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in school also had a friend ll Martin is here tointroduce us to an engineer turned entrepreneur solving aproblem at many women relate to that and that’s got thismeet the father and daughter. >> White into the historybooks. I can’t wait to see it so let’s get started Craig saysit’s time for today of 38. >> The coronavirus and thevaccination push spies, a shot now the first to be fullyapproved by the FDA health officials are hoping it willmotivate more Americans to get vaccinated but what about theother shots and what about a vaccine for kids under 12 willgo one-on-one with doctor Anthony Fauci in a moment, butfirst nbc’s Morgan chesky is in Houston with our report Morgangood morning.>> A Chanel good morning andthis new approval cannot come fast enough for the doctors andnurses facing this surge of unvaccinated in the Houstonarea alone covid cases have nearly doubled in the lastweek. And now this new FDA approval is setting off aflurry of new vaccine requirements at schools,businesses and universities, everyone doing whatever theycan to stem the tide of that Delta variant. >> This morning, a new chapterin the COVID-19 fight on that many hope will spur those stillon the fence to finally get vaccinated the moment you’vebeen waiting for us here.It’s time for you to go getyour vaccination get it today today. The FDA granting fullapproval to Pfizer’s vaccine Monday for anyone, 16 and up.Scientists scouring data from 40,000 trial particintsfinding the shots, 91% effective in preventing covidthe FDA review process taking less than half the normalamount of time. >> The good news is that theleast effective and this is not only against the all very Ithink is effective against the new variant that dealt a very. >> In a statement. The FDA wentfurther saying, although we approved this ccineexpeditiously it was fully in keeping with our existg highstandards for vaccines in the U.S..The proval is now setin motion a slew of vaccine requiremts. The Pentagonannouncing the mandate. The country’s nearly one and a halfe members be vaccinated andUnited Airlis informing employees they must be fullyvaccated within the next 5 weeks have a good first datePfizer’s full A approval comes as more children returnto in-person schooand pediatric covid cases reachlevels not sn since last year’s winter surge. More thane last wk alone. This is200,000 kids in Houston return to school Monday. >> Our focus is to ensure thatour students sff and community beyond ourtudentsand staff are safe, but there are stl holdouts.>> I’m not silly thing, I’mgoing to do we’re not ing to >> So thinkingverwhelmedHealthcare workers now reaching >> I feel some anger sometimesthey push it aside and ignored their limit. our advice and then they comback, askingnd it’s it’s it’s frustrating and heartbreaking. >> And we’re also hearing mofrom Pfizes CEO who says believes that at follow-up e have for eryone 6 to 8 mths bot afr that initialaccinationcracked. >> Morgan chesky force there inHousn Morgan. Thanyou a lot to talk abt as we welcomwelcoming doctor Anthony Fauci oGo morning you’vexpressedsome confidence doctor Fauci that this full approval ing to move thneedle in terms of vaccinations ishat bet prious skeptical of lksare going to suddenly rush o and get the shot or thabecause mo private companies ll bable to mandatthatthey get the shot.>> It’going to be boththere’s a surveyhashows that about 30% of thpelewho have n gotten vaccinated anha been reluctant getvaccinated if said that once t ered t that they would very sioly A considerd element is wt u just said the piece is at they will n corporatio a places ofemplment universits, colleges the milary. All ofthat I believe will ntbute gth the company in thisaslevaPfizer can n advertise sos theyh appral. Some belie those 3things worngogether. Hopelly we’ll get a lot re pek abt this group that stl teligle. as a parent o2 What’she likelihood that tt12. gro You know, I think rsonablechce that that wilbe the Pfernd mud and or ateastat least 2 oth. As well workinn g Instio thema in a citynaly l e pricbility thathevaccines wl be effective presented tohe FDA to looktthat data titely will be in safetynd risk benefiraor the chilenI hope all of that pce wiltake place peditil >> BeforI leyou go over epast w0you just menon hopefully by Americans di ery day frothvirus.We knowha naonwide cas a up on alot pces hospitalizatns e i ye up is s beeve 73% of the egiepopulationig now they’ tt the shot doctorau do you see aig at the endofhe tunnel. >>ounow I do and it’gogto tal be up to us. Ife get the overwhelngajorityofhose 80 to 90 miio pele who are not y bnvaccat who’ve been rectant to get vacnad orhanohad the opportuny. t the ch a poinwherthere’s enghfa veil of ottion of the communy at you see aamic diminution,ot oy ofoue and deaths areouhospitalizatnsnd ultimately talky spng Yokn it’s going to denon us reay it’s in our hands.O fate is in our n handu know as veaid a coup oftis if t through thwier. I hopesweet to the spri of 2022 s up to . r Fai to priateou. >> We’re back on the Plaza whour ongog sees coronavirus in the classroom, this morning,n ancontention. ds uer 12 will be eligiblefor the vacce in fact the A recently revealed it cou beearly midinter, but. >> The urgency f thatappral mountain with a new studshowing child cases havejumped signifintly, check th out from about 38,000 perweek in Julyo 180,000 last ythis morning with niorqmedicacorrespondent doctorart Jon Torr so doctor Torslet’s let’s start with that study beuse we haven’t seenthose kinds of numrs I think since last winr felt foundcorrect what’s behind them and whatoes that tell us aboutcovid in our children.>> And right great we haven’t e winner, though certainly ournumber we wa to see but what we are seeing e thesechildren getting more infected. Unfortunely more them areending up in the hospital as well. The reason this ishappening is because as nuers overall go of children getinfected as well and still they’re being essentially drugalong with these higr case counts and this is the unvg is issue of these widespreadoutbreaks around the count. Now ese numbers aren’t asaccurate as we’d like them to be because some stes arereporting children 0 to 14 year olds other states are sayingu’re 20 years old, but at the same time we do know thatacally numbers are going up we need to do we can.>> To protect the children.Craig all right we reached out to a parent group doctor d about the number o topic ofconversation, no surprise perhaps masking this is a qum Terry turns a mom of 2 youngchildren >> Our sun is high risk, but hereally nds in person learning what should we do. >> Doctor Torres what he said. >> In an ideal situationeverybody in school be masked teachers staff all thestudents, but we know that’s not how it is across the worldacross the country right now and so the main thing to do isnumber one make sure your child wears a mask is extremelyimportant in talking about wearing a mask all day long ontop of that look for what’s happening in the classroom arethey social distancing are they staying in pods are cohorts arethey staying in classrooms with have these assigned pot piesand then find out about testing political what’s happeningthere, you know talk to the teacher even masks aren’trequired.Students wearing masks or are most who’s notwearing masks and then at that point you might need to make adecision say I’m and pull them out of the classroom for awhile unfortunately, but at the same time you want to make sureyour child is protected as possible. So the main point isjust do your homework right now before they go to school tounderstand what’s going on while they’re in school.Craig alright, his first mission Dutch tourist. Thankyou. >> Let’s turn now to the end ofsummer activities for that we are going to say good morningto nbc’s investigative and consumer correspondent VickyNguyen, good morning to you good morning to you have goodquestions as well, let’s start with the first one a lot ofpeople are trying to squeeze in a trip maybe before schoolstarts.>> If your kids areunvaccinated talk to me about the risk for putting them on anairplane, this is always a personal calculation of therisk versus reward to the first question you want to askyourself is what is my child how do they have anypreexisting conditions that if they got covid it would becomplicated next where are you going what is the infectionrate where you’re going to be that I would ask what are youplanning to do it’s going to be a lot lower risk if you’revisiting vaccinated family members and hanging out outsideversus if you’re going somewhere you’re going to beout in public and crowded indoor spaces with folks that’sa good point all right speaking of of getting together let’stalk about that you want to get together with your family wehave a question.>> From Allison in NorthCarolina, let’s roll the tape and we’ll talk. >> I’m wondering what we needto know about playdates can my kids go to crowded playgroundswithout masks. >> That’s a good one yeah, wellassuming, your kids are 12 and under under 12 and onvaccinated you definitely want to avoid any sort of indoorplayground any place where the air smells stale or its stuffyor poor ventilation when it comes to outdoor playgrounds,the good news here as we talk to a ton of public healthexperts who have children themselves they all agree beingoutdoors is a good time to give kids a mask break.The onecaveat is look if you’re in an outdoor playground where yourkid is in constant close contact with other kids for 10to 15 minutes, you might want to go to a less crowded spaceor consider putting them in a mass, especially now that theweather is nice we’ll try to keep them outside wetland rightadvice, thank you Vicki out. >> All right Steph will joinsus now with how to keep your kids safe if you’re returningto the office and fall step, we’ll start with Stacy inMichigan was a question. >> With offices reopening whatprecautions should vaccinated parents take if they haveunvaccinated kids at home. >> Tom I know you and I bothhave this question to we’ve got unvaccinated kids at home foryoung what we’ve already done the hardest part we have gottenvaccinated ourselves that is the best way to protect ourkids now for going back to work in-person consider wearing amask both indoors and outdoors while we’re traveling to workalso if we work in a shared workspace and get informationask your employer is there a mask mandate here are peopleshowing proof of vaccination the more information you canget from your employer, the better it will be the positionyou begin to assess the risk for yourself and your family.>> You know stuff so manycompanies are now encouraging employees to come back to workto work in office, if you do have kids at home you’revaccinated they’re not but if you just have concerns aboutcoming back how do you have that conversation with yourboss without feeling like look I’m not being lazy, I’m justconcerned. >> Okay, we’ll know going intothis that it can be very politically charged so try tobe calm and empathetic don’t wait to have this conversationuntil it’s the day are expected back at work have an earlyexplain your family situation see if they can make someaccommodations and again go back to seeing if theiremployer can require proof of vaccination offer regulartesting for employees and if other co-workers have the sameconcerns you don’t gang up on your boss, but if you’re in asimilar situation go to your boss together. So you can sortof talk through this and find a solution that works for most ofeveryone.