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What the hell is that? That was my audition for People’s Magazine’s SexiestMan Alive 2021 Edition. And you thought the winking was necessary? They required sexy, didn’t they? Man, the more things alter, the more they abide the same. What do you entail stay the same? I ve gotgains, I are so beautiful in my brand-new invests. I was not talking about that when I’m actuallytalking about people, by the way, what’s up, guys,, Jeff Cavaliere. See you got meall flustered it s not even the privilege intro. The point is, I handled the video years ago thatwas the five best activities for men, according to women. And that was basically what you shouldwork on to develop your physique according to what ladies want. We’re a lot more progressive now atAthlean-X. We’re going to open up our standards to who discoveries who enticing. I’m just saying, whatcan you do to move yourself most attractive? Well, guess what? The more things change, the more theystay the same a poll across my desk the other day where they related six muscle groupsthat you should develop if you want to be instantly attractive in clothes.Okay, so looking like me, right? Well, listen, I know you’re ready for a datetonight, and I know you’re deriving the reinforces of ultimately poking to a program.But we’re goingto make the six areas that we need to focus on and then fill in the spreads with the best exercisesyou can focus your attention on to develop each of those areas. And guess what? What? Because you show up to work on timetoday and because you dress the proportion. Well again, for a red-hot date.We’re going to let you determine what your favorite efforts are in each of those areas.Oh, okay, great. I love to start. So, let’s start from the top down. Okay. Easy fairly traps.Traps. How do you develop your traps? All right.Well, first off, I enjoy the deadlift. It s my complex face-lift obviouslyto start with. It allows me to weight up really ponderous and it genuinely gives me thatisometric contraction on my catches. So, good heavy-laden loading, isometric constriction upthere you plainly move some ponderous value. Great. Next, what would you do if youneed to be a little bit more dynamic? To be dynamic? Influence Shrug, absolutely.Because it allows me to lighten the force up a little bit. But again, it’s a moredynamic gesture and allows me to get, you know, use a little more momentum. So, you get a little bit momentum into it, so it’s not just a static reduction of the deadlift, but a little, but still ponderous heavines. Precisely. And then the last one is actually when I initiate you to.Oh, I adore this one. It’s the Trap Pull Down. So, chaps, if you haven’ttried this, you go to a pull-down machine, you take a narrow grip, lean forwardand pull straight-from-the-shoulder down and back. You actually feel an intense contraction on thetraps, and you’ve been using that one, extremely. Yes, I have. All title. So, we keep it going down the line here. Next stop isat the shoulders. How are you developing yours? Obviously, again, starting with the compoundlift, and that’s a ponderous overhead press. Okay, so we go from the overheadpress, the self-evident one to, I would say, another obvious one here too.Do you want to round out your delts, so I stumble the side lateral raisesbecause again, it hits the two sides delts and does me look bigger in my sleeves.Bigger here.This is growing by the second, I conceive as we re talking here. Especially now thatyou re on stage. The next one, the Face Pull. So, we want to round out delt developing we’re goingto get the rear delts more. We’ve got the Face Pull, as you so perfectly demonstrate here. Oh, I cherish this one. All right now, let’s keep it going.So, the next stop is the arm, so we want to fill those shirt sleeves. So, what are you doing here for your weapons? First, I start with curls.Okay, so I actually like the alter dumbbell writhe because youcan focus one appendage at a time here. Yeah.All privilege. I go next to the Waiter s Curl.Ok, so the Waiter s Curl again, something that I actually often take credit foras the effort that gives me that biceps peak. But I evidenced it to you, and it’s the one that youfell in love with over that 30 -day period. Oh, yeah, perfectly. Okay, so next we have what those are two for the biceps, Jesse, exactly what we we doing here? Well, bends for the girls. Okay, she’s your insufferable.What time you got next? Next up is Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extensions.Okay, and what are you looking for here? So, it affects the long death of the triceps, whichis great because it becomes up the most meat of the triceps.And patently your triceps forms uptwo thirds of your weapon. So, to really fill out the sleeve so you really want to hit those triceps.Look it, you re listening, you’re picking up memoes, you’re doing it ina pretty good job so far. I m learning. Next up again, we move now a little bit inward, the chest. There’s no doubt that if you get abigger chest now that stands out prominently in your shirts, you’re going to be making abetter first impression. What do you doing in there? Bench press patently. Again, combination advances, guys. It’s my favorite one to start with. So clearly I don’t think