Intermittent fasting reaches it easier to do this, since rather than calculating parcels throughout the day, the authorities concerned will leant everything together, preferably at the end of the day. And suddenly, the fractions are bigger, it feels less like you’re limiting yourself, and that’s what clears it easierto stick to than a regular diet. For Jrmy, occasional fasting allows youto lose weight over the long term and too encourages chewing better.When you’ve devote a good part of theday fasting, you don’t want to eat simply anything. So naturally we will be less andless attracted to processed or so sweet meat, because we no longer eat out ofhabit, we feed for menu. We reconnect with real thirst. Welcome to this new video. Today, I am in Paris with JrmyBambini. Hi Jeremy! Hi Maxence! So, just before he shown in, Iinvite you to click on the “Subscribe” button, exactly below to join thetens of thousands of successful financiers who have subscribed to the YouTube channel. So this is a new case study of aprivate business sorority member. You will too ascertain a little, howhe manages to earn a living on the internet, on what topics he is. Anyway, I’ll let you introduce yourself. Then, at the end of the presentation, I invite youto tell us what the sound was to get on the internet.Jrmy is also a dinosaur in away, because you started the same year as me, in 2011, a few monthslater compared to me, I started on February 1, 2011. In short-lived, I’ll let you tell us everything and above all, be attributed to us your life before the internet and your start-ups until today. OK. So my name is Jrmy, I am a formersoldier who later converted to civilian life, to IT.And certainly, I are now working … I have been living off theweb since, let’s say 2015 -2 016, and I had begun in 2011, around the same timeas Maxence, with training and a simple blog. And you were an employee when you started? Yes when I started, so I did that in addition to my work, I hada three-shift job, so sometimes I had daytimes off in the midst of the week and took advantageof my downtime to create and feed my blog and train me in different skillsthat I can use remotely.So, digit 1: us air force; number2: retraining in IT. Through this undertaking, you said to yourself: there you have it, it’s three-eight, and you want to go online, you find that therewere opportunities. So you started in 2011 and it was in2 015 that you transitioned, you managed to make a living – we will come back to this in detaillater – and you said to yourself: now I am going to quit my job. And thing that you did, that I proposed to yousystematically: when you leave your job, to make love with a conventional termination.Why? Because it allows you tohave money, therefore an income thanks to unemployment which will allow you to continue the developmentof your job. So that’s security. And digit 2, you might as well getstate aid. We’re in France, so that’s perfect on that. So I am going to come back to the differentpillars. I often mention it in internet business: to earn a living, you have Google, you have Facebook, you have YouTube, youhave Instagram.There are other stages, but these arethe main four. So, first thing: in which themesyou launched your activity? So, I started a fitness blog, because it’s an area that I was passionate about. I was talking about diet and fortitude trainingback then. And I only startedwriting articles, about one commodity a week, because that was whatthe training said.And then I started, to monetize it, I did a little of Adsense advertising back when it was working, but it gotme three times nothing. I started to really monetize itwith affiliate, entailing I recommended dietary supplementsand went paid for every customer I denoted. And I did that until I launchedmy first curriculum which was an e-book, which still exists now, but has come a longway since then. And it was by starting curricula thatI aimed up being able to be profitable enough to consider quitting my job. So, compared to this e-book, so weput in context, the early 2010 s, the wind in its voyages was bloggingand mainly Google, it has derived, especially with the arrival of social networks. How much did you sell an e-book? 20? Yes 20 -2 7. 27. OK, so a little bit like the classic expenditure of this type of program. So, today, what are your sourcesof traffic for your business? So, you said fitness. Can you achieve accuracy, because it is a very specific niche, the Kettlebell. