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– It’s February and I’vegot some enjoyable cardio. No material needed, so let’s go.( joyful music) All liberty, Killer Bs. Let’s go ahead and getmoving and grooving. And that means that we aregonna start it with a warmup with some arm haloes and high knees. Oh my gosh that firstone ever feels so good. You know, for somebody whoexercises for a living, I have a exceedingly desk-bound kind of a task. You guys welcome to the workout. I’m Pahla B and I’ve been sitting all day. I’m too your bestmiddle-aged fitness friend. And around here, “were all” about compiling peacewith your menopausal form. And for the month of February, I’ve got some entertaining workoutsthat are designed to help you find a healthy value, and love your body by movingin ways that feel good.Today, oh yeah. Today’s gonna feel good … for me. If you don’t love cardio – today, I mean, I’m gonna do my best toconvince you. I’m a cardio girlfriend. So I am surely gonna belike on crew cardio telling you, Oh, this is so much fun and I enjoy it so much and bye Blossom. Blossom is not on crew cardio today.Apparently she’s on squad catnap( chuckles) and team no expressed appreciation for. I simply don’t wanna be on camera .( laughter) That happens sometimes.( laughters) But I’m a girl who loves to get sweaty, and I’m a girl who loves to talk to you about how to moderate your workouts. Let’s go ahead and do some armcrossers with pillage kickers. Here’s the dealio today you guys. I’ve got the handy-dandy gymboss now named for some times thaton any other workout would be incredibly challenging, and would probably pushyou to your restrictions. And that’s exactly whatI’m gonna do today. I’m gonna push “youre going to” your mental limits of keeping it moderate. I’ve got the handy-dandygymboss set for 50 seconds five zero of office, and 10 seconds of rest.Which frankly I intend, if you’ve done certainly, I symbolize, even my age-old exercisings, or anybody else’s workouts like ever, this is basically the HIIT gold standard high-pitched strength delay educate. And we are going to havesome intensity today. I imply, your heart rate is gonna come up. We’re going to sweat. It’s going to be a good time. But the real challenge is gonna come from finding a speed that worksfor you to keep it moderate. So you can meet your weight loss goals. Let’s go ahead and dosome welcome to my homes. Because welcome to my home, the residence of calmnes .( laughters) Now it is, my friends.I tell you what, I have learned … I have learned to embrace temperance. But I still are happy to challengemyself in different ways. It’s why I actually reallylike the mental challenge of this long interval today. Because it’s not gonna beeasy to keep it moderate. But I’m gonna ask you to do that anyways because as you are well aware, in case I haven’t told youbefore I’ll tell you now, working harder, acquires weight loss harder. We’re gonna keep it neat and moderate so that we get exactly theright amount of cultivate that we feel good. We challenged ourselves, so we get on with our dayand then we can come back and do something exactlylike this tomorrow. Let’s go ahead and get started with something I announce goofy jacks. Which is not really a leap Jack. It’s like a little, almost a half a squatting. Our hands are gonna be doing hopping jacks but merely one hoof comes outat a time.( timer beeps) Because my friends there’sabsolutely no startle today , no modulations to the ground. And, and, and the most part( laughter) there’s no reproducing exercises.So if you don’t love one ofthe exercises that I’m doing, hopefully you’ll loveat least one of them. I represent, I know, if you’re team backbone, you might not adoration any of them, but let’s find, let’s here- This’ll be your challenge for the day. Let’s were identified exercisethat you don’t dislike.( Chuckles) That’s actually what I did, when I first started doinganything other than cardio. When I first starteddoing backbone exercise. I challenged myself to findsomething that was tolerable. That was something that Icould probably do again. If I had to ,( chuckles) maybeit’s goofy jacks, maybe. Maybe it will besomething else we do on my( timer beeps) very long directory. 10 seconds of rest.Bring it down. Here’s part of the magic. This 10 seconds is not very long, but it will help youmoderate your heart rate. Step back, place swipes .( timer beeps) So we’re punching to one side, while stepping back with that same paw, which means that we’reactually changing away from it. Oh, golly. The challenge in this one is the fact that we’re actually truly exercising our abs. So we’re getting somegood symmetry working for me. And the fact that this is just not easy. Like we’re twisting from sideto side, while using our abs. So I’m kind of grunting. And even without our hands over our top, this, my friends is some good work.So find a pace that feels moderate. Because here’s the thing. If we push it extremely hard, this is a long interval. This is gonna be tough stuff. So find a speed that feelslike a good extent of succeed, that may seem like, okay, I’musing my heart and lungs. I can still, like Pahla, be talking about complete convicts and I can be utilized my abs, I’ve got my core plucked in .