FITNESS ASSESSMENT and evaluation AT HOME YOURSELF ! 0 equipment (only tape) !

Fitness assessment is one of the first stepsin your fitness excursion. but regrettably, very frequently it’sperformed partially, or completely missed So, you wont be able to evaluate your schoolings and progress in a future. And you wont have a starting point in your individualtraining programs. So, in this video, I will show how to perform a fitness evaluation Yourself at home in 4easy steps! Hi, Guys, Im Ilona from Ilona Ati Fitness. And Im showing you how to Build YOUR! dream torso! In the previous video we already set up your personal fitness goal. If you didnt watch it, the link below in specific comments region. I will recommend commencing with that video. And Today we continue to prepare our body and mind for the successful trainings.How magnificent it is! Ok, it is very close your first training, guys. causes start your fitness assessment by finding your remain heart rate. If you have trackers or watches, check itthere. Otherwise, I am going to show very easy method. To find your residual heart rate. Find a gentle position. Seat and unwind. Make sure you didn’t move marathon before or accomplished HIIT cardio really placid arrange. You breath in, gulp out. Now, try to find your pulsation. With your paws, on the arm. I Like to get it on now, here at the appendage. I feel it better. Press it here Close to the artery, near your bark. And you can feel your centre strikes. All whatever it is you nees is to prepare your timer for me is going to be my ipad and designated it on 20 s. Relax. Breath in, wheeze out. Put it on 20 s And start. For example, my heart rate, is 20. And Multiply it by 3. because it was only 20 sec. Now we want to find a result per min Multiply by 3 So, I saw multitude 60 Next gradation While you are training, check it on the trackers or if you have a rest between the makes exactly check with a procedure we just used with you.It’s a stair experiment. Now, we going to have more enjoyable, people. I predict you. For those, who previously know the fitness level and have been training before can skip this pace Normally, step experiment Nedeed to understand How hard-handed you supposed to train and the different levels of your cardio endurance. Ok, for those who stay with me Guys, made to ensure that before courses you got a medicalclearance from a physician to participate in trainings. Prepare the bench step.If you don’t have it: Dont panic I am going to show you the other method. you can do it simply with 2 shoe boxes or clothes cartons. I am going to use these ones Make sure, they are ponderous and dont moveduring exercise. Im going to employed some forces in it for example settled as peak so, its comfortable to stand on it. Make sure it is very difficult on top. it doesn’t need to be disks it can be something else.You can improvise here. to find your road. What we going to do Just step on them Just in a few sec, wait if the boxes are not high enough put one on another And we are ready to perform our step research. The experience is 3 min Let’s go. We start we a right leg, left. Right down and left. First, metronome on 96 After, straight, you should check Your pulsate. If you couldn’t get it on yourself you can check on the trackers. For example, my pulse is 70. You can find the table below, in comments zone. And you can check your degree of cardio fortitude. If the level is poor or you didn’t make it, don’t worry, but its better to ask your physician if you can perform the fitness teaches Ok, guys, our next pace It’s your images. Tell me what can be more pleasant than to see the visual progress of your hard work? In a few months, for example.I am just going to give you few tips-off for your fitness rating. First of all, “ve been trying to” do scenes the same day of the month. For example, 1st of the month. Too “ve been trying to” obligate them in the morning, facing natural sunrise( opening ). And before breakfast, after bathroom. You can be found in the specimen now. Front, slope, back. Front picture. Side picture. And a Back picture. Every month, merely try to repeat Ok, we are coming to the last step in our fitness analysi. You are almost ready. The final step for today, guys. It’s your videotape Evaluations( circumference) This pace, Im sure people who like the online shopping. It’s going to be so easy. because you already know it for this month, probably. For those, who doesn’t I will show how to do it. So, first of all, we are going to include 3 amounts for now. For girls: chest, waist, hips. We going to go with a Chest measurements Normally, its here. Forming your evaluations Make sure your strip, first of all, isnt hanging on the side and And furthermore, its not too tight.It’s not too tight , not lossy. So, for example, it’s 90 for me. Next, it’s your waist. Waist appraisals. First of all, you need to find your waist. And if you don’t see it hitherto You can calibrate it at level of belly button. And the last one is your trendies. Your hips assessments. Somewhere now, again make sure it’s not hanging. Make sure it’s tight fairly. And it’s not extremely lossy. Somewhere here, for me. And better to make love in figurehead of a reflect. it’s going to help you find right appraisals. This is very important again try to perform in the morning, after bathroom, before the breakfast. And also, don’t forget to include your value. But about your value, scales Person, I am going to give you one tiny gratuity. And you are going to remember it during the training process. That only scale value It’s not enough. That’s why we did all this process together.So, you have all types of measurements And you are eligible to have objective belief about your progress. And you can track it in a future. If your load is stable, but if you picture some progress at your photos or at your measurements. It necessitates there is progress. And even maybe for few first months if you don’t see the progress visually. Don’t need to worry, if you qualify right and your nutrition on the point. Maybe you feel different? Maybe you have a different intensity grade? So, this is what important. But we going to talk about this later.For now, we are done, guys. Congratulations! You are ready for the trainings! Im super evoked for you. And in the next video I am going to share with you the most productive workout for the amateurs. It will help you to strength the ligaments, your muscles, and start to burn your organization fatty. I will see you in the next video. Make sure you subscribed and affect that notification buzzer. Thank you, people for watching, have an awesome day, impressive workouts, think health, and staystrong .!.

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