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correctly.So what is the Kettlebell? What is it about? I’ll let you detail all of this for us. Yes. In fact, I precisely talked about my wayof living fitness. I don’t like that oath, but in fact thereare no better periods for it. I’m talking principally about two things: occasional fasting, my food, and at the Kettlebell training level whichis a fitness tool that allows you to train without a gym and to dovery complete and effective workouts that require little act. day. So for busy parties thisis ideal. Me, “whos working” in three-shifts and had become a young pa, well, that was perfect. So I actually has spoken about these … I focused on those two things, having been very generalist. And it was when I refocused onthose two things that my transaction started to increase. Alright, so nest. You remember, if you have to haveexpertise, for example, I’m in the online gaming business, you have poker, pony potting, athletics gambling you have a lot of possibilities. And it’s important to start specializing, it’s the same with fitness, you have different eating motifs, differentkinds of exercise types.And there, Jrmy ranked himself ina specific theme of the theme of fitness, like me, I specialized in aspecific theme: boasts betting, in the theme of online games. To give you some penetration intothat. So what are you doing about your freight sourcestoday? My two main sources of traffic are: Facebook paid publicizing. Facebook advertising, OK. And Google, so SEO, which is the traffic that comes from sections that are still on my blog. So number one: traffic. Facebook advertising, how much do you invest? Your website compared to articles, how many tourists do you have per era? In calls of Facebook advertising, I have a budget … I provide a fund between 1800 -2 000/ month.So 60 to 70/ era. That’s it and then natural referencing, itbrings me about 500 inspects per epoch. So, which is pretty good because thats mega-qualified Google. So, do you know approximatelythe number of brand-new qualified potentials that enter your database each day? I imagine … you know, if$ 1 the future prospects, $ 0.50 the prospect,$ 2 the prospect? Do you know the numbers a little? Currently, I am between 0.50 and 0.60 per potential. So, if you throw in 60/ period, you have1 00 new potentials overall. Yes that’s it. I spawn between 100 and 150 pass per daytime. Yeah, so overall 100 leadsfrom Facebook advertising and maybe 50 from your Google site? Yeah, that’s about it. OK, so now you are asking yourself thefollowing question: OK, expressed appreciation for, Jeremy, so we have understood your traffic and your buy plan. In relation to selling, what are youselling? What are your different planneds? What are the different premiums? How much doyou manage to achieve in terms of sales per month? I’ll make him explain everything to us.So my I got avery simple sales sequence. It’s actually I have a prime offerwhich is a subscription offer, which grants me, when you attach the subscription offer, to get a very general diet and training plan. And being a subscriber gives you accessto different business. In particular, there is a follow-up, a weekly follow-up, and a follow-up at the level of the exercises. That is to say that the students have the opportunityto film themselves, to send me their videos, and I give them feedback, so that they are sure to have the right technique and the best technique to bealready safe and results.Because what needs to be clarified isthat at the same time, I trained in kettlebell course, I am acertified kettlebell coach. Yeah, so you got the diploma and thenyou taught yourself in it, “youre ever” … you got it. Here, I was worded by obsession in fact. My business has been revolvedaround my heat, so it was very simple. And through this due, onceyou subscribe, members have access to discounts on my specific curricula. So before I had a catalog of programsand anyone could access it, you time had to order them. And after that, I gave all these programs into promote follow-up. I set all of these programs behind the due. That is, exclusively the subscriberswho can access these programs have access to confidential gives. So, vis–vis, to recap, give it be clear in your knowledge, so crowd 1: sales with asubscription organisation. So we’re going to come back claim after, to find outhow long beings stay on average. So there you are doing price tests and soit can be 29/ month, 39/ month, 49/ month, and there you have it, generallyaround thirty euros per month or access for six months to this subscription.And so, Jrmy’s objective, as you cansee, with his 150 brand-new promises per daytime, is to have as countless patrons as possible. So, this is his star product. The premium concoction is a subscription systemand after that once a week you have a product catalog and there you are going to promoteonly on your purchaser directory. So if, let’s say, I’ll hand asilly precedent, “if youre having” 50 brand-new customers in the previous month, that adds up and youhave a turnover … Then, how many complementary produces do you have in addition to the subscription? There, premier, I launched recently, but I have between 8 and 10 additional platforms. Yeah, so basically, turnover every twomonths, you know that from January-February you launch, March-April you do WeMake, May-June, every two months, move, you do a turnover of these various programs on, and simply, your index of buyers. Yes. Afterwards it’s always the same, when you havelots of offers and you spin them around, there