( timer beeps) Oh, I can also take 10 seconds of rest.Okay. Coming up next. We’re doing sunups. Now here’s the thing. I tried to be kind of careful about this because this means that we have our hands over our head for 50 seconds .( timer beeps) When your hands come near, we’re shake from side to side and our foot are justtapping from side to side. We are enjoying a deliciousBarry Manilow concert. That’s why I call thesedaybreaks .( chuckles) I love that song. And this just reminds meof singing along to it when I was a kid, you guys. Having hands overhead meansthat your heart rate comes up. So if “youre supposed to” draw them noon undermines, go ahead and do that. Have your hands right here in the middle. Whatever works for your shoulders, whatever works for your heart rate. I am taking this at a tempo who really feels likeI’m just dancing along to some mellow 70 s music. My heart has definitelyalready started feeling the challenge of these longer delays, And I will tell you. Here’s the thing thatI love about science.Here’s the thing thatI love about biology, and about our human body which is, ceaselessly( timer beeps) astounding to me. 10 seconds of remain. When it beeps again, we’redoing ding-dongs okay. Ding-dongs are actuallyalmost exactly like sunups, except that our hands are swaying from slope( timer beeps) to place low, and one foot is knocking out. So we’re still a littlebit of lateral movement. But this one, this one’s more challenging, because it’s a little bit easier to change higher and wider and faster. Find a tempo where your hip sounds like mine time( chuckles) and also where it feels. It feels just right. It feels like you couldactually do this all day. That’s the thing aboutthese longer interims. It’s not that we’re doing them the working day. But it’s kind of been fucking loving a good deal of different exercisesfor short interims. We’re still remember thesame path we would be, if we were having shorter interludes. We still have to thinkwhat kind of a speed, am I gonna be able to maintainfor this whole workout? This feels like a pace that’sgonna be lovely for me.Here’s what I was telling you. About our continual supernatural of a figure. Your body( timer beeps) doing something, even something very gentle and easy. Here’s 10 seconds of residual. When it beeps again, we’re doing reach across. Literally exactly what it soundslike we’re reaching across in front of us. “Its like”( timer beeps) functional fitness Cardio. I think about this all the time. About how this is just like trying to reach for somethingin the grocery store. We’re just make it faster. So we’re getting ourheart rate up ,( laughters) but okay, so that’s actuallyillustrates my detail. Your body will continue toraise your heart rate over term, even when you are doingsomething relatively soothing. So here’s the thing about this workout, You might have to start off, even easier than you think is easy, or even easier than you think is moderate, Because over experience it’s athing called cardiac drift.Your heart rate very continues to go up, Even if your effort hasn’t really varied. Because your person isworking a little bit harder, to continue working over meter. So I always start off with that in psyche. Truly. I is a well-known fact that( timer beeps) by the end of the workout, here’s 10 seconds of remainder, by the end of the workout , no matter how sluggish I’mgoing, I’m gonna be sweaty.I will have put in someeffort. When it beeps, we’re doing upside down jacks. once again hands up overhead .( timer beeps) So we’re gonna start withour hands up overhead. As our hands are doing jump-start jacks, one paw is certainly takinga big step out to the side. You are literallytransferring your weight over. This is my sneaky way of getting a little bit ofstrength trained in here. It’s not a leap, it’s not. But we’re working inner and outer thighs. We’re working on your corestrength as though it was. Also I’m going a little too fast. I’m gonna slow-footed it down a little bit. Because I notice whooothese hands up overhead, the arms flapping, yeah my heart ratescoming up a little bit. I am preserving it moderate today , not because I’m losing weight actually, but because I demand you to really have a model for this behavior. Here’s the thing at this age, at our senility whether you are losing weight or not, your person can, is capable( timer beeps) of doing a million timesmore than you maybe should.Here’s 10 seconds of remain. When it beeps again, we’re doing can cans. We get to keep our handsnice and low-grade for that. We’re doing a knee and a knock on one side, and a knee and knock( timerbeeps) on the other. The thing about activity at this age is not that we can’t. Can, can, we can can stillwork incredibly hard-boiled. 