Student profiles: Health/Fitness Technician program (Part 1)

– I was an athlete in high school and manipulated at a gym through high school. I adoration works out, adoration mas building, went to body building registers and ceased up having a childjust out of high school and then deplete the next 15 orso out of shape, overweight, discontented, yo-yo dieting. I was able to make ahuge change in my life, started working out and eating right and came health and discontinued upgetting in really good shape and even competing in form construct depicts and was really unhappyin my current profession and was of the view that I wanted to help people feel the road that I felt and make changes like this in their life.- So we doing a trap barroom dead elevator? – I miss a job where, at the end, I feel fulfillment. I want to feel like I’m helping people and increasing their quality of life and I can’t think of muchof a better road to do that than helping people be more healthy and more physically fit. Screw those foot into the ground, good. – I met this as neat, since I moved from Colombia to the USA so I decided to look for something that everywhere in theworld, when I want to move, it was a good thing for me.- One, two, three. Going through my own personaljourney of weight loss and having to go throughthat journey on my own and figure out so many things on my own and stumble so much along the way, I certainly wanted to havethe tools necessary to help people ..

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