>> All right some great advice.There Steph thanks so much that you know it’s it’s a toughconversations that I want to go back to work they don’t want tolose your job, but they’re also concerned about their families. >> We’re continuing our she theone that got and I love the story of one recognized whatyet 5 years ago. And now she’s back and she’s she’s going toshow you her happen. >> It’s a lifestyle andcommerce contributor, Jill Martin met an engineer turnedentrepreneur who was solving a problem that many women canrelate to good morning. >> Good morning overload bagsand are. Yeah all my good everyone has been there wereyeah so many bad things are falling out and so she solvedthe problem this is amazing and the last time we saw manypeople founder show will mosey she was right here on the todayshow 5 years ago, I remember the Syrians and they citingentrepreneur since then she has found success law all over theworld take a look.>> I don’t want to wake up oneday and say I wish I should couldn’t I want to be able tosay at least I tried. >> 23 years ago when she willmosey was let go from her aerospace jobs. She turned frommisfortune into an opportunity to help others I thought. >> It’s a non profitorganization where I raised money to help single moms incollege pay for child care. But while I was working withthe moms I would see them Kerry and their diaper bag here bagsometimes there. Kirsten I started thinking about thisidea for this Newt I put the bag where I could organize andseparate item I didn’t have any experience so I was like whydon’t know if I can really do >> She around set out to find asolution for what she calls an that. overload bagstad row without abackground in fashion. She didn’t know where to start. >> I didn’t know anything aboutmanufacturing sourcing has I and so I started talking topeople who knew more than I did and really engaging with theindustry.How did you get your for example me I can’t so I canhardly draw so I actually went to target. I bought a bag ofthe same size as saying say to what I had in my head. And Ijust started cutting it up and manipulating the bag and bringthat vision to life that’s like everything right there.You did it. >> In just 30 days, she willraise funds through a kickstarter campaign andcombined with her savings she wants the people early 2014,but it came with the challenges. >> What was your first order toremember. Yeah, oh, yeah, because it was too much forsomeone just starting a business who had no customerbase. Anything I ordered 1200 back and that was way too muchso what did you do. Unfortunately with that firstproduction at 30% of my product is defective and that reallyreally hard. I mean they were busy nights that I criedbecause I lost a lot of money and I realized that I needed toslow down and then I if we really learned that I couldbefore I what to do so what that all of the bags and thispanel here.>> She built designed topersonal bags with both function and style in mindsecuring to utility patents for her fashion brands. >> This is a shelf in themiddle of the bag that converts the bag from 2 compartments.The want. >> Today the direct-to-consumerbrand has sold thousands of handbags since its launchshipping worldwide as far as Australia and South Africa. >> Give a step back and thinkhow proud you are of yourself that you didn’t give up.I do because sometimes we beat ourselves up so much I feel soblessed all that I would compost and Ido these little dance or to remind myself of the happynews.>> Their eye for an eye it’s athank you thank you, I’m so grateful. What do you hopeeither entrepreneurs learn from you somebody who feel thatfrustration and as the years that you had I would just saynothing beats a failure. But a try so take that firstthat and make your own >> Okay so their bats areincredible the organization is incredible because you she hadthe place we can say right here okay, so if you got in themiddle pet, there’s a place for your shoes for your workoutclothes, we showed you in that and then there’s a place foryour lunch and that does it for inside.Her this a little bitmen would I would carry that Alan helping acted sure out asan idea if you we just make it black with black strappedthat’s right it will be from an unhealthy I go with it and Ijust want to say that we should all take a moment and to thehappy dance because. >> This morning and that’s gotthis a father and daughter who bonded over a love of bike itbut probably not the kind of bike you’re thinking aboutwindy and Amy that they want high you hide your bikes andthey have settled right into the history books.>> I would tell when I startedriding high wheels and back in 1991 when I was asked to join.I will bicycle man that was being formed for the greatAmerican brass band Festival in Danville Kentucky. >> Soon after Randy and hisfamily join the wheel an organization, it’s aninternational group that collects restores and showsinto bicycles. >> My daughter wanted to ridewith the wheel man, but those girls all had to wear dressesand ride the of safety Mike that you had and did not wantanything to do with the dresses so she said dad getting someknickers I’m learning to ride a high wheel how was she was 13,I believe and the rest is history. Not just we have beenriding with percent. >> I like writing with my dadbecause I definitely feel safe and secure often I think aboutwhat’s going to go wrong and so having somebody as a backup,but never going to be fine just helps you get out of thatnegative mindset. >> But one pivotal event led tothe ride of a lifetime.>> I had a very dear friend ofmine, this is a lot of the doctor goes to the doctordiagnosed with colon cancer. 2 in 2 months later, he passesaway. >> His death gave Randy and Amythe push to like cross country on their high wheel bikestogether an. >> So as he passed away thatwas the straw that said we’re going because you justdon’t know. And Ray road on the back of my bike as a guardianangel all the way across the country and looked over us. >> The journey was 57 days over3,314 knots. They started in San Francisco and ended inBoston, Massachusetts. I definitely learned a lot aboutmy dad during the traffic. >> He’s the map person. But I’mthe Google map person and of course when you’re are writingfor hours.If you want to talk about something I was trying toask my dad about like his past because as a kid you don’t askyour parents about those >> Amy was attempting to be thefirst woman to ride across. things. Unfortunately. Another womanstarted several months before so I started thinking, oh Ienjoyed the trip so much I’m going north to South and theytold Amy no woman has done both. So here number 2 there,but if you do this you will be the first woman and of course,Amy said.>> Sign me up haha you on thatcross country track with what surprised you most about yourthought. >> When you raise yourchildren, you know you raise them up to like 18 and you sendthem off. Again they’re always kids to you and she came backas an adult so I got to learn what a great adults who turnedout to be so until after that it really dawned on me. Howspecial the time while you’re trying to get across thecountry I think that after the fact when someone comes as thatthat’s the greatest thing you did with your diet thinkinglike yeah, okay it really was why was it so emotional whenyou finish that trip with with him.When you finally get tothe end there. You’ve made it when you’resitting there with your daughter and in you know she reached overand put your arm around you in. As dawn, and you just get like this could be there with their to doit experience that. >> Making memories I wouldimagine, yeah, yeah, another memory to add to the arsenalcompleting their 5th. 100 mile bike ride on Mackinac Islandthis past month. >> It’s nice to have somethingin common with your parents just having an activity to dotogether is very it’s very bonding. >> No change here, no chains nogears here also is changing your guys are these bikedisappeared overnight.>> You have about the horse isout of the way so that was the purpose back to back then nowwhat purpose does it serve now get the people out of the way. >> And by people that means mewhile I wasn’t ready to write myself, Randy did show me howit’s done. >> Oh here we go. Here we go.>> Holy smokes make it look soeasy had your big it look so easy. >> Wow that’s that’s a longdrought the along but not all of them pretty quickly. Nobrexit about a Korea your foot down oh it’s so weird thingit’s that sin. >> It’s a weird thing by theway even writing for more than 20 years that probably continuefor another 20 years for more on their story and others youcan head to today dot com slash we hope you’re back with us foranother big morning tomorrow here today we’re going to havesome really great deals to get to read it false, I love andhave a great day we’ll see you all tomorrow right here ontoday.>> locum today all day overthe next0 minute I’ll be aring some of my favoriteintervie with you these from dads across the countryss inspiring stories of hope. In a few laughalong the wayasell so sit tight get ready for more today all day. For 10 years Jes MichaelTyler pled Gunther the sarcastic manager Centralperk with annrequited love for Jennifer Aston iRachgreen Gunther was belod character which is why some aresurprisehe didn’t ve a more prominent role in that HBO Maxreion special well it turns out Michael as he is known wasnot able to attend in person because privately. He’s been battling a veryserious health issue in this morning for the first time. He’s sharing his news with us.>> I’m sorry to say that I’mnot appearing today with you to announce and there’s going tobe a friends movie. Actually I’m here too. But you know that in Septemberof 2018. I was diagnosed with soadvanced prostate cancer which had spread to my bones. >> You go for 10 seasons on thehit show friends James Michael Tyler played Gunther sarcasticmanager Central Park coffee, House and hang out for the 6main characters they got it. you were chairman. >> One of his over there andwhen you were part of that union a few weeks ago, youappeared via zoom, what were you feeling in that moment.>> It was bittersweet honestlyit was my decision not to be a part of physicallybasically because I didn’t want to bring it down or you knowthat was celebration in 25 years. You know I just wantedto be like oh and by the way comes as cancer, you know whatI mean the cast members know yes at this point, I’m surethere was from has corresponded with me via instagram producersor where they were for a long time. >> Michael’s prostate cancerwas discovered during a routine physical almost 3 years agowhen he was 56. >> His doctor had added a PSAtest his blood work this first, the PSA or prostate specificantigen test is the gold standard for screening forprostate cancer, it’s recommended and 40 for AfricanAmerican man, a man with a family history of cancer at age45 for all others.It turns out I have prostatecancer, good news is caught it early the PSA test is also ourown Al Roker first discovered his prostate cancer diagnosis.Last November, a normal PSA numbers around one Michaels was654. What’s the prognosis. >> Well from my own specificprognosis. It’s of course, a stage 4. The stage. Cancer. So eventually you know some ofthem probably get me. >> Since his diagnosis. Michaelhad been treated with hormone therapy which how did feelingwell enough to visit toss at the today show in 2019. >> Gunther is here JamesMichael Tyler. >> When you are in the studiofor the for the reunion, how are you feeling, then. >> I was telling pine honestly. I had no symptoms. >> During the pandemicMichael’s can certainly tainted causing fractures in his bonesand tumors up and down the spine. He can no longer wall. What would you have donedifferently Mike. Well, I want to listen to mywonderful wife. >> Who has been my absolute strengths to all of this.I would have gone in earlier and you know little been hopefullycalled earlier. Next time you go in for justbasically exam or your yearly checkup please ask your doctorfor PSA tests and early 99%, treatable. >> Doctor Matthew redickMichael’s on colleges to use la agrees early detection is key. >> With prostate cancer.It’s a little bit different than the others cancers in thatwhen it is diagnosed early it’s almost always cure. What isdiagnosed late, it’s rarely if ever cure. >> And Michael you spent somany years making us smile and making us laugh. It is always going to be partof your legacy and now you can add saving lives to that legacyas well.