50 10 with these intervalstoday, you could get it rocking. You could do some seriouslyhigh severity job. It’s not that you can’t, it’s that your bodycannot recover from it.The way that we used to. The whole target of works out reasonably. My friends, it’s so thatyour torso has just enough. That sugared discern that Icould do this forever, feeling like we aredoing with this workout. When you work harder, you are burning yourself out of energy that you might be able to use a little later on down the road. So let’s find our moderateso that we could do this pace( timer beeps) or something like it. Here’s 10 seconds of remain, for a long, long time. When it beeps again, we’re doing somethingI’m calling crouching Ks. So we’re gonna crouch kind of like the goofy jack .( timer beeps) It’s just a little huddle, and then we’re poppingout into the letter K. Actually this is the letterK and not the note K. Letter K( laughter ), not the symbol K. And the thing is I didn’twant you to confuse these with letter Ks that wedo sometimes( laughters ). So I merely contributed thelittle crouching thing, because it is a different exercise that I absolutely cherish this.This is my brand-new favorite thingin the whole wide world. And I’m going a little bit too fast. I’m gonna retard it down .( chuckles) I used to do an exercise like this. Where both sides, one paw were going out. And I called them I thinkstarbursts or something like that. But I thought about how recreation it would be to do just one feature at a time .( chuckles) And then when I was thinkingabout what it would look like, I’m like, Oh, that’s kindof like our word Ks. And then of course there’s the crouch. I signify, this is, this is, this is my design process.( laughters)( timer beeps) 10 seconds of residual. This is how I make up exercisings. Okay. When it beeps again, when it beeps again, sides gonna be up overhead. I’m gonna “ve been thinking about” goingkind of slow it’s toy soldiers both hands( timer beeps) up overhead reaching our opposite handdown towards our opposite foot. My heart rate has come up.I can hear it in my expression. I can feel it in my heart and lungs. So I’m gonna think about takingthis at a gait “whos working”. My friends here’s thething about retrieval. Here’s what happens when wedon’t recover from our activity. your person perceives exercise as stress, and I know that word, I signify, generally speaking whenwe “ve been thinking about” stress, we’re thinking aboutlike, Oh my boss is a jerk or the line was reallylong at starbucks or any number of other thingsthat have accentuated us out, over the past year or so. But here’s the thing about stress. Your body really onlyunderstands stress in one acces. We are biological mortals. We’ve been around for a very long time.And your long, long, long, long time ago, the only kind of( timerbeeps) stress we had, 10 seconds of rest. Bring it down. Coming up next we’re doing beloved swaying tappers. This one’s see I knew what I was doing. When I raise this workout together. I knew I’d( timer beeps) need something kind of mellow like this. It’s literally what it sounds like we’re just swinging our handslow tapping from side to side. I’m gonna employment this as alittle bit of a cool it down, even though we’re not cooling it down. We’re about halfway through, but we’re gonna take this as a little bit.I’m gonna do, this as a little bit of a bring your heart rate down, because it went up a little bit too high. I’m gonna keep the whole workout moderate. Even if some parts of it get a little bit out of my self-restraint. So anyways, the thing about stress. So your torso has one opinion of stress. All those millennia ago, the only reason we hadany stress at all is because we were starving. There was famine. So your person has one response to starving stress isthat it will place fat.This is why your best friend this is why when you work out too hard-handed, it’s hard to lose weight. When you work out too hard-boiled, it shows up on the scale. Like your( timer beeps) body responded to that. Here’s 10 seconds of respite. Coming up next we’regonna do rainbow jacks. Once again, hands overhead they’re swaying from side to side. I got a lot of swaying fromside to surface going on today. We’re gonna bring up( timerbeeps) one high-pitched knee on one side or one line-up knee very on one side and then on the other side as well. I’m gonna impede my rainbowsa little bit low-pitched right now, still feeling my heart rate, still noticing what’sgoing on with my torso. I know, I know what elseI’d like to do today.I have some errands to do. I have some work to do. I have some more sitting at my desk to do. So I’m going to keep this workout, exactly where it needs tobe so that I have the intensity to get on with the rest of my era, and not devote too much time on improvement. Now your body are truly still recover. This is the thing. Here’s the great news. Your body is still doing everything that it ever be applicable to do. It exactly does it at a different charge. So that’s why we have tomove at a different pace, a different frequency than we be applicable to. When we were younger, we could move super fast, super high severity. Woo-hoo all the time( timer beeps) go, move, go. Because we could recover that fast. When it beeps again, weare doing punch punch kick. So it’s literally what it sounds