Welcome to this butt and abs workout We are drilling abs and we are churning the as this workout is awesome if you’re trying to get abs But you’re also trying to keep your butt. It’s not certainly going to see acquire your backside originate It’s just going to constitute your laughingstock nut disappear when you lose the fat on your abs, you know what I symbolize? So starting off with our warm-up. It’s just a dynamic pull You’re going to keep your core engaged and you’re going to rock-and-roll back and forth This is a good way to get your whole body warmed up real quick We’re then going to go into cat-cow you’re going to really dome your back That reverberated so wrong, but you know what? I intend archway that back Good keep going It’s just to get the mobility in your spine ready for all the ab work we’re going to do and then you’re going to go again into the dynamic stretch this Surprisingly warms up your entire form go At your own pace lean as far forward as you can Go as far back as you can do what your body tells you is right for you That was deep that was so deep let’s go into the first round.We are starting with plank leg develops You already know how this works. You’re going to try to keep a straight line from your heading down to your end Keep your core involved and promote one leg at a time. Are you ready? Let’s go this exercise is Killer, it’s so good because it is working your abs and your as at the same time, which is what you want I am doing the novice stage if you’re more advanced You can actually threw some ankle heaviness on your ankles and just take this to the streets Give me one more that was good.Now we’re going to do caused clams You are in a half feature board primacy your abs are engaged and you are raising your hip as you elevate your leg It’s like being a starfish but not really. Let’s go Make sure you keep your core engaged try to maintain your match Good. This creations your abs. It likewise makes your feature pillage. You came exactly a few more seconds You’re doing good. You’re doing good. Keep exiting Alright go ahead and switch to the other side and you’re going to do the same thing You are developing your hips and opening your legs at the same time I don’t know why these loot uses always have to be so explicit, but it’s what we’re working with. Let’s go Go at your own pace do as countless as you can do There you go, “its good” again I’m doing the fledgling grade you can add some resist circles to your knees to make this even harder Finally we are going to do some sit-ups This is our last move before the terminate keep your core involved and use your core to pluck your entirety form up If sit-ups hurt your back or conclude you feel painful you can do a timber instead Let’s go approach it propagandize it propagandize it push it push it after this you get a break So keep going you got this you’re doing good.You’re doing good Look at that you are already halfway through this workout. You are halfway through your Amazing. Alright, we’re going to go back. We’re not going back yet. We’re gonna take a break Give yourself a grip put yourself on the back. Drink some ocean. You’re doing good Is committed to my youtube canal if you haven’t done so previously it’s totally free for you and it means so much to me I’ll be back after the destroy so we can keep going Welcome back we are going straight into those plank leg elevates again You genuinely want to make sure your core is engaged And your pillage is as low-spirited to the ground as you can manage and then raise one leg at a time.Let’s go You’re doing astonishing, this is the second half you have just three more practises after this and you’re done You can see I worked out today. Mm-hmm You look awesome you’re doing great Do it for the booty. All right promoted clams again You’re just going to raise your hip and your leg the leg that’s on the floor should really stay on the storey It certainly tried to control that just make sure that you are listening to your form Because this workout is so short-change that’s why we have this particular move in here So you can work your abs and your backside at the same time This is working your line-up loot including and likewise a little of the main loot at the back It’s really really good.Go onward and switch to the other side You’re almost done. You’re almost done. Keep your core employed and do the same thing. Are you ready? You ready? Okay, let’s go This gets to be really challenging towards the end, but I know there is a warrior and you Keep croaking keep going you gotta push through you got this “Youre just doing” it you’re doing it last-place move of the day sit-ups abs are engaged and “youre using” your ab muscles Your core muscles to attract your figure up Good sit-ups are really good for those surface muscles.You see when people are showing off their abs That’s what sit-ups are for if sit-ups bother you don’t do them. You can do crunches instead or you can do boards Awesome you did it. Let’s go ahead and quickly cool down with a butterfly stretch Try to drop those knees as close to the floor as you can. Let’s stretch forth those legs You’ve worked out you’ve worked out today doesn’t that feel so amazing you did it you did that and that is awesome You’re going to gently and gradually stand up and go into some rocking squattings Just do this very slowly extremely very slowly Keep exiting, you nailed this workout. You did this you did this All right Finally, I want you to set a insignificant flex in your knee give yourself a big hug and gently twist from side to side I time want to remind you that There is something inside of you that the world needs to see and you are on your way You are working one workout at a time one day at a time One pace at a time and the world is not even ready for you hitherto Thank you so much for works out with me today subscribe to my youtube direct You haven’t done so already and I will see you in my next workout video

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