are always a few thatstand out. Yeah, the 20 -8 0s. So “if youre having” 10 offers, there are two thatmake a big deal.There you have it, the goal is to refocus on theoffers that sell the best, that is, those that help the most people. And well, even though they are it intends sacrificing furnishes thatare selling less well and supplanting them with others. And the goal is always continual, it iscontinuous work, it is to find the offers that would best help the students. Best-selling commodities. Then there is also the side, since Icontinue to train myself, I learn more and more, so I modernize my programsand that allows me to always maintain my height of the competencies, we will say, at the topof the moment and to be able to better help the students.So, another question youmay be asking yourself is about the subscription organisation: often we are able to have thisobjection: “yes, but beings are resistant”. So, me personally, I go asa client previously, and it’s the same for Jeremy, when you do businesson the internet, you buy a good deal of application, so what we call tools. You may have heard of:, ClickFunnels, LearnyBox you have a lot of subscription systems, Quaderno billing, you have MailChimp, GetResponse, Infusionsoft autoresponders soyou have this software side where, me as That consumer, Jrmy, it’s the same, thereare thousands of web inventors, we offer dues every month, every month, every month. So I know theseare great occupations. Why? Because there is acustomer opinion value that is very important. Then, to me, mysports betting business, that’s what made me successful. I have annual dues, so I havethree annual due schemes. And this is also what allows me tosystematically have returning. So you, what is approximately theaverage period of people who stay in your subscription? On average, between six and ten months.After that, I don’t have a lot of hindsight, because compared to the sales volume it’ s notSo, you know that when you make a sale at 29/ month, you have made asale at 200 overall. If they remain six months on average, you do the math, plus orminus $ 200. There you go , not counting the offersbehind it. Yeah, the added offerings. The same with my private passive income association, there is a subscription offer. Same, I have a lot of parties, theycome in with the render without a expression commitment and a lot of people be brought to an end stayingbetween six to twelve months.So again, it allows me to … whenI know there’s a new person, it’s like I’ve sold for a fewhundred bucks. So , now with regard to the figures, there you so we could see, you gave almost 2000/ month inFacebook advertising. The different subscription offers, plus theadditional planneds, what do you do? 6,000/ per month, 5,000/ month, 7,000/ month, more? Yeah, that’s between 6 and 7,000/ monthin general, my turnover. So we can see hop, Jrmy is investing 2,000 and he makes between 6 to 7,000 per month in sales, which makes aROS, for those who appreciate Facebook, of three.You have another particularity that I wouldlike you to come back to, and that is that you don’t sell direct. That is, you have a lot ofpeople buying in the second month, in the third month. What is the trend approximately? Whydid you do that and when does the sale come in? In fact, my auctions arrangement, which was not discussed, I only sell by emailand I only communicate with my public by email. That is, I’m not … Oh yeah, so no live , no webinars , no blink sales of sorts, it’sautomated email strings. Yeah. Email sequence , not automated, usuallythere are a few emails that are automated initially, because there are certain emails … particular material that I demand brand-new registrants to go through. But then I switch to the daily e-mailing. That is, I send one email perday. My initial email sequence by theway is two emails a era in 25 days, and that’s something I’mtesting.But typically it’s one email per dayand each email sells my due, if the person hasn’t signed up more. And if the person is already a reader, thesame email automatically mutates call to action and sells anadd-on program. Okay, so recollect, if you’re watchingthis video and you don’t have a subscription offer, maybe that’s notpossible for you. I’m not saying that all the themeson the internet, it is possible to have subscription offers, but in all such cases, at least8 0% of the themes.So think about what you canset up as a due. So it can be eithermonthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. Why? Because remember, that’s what will allow you to have recur, returning, reappearing cash, and inthis case, him, Jrmy, that’s what is appreciable, it’s that he knowsthat he never starts a few months with he has a mattress doorstep from the previous monthwith respect to his subscription offers. And unexpectedly, it allows him to reinvestin Facebook advertising. So , now with regard tocustomer satisfaction and follow-up, why would you? Do parties buy, do they havean online video program, do they have joint coaching? So