Jocko Motivation “GOOD” (From Jocko Podcast)

one of my direct subjects one of myguys that worked for me he would he would call me up or pull me aside withsome major trouble some publication that was going on and he’d say possibly got thisand that and the other thing and I look at him I’d say good and finally one dayhe was telling me about some issue that he was having some trouble and he said Ialready know what you’re gonna say I said well what am I going to say he saidyou’re gonna say good he said that’s what you always say when something iswrong and leading bad you always just look at me and say good and I said well yeahwhen things are going bad there’s going to be some good that’s going to comefrom it didn’t get the new high-speed gear we wanted good didn’t get promoted your time you getOh mission got cancelled good we can focus on the other one didn’t get fundeddidn’t get the job you craved got injured dislocated my ankle get tapped outgood came be unexpected troubles goodwe have the opportunity to figure out a solution that’s it whenthings are going bad don’t get all bummed out don’t get startled don’t getfrustrated youif you can say the word good means you’re still aliveit means you’re still bleeding and if you’re still breathing or now you still got some fight left inyou so get up dust off reload recalibrate re-engage go out on theattack you

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