UPPER BODY DESTROYER Workout – Shoulders, Chest, Triceps | EPIC III Day 8

– Hi, everyone, and welcome. Day 8 in the EPIC 3 Program, and today we haveshoulders, chest, triceps, all in supersets. The timer is going to beon 45 seconds of run, 45 seconds of effort, with 30 -second rest. We do one practise, straightinto the next exercise, we have the 30 -second rest, and we perform eachsuperset twice, two plans. All you’ll need for today’sworkout are a pair of dumbbells, your matted, and a chair. I’m gonna be using thischair behind me for my plunges and also my fall push-ups. The boobs I’ll be using for my dresser press today are 17.5 kg each. I will then drop to nine kg each, and that will be for myshoulders and my triceps. There are some body weightexercises in today’s workout, such as those dips, declinepush-ups, and tricep push-ups.I’ll put on-screen, of course, some gratuities as we go through the workout. Likewise within the 30 -second rest, I will preview 15 secondsof the first workout, then 15 seconds of the second exercise, so there will be the twopreviews within the 30 seconds. Remember, with every singleworkout that I share, the timer is only a guidebook. It’s more important to takethose few extra seconds to get into position thansimply just rush into it and maybe leave yourself open to injury. Take it hindered, alwaystake as long as you need to get into position, and as usual, you will see me delay orstop throughout this workout. I actually interrupt or stop just when I feel like myform is not gonna be good on the next rep. I probably could keep going, but my constitute is going to be neglected, so it’s better to just setthe dumbbells down or delay, take a few seconds, and re-go. There’s never any race, this is not a sprint. You take your time. I can pretty much be ensured the shoulders, triceps, and chest is going to be on fire through amajority of this workout, but I “ve known you” cherish that, let’s go!

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