong relaxation to calm down so our workout it’s not gonna be too hard this is gonna be the perfect thing to really jump into if you haven’t been you know exercising a ton it’s gonna be based on a little of kung-fu a little bit of shaolin chi gong to sort of really get things moving cultivate your cardio and your forte a little okay so time to start merely shake out your limbs and legs and make sure you have enough space around you we’re gonna be doing a little of knocks swipes so you want to not have beings right next to you okay so let’s just start with warming up the body we’re gonna merely returning our hands up drop down in back hands up down and back this one’s called the gush so merely use it to start to get the blood moving you breath as you come up exhale down you can see I’m bouncing my knees[ Music] delightful little go and legs[ Music] get on for low back ache tightening the low-grade back muscles good slowed down relax take your hoof out a little wider we’re gonna find pony posture bring your palms one over the other arms straight out in front your toes are a little turned out I’m going to drop the trendies down and up down and pre soon to get your legs nice and warm and I came out here to this beautiful beach to shoot some tightening Qigong healing programs and I’m freezing in this wind so we’re doing a fitness program instead right now this is based on shaolin kung fu’ they’re very popular within Qigong and kung fu this course Nats civilizing the supremacy and forte heat in the legs so to be very good for your Chi your health overall forte good relax turn your toes forward and just strain down so each of our sort of young exercises is gonna be interspersed a little Yin a little bit of strain relaxation so just take a deep breath here come back to the center good and you make your hands on your left leg I need a little even wider stance here we settle down come up pass to the right leg sink down come up this one’s a little strength and a little stretch so you strengthen this leg stretch under now so just come down I’m just as low-pitched as you need to get that stretching don’t go any lower – don’t pull anything but now for a little challenge if you looks just like you add the arms so just like a fowl flapping its wings I use your wheeze breath down breath up[ Music] good we’re gonna come to one side and stand up for the center other side we support get your kungfu face on up to the center bring your feet back in shake out your legs really nice next one we’re gonna do is Crescent kicks I’m gonna step back with the left foot in order to be allowed to mirror me gonna have your hands up getting ready for a little kung fu battle now your left foot is gonna sweep across up and over so Crescent kick is like you’re trying to kick with the outside edge of your foot it’s like a karate chop with your paw let me switch feet so the back hoof comes across oblique up and over spanned up and over now we’re gonna start to switching paw each time so we sweep switch the foot range swap the feet extent approach the hoof see how fast you can go you don’t have to go as fast as me we’ll precisely try[ Music] we’re going to open the trendies to enhance its trendies starting the hip flexor try to keep your hands up when the paw comes down it shores behind foot comes down lands will hi imagine like you’re trying to knock an apple off the top of somebody’s president good core workout to do one more better need stretch it out or shake it out now we’re gonna stretching those trendy flexors so find a long lunge here one hoof back one foot forward the back end is up you try to find a stretch on the breast of the trendy of that leg that’s going back so if you don’t feel a elongate maybe settle it down fold the trendies back and again we’re gonna fly like a bird so flap your backstages straightened the legs “re opening the” wing hips come down and find the stretch so we come out of the elongate into the stretch exhale out inhale in two penetrating breathers[ Music] imbibe the valence good well do one more hold it down now bring your arms up hoist your chest to the sky feel free if you’re new to this and this is hard hold on to something as you do this then we’re gonna straighten that front leg extend over the front leg called pyramid constitute and yoga your legs are at the pyramid take a deep breath now elongate again you can be holding on to something if you need something under your hands they’ll braced you higher I can’t see even beyond your shin now let’s raising it up and turn it around so other leg is back we open our wings come down to the stretch can you want that stretch on the front of the trendy so tilt the hips back whether it is necessary to straighten the legs hands come down open the arms sink turn the arms inhale open the offstages exhale fold the offstages try to find that stretch really good if you have pain in the hips or lower back open up these muscles[ Music] come down hold appendages up lift your dresser[ Music] hard in the wind and we’re gonna straighten the breast leg crease again hands can be on the flooring on an object or on your shin I’ll look to that extend under the hamstring accompany it back up be it in shake it out all right good yeah one for the upper form little perforating I’m gonna take our hoof wide again this one we’re gonna open up with a block it’s a big wide move then we’re the pas that’s blocking is gonna make a fist pull back on the other hand swipes then that hand opens comes across we turn our stance wrap around make a fist pull back by your waist other handwriting pierces made sweet pull back punch open embroil pull back punch clean pierce real difficult all the sand I hope you’re standing on something better we’re gonna start to pick up the hurry[ Music][ Music] who’s your sigh[ Music] I’m gonna go to Australia at this frequency[ Music] two more the two sides and relax bring your feet in hoof together legs straight slide down stretch it out a marry depth breaths here use your exhales to loosen[ Music] good move it up shake out your legs very good alright let’s just open up our Chi a little bit knock on your dresser go up and down take a deep breath in sigh out your opening just gonna open up the flow of energy through all our tissues in accordance with the elevations here you can slap down the inside of the weapon slap up the outside down the inside up the outside so the hard part is over now we’re just gonna work our power spanned down the inside of the forearm up the outside down the inside up the outside open the flow of energy following the acupuncture directs you gotta come around to your low-pitched back and then down the back of the legs up the inside of the legs in various regions of the hips stay on the back of the legs up the inside down the back one more time good knock on your trendy furrow with fists knock on your belly flex your abdomen a little right over the navel like you’re overpowering a rhythm you’ve stiffened the rhythm scalp trouncing the drum this is just to wake up all your organs get relaxed interlace your paws inhale reach up exhale float out to the sides inhale reach up exhale float out to the sides it’s nice long unwinding sighs appeasing the nervous system building the mislead[ Music] good one more time good now float your hands out to the sides and down it’s a shoulder elevation inhale up evaporate down this one get a little more fluid we’re like a bird flying a little wave that rules our prickle up from the paw hips spine and arms slow-paced late breathers tranquilize your intensity and then bring it in to the monk restrain the Pearl one hand on top of the other touch the gratuities of the digits we are of the view that just below the naval feet or square under the shoulders knees soft make a few deep wheezes your elbows float away from the ribs I just imagine like a bead of lily-white glowing is abbreviating at your lower abdomen this below and behind your bellybutton in the centres of your form this represents a battery of vitality and vigour it’s a marry more penetrating wheezes in this standing meditation take a big breath in and a sigh release good alright it’s a nice quick internal and outer workout a little cardio little fortitude little opennes a little chi a little meditation so to be expected that has you feeling good keep it up hey if you attained this video helpful you can head on over to nickel AFRICOM also you can help support the channel by partiality agreeing those are all the things right observation and that’ll help us keep producing all this cool free material for you alright thanks so much Nick mocks recom

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