>> I certainly hope so Craig. My goal this past year was to see my 59 spurt I did that my goal now it’s to help save that leastone life. >> And he well this morning andhe will. We want to wish Michael the very best in hisfamily will obviously be in our thoughts and prayers and weencourage everyone to learn more about the prostate cancerscreening recommendations. The prostate cancer Foundationlike a very active with cancer Foundation you can find out alittle bit more about that condition at today dot com. >> And we are back with aheartwarming story from Craig about the power of secondchances, the judge lifting up a defendant instead of punishinghim. >> Yes, you know it all startedwhen 2 men that 16 years ago as judge and the convicted drugdealer and their connection grew into something much muchmore. >> Edward martelle becameEdward martelle as Squier recently I remarked to do someof these wet sworn in to the Michigan bar by Judge BruceMorrow it is hereby ordered.>> The Edward Francis are to beand is hereby to practice as an >> But it wasn’t martell’sfirst appearance in front of Judge tomorrow that was 16years ago. What was on that lengthy rapsheet of yours. >> You know there was anythingfrom possession of cocaine to delivery of crack cocaine andjust a plethora of other other violations. >> Ed martelle grew up in theDetroit area, the son of a single mother as a teenager helost his way. >> By 15 I was selling drugs bythe 1617. I was selling harder drugs and dropped out of schoolleft the home. >> At 27 years old he wascaught in a drug sting what was the potential sentence that. >> So I was facing all want a20 year sentence for actually for 2 counts. >> With life been different thejudge that sentenced him judge Moro judge tomorrow, what kindof Judge are you.>> I have a hip. The 1960’shardworking believe in the best of people. Levin on everybody Ican type a judge. >> Judge Morrow’sunconventional style a source of controversy as he currentlystands accused of using graphic and inappropriate language inthe court, but when it came to Martell instead of sentencingof the present time. The judge put him on probation and issueda challenge. >> He said Mister Martel achallenge to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company you don’thave to be out here selling drugs and I believe you havegreatness in you and I accepted that challenge you sawsomething in him.>> I saw a young man who wasright, intelligent resilient.Optimistic and last, but you know it was it was prettysimple and you know I see my job is trying to provideopportunities for people that come in front of me toreintegrate them back into society and make them assist them. In trying to be everything thatthey want to be. >> And what did Martel aconvicted felon want to be a lawyer. But the CommunityCollege where he enrolled suggested something elseheating and cooling. >> They’re trying to if youhave a criminal record put you know suggest the heating andcooling we went back and forth and eventually they agreed tolet me take the prerequisites for the paralegal program. >> Martell graduated summa Kulafrom the Community College and ultimately got a scholarship toboth the undergrad and law program at the University ofDetroit mercy. Throughout all of this you’restill staying in touch with someone. >> Who throughout this wholeprocess, you know judge Moore has been there after I got offprobation, I would just come in and hang out in his courtroom.When I walked in he just smile, we developed this father sonrelationship I never had a father growing up in the home,but I imagine it, but did you know that that’s what he wouldbe like.>> So after Martell past theMichigan bar exam and convinced the character and fitness boardhis days as a criminal were long gone it only made sensethat the judge who saw his potential and not is passedwould swear him in. >> We’re Francis Martell as alawyer in the state what did that moment mean to you whatdid it feel like. >> It was full circle just toreach the finish line. You know and then have him there to tomeet me in and congratulate me and this where me and not itsor.>> Judge what was what was thatmoment like like for you. I was filled with with joy forhead because he did the hard work. All I had to do wassupport him and love him as much as I could give themadvice when he needed it and just always just tell them andtheir and media and be that. >> Judge gave him a secondchance and to mark the occasion by the way more tell you got amonogram briefcase from Perkins law for these folks on criminallaw not surprising. And he went on to say that he is livingproof that love an opportunity. Equals success. cases have certainly lead to aserious debate about the role of law enforcement and youvisited one of the nation’s newest police academies wherethe grappling with that can talk more about that.>> Yeah, you know snow in thepast few years there have been calls including here inMinneapolis of course to defund police other been waves ofearly retirement spot. Police >> Stepping into this moment, 9students graduating today by officers. the way the graduated from thepolice Academy at Lincoln University is the first ever ata historically black college or university. >> As protests erupted acrossthe country last year chief Gary Gilmore was planning to dosomething to make a difference like I started the policeAcademy for he’s the chief of police at Lincoln University inJefferson City, Missouri and historically black collegefounded for black veterans of the Civil War. First officerwho now and this year leaking became the first hbcu to openits own police Academy. >> How did this come to be sostarted calling the contacts that I’ve made over the last 20years people were like that’s a great idea. Why hasn’t anyonethought about that. >> De escalation as far as yousupport the 9 students in the program are set to graduatetoday for the chief means it’s a mission accomplished the samewhat is it about this mission was so compelling.>> When I went to the academy.There were 26 of us and it may have been me and one otherblack person and that Academy so it was I felt like it was mymission to try to change that. >> The latest research shows67% of police officers in the United States or why just over12% are black that closely mirrors the racial makeup ofthe general population but recent data shows that 2 thirdsof large police departments are whiter than the communities.They police among the students at the police Academy is AndreJefferson.>> When you told friends andfamily that you wanted to go into law enforcement with asupportive. >> So if some know because so are doing wrong.But this the life they live they live live the life monthlyof mine. >> And one of the day we werethere the students put what they’ve learned to the taxchief Hill set up a mock reach incident, the students didn’tknow what they were responding to.The like I’ve done morethan a dozen it becomes obvious pretty quickly that they’re notin the classroom, anymore. They want time so no no listento me and Rick Ross is back up. But here’s the thing that youdid that together they managed to separate the in reachdrivers index index in the scenario in the scenario whenit’s over the cheer does not sugarcoat the criticism and weget here and there’s chaos going on what should you havedone if you do that.>> He also works to build uphis students. >> Faith and confidence inbecause you get out there and you don’t have faith andconfidence in yourself they will know that. >> Who are some of theserecruits into law enforcement at a time when you could make the argumentthat the relationship between the police and the policed. >> Has never been ascomplicated what do you hope to accomplish. These are crews when theystart. >> I hope to accomplish onethey get into the field and they stay into it and I hopethat they don’t stop their education and I hope that they set theexample for other people that look like them. That is that is for me that isa huge accomplishment.>> He has a fairly is nextshe’s from East St. Louis and says she’d never seen a blackfemale officer growing up I was in she kept the fact that sheentered the police Academy a secret from family and friendsuntil recently during the exercise when she’s able tode-escalate the situation. >> We talked to our afterwardup to it just learning how to talk to people.>> Yeah now just becoming ahomicide detective. >> I got to be a role modelkind to well, I hope to be a role model because I’ve neverseen the like a combo for party down what the chief sees isyoung people getting career training while helping thecommunities. What dreams come true tell which one. >> If that’s the future of theforce. We’re we’re in good shape by the way the chief saysthat they’ve already had 13 applicants for their next classat the police Academy all of the students that we talked towe’re graduating today at Lincoln they all have jobslined off in the response be on leak it has been a prettyincredible as well departments around the country, usinvestors of sport, some of those departments have evendonated year to that program as well guys.>> And Craig you as you showedearlier, you know, there’s some white kids in that class blackkids and and their discussion kind of informs how they’regoing to be police officers because they get to see it fromboth sides. >> Yeah, and in fact the chieftold me out that the discussions that they have inclass those discussions are really the only thing thatseparates their training from traditional law enforcementtraining there and the state of >> I spent a fair amount oftime over the past few bouts Missouri. talking about and what we’vebeen watching the full that our country has differentviewpoints of the cost. The >> Told me that really shapedand molded how the view the students.World. How officers are goingto become really fascinating great thanks for bringing usthat. Thanks great. rainey’s black bottom hard notto focus on the performance of Chadwick Boseman because thiswas his last role before hisuntimely death at the age of 43. It’s a performance that hitme pretty hard since I lost my brother last week to the samedisease colon cancer also at the same age 43 thisconversation took place when I was traveling home last weekfor services.I asked boozman asked how boseman’s presencerather on the set affected the cast. >> I got to and wheeze tack. My dad had known, I was goingto die like this, he wouldn’t name we gave all. >> It’s a bittersweet momentwhen Chadwick Boseman first appears on screen as anambitious young musician in Ma rainey’s black bottom Bozemanstoring and moving performances alongside Viola Davis whoplease the real life mother of the Blues my ratings.The film set in Chicago in the1920’s is an adaptation of the 1984 Broadway play of the samename written by Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson is go getthe boy a microphone, directed by George Seawolf the storyfocuses on a recording session with our rainy and her jazzband. A group of talented musicians with complicatedrelationships played by Colman Domingo Michael Potts GlynnTurman in Bozeman on the Trump. >> Chadwick was clear all ofthat I know, yeah they’re going harden is in his hands at everymoment, you know, you’re cut you still hear chatter. Yeah. >> A lot of songs that he grabsthe audience by the collar immediately with hisperformance. >> Coleman, one of the mostpowerful scenes to me. >> What was that scene in whichyou would inject Bozeman are going back and forth about God.And it’s you and betrayal and I understand that that was also ascene that you’ve out. >> You know emotional well, Iwill give some much away, but basically it is meant aboutface about God’s will. And why do terrible things happen to goodpeople in that scene.I think there were some cracks and ittouched us all dearly. Glenn Mike when I Chadwick we didn’t know his struggle,but I feel that there was something on the verge thereand it broke through. But it needed also these of 3 blackmen with them up to help him with that. >> Knowing what we know now about what he was going to. >> He was portrayed will secureto how do you do it and I tell you not one person at all. >> The man or the man we allsay he always demanded to it’s going to get one more can I getone yeah do another take another change. He was aconsummate professional and he was having a good time and thatwas yeah, I mean you had all the Super human strength.