like, It’s a perforate, a punch and a kick.I mean( timer beeps) Ididn’t get too clever with all of them. Punch, swipe and kick, swipe, swipe, and kick. I had to think about my own pattern on this one becausesometimes I get started, and I’m going the wrong way but here’s my little mnemonicdevice about this one. Whichever hand is the first one piercing or the second largest one punchingis the first one to knock. So knock and then that same paw swipes, knock and that same side perforates, knock and that same side swipes. That’s why we’re going back and forth. Yeah. And sometimes I have to think about that really hardwhen I firstly get going to actually get the rhythmthat I want to go with it.Here’s the lot on this one. There’s no reason why youcan’t just go the other way. It doesn’t matter. This one only feels better for me when I get my person going in this rhythm. But sometimes in fact, routinely, I just wanted to both punch first with my right hand’ campaign I’m right-handed. And I just wanted to( timer beeps) kick firstly with my claim paw.’ Cause I’m right footed. 10 seconds of rest.When it beeps again, we’re doing pretzel jacks. Sides are doing jump-start jacks, even without any kind ofjumping at all .( timer beeps) Your feet, are justtwisting in like a pretzel. One turn one direction, onetwist the other way. This actually gapes alot, like a tree pose which I likewise have amove announced tree jacks. It’s essentially the same thing. But I believe I might retire tree jacks and just call it pretzel jacks, from now on because Ireally like that epithet. And it’s kind of recreation to thinkabout the nature that we change our foot up in themiddle of like a pretzel. Really going some more colors there, back in your gluteus maximus by having that inward quirk of your hoof. It’s very different than simplymoving forward and backward.A little bit of innerand outer thigh succeed. Even while we’re doing cardio, your best friend, my strengthfriends,( chuckles) I’m gonna alter you to cardio because I’m gonna tellyou how much persuasivenes study we’re actually get done. Every time we move quickly, you guys when it( timerbeeps) beeps again. Here’s our 10 secondsof remain. Coming up next. We’re doing cheerleader kicks. Once again, hands up. Really think about this you guys, we’re getting low-spirited onmy listing,( timer beeps) which means that yourheart rate has come up. So hands start righthere at your shoulders. Elbows are out wide the entire period. That’s a lot of work for yourupper back and your shoulders. And once again, having hands overhead. Handwriting up heart rate up. So “ve been thinking about” where you want your hands. Think about where youwant your heart rate. Think about what you want to recover from. Here’s where I lastly understoodthe supernatural of moderation. Most of the time, I stillstruggle with it sometimes but here’s where I think about it.I know how much I “ve been wanting to” rehearsal. I want to be able to exercise tomorrow. Therefore, sometimes I have to hold myself back a little bit today. And this is the compromisethat I perform with myself. If I activity nicely today, I won’t feel awful tomorrow. I know that’s hard. It’s hard to( timer beeps) think that way.Here’s 10 seconds of residual. But I’ve been able to accomplish this in other areas of my life. When it beeps again, Oh, we’redoing one of my favourites we’re on sounds a squatting. So it’s sounding( timer beeps) a hunker. It’s a little squat. Hands come up, dad a squatting, pass go up .( chuckles) Not father doodly-squats, justpopping a little squat, but it’s not even like a full-on squat. You don’t have to get that low.I time set my hands on my thighs and then my hands go up overhead. I precisely adoration this move. It’s kind of a silly one. And it’s got a silly referred, which is part of why I like it. Here’s what I’ve been able to compromise, with myself in a lot of ways. When I was losing weight years ago, and even recently. One of the things that Ireally had to think about was the difference betweensomething that savor good in my cavity and somethingthat felt good last-minute. Even later tonight ortomorrow or whenever. And I was also noted that the meat that flavour really good in my cavity sometimes, don’t always feel goodlater .( timer beeps) So I made a endanger with myself. Here’s 10 seconds of rest. When it beeps again, we’redoing windmill tap backs. Once again, hands up truly “ve been thinking about” what we’re doing with this hands( timer beeps) are wide hoofs are wide. We’re accomplish downtowards our opposite hoof except that I’m not evencoming close to my foot. I’m getting only alittle bit below my knee, somewhere in my shin area.This is gonna dependon your flexible and how fast you wanna extend. How deep you could get into this. Ever up to you tomanage your heart rate. You can go lower weirdly on this one, the lower you go becauseyou still have that one hand up now to the side. The lower you go, the higheryour heart rate’s gonna start. So “ve been thinking about” keepingit maybe kind of middling, right here where we’re not bending over super duper far, can help your heart ratesstay nice and moderate. The thing that I have beenable to compromise with myself is that sometimes, sometimes I’m willing tonot feel amazing last-minute because I want to feel good right now.But I know that I’m making that( timer beeps) choice on purpose. Here’s 10 seconds of residue. I is a well-known fact that I’m making that selection on purpose when I’m eating. And I know I’m making that select on purpose when I’m practice. When it beeps again, we’redoing centre ricochets .