we’re unearthinganything actually mystery like here, but we’re trying to make sure that you’rehitting the large-scale basic uses, focusing on building your concentration there and then fillingin the cracks. The bench press, whether you get it on with a barbell or dumbbells, is going to getthe job done.So, what’s the next exercise? Low to High Crossover.All right. So, with the low to high advance here, you guys know that I adoration the abduction-basedmovements for chess. If “theres going” from low-grade to high, you’re following the fiber directionof the upper chest a little more, which would be a good complement tothe bench press. And then finally? Finally, is troughs, you are familiar with, very easy movement, but you are familiar with, it obviously hammers the dresser. You are happy to weight them. Always. Okay, so if you’re able to weight them, I wouldsay weight them to take advantage of the overload here. If you’re not and you’re still doingbodyweight, just take them to failure. And again, don’t go so low that you jeopardize yourshoulders. Now we go to a little bit lower here now at the waistline. We’re talking about. Oh okay, so. No , no , no , no , no , no , no , no , no , no , no , no, no. See, I knew it wouldn’t do long for you to get adolescent with this video.Oh, okay. So, we’re going to keep that fasten, we’retalking about the waistline here. Did you feel that? So the waistline and what we’retalking about there is obviously developing your midsection. So, what are your favoriteexercises to do to develop your midsection? I start with the Dumbbell Power-Up. That’s one ofmy ultimate favourite ab movements of all time. Okay.It s explosive. Good explosive, upper ab repel exercise.We’re going to go lower abs now. What’s your next favourite activity? Hanging Leg Raises. So, I affection the hanging rehearsals, guys.They’re more difficult because you have to lift the weight of your legs. Make sureyou’re doing them properly by curling your laughingstock under and not just lifting your legs up.And one added benefit is, you are familiar with, grasp, strength and forearm size from hanging on to the bar.That’s true, too.And if you’re going to rolling your sleeves up looks just like you do, I don’t know whether it’sfashionable or not. It’s at least going to benefit you there, too. The last utilization hereis one that I actually introduce “youre going to”. It’s the Gymnast AB Tuck, construction when you get thelittle added oblique war now, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, do you know what my favorite waistline practice of yours is? What s that? Ditching the gummy tolerates. Ohhh. That really is the thing that’s going to havethe biggest impact on the waistline. But let’s talk about the exercises, because that’swhat the canvas was talking about.Finally, we’re going to thumped that last area beneaththe waistline and we’re talking about? Now this time.No , no , no , no , not this time. We’re talking about the backside. Oh, glutes. I think he’d be disappointing many parties, wesaw you in that exercise fail video If I have, if I have to threw that up again here. Are you saying that blurred is charitable? Yes. So, you have now the glutes.Now this is your wheelhouse. This is my wheelhouse for sure.What are you doing here? Squattings, diddly-squats, doodly-squats. It’smy favorite practice. So, and building up to a pretty impressivesquat at this point too, I would say. Moving around to the next exercise is? Barbell Hip Thrust. I actually adoration this exercise because it not only employs myglutes, but it gets my hamstrings as well. Cool. And then the last exercise is one ofmy favorites, and it’s one of the bodyweight ones. Not everybody has access to the machine, but it’s the Glute/ Ham Raise. It’s qualify the glutes and the hamstrings working in conjunction, right? So, you have to engage the glutes firstly and then allow the hamstrings to contribute.It’s a great exercise, especially for sportings, for preventing hamstring injuries because youare prioritizing glute activation that guides in and endorsements hamstring activating and development.So that’s your list, Jesse.You actually compiled it through the part directory. Yeah. Without truly, truly clamping this video up. Ifyou guys like what he did, you can actually leave your commentaries below and see if you crave more. Ifyou like the nature he’s garmented, if you have some cursors, maybe to help him out, make sure youleave those also. But when it comes down to it, guys, you have to make sure that you’re not justlooking the persona here, but we always say, yeah, you want to train like an athlete to look likean athlete and definitely sounds like one, but you likewise always have to then be able to actually perform.Oh, talking about performing, you know, that’s a big, big, large-scale aspectof, you are familiar with, the dating man. Did I mention insufferable? Yes. Anyway, if you’re looking to threw it all into one9 0-day intention, guys, which Jesse congratulations once more of actually following a plan for thefirst time. You read what happens when you do? Oh, you look great. You can get them over at If you like the video and you found it supportive, leaveyour comments and thumbs up. 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