>> But you had someone who wastruly enjoying the process of doing this. >> And being here it wasincredibly important to him that we did you manage to bringthe stage play to light George what was it like bringing thisone in particular to life. >> I know everybody says thatit was a joy because when you go into the room with smartpeople who are passionate it really special and magical Ihave this to say about collaboration which is carefulwill you marry cause death of the child is going to looklike.And in case I married an endless parade of smartbrilliant people. >> And Michael the music andthe film. Yeah, it was the acting did you learn how toplay these instruments on >> We he we did we had wedidn’t have a choice to join would not tell us. How well weneed to learn the Internet haha and so we Joe that we would ageof the Earth.They get back to work. What we want to make surewe would not outdone so that’s probably why we became asefficient as we did. >> Many of the film’s themesfeel relevant today as screenplay weeks, racism, blackidentity ambition and how that intersects with the struggle toachieve the American dream. Here’s a fellow Senate 20’s.But if you don’t mind going to assume any parallels to theTimes in which we find ourselves right nowspecifically the black lives matter movement. That’s. >> A tribute to get to Augustwills and his foresight as aplaywright and you and me all the questions that he has whatare we going to do as a people as a black people, what is theblack man today, those the new cases of our universe rightnow. >> I so enjoyed my conversationwith those guys and it really is objective we speak and it’sa it’s a phenomenal film, especially when you watch it,knowing again what we know about where Chadwick Bosemanwas in his struggle with cancer it really is phenomenal.Expressions through movement. >> A 16 year-old Jimmy long hasbeen dancing competitively since he was 6 years old but 2years ago his passion for dance was momentarily challenge bysome teasing audience members during the performance and alocal school. >> Some of that students arelike saying that a Tory comments and awesome slurs. >> The comments tuna Jamie andthe other male dancers or homophobic slurs. Jimmy’s dad,Greg law drove Jimmy and his friends home after the incidentand the new model for their dance troupe was more. Thephrase itself dance on how is >> I got to listen to how eaterNY 12 year olds processed that Gore. bigotry homophobia instead of getting.Angry I decided to make just a t-shirt for them I came up withwe’re just going to dance on you know, we’re just going tomove past this. >> 2 years from those first teeshirts dance on now full fledgenonprofit organization that has sold thousands of shirts andother dance on apparel all of the proceeds of going directlyto scholarships for financially at needed.Sirs. >> You turn those homophobicslurs that were being hurled that your son into quite a bitof good. >> It really was just sayinghey don’t stop because somebody feels that you shouldn’t bedoing that and even if it doesn’t become your core here.It does become your experience and it feels everything in lifeyou’re reading 2018 Gregson >> Was invited to Chicago’sUnited Center arena to share Jimmy. the anti-bullying message ofdance on. Before former first lady,Michelle obama took the stage for the launch of her becomingbook tour. >> When you’re standingbackstage what was going through your mind I I lost it,I admit Lee had tears coming down my face the strength thatit takes for somebody like that to stand in front of 20,000people and say I’ve been bullied and I’m not going tolet it stop me from what I like to do a proud moment from thestart.>> And little miss how could itnot be earning a proud moment. >> I definitely couldn’t havedone this to my dad, he helps me realize a lot of importantlessons like stay true to yourself and he’s this is supersupportive. >> Part of that support hasbeen organizing master classes and events with professionalmale dancers, who often share their own stories of thebullet.They’ve also helped the groupby choreographing conceptual dance videos that amplify theirmessage of acceptance and tolerance. >> It’s been a very humblingexperience for me especially since I don’t know the worldthat he lives in so it’s been nice to kind of be a part ofthat as opposed to just being a dad class very loudly in theback the deal of the oratory. >> It’s a testament to how farfather will go to help our child pursue his dreams andit’s remarkable. >> Highs today all day we havea great show for you on this Tuesday morning, let’s kick itoff with pop star Carson is back and he is covering all thebusy headlines for us this morning, the rock surprised agroup of lucky tourists in Hollywood take a look.>> I haven’t gotten a CarsonDaly pop star in the bottle. Heck of a a good. Those were.He did. >> A lot to get to today, thisis great this fee of about to show you Dwayne Johnson of theweekend, the rock surprise a very lucky tour bus in hisneighborhood, you see the South hills of Hollywood sites.Here’s one of those tour buses and he drives by take a lookthere’s that.>> A tour bus we’re always torethrough my neighborhood got know hard to find a way. >> It’s one of the fewpresidents all with that can just pull up a new media a rideany such a good sport about it saying oh he loves the roadafter the instagram post of you said one of the parts of fameand my job making a few folks happy and he definitely madetheir days use our next up is Ed Sheeran on Monday to MS.To start sharing a sneak peek inside a recent recordingsession, surprisingly it wasn’t there in the studio laying downtracks for his upcoming people’s out instead it was inthe studio recording harmonies for Taylor swift 2012 songs,everything has changed year-olds.>> And knows we said hello inJune last look like coming home. Knoll is a simple manyinning and everything has changed a good nose held.You be mine in the lows know since yesterday is everythinghas changed. >> Everything is change comesfrom Swiss 2012 red album which she is preparing to release inNovember along with the whole lineup of new songs incollaboration with 30 songs total share is slated to befeatured on the track to certain also another track homerun which the 2 friends actually wrote together backwhen they first met you can check it out when red Taylor’sversion drops November 19.We are one that has a historyas rich as it is natural beauty that we’re talking about themin such a talent can talk. >> It’s the longest cave systemin the world and this is got us forces taking us inside got it. >> Hey good morning guys forthousands of years humans have been descending into mammothcave to marvel at its wonder and a lot of the earlyexploration down here was done by slaves who are being honoredtoday by a very special tour guide whose family history isliterally written on the walls of this case. Do you remember the first timeyou came to the entrance here. I remember being about 4, 5,years. Mom and Dad would would bring us down here man caveoften Jimmy ransford was 74 years old mammoth cave is inhis blood. This is everything that came a minute off to looklike right here my favorite room the rotunda. >> Created over millions ofyears by an underground River mammoth cave is the world’slongest cave system over 400 miles mapped and potentiallyanother 600 miles unexplored but to fully appreciate itsgrand jury you have to know a little about its history.>> I’m sure it’s us extra patients, well, whatwhat you’re seeing here as a result of approximately 70black men route here to make gunpowder components for theWar of 1812. >> Gunpowder used to helpdefeat the British an solidify America’s independence and thatwas for the fight for freedom that they didn’t have to fightfor freedom and is more man didn’t have. >> We’re the team to the keywas purchased. That’s where Jerry comes in. >> How long has your familybeen connected to the case what would be given 1838 and we willhear contentiously to 1941, 1838 to 1940 S who is the firstbrands for to work in the case at Madison. My greatgrandfather to your if 5 generations down right. >> Patterson is a 15 year oldslave was hired out to explore and map the cavern in 1838 hebecame one of the 3 original slave guides of mammoth cave.>> They learned the tricks ofthe trade quite quickly they became entertainers exploresand guides they had jobs that were unique in America forpeople in slavery on the surface, they were slaves, but. >> When they would come down inthe cave, they were guided tours for world leadersabsolute what you got down in the cave and you know the cavethat anybody. Now you are free. >> Only show where he’s beenwith the National Park Service for over 20 years, her firstjob was as a guide for men, >> So I’ve been to a lot ofnational parks. None quite like a cave. this, you know is there’s notreally is like to say we’re >> Parks and what we’ve gotthis beautiful service area, too. the green River Valley, but wealso have a longest cave in the world man okay. >> The cave is a geologicalwonder. This pitch, wow that’s hundreds of feet easily it isto the winding way where are we right now we are in very lowarea.This is known as fat man’s misery game pretty tightin here. So that was that man’s misery. This is Cole man’smisery is all a work out the caves elaborate the tightpassages cavernous steps. >> And this the river Styx seewhat they call it the river Styx yes, the underworld herein the underworld under here. >> And this kind of absolutedarkness you can see your hands but you can hear your thoughts.>> Are those voices know thesound of the water and public your imagination. >> The cave is a natural wonderjeriann his family’s legacy or one of its most remarkabletreasures. All around the name of his forefathers flicker onthe walls there history frozen in time the smoke and soot. >> So this is your great greatgrandpa my great great grandfather that several placeswe can find his name far out and deep down. >> For over a 100 years it wasa branch for working within the walls of this cave until 1941. It’s what it was made into anational park in the land around the park was seized byeminent domain and black people were barred from being geitzJerry’s grandfather lost all he had.