how do you make love? Everything is sent by e-mail, I eliminatedall that in the member’s area.I’ve worked with limbs areasbefore and then it was a headache. Jrmy, sir e-mail, sir e-mail, excellent. There “theres going”, so I route what Icall protocols, so the programme by e-mail is simple PDFs with videos thatprovide additional explanation. And in parallel, so I am accessibleby e-mail to answer questions. And each week the students receivea form that allows them to do their weekly follow-up, they fill in theirmeasurements, they write down their mentions, how they lived the past week, that’s it, they actually give their feedback.And on top of that, for the employ role, if they have the opportunity to film themselves and communicate me their videos so that theycan get back to them, so everything happens after a defer, “theres never” a live. done and thereis no limit to the number of videos you can send to me. The only constraint is, no brand-new video is sent to me until the previous one has been analyzed. Outside of that there is no limit. And it’s really when I get thevideo, I turn over a personalized video myself where I film my screen and with my mouseI’m pointing, that’s your trendies and everything, you need to put your back better. And I send the video back, so each studenthas their personalized video with their feedback. So, I recap the program activities of Jrmy, hence digit 1 in terms of traffic, therefore website, google, so 500 visitors per dayand Facebook ads, approximately 2,000 investment per month. With respect to the lead charge, thereyou offer a bonus, the classic one, and you have about 150 new contactsentering your database.Then, compared to cash, there you sella subscription offer. So “ve been thinking about” what youcan sell as a subscription offer, and on that list of customers who buy that due, one promotional furnish per week against your commodity catalog. So what allows you to impel between 6,000 to 7,000 in marketings per month. And vis–vis the product delivery side, so a lot of emails, a few video exercisings and above all a personalized follow-up. Because you got it, to be successfulon the internet today you have to have that human side.And that’s what beings are looking for, it’s companion programs and more isolated qualifies. “Thats still” the bag in certain themes, but more and more, there is this support side that you must take into account in order to progressin your business on the internet. Yes, that’s it, at first I workedin a classic channel, which is to say I simply had a promotion calendar and Isent programs in the form of a catalog, where I did promotions. And then I requested myself, well, Iwanted to work more in depth with parties and I wondered how … how I could work with a more in depth follow-up with people, butwithout it asking me the day in made. And I discovered thisdelayed video coaching structure, I don’t know what to call it. And there you have it, it allows me … it doesn’t takemuch meter, it allows me to send … business requires little time in factin general, and it allows me to constantly bring value, but at the same time, to have this follow-up side where the person is really involved and where I get involvedfor the student. OK, thank you, Jrmy, for thisfeedback.So you get it, Jrmy ismister e-mail, he has a second activity on copyrighting, e-mail marketing. So there, what do you recommend? What is your acquisition channel? Tell us everything. And that’s what is quite extraordinary, you started on the internet the same year as me in 2011 and well that too countenanced youto develop other talents we evolve over time a low-toned myself I havestarted that sports gambling I still remains to this first activity and at the beginning of 2015 I had begun in webmarketing the video “that weve got” forming isin relation to this theme. Basically, over season you willdevelop other skills. I think you started copywriting inearly 2017, something like that? For in services or even before. Yeah, service, Jrmy does service. So if you just wanted to redo your copywriting, I genuinely recommend Jrmy.He will give you a quote, since as hetold me many times, these are often tailor-made offers dependingon what you want. So, count 1: you provide servicesfor certain buyers. And list 2: you also have qualifying onthe subject. So, tell us everything, and how itended up with this copywriting side, because you are Mr. E-mail, in the market, in matters of your business. In fact, when my firstfitness blog started to take off, actually the more it took off the less I didand I truly refocused on email, I too had various sales sheets. And I immediately understood, around 2012, it was2 012 that I understood … that I became acquainted with this skill whichis copywriting, which is the art of writing to persuade or sell. And I got to the bottom of it, sinceI understood that it was with that that I was going to be able … As soon as I verified that, I told us to myself: that’s what I’m going to be able to cease my work and live