Imagine what you could do with your life if you merely had a little bit more motivation Would you work out more feed better have more* ahem *. This is a pg-1 3 channel. Let’s get into the mistakes mistake number one You don’t understand the practice continuum or maybe you’ve never even heard of it and it’s secretly sabotaging you and you have no idea You just have this motif where you start working out and then you stop you start again and then you stop again and eventually “youre starting” mulling there is something wrong with you not knowing there is such a thing as the Exercise continuum operating in the background and precisely obligating everything hard-bitten in simply a instant I’m going to show you that continuum steak.Number two. You need too much variety. Hold on I’m not about to tell you not to have variety in your life But I’m going to tell you that selection means you have to think and let’s be honest Why would you think about rehearsal when you are eligible to literally be thinking about moist chocolate lava cake instead? I Will tell you how to fix this so that you can eat your patty and still have it to pun pun was intended pun was Certainly planned mistake count three you are doing workouts that require you to give 150 percent So you do the ridiculously hard workout that one time but then you can never motivate yourself to get it on again, which is smart Why would you do that again? That was insane? Okay Now that you know all the mistakes, let us talk about how to fix them mistake Number one was that you is not understand the practise continuum.This is what the practise continuum looks like. It’s divided among three responsibilities I will tell you what you should not be doing at each level of the continuum because the reason you stop quitting is because you Are doing the wrong thing in the wrong state? This first part is technically announced health but for our purposes We’re gonna keep it 100 and announced us the couch potato level when you are at the couch potato level There are certain things you have no business doing you should not be jumping and you perfectly should not be using any type of weights whatsoever The second article of this is usually called a fitness level but we’re gonna keep it real and precisely announce this the average Potato level when you are at the average personal level you are not allowed to do Well, you’re allowed to do whatever you want to do but if you want to sustain your motivating You do not want to do any explosive advance explosive movements or plyometric teaches like box leaps or anything You are presented in the Olympics. The third stage is usually announced concert before our purposes We’re gonna call this the Greek god level when you’re at this level you can do whatever you miss mistake.Number two Is that you need too much variety? I “ve known you” trust yourself and you think you’re going to be able to come up with mixture on your own? But how’s that been working out for you so far Felicia, you need a variety because you hate being endured Just don’t find a trainer who is not boring and do what they tell you to do Mistake number three was that you think that your workout is not good unless you’re dead at the end in other words Do you think that intensity is the most important thing? This is wrong. Especially if you’re just getting started there is something way more important than intensity. And that is sequence. Here’s my cycle I get my lad in the morning side him to his dad put on my gym invests Turn my workout schedule unpressed play.There is no concern about travelling hard-handed during the course of its workout the only thing that matters is that I do my string on the days that I’m scheduled to work out that’s winning if you deter Starting and stopping your workout routine. It’s not because you shortcoming motive It’s because you had motive but failed to develop a string Even if you show up to your workout and all you do is one squat it weighs

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