( timer beeps) It’s just like skim. Perfectly no startle though. It’s our opposite knee, and our opposite handcoming up at the same time, shaking just like we areskipping blithely as children, even though I couldn’t skipwhen I was a child( chuckles ), I didn’t learn how to hop-skip. Oh my gosh. How old-time was I? When I lastly overcame skipping. I wanna say I was in likethird or fourth tier probably. I was not young. I told this history before, but if you are new, if you are new, Oh my gosh, I’ve got like all new fibs for you.Back when I was in kindergarten, one of the things on my report card with whether or not Icould skip and I failed it, because I couldn’t. I have never been a coordinated girl. Excuse me. I have always had troubletrying to figure out where my limbs are andhow my mentality is connected to all of them. So now of course, I’m a fitness coach( timerbeeps) who gets on camera, 10 seconds of remain, and shows you just how uncoordinated I am andtells you floors about it.You guys, the next thing, speaking of uncoordinated the next thing is walking starrings. You might( timer beeps) knowit as a chest stair or a V step. We step forward, reach up, step back. And then we’re gonna switch leader foot because this, this is how we work, that brain-body connection. And frankly, I imply, sometimes are present in the mentality person bond, slow-witted you down a little. It’s actually really helpfulfor keeping things moderate. Because you’re thinking abouthow your person is moving, rather than merely moving, moving, moving departing faster, faster, faster. Here’s the agreement you guys we’ve done it. We have figured out how to be moderate for this entire workout. The next time it beeps, we will be done. We won’t quite be finished and we’re gonna getthat 10 seconds of respite. And then I do have a little bit of poise work for us, because you know what? In our lives, we are alwaysfiguring out the balance. Sometimes you’re gonna establish the choice, that doesn’t feel amazinglater .( timer beeps) Sometimes, here’s 10 seconds of rest.Sometimes you gotta build thechoice that feels amazing both now and later. This one for “i m feeling” shocking now, gonna feel amazing later, we’re doing perform match .( timer beeps) You’re gonna have your hands up. So heart rate comes up, but we’re just balancing, tipping over to one sideand coming back to center. If you are eligible to hang on that longand then tipping the other way. We’re change backward and forward, gonna go the whole 50 seconds, is a long interval tobe working on balance. So we’re really feeling this, here “theres going”. If you let your heartrate, get up too high you’re compensate the price for right now. Not even a whole lot later. Really thinking about how far you can tip over and removed from. If that’s one inch off theground for your flying foot then that’s as good asit gets today my friends. Balance is always a practice. Some daylights “re better than” others. You will find yourself getting better, but you are able to never be perfect at it.And that’s totally okay. I’ve been practicing my poise for over 10 times at this object. And there are absolutelystill occasions( timer beeps) I wobble and bobble your best friend. My cardio friends .( chuckles) I “ve known you” cherished that .( timer beeps) My strength friends. How are you feeling? I literally wanna know. let’s go ahead and do some armcircles and cool this down. Tell me the one exercisetoday that did not, “Thats really not” deplorable, thatyou didn’t loathe .( laughters) Thank you so much for protruding with me this long, more, myfriends who don’t love cardio.It was pretty fun though. Wasn’t it? We had a good time. I ever ever, alwaysenjoy working out with you and let’s go ahead anddo some weapon openers. I am not cooling down verylong because of course here on screen I do have alonger cool down for you. It’s about six minutes. Where “weve been” stretchdeep all those muscles. Let them know that it’s totally okay. Bring our heart rate back down. It feels so good. We open up, Oh my gosh. And when we close up and we commit ourselves a big hug, you guys, and a pat on your sweaty back ,( laughters) because you did such a good job today. On the other side of the screen, I am gonna have for youan information video so that you can remind yourself of all the things that we doto lose weight successfully. At this age. A little bit of science in there about( timer beeps) whythings work the practice they work the nature they do now.Make sure that you clickthat subscribe button before you go and I’ll see you tomorrow ..

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