>> So your family went from being enslaved to exploringthis cave still having land having that land taken away bythe government, yes and then told that you guys couldn’twork in the cave it right. >> The 66 years later branchfor guys was broken until 2004 when Jerry found himselfplaying for the very job, his ancestors had my of theyear. >> When it comes to yourfamily’s legacy. What is this cave representation of the caverepresents an American story. It represents me walking in thefootsteps of folks that were here waiting for me. >> 17 years later Jerry stillwalking the passages is in sisters. >> What King talked with thinkthat there is New Year’s I I don’t feel like I don’t thinkI’m ready to go.>> Well Gerri is name hasn’tbeen etched into the walls and soot and smoke, he is now apart of this cave forever. They discovered a new passageand they named Jerry brands for the way in his honor he says heplans on guiding here as long as he possibly can. >> Guys wow how we put his namein the cave, so that’s so his name there and. Yeah that’sgreat. >> Coming up next on todaytalks of the 3rd hour. It’s tuneup Tuesday. We have sometips for you about ways to repair your skin. middle of summer so we havesome tips to repair our skin from the summer sun.>> Tuesday’s Michigan. It was science and water andall the death of J. >> Doctor Daniel see guys aboard certified dermatologist and he’s going to help usrepair our skin today and I should mention you can scan theqr code on your screen to see some of the products, he’schosen good morning to you.Good morning. Absolutely let’sstart with the first one full disclosure, I was just tellingthe guys in the commercial break that I use this productnow every morning. So if you have overexposure to let’s saychlorinated salty hard water, you say the solution and ourour forest is perhaps the facial cleanser what you startyour day with. >> Exactly that’s exactlyright. So when we arrange these products I start from startingfor a morning routine. These are all in order I would usethe morning and also without using the evening.So you’reright the Vatican and there is definitely portend a step andstarting off a skincare it and this is a brand that I’ve beenrecommending since all of the dermatology resident andHarvard and it is so gentle great percent since can knowfragrance ph balance great at that balance claim were movesimpurities sunscreen makeup but doesn’t dry your skin out toomuch, especially after a long battle over the beach. >> Yeah works at a lot ofpeople double plans, you know what with oil one with water isthat plans is that necessary. >> It’s very popular you’reright. It’s very popular. I just say you can get awaywith a single plans. But if you have to wear makeup. That’strue. That you might be that double times like you said theoil based on the first that water base out. >> All right if you took all mymakeup off right now you would see like all over my forehead,dark spots, pigmentation hide >> I provided and see you sayis something that could be used against that.>> That’s exactly right so thenthe state carotene you say start from the next 2 guests soyou would clans to a light weight vitamin C serummoisturizing cream and then your sunscreen and like yousaid, vitamin C storms are great for lightning in thosedark spots and this is rock surviving glow I like this onea law just of 45 drops your face in the morning afterCondor. It really helps fight free radical damage from theSun this summer or even the pollution. So with thewildfires going on smoke pollution policies canaccelerate aging process so this will help neutralize freeradicals and those exposures all sides peptides and has busroute which helped prop up the scan so very nice product touse in the morning. >> And actually I love the factthat you’re using it yourself to yourself you’re 73, you lookmoisturizer use a very important to use, especially aswe go from hot weather to cool.>> While watching your sogrowing up watching some great talk nearby so you’re right.Haha haha for sure so this kills all truck facial cream isreally nice to wear over your Sarah mad, it’s just so coolingwhat you got this going right now understand as Sudan andalso has moist racing green Essex squalor and lesser andlesser and I mentioned before this product, it draws in thewater and ever take that and pumps up your skin so a nicebonus is that you can really hide the spot light sprinklesas well.>> The 3 D thing. What scribetry to squeeze innocent as sunscreen. >> For sure yeah that’s my picktalks go there been an out so on tiktok has I like to talkabout sunscreen about doctor SBS so sunscreen as you guysknow it’s very important to protect ourselves UV radiationthat summer that can lead to skin cancer or Tyler agingprocess. A nice facial sunscreen is Cocokinds daily SPF 30. It is I think sunscreens the mineralbut the tricky thing with Merrill sunscreens is thatbecause a white Castle, yeah, very so this one does Robinvery well and people who have oily skin they say I don’t wantto put on the sunscreen. This one has right starts so itdoes absorb excess of oil and it does have to fight a planand that wealth block also visible light from the sun andhere, I’ve lives are Australian sunscreen for the body, so facebody. So far that’s kept 30 or 50, I would tell my patientsyou can do that get 30 above reapply every one to 2 hoursthe neat thing about this is that it is mineral bass anddrums and well, but the chop will change color and the sun.So when it turns blue Kappa PSI new those harmful UV rayspresident.>> He’s got to one there totalk to you guys thank you so much and by the way doctorDaniel has one more bonus item on his list just head to todaydot com slash shop to check it out to sea now today gets paida commission for purchases made through the qr codes are linkson the site coming up on hold and Jenna it’s a show all abouthealth and beauty. tips to be your best self heeven talked to a sleep expert about the best ways to get agood night’s sleep to check it okay since this is our healthand beauty show we thought we out would share a couple of thingsI do love what we dedicate an hour to it because sometimesdon’t you just wish your like let me just focus I want toread right the ship because it’s already the end of Augustpeople are thinking about school.Yes, you know gettingat least at the time of year like I remember. >> Being at the end of summeras a little kid and I would look at the Y M magazine yeah,I would circle, I mean I never did anything with it but Icircle outfits now that I thought were cute right circle,things that like September’s a good time. Yeah. Yeah, justlike books and movies and television shows I feel likebeauty products. We want right, yeah, they shun UT and healthand those are 2 really important start way I guessmore beauty at. Let’s say okay this stuff is called bio oiland you really get it for scars are you know, I used it when Iwas pregnant stretch marks the but I’m telling you what is asecret one my opinion, what is that it’s great sorry that it’sgreat to use it as a lotion because it smell smells and Ithink right when you get out of the shower a lot of well, Iknow you look at the end of the show and waste races and alsolittle easier to ocean bio bio oil, when you get a you get itat target or walmart walmart or or scars Amazon dot com andjust on the Vince and even scheme put on your face or thatbody everybody I just use of the Biden I love this for facequickly and I don’t know why this is sunscreen but to us.This is sentenced crane called good for us.It’s so clear and I use it onmy kids to seen sunscreen by super group and its tow tuckthe ball has been cent. I think that’s great yes, it’sby super super good at. All right so a lot of good. Hahabird. >> So mine is I just feel likewhen I think of health and beauty I was think about likehow to start the day that you feel good because it the daythe beginning of the day is off yeah, it’s all crummy so each morning I started makingthe specialty that made for you and it’s simple to make it easyas pie, but it’s so good so I always get up first thing.I open my eyes, I get a bottle of water, I drink it down thewhole I think to me that and by the way I have to tell you ifyou were to ask me a couple of questions before I have thewater and after I feel like you have clarity like your bodyhasn’t had anything it’s just going right before the coffeeor before that he has then after that Cup I make a teaseso I by these frozen ginger, cubes a settlement trader Joe’sor whatever, those of them those little things and if youflip it over which I didn’t they have a little square.So you just drop one in you get a jet ginger lemon tea and thenyou get a part of 11 and you squeeze it in there and thenyou just mix mix mix and then take honey and or scored inthere mix it up.And it’s like a cleansing sometimes I dowithout the honey which is kind of yucky how but it does getits June yet ginger lemon and then after that Cup, then Ihave coffee but it’s a lot hydrating but I was reallyreally good and then I do are calming that we do and then youwrite in your journal writer and I feel like okay that wasand how much time that take while the water is boiling.I was listen to something inspirational so I feel like sowhile that’s going I’m they they have this like there’s a100 prayers, this one book so and they talk about grace andwhatever so I listen while it’s boiling when it’s done boy nottake my things out I drink it I think like I feel like all youneed is and that’s all in 10 minutes, I 40 my changing myokay, speaking of trends and you know how trend that justpopped up this year, it’s called I yoga and evidentlyPaul mccartney’s a huge fan.I guess exercises with hiseyeballs apparently he says that it leads to good vision.He learned this from a Yogi years ago and even in the 70’sshow. He don’t wear glasses, he doesn’t need glasses.I want to know what his parents at how the what I’d like toknow it was so here’s how he does it so you’re supposed tosit with your head perfectly still like looking straightahead, okay, and then look as far up as you as you can countfor the count of 3, 1, to Ray and then look all theway down down. Out won. And then sideways and do it without the X ratingus in just a bit like your your head to any I don’t know ifyou’re putting up mascara haha anyway all right so today dotcom did speak to an eye doctor who says it can’t hurt andbenefit to do in Iowa are likely but I strangely nobody’sever study this before it’s very odd I think it’sinteresting Larry I yeah anyway all right so if you want betterhealth any doctor will agree that a good night’s sleep isessential and often that’s hard to come by the matter whatprofession, you’re in a house that we talked to an expertabout how to maximize your sleep and how but first weasked former staffer to sure there’s last 60 Minutes beforebad how to see if their nighttime routines could useimprovement, I think they probably do take a lot.