How Much Money My Wife’s Fitness YouTube Channel Earns

– My name is Daniel Inskeep, and in this video I’m gonna show you how much my wife’s fitnesschannel pays in AdSense on YouTube.( gentle music) About two months ago, Iposted a video comparing the revenue generated by this channel to that of my main path Mango Street. If you haven’t watched thatyet, I recommend you do so now because I proceed a little bitmore in depth with each metric and why they’re differentbetween channels.Now if you just require a refresher of those stats, now they are. At the time of filmingthat video, Mango Street had 542,000 attitudes for the last 28 epoches, with over 1 million readers. Mango Street’s CPM was $12 and the CPM for this channel was $26 and 77 pennies. This canal had about 24,000 readers with 268,000 positions in the last 28 eras. Mango Street had deserved $1,885 and 59 pennies, while I payed $3,054 and 76 cents. So with 49% fewer notions, I gave 62% more since the video topicson this canal require a higher ad rate becausethey are about finances and making money online. Now when I placed thisvideo out in September, my wife’s fitnesschannel had just recently enabled monetization andshe wasn’t really earning more than a got a couple of bucks. – Don’t say bucks, isn’t lady like.- However , now that herchannel has outshone mine in customers and she’sgetting more and more contemplates, I thought it’d be interesting to see how her earnings stack up toMango Street and this direct. What’s interesting about a fitness canal is there is so much morepotential for videos to be watched over and over again by the same beings. If we think about ourchannel, Mango Street, where we demonstratephotography proficiencies or register behind the scenes of a shoot, if you’re interested in a topic, you might watch thatvideo once, maybe twice, but you’re probably notwatching it more than that. Whereas if it’s a workout videoand you experience the workout, you may be doing it multiple times a few weeks for several months dependingon your practise wonts and points. If we look at one of the biggest if not the biggest fitnessyoutubers Chloe Ting, her most examined videohas 267 million views, which is just insane. It seems pretty obvious thatpeople are watching her videos over and over again, which becomes sense.So while the fitnessspace online is generally a pretty crowded niche, itdoes show there’s a potential to get a lot of views evenwith a smaller audience, you just was also necessary carveout a small fraction of the overall fitness marketplace and you can start generatingsome pretty serious cash. Now that we know how onemight be able to clock looks, the real question is how muchare all of these views worth to advertisers? So firstly, let’s get some updatednumbers from this canal and Mango Street .( amiable music) Since I secreted that lastvideo comparing the revenue between the two channels, things have changed. My Channel stats have been declining while Mango Street’s have been increasing. What’s most interesting to meis that Mango Street’s ideas are only up 3% since the previous 28 periods, and the watch season is up 4 %, but the revenue was up a whopping 31%. If you recollect MangoStreet’s videos are generally under eight hours in section, implying we cannot placemid-rolls in those videos instead exactly relying on pre-roll ads. Nonetheless, four members of our last seven videos have been over the eight time crisscros, allowing us to place mid-roll ads which would explain the uptick in revenue. It’s also worth mentioning that we’ve never intentionallystretched out a video to smack the eight time celebrate, like many YouTubers did back when 10 hours was theminimum for mid-roll ads. We’ve never been very concernedwith the AdSense generated by Mango Street and wouldnever compromise the qualifications of the our videos only to stick in another ad.So more mid-roll ads intends more receipt but let’s see if the CPM has changed. If you remember, CPM is theamount of advertisers pay per 1000 deems but thatdoesn’t include YouTube’s cut of 45 %. If we take a look, we cansee that Mango Street’s CPM has increased by 16% from 1350 to 1534. Now why the increase in CPM? I have no idea. For some reason thisvideo about attracting off a DIY photoshoot deserved almost a $ 17 CPM, which is higher than our median and I’m really not sure why. Okay, so now let’s takea look at this channel. For the last 28 periods we cansee my views are down 19%, the watch meter down 23% and my revenue is down 30%. Now as to the decline in stats when you’re trying togrow social media platform like YouTube, one of thekey things to remember is you wanna do material that not only your public will like butpeople outside your audience will see and then wanna watch. Now that seems pretty obvious that’s how you get peopleto is committed to you. But if your