Do Resistance Bands Actually Work? Surprising Science & More For Answers

– Hi kinfolks, I’m BobSchrupp, occupational therapist, – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And we are the mostfamous physical therapist on the internet. And now we’re repeating of course, Bob. – So the question of the day is do resist cliques actually operate? We came surprises in scienceand more for answers. – Right, there’s science. There’s, we’ll talk about all the evidence that supports whetherthese are good or not. We’ll talk about some anecdotal indication and we’ll talk aboutsome scientific studies.- Ooh, anecdotal. I really like that text. – By the room, if you’renew to our direct, delight take a second to subscribe to us. We specify videos, how to stay healthful, fit, agony, and we upload every day. Also go to, go to the giveaway section and you’ll ever findwe’re giving things away. This week, we’re givingaway a rub shoot. A really nice, quality one, by the way. Yeah, you can also go to Facebook. It is likely to be pinned to the top of the page. Go to Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, if you want a 60 -secondversion of our platform. – Do I get to say it? – You say it.- Podcast, we have podcasts out now. And they’re very interesting. Very informative and outstanding patrons. – That’s right. – So Bob, as we talked about, therapists have been using stretch circles for literally decadesto work on strengthening with their patients and they do so, because they’re effective. – There’s exercise bandings. There’s activity tubes. – Yup. – And there’s exercise, what do you call those? – Loops. Yup, I call them gigantic loops-the-loops and yeah, there’s some real, the territory of benefits when you, when it comes to using stretch circles. One is as you get, youstretch further and further, the resistance get higher and higher.I’m not going to got to get, Bob. Which is a big differencein characteristics comparison with a weight where it’s the same. – Well, actually it’s easier. – And yeah it dependson what tilt you’re at. As you get up now, actuallythere’s less gravity. – Yeah, for this specific lift. But there’s, you cannotget it to go more difficult with load. Although they have done, I’ve predict some studies andsome people train where they’ll – Put stripes with the forces. – Right. They’ll try to attach thebands with the loads or either that or loggingchains when they do. – Right. Or cliques withthe bench press even. – Right, Yep, yep. So anyways, there’s some exceedingly distinctphysical advantages. So I went to the researchto find out what’s going on in the research and I perceived very easily.I didn’t take long at allon three research studies, that I’m going to talk about briefly. One was with wrestlersor collegiate wrestlers. – Let me just say this. You can go down in the specific characteristics below, on YouTube and we’ll havethe three studies registered. – Yeah, so if you want to readthem yourself, was down there, and I’ve got all the informationto easily access them. The first one was the wrestlers. They use them for, to try toget explosive power out there.And they were very happy with the results. – Awesome. – It was very positive. The next one was more of a general public. How to, the benefits of resistance band. Again, positive results. I’m not going to go into the details, but overall, widely supported. And the last one was with beings with – Really disability. – Disability, yup. Which would be common witha lot of therapists use. Again, very positive. And then we’re going to talkabout high level athletes who are in favour of this. And now let’s look at this book. Tom Brady’s book, The TB programme. We came this well probablyfive years ago, didn’t we? – Somewhere in there. – And Tom switched tousing ensembles over loads. And he was having so much, so many hurts and hurtings with the forces, switched to the bands thatuses a sud roller very. And he, you know, we can see the results. Here’s this guy. Well, how age-old he is now? 100? – 44 I anticipate. As a matter of fact, yeah, I did look up he’s 44. – Oh he’s 44 and he’sstill winning Super Bowls. Which is just amazing. – And now they have weightfitness societies that go after TB 12 and you go in thereand everything’s quiet.You don’t hear weightsgo clank, clank, clank. You picture all these bandings are pulling and parties are – Very functional, veryappropriate for athletic events. – Yup, absolutely. Oh, the massage gun it get in my path. Okay. Kind of threw me off there. So anyways, how do you use these? That’s the question. Sure some people say, well, this sounds great, but let’s talk about some other benefits. First, very quickly. – You talked about the resist. – Little space. – Very little space, right. – And they’re very portable. It’s hard to go yourdumbbells with you on vacation. These, you only settled it in your luggage and you’re off and racing. – Yeah, extremely these. You, most of these, you were able to, you could hook around abed or something like that, but you could actuallydo a lot of without. Just squandering your figure. – Yeah, and we’re going todemonstrate in a little bit. They’re extremely versatile. And we talked about the, how it pulls. It get more progressive resistance. That’s what I’m looking for. So let’s go. Can you pick that up a little bit? – Another thing would be cost.- Oh, the cost, yeah. This is something that I use. I use, I’ve got five of these. I’ve got five of these and thenI’ve got some wall anchors, which I’m going to show you. No I’m going to get it on, Bob. I don’t want you touching it. Okay, we’re talking about the smart-alecky council. I reckon I better employ it. It’s a smart thing. – Yeah, when you’re talkingabout trying to buy forces versus buying fight? They’re not even comparable.These are smaller cost. – Right, utterly. Okay, so first let’s talk about squattings. – Sure. – Some leg strengthening. Now what you can do is, Can you come over here once? Let me determine. Bob, you want to get that off? – Sure. – This is, these are wall anchors. We’re going to demonstrate to those used. You don’t need to have a wall anchor. – You demand it on the last one Brad? – Just put it there. I’ll “ve been thinking about” it. Now, if you don’t have wall fastens, which a great deal of parties probablydon’t, along with this. We have a Bob and Brad kit, but these are all very similar. There’s going to be one of these devices that you can put in adoor, close the door, and then you fixed thedevice through this pit. You’ll weave the, the band through the holeand it succeeds fairly good, but it takes time consuming.The wall anchors are just veryefficient as you’ll accompany