andlive. And it was. And so, I wrote my marketings pages, I wrote my emails. And then, well, there were among mysubscribers, there is indeed other marketers who realized my writing style andthen started contacting me to write their sales page. Yeah, actually of course … naturallythey contacted you: I cherish whatever it is you do, couldn’t you facilitate meout with my copywriting? This is where you got the idea of sellinge-mailing, copywriting services. Yeah, that’s how Istarted do assistances, I primarily did emails, emails, email cycles, marketings sheets, auctions video dialogues, essentially on two themes, state, that’s what I did the most and make money, well, entrepreneurshipin fact. So, I did services for afew years and after that, I wanted to get out of work for clients and refocuson my business and I therefore created a few seconds business based on e-mail copywritingwhere in fact I it’s a trimmed and paste of my fitness business. That is, I acquire leadings, I send one email per period to an present which is an email program thatprovides an automated email sequence.At the end you have an email sequence thatyou either used to support your business, if you have a list and an offer, orSo what is the promise of that furnish in copywriting? So, this is a 30 date curriculum and every day there is an action performedwith an action sheet and an illustrative video. And at the end of the 30 days, you have anemail sequence that’s drafted, that’s ready. Either use it for your own business, sell it to a client, or adapt it to the customer’s sell, and it’s salableas is. OK. So now I wanted to go into more detailabout the organization, the time it makes for you to do an internet business. So, today you are the father of a littlegirl, you also have a business activity, copywriting, so you have two works. How long does your internet business do youand how do you organize yourself in your epoches? So, actions what I announce critical activities, that is to sayactions which let me which have a direct impact on my turnover, ittakes me between 30 and 60 times per business, per day.Because it has asked me … I have to composean email and modify and adjust the appropriations for my Facebook safaruss. And hitherto, it’s not even that every day. So writing and scheduling emailsfor both firms. Overall, it takes me a good twohours a day, to be wide enough. And the rest of the day, that’s whereif I have any emails to answer, I’ ll answer them, it’ll take a little timein the afternoon or evening.And at the organizational level, I do allmy important tasks in the morning, at noon I absolutely stop working, sinceI start to lose focus around 11 am So, you are one of the supernatural morning beings? I have a morning routine, I am not peculiarly the supernatural morning, butBut there you have it, in the morning a big priority, you do your business and it is at noon thatyou start to drop a little in terms of consultation and impact for your business. But afterwards, it is either morning orevening. It’s true that I got used toworking in the morning, since when I was an employee, I went up at 5 a.m ., before their own families, to have about an hour to work on my business, while thegirls wake up and then I preserved that habit there actually.And that allows me to there you go, I havemore originality in the morning, so I do the imaginative chores in the morning. And the rest of the day, as myimportant tasks have been done, the emails are sent, the Facebook campaigns havebeen managed, so the rest of the day I will be doing other tasks. This is where I will do a bit of technicalor administrative wield or refute emails, coachings when I have to do it, copywriting coaching or fitness coaching. So mostly what do you get? 35 hoursa week, 40 hours a week, 30 hours a week, if you had to cost it? Do you too perform yourself a day off, like you have a little girl? Day off, so yeah, I schedule dates off, but I’ve noticed that onthe mornings that I wasn’t emailing or writing, I had aworse day. Yeah, so it’s really your number inyour life, okay.Yeah, that’s part of it and actually Inaturally extended from in the initial stages, when I was transmitting one email a period, it wasfive emails a week. And one day, without doing it on purpose, Isent on Saturday and Sunday, I was so used to it and hadn’t realized it actually. And I went to seven emails a weekwithout deciding. So one email a period, OK. And even during the times when I want towork less or I want to take a week off, I simply recycle emails that I have alreadysent. And now, I do like that. And if not, yes, I planned daysor weekends off. Afterwards, when you’re passionate, there is alwaysa you always do things more or less related to your business. So after, to see what you consider tobe work or not. I sanction. Regarding the delegation part, do you delegate things.And if so, what do you delegate inyour work? So highly, very little in fact. There are actually four spaces. When you take stock of your projects, firstthing: I ask myself