initial subscriber cornerstone doesn’t react positivelywhen you affix a video, YouTube’s algorithm isprobably not going to suggest that to parties outsideof your current audience. So if my readers areoutright really not watching the video, or not watchingthe video for as long or perhaps they’re just nothitting the thumbs up button when I request ever so nicely, intent.For whatever reason it seemslike Mango Street recent videos haven’t done well in terms of achieving outside of my current public. Regardless, the drop inviews will naturally lead to a drop in revenue butlet’s see how the CPM is holding up. Okay, my CPM is down 12% to2549, which in the last video it was closer to $ 27. And let’s take a look atrevenue for the last 28 periods for each path. I gave exactly over $1,500 on this path and Mango Street earned over $2,400 in the last 28 daytimes. And now for lifetimeearnings for this channel, it’s earned $7,426 and two pennies, having been monetizedfor about 3 month, that breaks down to approximately $2,460 per month on average, which is really incredible considering I exclusively have like 32,000 subscribers at this moment.Alright, so now that I’ve capture you up on those two paths, let’s take a look at Rachel’s channel. But real quick, interval thisvideo and leave a comment below approximating what you thinkher CPM will be, I’ll wait, and no cheating.( gentle music) Okay, so first of all, shestarted her direct on July 27, the same time I did, but unlike me, she has been consistentlyputting out three videos a week ever since.Although her growth starteda little slower than mine, ever since the centre ofOctober, she’s been snowballing. She now has almost 44,000 subscribers with 1.7 million views on her direct. The first full daytime ofmonetization was on September 16, on which she payed$ 6 and 26 cents. And we can see her channelconsistently payed under $10 until October 11 when sheearned $12 and 67 cents. With her path increment snowballing, her revenue reallyramped up affecting a peak of $146 and 58 pennies on October 20. Now her CPM for the last2 8 daytimes was$ 7 and 13 pennies with an RPM of$ 2 and 66 cents, accompanying her guessed revenueto $3,172 and 83 cents, easily drumming out both thischannel and Mango Street. So even though her CPM is$ 5less than that of Mango Street, and about $20 less than this canal, she did receive over 1.2 millionviews in the last 28 periods crushing both of the other two directs. Virtually all of our videos areover the eight instant crisscros letting her to putmid-rolls in coincides with separates in her exercisings. In the middle-of-the-road one of thosevideos is one of the few experiences I’m really glad to see mid-roll ad because I’m usuallytrying to catch my breath. So you may be wonderingwhy her direct started to snowball in October. Well other than postingconsistently good workout videos three times a week, “shes been” launched a free 30 -day workout programwhere people get an email with the day’s workoutplan and healthy habits.This causes beings toconsistently watch her videos. She also appoints communityposts here on YouTube about three to five times a week. And those uprights contain workout playlists containing three to five members of her videos. I review those two strategiesreally helped increase her attitudes, and thensince it performed well with her gathering, it was then recommended to parties outside her subscriber cornerstone. Her highest making videois a burn 500 calories video which is a 30 instant workout. It’s super challenging, butit has generated roughly $1,900 with nearly 690,000 thoughts. This is the video thatstarted being suggested to parties outside hernormal subscriber cornerstone. So her lifetime earnings for this channel is $3,888 and 94 pennies. And now here’s a final comparisonbetween all three directs for the last 28 periods.( soothing music) It plainly took her a tonof make and a ton of effort to get her canal set up for success, which is why I recommend if you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, make sure it’s a niche thatyou’re passionate about.Don’t go into a niche justbecause it has a high CPM because if you’re not passionate about it, you’re gonna hate all thetime you invest work now, and that ardour is notgonna show through in videos and you’ll have a hardtime developing your channel. Rachel has the lowest CPMrate out of all three canals but because she lay in the extra work to consistently putout three videos a week and then put in the additional effort to help her channel snowball, she out deserved the other two paths. I hope this video gaveyou even more insight into how much channelson YouTube can earn.Do me a solid and hitthe thumbs up button, agree if you haven’t already and I will see you in the next one, bye.( upbeat music ).

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