500 REP Shoulder Challenge – Shoulders Workout | Pure Endure Day 2

– Hi everyone. And welcome. So today we have a 500 repshoulder challenge. This is actually less aboutaccomplishing 500 reps. It’s more about operating through at a tempo that suits you stopping throughout. We’re basically goingto be working through 10 practices, 50 reps, each. By no planneds do we do the5 0 reps all in one go, you may stop after 15 reps, perhaps do another 15 reps and then 10 and 10, or you may do 25 reps, will vary depending on the activity, then stop to 10 reps each after that. It is altogether up to you. You depart your own pace, but throughout I will give wee markers on the screenjust to let you know nearly where I am. You don’t need to goat the same pace as me. I will be performing theexercises at a sustainable pace. So I’ll not be speeding upor specially slowing down, the same tempo throughout, that is my aim. But I will absolutely stop and pause even for 20 or 30 seconds when I feel like my constitute is not 100%, I’m going to make mytime, focusing on my form, do the 50 reps, 10 exerts, 500 reps.I would stress to use lighterdumbbells for this workout. The dumbbells I’m exerting foryour reference are nine kg each and they’re for my shoulderpress and Arnold-press. However, pretty mucheverything else is actually going to be with four kg each. The part exercising I’m going to be seated on this chair behind me. Of course you can stand forthe entire duration as well. It is totally up to you. Just a few wee notes, whenyou’re doing the lateral develops, try to keep your shouldersdown and unwound. Try to not cause the shouldersrise up towards your ears. Time reset and keep the shoulder continuous. When you’re doing shoulder press, keep the arms slightlyin front of the body. So we’re not straight onperpendicular to the body, always somewhat in front. And as always try andcontrol the lowering. So the lateral raises control the lowering just don’t let them flap down, and also with the frontalraises control the way down.I’m thinking this is going to be extremely challenging at degrees, but don’t put yourself under pressure. Just relax, work through at your own pace. I hope you really loved it, let’s go !.

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