MOTIVATION FÜR DEINEN MORGEN – Wie 2:30 Min am Tag, dein ganzes Leben verändern können…

Imagine you are about to die you are lying down and around you all your dreams all your talents all the wishes you ever had gathered they look at you with evil eyes and wonder why exclusively you would ever have us. Can awaken life But now, we have to die with you forever why do you do that If you would die now what would happen with. You are dying What dreams what ideas what wishes what aptitudes would never see the light of day go to a graveyard and look around, around, around you, there are millions of trees interred is not merely people. These beings have theirs. Dreams taken into the grave. Most of. Not you. All but most of them will be aptitudes dreams themes maybe inventions that could have changed the world countries have taken with them into the grave And that is forever over It will never see the light of day and you still have the chance that you can resurrect your expertises and your dreams and that you let you participate in the world and I claim that just like you have the duty to live out your endowments and your dreams to share them with this world, create your expres, let loose your projects, if you are able to perform the world a better place and if it just a small little negligible bit if you can improve the life of a single person then you have made a difference in this world, but that is all within you. In that you have to let it out. Don’t tell all these things get buried with you, all these things hushed by some of the rules of society, of some of the forms of thinking that say. Hey stay quiet stay normal adapts doesn’t get thunderou Don’t let it happen it’s your duty to let this voice out into you. And your endowments with the world, to share your desires, to live out your dreams and to make this world a better place

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