Microsoft Band 2 In-Depth Review: Still The Best Fitness Band Today!

– Bowman here from BWOne. We’re back, andin this video, I’m gonna give you my its consideration of this the Microsoft Band 2. There’s a lot totalk about here, so let’s mount right into the sequel to the original Microsoft Band, which I really liked a lot. You can see here the brand-new Microsoft Band has a bit of a newerdesign than from the original strap. If you watch our Band 2 versus Band 1 video, youcan kinda verify some of the major differences there, but one of them being that it’s a lotmore comfy on the wrist now with this nice sort of rubber material that fits aroundthe wrist a lot nicer. Being that it’s veered, it really feels a lot better on the wrist, asI’ll show you rapidly right here. You too have a brand-new fastening swap right here at the bottom, which is a lot nicer to use and more comfortable.See, it’s still a big band. It’s somethingthat you are gonna notice in your hand that you have on, but it’s a lot more comfortable.As you can see, it kinda curves around the wrist a lot nicer and feels time a great deal easierto kinda have on now, certainly. Another thing that you’ll notice here is that, beingthat it’s swerved this road, it’s actually a lot nicer to have it sort of under like this, which I’ll click on as well, very. Before I never really liked having it this style, butnow it’s actually a little bit nicer to have it underneath the wrist like this cause ofthe natural veer that’s in it. Feels a little better. Let’s go ahead and make this bad boyoff here. You notice a couple other varies now. The charger is now on the bottom ofthe gratuity now, which I actually like that it’s here. Little bit easier to access. It chargespretty quickly. It says about an hour and a half. I’ve had it get to a full accusation aboutan hour 15 or so, so it pretty much deems to that claim.It does have the center nowhere, in the center of it where the charger used to be in the Band 1, which is nice thatit’s up there. I think it’s a little bit more useful and notice it be a little more accurate.You could see now the fastening mechanism now. It does get scratched up a bit, but becausenow it’s silver, it isn’t as bad, so you don’t notice it so much better, but it does get scratchedup now a little bit.I haven’t had an issue where it hasn’t locked or starts coming loosefor any random reason. It’s pretty much abode together, and stood together jolly tightlywithout it losing the hinge right here. I do like that they’ve altered this pretty muchfor the better. Another thing you’ll notice, overall, it’s a lot more flexible as well, more. That’s that curviness. It genuinely does is to assist with that. Overall, just really muchbetter design that the previous explanation, in terms of comfortability on the wrist. I haveto commend Microsoft. They’ve done a good job on improving that. The inspect is just alittle bit jug. It isn’t all industrial-like. It has a nice sort of standout look to it.It’s definitely a fitness banding, you’re gonna notice that. This isn’t a smartwatch or anythinglike that. This is a fitness and activity tracker that happens to do some smartwatchfeatures. You should be recalled that as we go through the review now. Now let’s takea look at the band here itself. You still have the same buttons. You have your on andoff button and your activity button now on the side.The operating system pretty muchfunctions as it did before, that Windows Phone look to it. It subscribes Android, iOS and WindowsPhone. The advantage of Windows Phone, you’ll be able to use Cortana on now to talk withinit. Navigation’s pretty much the same. Has a arcked OLED display now. It really comesinto play here, particularly with the interface. You can see it’s a little bit nicer to navigateand look at.One of the key things I will definitely say is that it simply gives you moreinformation on the exhibition , now that you can do that. I can be demonstrated you that now quicklyin one of these exercisings that I’ve done recently. You can take a look at some of these, thestats now. You can see now it gives you three rows here, precisely gives you more informationall within there. You too will notice that when you’re in the middle of a workout oryou’re in the middle of a go and operate, you can see the lent information that they include, and it’s no more swiping at the top to get that bonus message. It uses the left andright swipe to steer around.Makes it a little bit easier to poke around and get aroundthe UI in a more natural way. You’re not doing some type of awkward motion with it. Thereis a couple of awkward things. Extremely, I’ve noticed if you’re in the middle of arun and you hit pause, punched the action button formerly, it will interrupt it. Sometimes you canhit that by coincidence and not retain to sounds it again. I’ve had that happen a couple oftimes.It’s a little awkward, also, when you’re in a steered workout. The war button actuallyskips you to the next workout, and doesn’t actually pause. You have to doubled tap theaction button to pause that most of the time. I’ve noticed that kinda comes in the way alittle bit, and I’ve messed up my workouts sometimes doing