>> Okay, it’s about 6.30 justabout an hour before bed time for my 2 kids alexan Juliaaround this time, we’re wrapping up dinner and Alex isdoing his homework is practicing reading I’m sittingon the couch Everglades are hanging out and having a littledessert. The 7.30 now time to get these 2 kids in bed they’rein their pajamas and we usually like to end the day with thestory. If you’re about to read before bed, I it was that highreal full. Time is such a good choice okay, so is it a lot andI’m going to make some tea. I usually take the fish oil.And I’m easy is probably an hour before we get into bed andI need to say it. We’re just eating takeout nightthough, so yeah, it’s an hour before my bedtime will turn thelights a little bit and watch some TV for about 45 minutes,this is around the time they usually look over everythingfor the next show and then I had to bet myself just an earlywake-up call I’m checking some emails, let me know we’rethinking about stuff that we didn’t do so we start doingthem.>> It was bedtime I’m layingdown. I have my eye mask team on in my ear plugs. I have agreat TV on and I’m also Washington talks at the sametime. they doing the right things fora good night’s sleep. We asked doctor, Rebecca Robin fat. >> Very question, she’s ascientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and has someadvice for our staffers and really for all of us all of youcheck it out. >> Rebecca welcome welcome.It’s good to see you good morning, it’s great to see youboth thank you for having me we’re having to have you let’stalk let’s start with Alanna okay so a lot of seem like shedid a great she put the kids to bed and then she started doingher homework because yeah, they have to work that you haveto work so what what could she have improved upon. >> Well a couple things I loveabout this but I’m routine are first and foremost theconsistency as a time that she knows she’s starting to get thekids ready for bed.And that time routines and consistentroutines are crucial for all of us but particularly ourchildren and before bed time we really want to pack those 60Minutes, the things that are soothing and relaxing to us sothat I think is absolutely fantastic. >> Okay now is they’re set timekids should be getting to bad. Yeah, I mean different age kidsbut let’s say, you know school age children in elementaryschool.How many hours of sleep a night should they be getting. >> By and large children needas much sleep as they can get more sleep helps. The supportsa healthy development, the House to other positiveoutcomes and one of the biggest guess that we can give ourchildren is keeping pet times consistent, the averagechildren and parents see consistency is really keybecause that man, our brains are bodies start understandwhen you’re supposed to be tired. And when we’re supposedto be alert will cause the faster if we keep ourconsistent is consistent.>> And all right porsa day hahaso said we got our eye mask on and she was going to bed put onyour plate also hung with friends which what we love thatbut she also had tiktok video she okay, yeah, there’s goodand bad tell. >> And there’s good and badhere so let’s start with the guide now having to start andfinish eating about 3 or 4 hours it sounds like beforebedtime is perfect that’s great for all of us to think aboutI’m kind of starting to finish being done with eating aroundthat time. She’s also socializing and chatting withfriends and masks have us whether it’s our family membersour spouse or loved ones. You really want to think abouthappy memories here are really kind of stepping away from thatday and really feeling that evening with positive energy.Now things that could be improved with a routine are thefollowing the use of great television and the same timetiktok is something that we could probably improve their 2things going on here.The first is the bright light of thetelevision and what’s not what God is doing is actuallygetting our brains, a physiological que like the sunwe go outside in the morning were energized. But brightlight from the television is actually giving our brainsacute to come away. So perhaps you could think about doingsome to the television watching a little bit earlier in theday. Now the other aspect of her routine that could beimproved when she’s really close to bedtime is usingsocially and in specifically to talk because there are so manybeautiful videos and images on those platforms that it’sactivating all the wrong parts of the brain are trying to bepowering down eyes I parts and we want to run a about thestudent things that she could to your son.You know ameditation or injury or >> or something to us from acouple of seconds left we wanted to pay to get throughthe rat can yes or no yeah Channing she dressed he which Ithink is probably good. >> He is a great thing to dobefore bed time, especially if you’re have a little bit of asweet tooth and you’re inclined to be reached for some sweetstoo close to bedtime having a teen status, a greatsubstitute. >> Okay, okay, what about greenat we love her so a lot of people feel this way they haveto work they realize that their day and you know at G 8dementia years, yeah, so she had and at some point and thenshe’s also in and bad working thoughts on that.>> 2 things here going on sowhen we eat dinner to close to that time within the hour perreally starting to the body is going to be digesting themwe’re going to try to be powering down. So having dinneras early in the night as possible is one things you canimprove on a second piece is emailing from bad we reallywant to keep our bats assess special places where we sleep,it’s where we relax and then all of our technology out ofthe bed and out of the bedroom, ideally all right, hey, thankyou so much, we appreciate Rebecca. >> All right we need that goodadvice there and for more tips on how to get a better night’ssleep you can go to today dot com slash sleet. >> First of all thank you somuch for talking with us just a kind past but I want to hearabout the first time just you slam and what it felt like whatit meant to you. Take the fact that that.>> Absolutely so the first timeI really remember those joining us team when I was 10 yearsold, I think that for me was really the moment, I just fellin love with this idea, becoming a swim I should haveto prove, I’m the only girl missing or legs. I am veryaware of that. I sit down in a chair to take off way too heavylittle prosthetic legs and I crawled on my knees to the edgeof the pool. And I just jumped in and I I just instantly lovedit I think for me the water has always been a place of freedomsafety, but also really really strong and capable, even thoughI am the same likes.>> And fast, but as her momwatching her find this place bike as she just said that madeher feel free because I feel like to watch as her as herparents. >> It was an exciting reallyseen a slam and her grandparents pool and theapplication. So show up for work issues very that all, butwhen she found this teen she really learned about the sport,she not different strengths tension. I kind of have toshe’s always been athletic so Tuesday gymnastics, but findingsomething that was wind damage for me it’s a safer manner andthen she got to clean water. She just really tough to thatshe loved it and push to ensure he says she got to come aremade and I’m so happy for her. >> I so I can’t help but thinkyou joined a team like you know, and you also emptyingreally when you what 10 and then by 12 you’re in theParalympic games. I mean 2 years later and the most of inthis moment, where you’re like this is more than just be. >> I really like to win andthey really Ted it is the end.I mean not the sum of the teamthat are like I had to work extra hard, but I had alwaysshow up and get a 110% because they didn’t I wouldn’t make itto this these practices and I really love going to this thisum team just because you know I I was home schooled I’m one of6 kids. I always loved the social aspect and thecompetitiveness of others they compete with other kids so Ishowed up and I need 2 strokes at the time I could not even dobutterfly backstroke that took about a year to learn.I didwork really my technique, just because not having a kick.I really like my core, my upper body strength so to make theteam when I was 12 shocked everyone I think even shockedmyself a little bit. But also the same time like I just kepttelling myself I was going to make the 2004 Paralympic team and somehow I did I wasfreestyler only at that time now is to offer strokes.But I just had this to such determination to just prove toeveryone that I can do it and I think even stems from myadoption just wanting to prove that I was worthy that I wasnot fun. I found a place I felt like I could do that in and Iexcelled in something 23 medals later you’re going back to yourface. >> Games to still get that Iknow of excitement you know that kind of pinch me momentfeeling when you’re competing.>> I do that’s what I live forI was really list for the racing. The moments in thoseraces where it’s just everything slows down eventhough you’re swimming as fast as possible. I as we train forhim right now living out of the Olympic compared the trainingcenter here in Colorado. And a year ago, I left my mynewlywed has been to come out here and train and just reallytry to you know just the sacrifice of just as you andstill capable outs none, 29 and definitely a veteran myshoulders hurt a little bit more to it than they did when Iwas 2016 that I just I still love for it and I think it’sall this and still learning and enjoying it. I think it’s soworth it to continue. how to pay the co fear adoptionthat some things you need to know she’s an area she was born witha rare condition. And to be amputated. I know that here. It won’t be easy. >> It might not be easy, butyou know the amazing. I can’t wait to be sure.>> I was watching the SuperBowl and your commercial actors like balling crying, holding myhand my haha what was that experience like for you becausethis is your story it was so beautifully top told that youlived it, you know what was it like to see that that come to light. >> It was just a very specialmoment, especially for just like it was such a but thecombination of so many things that she had gotten an offersuccesses like on this one commercial, a private familyand I love her and her daughter and it just all came togetherso we say we’ll takes to hit up for for the actual in Friday’sminutes that she’s going not only on us and our family, butso many different families out there and you know so it’s it’sbeen really special, it’s not.>> Jessica what was it like foryou. >> Akash I want to talk careteam has already wondering. It was really healing, I wouldsay was incredibly healing but also the same time it was sonervous that I live my life, I know the pain, the sacrifices, thesurgeries, all of the moments that people get to see thatpeople see the success and they see the medals and they see theawards. But that really captured justkind of the whole thing breaking the top to from anorphanage trading put out by a 6 year-old girl and they gotinto an incredible family, but action still like it washard you know there are moments where there were no answers asto why was I get that that wasn’t my legs and my parentseven that they did an incredible job just alwaysanswering those questions because they think I asked like10 times a day.She was just hard to comprehend and I thinkyou know my my little sister Hannah who was the miracle babycame after pence adopted my brother and I and the restshould just the same orphanage. She had likes right so there’sa lot of questions a lot of confusion. So it was so beautifully donethe even just the locker room scenes getting to see it cometogether. I was a part of all of it. But I would saydefinitely the last scene I was shocked that maybe 2 or 3 timesjust because we captured it I really I swam up to that thatpart in the last seen and I got to look at the 2 people whoplayed make sure in sand pits actors who look like make sureit’s back then and I just try to put myself inthat and that is it like that spot like how they got thephone call because growing up my whole life I thought it wasgiven up for adoption.The scene that excitement on myparents taste like we get her we get this little baby fromSiberia it was just like. This is so cool, I never eventhought of it like this so when I smile they push off on thatwas all very real and only shot at a few times. It was sobeautiful. commercial but we don’t get tosee some of the pain that that the surgeries talk about thattalk about what it was like as a little girl.