why, but this works wonderful as well. – Right. – Bob, what are you going to do? – Well I was going to show doodly-squats. – Okay, good. So you can actually And by the way, ours comewith really nice handles. I imply, they truly are. Yeah, we procreated sure they’re nice aspect, but you can go ahead and putit in this direction here.And “youre seeing”, you can hook up like five stripes if you want. – Yeah, you can. You just got one. I don’t go more than three at home. You can do doodly-squats like this. – Without even having the linchpins. You can see I’m standing out in the band, look at the posture. You know what we’re thinking about. We’re not doing this bending over thing. Actually is currently working on those quads. – I can go right to buy some spreads. – Yeah. But I did want to show people this. You take one of these loops-the-loops and these are reallyhandy-dandy for doodly-squats. – Those are ponderous obedience. – Yeah, this is the biggest one. – Wow. – So we’re going to gohere and down and up. I really like the loops for diddly-squats. I think it’s the best acces. – Oh, the committee is also pieces alittle bit on your posture. – Oh yeah. – Cause you’re having to work to keep the – Yup. – Yeah, the benefits are justcontinue to go on and on. All liberty. Biceps. – What’s nice about this, is you can actually workthem both at the same time, you can actually double it up like this.And if you want toincrease the resistance, precisely step away further. – Yup. – And it does it harder and harder. So if you want to start off easy, you can start off close to the wall. And then as you want to makeit harder, you are eligible to step away. – Yup. Just like that. If you have the loops, you can do biceps like this, works well. If you want to get a little tighter, you step out a little bit wider or get a bigger, thicker band.I got the purple one there. – This is one of our favorite for actually “workin on” the core. I’m going to actually putthis on the middle-of-the-road one. And I adore this one for core. Stir the pan. -[ Brad] Oh, you can’t gowrong with conjure the toilet. “Thats one” of those exercises. – So you’re working the obliques. You’re working the core and I’m actually going to stir the potty. It’s like causing disturb, right Brad? I can go the other direction. Now this doesn’t look that hard-bitten does it? -[ Brad] No. – But it is. -[ Brad] You have to do itfor 30 seconds to a time. Depends on your mold. – What moves it worst, go out further yet. -[ Brad] You “re going to tell” byhis grunt in his enunciate. – What I like about thisBrad, is that, you are well aware, anybody with back pain can do this.I imagine, you know, where they may not beable to get on the flooring. They might not be able to do timbers. They can do core strengthening, without put too muchstress in their back. – Right. Yup, I like that as well. I just wanted to show one more. That one of my favorite cores, I don’t think you likedthis one that much, Bob, but I like it. One is going to go uphere and get in there. You can see how, hownice and speedy that becomes. And I like to do spin like this and I always made myfingers right in there. So I feel those transverse muscles leading. And it truly does a nice jobon working that, you know, and if you do have the loops, you can put the loops inthese wall fastens as well. And you know, you can work. -[ Bob] Yeah. – Work the bowl, occupation your pirouette. All very convenient.- One of the favoriteexercise here is for posture. – Ah, yes. – So you can hook it up withthe top one or the middle one. And you’re actually just going to do W’s. I don’t know if you can see that. I’m making a W now like this. -[ Brad] Yeah. – You can go straight out like this. -[ Brad] Like overturn flyes, yup. – And you can also pull down. Palms toward the body and you’re getting awhole part upper back and posture muscles that promotion harboured those shoulder blades back. -[ Brad] Just turn right around Bob and turn it into flyesand get the antagonists. – And snap right around likethis, like Brad likes to do. -[ Brad] Yup, it’s so easy. – You know, and quite prepared to fly away.-[ Brad] So, you’re doing super sets. You get the agonist and the antagonists. It is very convenient. I adore them. They’re one of my favoritethings to do, Bob. I want to show my favorite, favorite. – You’re really excitedabout that aren’t you, Brad? – I’m telling you, Bob. Oh I forgot this, – The things that excite you. – When I play games these things, it make me feel strong like pig. – There we go. – I might be full of bull, but you employed this in here andthere’s a couple of things you can do with this rightoff the top of my intelligence. One thing we’ve talked about is I’ve got a video on indoor leading. So in the winter time, -[ Bob] It’s pretty cool actually. – You get some resistanceon there like this and you merely start runningand you can run sideways.Remember that video? – Yeah, you were all over the place. – You can run this acces andwork the muscles on the hips, those meat, you are well aware, what dowe call those side muscles? – Hip abductions or – Gluteus medius. We’re therapists, we are familiar. And you can also do the backwards range and the loops are so forgiving. You can merely turn. – Well, what I like aboutthe loops, they’re so strong. You’re not going to cracking that very easy. – I’m getting tired. No, I’ve never strapped. I’ve never breach a leash. – Yeah, you are eligible to even become a thicker one. You’ll never break that one either. – And our most recentdiscovery is backwards locking from snout over the toes guys or something, – Knees over the toes. – But you could turn around and walk backwards this route and walk backwards this route. – Yeah, he’s got a program where he has, when you’re just starting out, peculiarly if you’re a little elderly and you want to strengthen your knees, he actually has you walking backwards and that’s the safe lane to do it.- Yup. – Without precipitating overand affording resist. – Right. Yeah, it’s like one of the latest things and the loops do come down to big ones for rookies as well. – Yeah, I don’t think wehave the lettuce one anymore. There’s been a shortage. – I mean, yeah. The substance actually, alongwith, you know everything else. Like the log andplastics and everything else there’s a shortage of now, but you can double them up. No problem. Food, vehicle microchips, everything is. We’ve got more videos comingfor more avail ourselves of these. I’m really excited about those, Bob. – You get excited quite easily. – Well, whatever. – Alright, thanks for watching. – Be careful ..

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