#1 LIFE HACK for Motivation & Happiness | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

– Are you scared to do it because your parents won’t like it? – No, my parents actually assistance me– – Okay, so what areyou afraid of, neglecting? – Not disappointing … but … Still being at the same place, when my friends are at the next height. – Huge mistake. You don’t want the samethings your friends demand. So why the fuck do youcare what they have? The biggest rationalization parties are disappointed right now, is’ cause they valuesomebody else’s opinion more than they appraise their own. Have the conversation with the person that’s holding you back. The rationale most people whoare listening right now are not do that thing, is they’re worried aboutthe opinion of somebody.( echoing) I am so devastated that you actually let your grandma’s point of view, your momma, your dad, yousister, your aunt … You still tell somebody else dictate based on their opinion. All the actions you do, and it’s your life.( clock clicking) The intellect I’m super joyou, is nobody can tell me nothin’.My wife, mama, and daughter, could walk into my office right now, tell me I’m a piece of turd, and I would be 100% un-phased. That is some gangster psychological organization. If you’re not feelin’it, find new friends. I’m being dead serious about this. This one is real big for me. The only method I’ve seen , now that I’m older, thatyou can build confidence, is if you surround yourself with people who are confident. Start trimming your friend group, and start adding to your friend group, predicated, on what you wanna be. Like, it’s unbelievablewhat happened to me when I got into the Silicon Valley world, and started fit like, Mark Zuckerberg, and like, Ed Williams and– like, Travis– like, it changed my life. Everybody in this room, needs to cut out as much of the interference, and experience of beings that are negative, and deplete as much time withpeople that are positive. The parties you spend time with are the ones that dictate your mindset. – Yeah. – You could limit your time with your mom.You could limit your timewith your best friend. You could tell your girlfriend, or husband to go fuck themselves. – Yeah. – You fuckin’ roll up with your pa, your momma, your sister, and say fuck off, I’m out, because you’re a fuckin’ viru, and I’ll see you in six years old, if you figure out why the fuck I left. You’re bear to bein that relationship. If you feel motivatedby this conversation, or you’re intrigued by it, add one new winner friend. Like, you know what I imply? Add one new winner friend, and cut one loser friend. – I feel like even when I generate it away, and I don’t speak to them, the clatter of them– – That means you– That means you value their ruling. – Yeah. – I don’t. – Yup. – Please, cause this bethe video that drills through your head, thatyour life is predicated on when you get real quiet, and you can’t hear anotherfuckin’ person’s two pennies that got nothing to do with you, and everything to do withwhere they are in life. Are you really gonna let those eight or ninepeople impose their own lives?’ Cause you are so fearfulof judgment from others that at the end of the day when you’re 87, you will not give a fuck about.

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