Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5622 Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine

Go harder longer and get stronger with theSF-RW5 622 Dual Action Magnetic Rowing Machine Combine your workouts with one machineEquipped with large stationary non-slip footplates designed to keep the rower from moving whileperforming upper body uses The Magnetic Tension System adds 8 levelsof adjustable defiance Large padded sit furnishes ease and reinforcement Large pivoting movable hoof pedals accommodatea wide range of paw sizings Slip-resistant handlebar provides increasedgrip for optimal stroking Slide rail is smooth and effective duringthe leg drive move LCD Digital monitor will move blow counting, calories, and more Easily folds and can be moved with the built-intransportation wheels Get on the right fitness path with the DualAction Magnetic Rowing Machine.

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