FITNESS-LOFT OFFENBURG: 200x 2 für 1 Deal ❤️ Jetzt starten & sparen!

Hey Offenburg, it’s Katja, the managementfrom the fitness loft. I have incredibly good word, especially for you in Offenburg, becausewe now have the two for one consider! I will explain to you now what that means: Register as acouple and only pay for one membership! That implies each of you exclusively payshalf the expenditure! So grasp your girlfriend, sweetheart or spouse and cometo our studio right off! On over 3500 square meters you can expecta huge strength and stretch range, the Milon circuit, the solarium anda large sauna area with a ceiling terrace.In addition, of course, a great team! The offer is limited. So it is only enough while stocks last! Double thefun, half the expenditure – Be one of the purposes of the family !.

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