what I can eliminate by default, what I can automate, afterwhat I can delegate and fourth, can I not eliminate whatI could not eliminate, ultimately? So ISo eliminating, delegating, what is the? Automate. Yeah, eliminate, automate, and delegate. And then you lastly say to yourself again, in what isleft, does … What … I wonder, what wouldhappen if I eliminated him. Does it have consequences or not? So and I’m going to situated it into practice, that. I find that interesting. So, concretely, I have an assistant, a person who assistances me who will just take care of the social networks part, because me, apart from the Facebook ad, I don’t like social networks thereforebecause that I don’t like to publish content in public, I like to reserve my contentand reserve my best advice for my customers, newsletter subscribers. So all of the public content actually andadvertising is used to get people to sign up for my newsletter. And so, this person just takes care ofposting on social media for me.So in fact, we take situations, weput them in a Dropbox folder. She sounds into it. Sometimes I write little texts and then thereyou go, we get it on like that. So thats just for the organic constituent. But frankly, I’m thinking about gettingoff social media, becauseYeah, right, you, it’s 100% business and that’s it. Yeah, there “theres going”, ad mode andorganic content, I like doing what we’ re doing, there you have it, event studies or interrogations. And thats all. More than … what we call marketing, referal marketing , not referral commerce and that’s it. I don’t know if that was your question. OK perfect. And in terms of technique, you master or thelike, it’s delegated … Because often, it’s a brake that you may have”yes, but I’m not a geek, I don’t like technique, Suddenly, “are you doin ” it or is it delegated? I’m the one doing it, but it’s actuallyvery simple. The implement I use the most ismy autoresponder, so the e-mailing service which grants mass e-mails to be sent. But other than that, certainly, I’m cutting outas numerous tools as is practicable. I worked ClikFunnels, anall-in-one platform for my marketing, for a year. But when I attached her, I knew I wasgoing to leave her. It was just to evaluation sales moves, which I made and formerly I tested my proposals I’m going to shutit all down and merely continued my blog, my emails, and so on. is mainlythe two tools that I actually use. Yeah, because Jeremy’s business modelis pretty straightforward: traffic, email sequence, due product, and after that, customer satisfaction.So this allows, thanks to email, to finally refocus on all the things that have a big value in your business. Precisely. In fact, it’s … You, that was the big game changer, it’s having a business that relies on e-mailing. There you go, I’ve simplified it as far as is possible and infact it’s from an old-time position, it’ s direct marketing actually, except Iapplied it to email instead of paper mail. And still, I’m looking at what I can eliminateor simplify so that I exactly have to send an email. Well , not only that, because I would be carried, I want to take care of the email and traffic acquisition part.These two abilities that I want to keep are: how to uncover my public to my volunteers and how to produce more beings intomy gathering? OK, well thank you Jeremy, once again, for all your admonition. So, let’s finish this video by addingto the last part. I have known Jrmy for several years. You did a employer sentiment weekend withme in Estonia, in Tallinn, in May 2018. You met my private business clubbefore that date. I don’t even know the year anymore. It is required to be 2017. You likewise participated in mygolden internet business meetings. How did you understanding of me and for whatreasons you participated the private business team and then what are the differentstrengths of the private golf-club? I knew you, I precipitated it’sbeen several times since I envisioned videos of you on subsequentlies, as Jrmy is a dinosaur, like me, from the web, after a whilewe have to meet brains and so on.There you have it, in fact, I have always trainedwith American purveyors and copywriters. And one day, I told us to myself: well, perhaps it would be good for me to look at what is being done in France and then I came across you, Thophile Eliet. I watched a bit on video what it looked like. And then I came across your whenI learned that you were doing a private fraternity, in which there was group coaching, and that’s just what interested me, I told us to myself: it is feasible be a solutionbefore taking before resuming personal coaching.You, it is the joint coaching that madeyou crave, you say to yourself: yeah, I’m heading into Maxence’s private business, becausethere is this support, via joint coaching, of a conference of four go. In fact, it’s not even that. Is that when you did your render, you said: If you assemble my private fraternity today, during the webinar, I will offer you one hour of coaching. Ah yes, this is my special webinar