that. I would hope they fixthat around a little bit. Now in now, you have your ordinary piloting. We can sounds onhere, on the clock. You get your steps, which you can do. You can see how many miles you’vewalked. Calories, you can see how many calories you’ve burned. A new thing, because there’sa new sensor on now, a barometer , now you can get elevation. It can tell you how manyfloors you’ve strolled. Actually, it can sense your heart rate. If I had it on, it wouldshow me that as well, too.We can hit back here, you consider a little arrow. It utters a littlearrow there, so a little bit more knowing where you can go back and forth. Now, theadvantage of having the barometer, actually, is noticed when you’re using a range here. Ifyou go into the run, well, this is my last-place walking. I didn’t run for an hour, but this ismy walk here.I frequently do about a four-mile walk. You can see all the information theyput on now, four miles. You understand a new thing called raising. It knows that I proceeded up111 feet or so. 697 calories, my top, my median, all that pertinent information righthere, may be obtained on the machine itself. We’ll take a look at the app in a second, more, tosee some of the improvements they’ve done within there. You can see the sailing, precisely a lot easier to simply kinda poke around here and kinda know where you’re going. Yousee all the tiles and such that’s on now. You can actually download habit tiles, whichI’ll reveal you that in just a moment when we open up to the application.Overall, reallynice. The battery life on here is a lot better than the last Band. Before, the last Band, it was two days, and that’s about the best you were gonna get. You certainly couldn’t pushit further than that. This, you can actually get it to about three days, which I have beenable to supposed to do now. I’ve been able to time that when I’ve not applied the GPS as much. If I’vejust done my workouts throughout the week and really adhered to those, it pretty much canget you through approximately 2.5 to three days. If you’re going to use the GPS, that’s definitelygoing to limit that down to maybe even just a day. If you’re GPS ponderous, you’re scamper heavy, and you’re on that grade of things and you really wanna track everything, you’re lookingat probably a epoch to the 48 hours it recommends, at max.But if you’re sun GPS, you usedit but you principally use it for the other exercisings, the features with it, you’ll be able to pushthis a lot farther than I did with the previous Band. That’s something surely to notehere. Now, taking a look at time not the band’s betterments, but likewise the app improvementsas well, more. Microsoft has done some improvements to the overall state app as well that iskind of giving you more information, just made it more enjoyable to use. You can seehere this is the main menu. They reformed it to a off-color hue. You can hit on the side now, and you have all this new navigation now on the two sides. You can get your profile, record, you can find a direction effect you can do golfing. You can do biking, as well, on now. It’lltrack both of those. You can see you can track my stairs. Shows the history, interval, floorsclimbed, where your goal is, and that’s what it gives you.Every so often, it kinda givesyou this little thing. “Yesterday you outperformed 5,000 steps destination “by walking a total of 9,828 stairs. “That’s about 5.3 miles. “This is around the height of the K2 “in the Himalayas.” Interestingstats that they kinda shy with you in there. You can be found in also by week as well, very, yourtotal paces, your interval. Kinda gives you one of those little kind of comparings rightthere as well. We’ll actually head back out. Same thing with your calories. It’s done thesame thing. Not too much has changed with this. You get your day, your week breakdown.You can see within weeks. You can see your most burned daytime, which is Sunday during thatparticular week. Back here. You can see on a particular day as well, very. You can kindadrill into individual days.Kinda read when your highest and lowest burn were, so youcan get all that printed information right there. The step, as we were talking before, you can sort of map around. You can sorta accompany where you walked. You can check out yoursplits between each one of the miles. You see your distance, your calories burned. Itbreaks it down between overweight and carbs. You can see your elevation, your total gain, yourtotal loss, this barometer that they’ve added onto it, your average heart rate, averagepace, your recuperation season. It gives you what the cardio benefit it, from tireless to light.It kinda gives you different ones as you go along. It’s really been very accurate. Recoverytime now, it says I need about 72 hours. It tells you yesterday at 6:41 p.m. I was ableto sweat, get back to rehearsal again, which I actually did a exercising yesterday. You canobviously share that and you can track all your different controls, again, now at the bottom.Biking is something you can test now. I didn’t test that in Boston because Boston’s too smallto bike, and I don’t wanna get hit.Maybe at some target I will do that. Golfing is