>> Yeah, it was so hard like soat the heart, you know I think when I look back on mychildhood, those in ways that I don’t rememberjust because there was so much pain right and I think swimmingwas truly a way that I just felt that that freedom from allof the surgeries and the pain. It was hired by little legsahead of that with 3 toes on each leg. I want to. Yeah,those wealthy with 3 toes were amputated when I was 18 monthsold and I was walking around in acouple weeks in these little prosthetic legs in I think forme it was never just want one and done I just had to overcomeonce was.I want to make room to teach the phone and growing.I had to go back in for surgery and I remember just beingreally really scared. But also exactly what to do because a 3year-old due to crawl on top the operating table, it wascold and I still remember the smells and are so sweet it waslet me bring in the period and some tea into the operatingroom was fall asleep, and wake up and a lot of pain. They’restraining to see after the surgery is you know Ihad to learn how to really walk all over again it was an entireprocess and I’ve had.Dozens of surgeries on eachleg, if you got the right like 10 it was the last I think mydetermination always came from just it was an option to quitbecause if I had quit if I had given up in those moments Ireally don’t know where I was when I knew I had to getthrough it. I moved I didn’t fully understand why they thinkthat’s something I’ve really worked on his is finding my whybut at the time of year 6 years old 7, 8, 9, 10 going back infor surgery. I was I had no choice but topress on and I will say this is so cute and mom you can correctme. His request to keep you on stopping the movie. And she wasthe girl who believes she could do anything. I have it readyfor me in my recovery group always had the last thing forme. >> So the fact that that youwere doing these things that were just unbelievable allsupply and pain that no parent wants to see their childspecial 5 that’s what was it like for you all.>> In the staff of all maybe wea plan for centuries and when that happened but going throughit of course is part of the in so that they were sent to methat the implication we expected so we’re dry up andstill get a call. And little feat that she had like it’sreally part of the state is like you know really sick whenshe comes you not in front of her.So it’s actually using ita piece of that is you get up and went off with a all of theother surgeries when expected so they just she carried morethan its children to and they happen to be search race.So we just I just like to see that we just had to get to itso we prayed and we cried and we other hand we so hospitalmeetings and we just did it so it was that the company alsojust a quest to capture. >> And Jessica, I know you lovebeing part of this big family lots of stipulations what waswhat was that like. >> Yeah, it really feel like Iwon the Jack I I loved it I look back on mychildhood and I just think how just incredible and speciallywas we were that crazy family 6.But if and home-schoolfamily, but it was so what so beautiful and she just had it.The space and time to grow up slowly and I think that wasreally special that was one thing that can’t always what itwas just for us too just be really close and knew I had anamazing big sister, a brother. We’ve got a job she was adoptedfrom the same orphanage and then it was really wild onehand I came because Hannah America is she killed theuniverse and I just remember thinking who is this littlething.I wasn’t sure about her. But now, I mean she’s my bestfriend I love her and then Gracie came in, you know, Ihave 4 sisters and 2 brothers ages, it’s it’s find chaoticincreasing its stake in its the best, you know it’s funny Idon’t actually look like everyone but I have so many ofthe same mannerisms and I truly feel like it was exactly what Iwas meant to be and it’s yeah it’s the best thing. >> And do you ever think I’mcertain you have about what would have happened if your momand Dad taking my call. Yeah, it would have been reallybad. >> And I think that’s one thingI really have a passion and a heart for the A’s. And I reallywant to to help orphans and good morning to adoption.My husband and I we talked about adoption.And it’s been aslow process tonight the U.S. air up here to talk aboutadoption and some of the team in N not you know just justpeanuts and you know questions that will probably never beanswered, you know, even my mom about in 2014, I went back tomy mom and she married my birth father, and 3 children after meand there’s still a lot of questions that just were neverreally and said you know just translations staff, but my lifejust very different, you know that’s really hard to seebecause sometimes it’s the heart aches for whatcould have been but also it’s like I love exactly where I amand it’s really hard to heal. Just kind of got to stay in themiddle and just being thankful them along, but alsounderstanding where my roots came from and that may be thatRussian determination. This incredibly special to me by mybest mom that was really hard. I’m probably the hardest thingI’ve ever done and also to know that I look like her and itjust why I think you can go back to the Super Bowl just itpeople got to see that my life.I don’t know how many peopleknow that I got to go back and meet my birth mom now, thefather of 3 children for 3 siblings that. >> So I’m what was that whatwas that like I mean what was that moment when you first sawthat. >> When I first sister Hannahand this is 24 teams. I think I was 2021 22 some pretty longand you know, I found out aboutthem compete in the 2012 Paralympics I found that whileit was competing and that was very hard, you know, I know mywhole life about my Mommy knew pretty much to tell you youthat should be me touch him and that release touchdown inRussia after like traveling for like days, it felt like only 7it was in that moment was like maybe she doesn’t want to seeme like me like what am I doing and can and I am and shout andstarted like on the elliptical and I think that was on thelookout for 3 hours with my sister just sitting in a chairby me and just had a really process in and kind of get toyou that process the idea that I was going to get to theorphanage, I was adopted to which I was the only personever go back to the orphanage that the woman who can’t likephysically handing over to my dad I got to meet her and shejust kept hugging me and calling me time.And then the morning came whenI got my birth mom and I called my family come in Mom and Dadand siblings and Baltimore and and you want to talk about whatI was doing not just like coming out that you guys Ithink we’re doing o’clock they were doing there like classicmovie night. How you guys even though we Russia and that could lead to thistiny little purple House in Mike, the middle of nowherelike it took us 3 hours to get there in the middle of like theway it was snow everywhere. And I got out I think that wastruly one of the greatest things that ever time and evenmy surgeries in the heating and everything I’m just getting outof that car and going to meet her but I got out.I walked down and you couldhear them crying in the House. He was not in to cry now.So she came out of that porch. I was like don’t slip, I’m justand when she had me it was just this moment. I think it really such asfreedom of just for giving her just you know my whole life Iwas fueled me that I just allowed myself to let me because I think she knew thatthat I don’t think she forgiven herself. I just remember sayinglike this is my mom like my mom, this is why I like not alot of people get to do that or meet that man is special forits be such a good outcome and and that surely legs and talkto Aaron and it was just so incredibly special.>> I can’t even imagine thatdoes take amount of courage and bravery because their nest inpart if you get out, you know than that. But at the sametime. I’m not I’m sure you can’t even imagine what yourlife would be without your family without your mom, yourdad and based your sisters and brothers and you know the factthat they heard okay, she’s going to need all the surgeriesthat you know, she’s our baby we knew that before we matter. >> I think it’s funny I spent II love them or the other supplies like just I mean onthe one that caused my mother like 18 has the day.But I’mlike. I mean the guy say for me in away not going to say. But my life but it didn’treally believe that action we don’t know you know I probablywouldn’t probably around the edges and living on the floor.That’s the reality that you never know. But in 2018 if I made it 18 andthere’s a lot I think people really need to look into thatyou know what’s happening in these orphanages so I haven’treally different and even though its height a strugglebeing adopted because it’s like you still struggle with theband and I’m she loves the first bomb. She took the timeto maybe there’s a lot there but it’s like I swear.I waslike I love you to more than anything as I was Casey is thefamily is but I’m like I just call all the time and it wasjust because I have this extra extra appreciation that they then to rush. One to Russia, Iwent to Russia. I just think it’s really Ithink my dad is just said like just how hard it was when hewas an orphan it’s just my mom says that with the 2 kids that just how hard it was for himwhen he showed up to the life insurance on me for the firsttime. It was a to a process to getall the paperwork and everything just how hard toleave us like to leave us was because he’s like you are mykids and I just think it really doestake such incredible and special people to to want toadopt kids like like we have.