present. So if you want to have private coachingwith me, you have to come to my webinars.There you go, and actually I made it only toget this hour, this Skype with you. And after that, I watched the training a bit, because at the time I was on ClickFunnels and then I would see if there were thingsthat I didn’t know how to do. But the real added value for meis coaching. Yeah, group coaching. You arrive, Maxence re-examine yourbusiness and gives you three next the initiatives to do. And then the following month, you announce yourprogress. There you go, and you go like this. Yeah. And Jrmy, what is nice aboutyou is that you are diligent. You have to be there 10 out of 12 durations a year, so that is really cool compared to that. So, do you are well aware approximately, I had already done other case studies, how much you have invested inAmerican and French training since your beginnings, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 50,000? Do you know? Me, I is a well-known fact that I am more than 100,000. Have you already done the math a little bit in your leader? Yeah, I’m a little under$ 30,000 since I started.Around, 30,000. Do you assure increasing importance? Obviously you can start with training, that’s my suggestion. You do one practice, you startto have your firstly develops, another train, “youve had” other results. Then, you will move on tosupport programs, more like mentoring, consulting, coaching. But at the start, you still have to startwith something and above all apply the different programs. And then, as soon as you startlike me, like Jrmy or like other people that I have been able to carry out in termsof bag studies, who have invested more than 10 or 15 000 in programs, necessarily, you you are going to build up knowledge. There, in this case, Jrmy is thesame type of profile as me, he has an activity, it creates other knowledge, soyou in this case, it is the e-mail marketing and the copywriting, for me it wasmore general commerce and likewise expatriation. So, what allowed me and stirred me wantto get started on the internet in web marketing, at the beginning of January 2015. But it is to give you these analogiesto have in mind about that. So, since you’ve done a lot of programs, what message would you leave to people who are reluctant to join the private business golf-club? Or even, you lastly, before you assembled, well, then we understood that it wasthe joint instructing that had really reassured you. But yeah, what letter would you leave forpeople who are hesitant to sign up? The meaning, let’s say that the proposal in itself, the group coaching is already a huge added value since it allows you … whenyou come home, you already have access to a representative place where there is plenty of trainingtechniques. So merely sounds into whatever canserve you, once you’ve figured out which approach you like, are yougoing to do it instead, Facebook or YouTube or emailing? So at the technical level, you are already covered at the training level. But afterwards, the real added value, which willreally grant progress to be made, is the coaching, joint coaching, radical coaching, since there you really have actions to do, specific to your business.And it always overheads less thanprivate coaching, as soon as you can switch to private coaching. But in the meantime, if you’re moreon a fund because you’re just starting out, this is a good first financing. Yeah, perfectly. Anyway, expressed appreciation for for yourfeedback. So if you liked the video, clickon the little “like” button, exactly below. Thanks in advance. If you have friends, relationships, inventors, investors or others who would like to get started on the internet, sharethe video.Thank you for everything. And I also invite you to follow Jrmy, if you are passionate about fitness and more particularly the Kettlebell. I’m not going to get there with regard to thepronunciation of this message. But you get the idea. I will also frame the links for you justbelow the video. So, to thank you for watchingthis video, I’m going to give you a welcome gift.So this welcome gift is trainingon sales moves. So, I please explain how I achieve, withmy athletics betting and web sell tasks, up to 2,500 in salesper day, automatically. So there is a correlation insidethe YouTube video. You click on this relate, it will redirect youto another page whatever it is you time need to enter your first name and your email address. You will receive this training offereddirectly in your mailbox.If you too want to join the privatebusiness sorority, like Jrmy, and there are already hundreds and hundreds of peoplewho have taken the hurtle, there is the link in the description merely below, and Itell you “to everything immediately, on the other side. Thank you, Jrmy, once again. And we look forward to seeing you directlyin the private business golf-club, or even immediately directly in yourmailbox to be established your auctions directs. Hasta la vista!

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