somethingyou can do, but it’s wintertime around here in Massachusetts. Taking a look who it is at someof the workout navigates you can do. You have your standard workout, which you can justturn on your workout and it time kinda trail your time, calories, span, heart rateand such. But as in the Microsoft Band 1, in the Band 2, you can do the guided workouts, but now you can actually do your own custom workouts, which is pretty cool.You can actuallygo onto the Microsoft Help, the website, and on there you can actually see all the sameinformation you see on now, but you can also develop your own exercisings on there. It’s prettycool. They ultimately computed the ability drag and decline between the exercisings, so you cankinda structure your own custom workout and sync it to your Band. You can really get very detailedin creating your own full workout platform within it, same to the workout templates thatthey pre-populate and develop for you. I really like employing that. I’ve been using that fora while now. You can see in this workout here, it can sorta give me my duration, mycalories burned. You can be found in my recuperation era, my cardio benefit, which is improving. Youcan see the details. It certainly breaks down the details between how long it made me betweeneach locateds, depending on the exercises and rests that I made between those. It can alsoshow you not only the time, it can also show you your calories.It can show you the repsthat you’ve done for each one. It can show you the interval if I had a lead or a walkon now, which I didn’t have on here, on this particular workout. You can see you can kindaget the breakdown and get very, very detailed information from the Band into the app hereitself. I really like the ability to create your own exercisings. I’ll try to leave a linkto the workout I originated. I didn’t see quite how to share it on there. They might haveupgraded it to be able to share between them. But either way, I’ll try to leave some detailedinformation in the specific characteristics about the exercising that I’ve been doing with the Microsoft Band.Now, down here is where you can check out your sleep. You can track your sleep accordingly.Not doing too well. Gotta do a little bit better improvement. You can see your heartrate while sleeping, when you’ve gone into deep sleep, or what they call restful sleep, how many times you woke up, your efficiency and total duration.While I slept for about5 1/2 hours, I got about 1 hour and 20 minutes of restful sleep, and about two hours of lightsleep. Your resting heart rate and how many calories I’ve burned. My sleep respirationwas low, so it wasn’t like greatest sleep for that, but you can kinda track and checkout each one of these. It hinders a record of it.You can be found in I’ve only have 54 minutesof restful sleep there, so it wasn’t even good, but I did burn 666 calories, devil caloriesthere, so to speak. You can see it tracks that. You can actually do a few more differentthings here. One of the second thing, you can manage your tiles, which we’ll do here.On now, before “youve had”, this basically now will kinda succeed what tiles show up on here, you can swipe around. If I don’t want biking, which I’m not doing right now, I can turnthat off. If I don’t want golf, I can turn that off. If I want the forecast, I can turnthat on. Starbucks and Facebook and so on. But one of the things that it allows you todo is add your own tiles. You are truly go to the Gallery now, and you have differenttiles. You have Gold’s Gym Inspiration, Bing Sports, AP News, Xbox Wire. I’m actually checkout the Gold’s Gym one.We can punch that, we reached Download. I’ve already actually downloadedanother one here. When you download that, it’s actually gonna go ahead and automaticallysync it to the Band, which takes a little bit longer this time to sync than in previousmodels, I’ve noticed. One you’ve done that, you can see it’s included the Gold’s Gym Inspirationhere. It sorta gives you, looks like it’s appoints of parties that have lost weight anddone different curricula with Gold’s Gym, I suppose.Pretty cool. Nice little highway to keepyou caused. I actually added a Patriots one now as well, more, which can show us thescores of the games and our upcoming play. Ugh, refs in that last Patriots competition, ugh.Ugh, anyways. You can see you can unionize this accordingly. If I stumble Save again, itshould, I already removed the tile. I can turn that back on. It should save that, andit should be updating this in just a second. Just sort of change that around. Like I say, updating’s a little bit slower than in previous copies, from what I’ve noticed here. Usuallyit does it a little bit faster, but I belief with the firmware update, that’ll kinda speedup here a little bit.There we go. Noe we have the climate on there. I can rearrangethose as well, more. If I crave the Patriots to be in one position, I can kinda move itaround. If I crave weather to be up now, I can move that around. So I want that to bereally up there as one of the first tiles that I look at. All liberty, another cool thingwe can do on here as well, more, we can do our personalization, which we’ve done before, but