uno Fitness | Upper Abs Circuit Training – Set 2 Inverted Cruches

The second action will be to train the upper abdomen and use inverted crunch to instruct. This instruct is a bit different from the usual crunches because we wear gravity boots to protect the ankles. During practise, we hang our mas upside down on the chin up bar. First mount and grasp the chin up bar. Lift your paw and fasten the severity boots on the chin up bar, then slowly lower your upper torso until the whole person is completely turned upside down, and then we will do sit up. But when doing sit up, be careful not to use the hip muscles to make the upper torso rise when doing this crunch. Its not to become the upper organization rise, but to tighten the upper abdominal muscles. When the body is turned upside down, all the air must be exhaled before contraction. In fact, your upper torso will move away from your center of gravity a little bit because if it rises too high, many parties. You will use the wrong rears muscles. If you breath the breather and then roll it up gradually, you will use the upper abdominal muscles instead of the rump muscles.

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