they’ve given you a few more color options as well, too, and they’ve given you optionsof the colors. That’s obviously gonna extend the battery life when you have a display onif “youre using” color movement this is a OLED AMOLED display on here now.Let me deepen the color.We’ll change it maybe to a purple there. We can change the wallpaper. It has some interesting, different wallpapers. Let’s go around. Let’s actually use that wallpaper. This’ll updateitself. I selected purple, and it should change the whole theme to purple as well, too. Soas far as notifications, the band handles them pretty well. You can get your text letters, telephone calls, emails, schedule and appointments. All those only kinda come in. They vibrateon your wrist, letting you know, and give you a little bit of information about what’sgoing on, such as a text message right here. Let me know Sox picked up Price. In otherwords, my friend’s talking about the Sox picking up, actually, I envisage David Price time signedtoday. Another cool thing here is you can actually reply to text contents. You can usecanned responses if you want to, but you can actually use the keyboard if you want to aswell, very. You can reply this room. It actually does a fairly respectable undertaking for the most part.You can see here, you can tell I said Reply.It times a pretty decent chore, for the mostpart, in forecast your texting. Not the greatest, but it’s a good way to sort of basicallyput out a immediate word. You can have count rows. You can have types. It has your A, B, C, D and so on. You can punch Send there if we want to. Or if we wanna exactly kinda backtrackand delete that, we can simply change what it predictively says, or we can merely touched Deleteand it gets rid of it there. Let’s just say, “Cool.” So a couple of caveats that I havewith the Microsoft Band. I do wish that there was an ability to control your music fromthe Band to your telephone. If you wanted to skip to the next choru or verify a playlist, it’dbe nice to have that.At first, I required the ability to have storage in this and merely downloadmusic to this, but I think that would be a pretty big battery hit and would complicatethings a little more within here. It is very likely form the band a little bit bigger, so I kinda rethought that, but kinda the ability to be able to navigate your music, I thinkwould be something that’d be pretty nice to go along with this. While I’m happy with batterylife, I please it would be a little bit better. Wish they could improve it with the GPS toget to that three to five daylight timeframe. I know that’s asking a great deal right now, but Iwould like to see them improve that, of course. I’d like to see them thin the specific characteristics out justa little bit more, just make it a little bit more comfortable on the wrist.It’s stilla bulky device, but less industrial and less clunky than the previous maneuver, so it stillfeels pretty good on the wrist overall. That’s pretty much probably my primary ailment, caveatswith it. I’ve been using it for about a month now with fitness. This is a fitness stripe, this is an activity tracker, this is what this is. It isn’t certainly a smartwatch, a Microsoft smartwatch, which I reflect a lotta parties kind of, that are reviewing this before, kinda made this towards. It’s not that at all. It is a fitness band for people that are probablyin the intermediate to the advanced level that really wanna track a lotta things. Wantthis data inside of here and genuinely wanna be able to really use digits to improve theirfitness. That’s who “its for”. That’s why it’s 250 horses. That’s why it’s at that pricerange that it’s at.You genuinely have to look at what you’re doing in your workouts andhow you’re working out, if this is something that you’re gonna want on now. It’s a bitof an investment. I think it’s a worthwhile speculation because, like I said, you get one of the bestfitness circles on the market. You get the smartwatch functionality with it as well, extremely. Nice aesthetics, nice overall look, a nice introduction, and it’s compatible with everything, Android, iOS, Windows Phone. One of the few inventions like this you’re gonna find that are gonnahave all that. So for 250 horses, you are spending a lot in major investments, but I think it’s worthit. I still think it is, today, the best fitness band available. Think it’s definitely betterthan the Band 1, which is a bit cheaper at 79 bucks, so if you wanna get something cheap, that might be something you wanna go with. But I certainly think it’s worth the investmentof going with the Band 2. That’s my its consideration of this the Microsoft Band 2. Guys, let me knowwhat you think. Please post your observes below, whether you agree or disagree withthis.Let me know if you guys have any questions at all. Too, be sure to give this video athumbs up. It clearly helps us out. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page, followus on Twitter, connect with us on all our social networks. The link to those are inthe description. Ever remember to live your tech macrocosm in high-pitched description. Thanks forwatching ..

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