>> You know and my mom actuallyboth so this they say that everybody gets their babiesright on time, whoever is meant to be a debate that happensbeen exposed to that is that something new saw happen in your life. >> Yes, definitely I knew.We had 2 children and then we could not have more children orwas simply not. And that just can’t actuallyfelt like that was. Yeah that today we feel like it was acoughing. You know, and then you might relate to a couplewho were children but for some reason and you know we did nothave children for 8 years and in that time we had such adesire for my children and wasn’t paved the figured outthat we really wanted children that would not be adoptedchildren that really.We did you know we are a couple ofbaby so we did me a baby. But we when the children thatreally need to be adopted so we feel like I was of course inall of that and we know that test to come Josh up theirchildren for OS and yes, definitely the time was exactlyright. would think about the fire.If you’re headed to a best games, 23 medals later likethis is your story. >> It’s wild. It’s been a veryemotional tough couple weeks to Tokyo. So this is like the first timereally sitting down just kind of talking about all that youknow I think just processing just how ix howhow you know how proud she would be and I think that’skind of my thought process going into this unite actuallymade the sacrifices coming up here in training in Colorado.My family and a family oriented love, you know all of that soit’s been very high and especially having an extra yearto a two-year I just think when it gets toughbecause it’s going to be tough moments in Tokyo Bay thatthere’s a lot of new things a lot of new protocols a lot ofthings that I haven’t gone through yet at the Paralympics I just keep going back to thatlittle rushing girl who never gave up and I think that’swhat’s going to be through.But also think about the pointin my life I truly know my worth it’s so easy to say likeall of my life I thought they were truly came from thesemetals and sponsorships and world records and everythingthat I was I was doing and that is really hard 14 overall that like you’re was dozencompanies, not all that comes with this at a time like no,like I need to keep winning.And it wasn’t until Beijing in2008 when I kind of and not all that I like I was a worldrecord holder about the bombs and I remember going up to myparents in the stands and just being like I think the firstthing I said was do you guys still love me. I think thatlike shocked my dad still up the air something so easy.We just so crazy because now at this point my life going tookout like a cross medal with the I love that we’re talking aboutthis more just the mental health of you know how silverand bronze are still incredible, yes, I love thecold and that’s what I was going for. But I met withanother goal in my life I am more than enough in maybe Ihave won some gold also like you know if you’re not enoughwithout a gold medal, you’ll never be enough with one and I’m just really thankful for mysupport system I cannot wait to get home and see my has been Ihaven’t seen him for about 3 months.But I mean one time forme the minute. I just I think she would just we’re reallyproud. I’m still something you know there’s a lot of peopleare still swimming. My goal has always been to clear the pelvicmovement. You know I want people to to know the kind ofpicks as much as they to the Olympics and I love thecoverage and you know what people are doingto grow and I hope I played a small part of that. >> They played it that part andwe cannot wait to watch the slant. Also watch what’s next.What do you feel like. I mean I hate sort of hate this questionshould get it in to give back what else I like you saidyou’re more than adults. What I what do you think it’sgoing to happen in the next chapter of your life. >> I know I still tennis untilla twenty-twenty it’s from East makes the best from exercise, Ilove it.If I’m still performing I still really wantto be a part of that and also I really want to a children’sbook and I love I wrote a book with Mister so I love that Ilove public. Speaking and just encouraging others I think inthis world we do get a lot of hope and we do need someone andif I’m not personally give you inspiration to got to try newthings that just pursue your passions and goals and I feellike again, it’s just my job site I remember being a 10year-old girl looking around everywhere. I went the for the Paralympics and notsee another person who look like me. I remember justthinking I was the only person on the entire world that wasmissing to wlex so when I got involved in the Paralympics itwas the first time I started way shorts, it was the firsttime I started just under a sing this thisbody that I was given a half like some other athletics, butI also decided from the early age that I was not going to let this life thatI was given go to waste and I really hope to encourage thenext generation.I’m really excited for the county is nowin what’s to come. >> When you hear that you’re somany little girls heroes like us to your mind. >> Oh my gosh, it’s just thecoolest thing because I know that you know everyone needs tohear everyone needs a little model and you know I thinksocial media can be such a wonderful thing, but also justsuch a dangerous thing with comparisons. And I think that’ssomething I really want to be is just increasing just who youare and the way that you’re in need and I love it because ithas to be confidence purchase.It’s so amazing for girls andwhen I think about the Women’s Sports Foundation for so longand I love what they to encompass, but I’m just gettingcalls active in interest. But that confidence right causeand women have confidence we can truly take on that route. >> We are cooking up someexciting things this week in the brand-new today all daykitchen up next on hashtag cooking some Gaza, we’ll show you how to rescueany Brown spotty bananas with 2 tasty treats chocolate chipbanana bread bars and a banana cream cheese cake that justhappens to be very very.>> Welcome to hashtag cookiethe next time you see some nearly perished super a bananasitting on your counter wondering what will become oftheir existence like we get thrown away today, don’t tossthem please save them. Rescue despite bananas hashtag safedespite an and and make these recipes I’m going to show you 2of my favorite ways to use those super right bananasitting on your counter white chocolate chip banana breadbars and my banana can pick that happens to be day 3. Let’s get hashtag cooking. Just for one 2nd. OK I want youto forget about this microwave packets of oatmeal we’re goingto give me a glamorous moment with these talkative than anhour.But first I’ve already preheated my oven to 375degrees and now ongoing to do is prepare. So what I’ve done here inGreece it was coconut oil, shore pressure paper doesn’tsay right, we’ve got Hank here, I’m just going to stick itright into the pan, the cooking oil helps it stick great.So that’s nice make sure we’re hitting all of the edges of thepan. And what’s nice is that we arecreating these flaps OK FOX are really nice because when it’sdone baking will be able to easily list that are out of thepan and have our bars already.What’s great about using superright bananas and recipes as other naturally a lot sweeterand a lot easier to mash into different recipe just got tohear. We’re rescuing them for givingthem a second life second chance at life. They love us for this duringthe peels away. I so see you later, OK and now we’rejust going to Nash. This is kind of where you canget your aggression of the day out. Into these bananas okay. I want to match them untilthey’re really nice and smooth and like I said because they’rea bit write for it’s going to be a lot softer and easier tomash not to mention it’s going to impart a lot of that reallynice we write flavor of the bananas into this virus. And because they’re super rightwe’re actually not going to use a bunch of sugar to sweetenthis rescue because it’s going to pull a lot of that naturalsweetness from the bananas a vacant seat and author yourbananas a a really take your time.It’s like okay, I want no banana to feel onmashed want to feel all gloves andmashed okay. All right. >> And you can use a potatomasher here if you have that if you like that utensil for yourlife, I’m just using a fork because you know what forparks, a civil. So this is looking pretty good.I have to compliment myself on my mashing abilities lookspretty smooth and now we’re just going to work on the restof our increased it’s all right. In this recipe, I’m using 2eggs, some across those both here. I want to be that type ofperson that does like the one hand it. I’m not I’m not that person, OK now I’m going to whisk theeggs in the van and us together.So everything is nice andsmooth. This every Oaks what a nice man as an ex wastogether they look nice and smooth really happy in there. >> Now I’m gonna add lineupother so I’m actually using peanut butter here, but if youhave a cashew butter at home, if you cause an almond butterthat’s totally fine you do you whatever not butter is your carbringing your pantry I know I have a million because I have aproblem but can you spot.A site that Street in there. The mix that in and then and I melted andcooled coconut oil. My vanilla extract and if you haven’t noticedalready the best part about this recipe other than givingyour sad bananas a second life is the fact that we’re makingeverything in one bowl. Like you can thank me later forthe less dishes that you have to do in your life. Okay, I’mjust using a touch of coconut sugar and add that in there and thensome maple syrup it’s going to really give thisnice warm cold and flavor to Now that makes all my wetingredients together I’m going to grab my oatmeal the star ofthe show.It’s about to be superglamorous at it straight in here. Along with some sentiment. I love cinnamon I think it’samazing that you can tell you is another spice if you want.The news may be an option. You like that better, I’ll leave that to you and then something about it. Then, and makes everythingsuper. Make sure everyone just it becomes friends. Sure we grabbed the edges, thesize of the pool incorporated really nicely. It’s all for good. Just wait till Sunday that’sgood stuff. Now finally, this is a bit ofthe dessert for breakfast, a moment, but I like to reallycapture in all aspects of my life, the chocolate chip in afull season, I will add I don’t measure these with anything butmy soul, that’s just how I choose tolive my life but again you live your point you want to livehere is the full that it ends you’re probably wondering likeso why do you have some of these leftovers because I wantto save some for the top because for me, it’s not lessis more when it comes to chocolate not to think of it wielding this in nicely until all the top chips arejust in national then there we wantthem to be cozy.Perfect, I love myself for beingprepared and got our freshman line, Penn medicine at Streetinto there so with this up. I don’t I mention this but thisis my workout for the day is this movement right here allright. So we’re going at this rate inthere. And everything out scrape the sides. I gotta cannot we’ve got to putit behind me so sad. And then I’m just going tospread it out throughout the pan.So it’s nice and evenly dis you because I M e I’m going to add some morechocolate chips on top. This first medics take nicephotos of my food also really fun to make a presentable andit’s pretty to pretty to eat but not because we will beneeded okay and then the last the last thing that I want todo is a ban on top this is againsurely for we need to have some nice PICSmy photographs and that’s fine. That’s again how I just live mylife so I’m gonna do is just cut it right at thetip. The banana slices straightthrough like this. I’m just going to peel this offlike they normally would then you’ve got 2 perfect has. >> It’s pretty easy. It’s straight out to place it on. >> To my bar, us. The other half. And then at one more for themiddle. Ahead, and again the only on myfinger. We didn’t want to be okay. It’s straight down the middle. And it’s Kyle. There are going to mess withdown nicely want to feel secure wants tofeel at home.And now I’m just going to add alittle dusting of cinnamon on top a partially because I love sonand then and partially because they wantto really nice. And now we’re going take alittle journey in the oven for about 20 to 25. Hope you enjoy your time inthere. All right, we’ve let it coolfor about 10 minutes and now see this why we love beingprepared with the parchment paper we get to this lift thisstraight out of the pan. And then there’s no bar that’sbeen left behind okay so the best thing aboutthese bars other than the fact that we’re saving so manybananas lives is that they’re super portable so I’m justgoing to slice them into little bars.They take them on the go. >> We’re going to also have anice sit-down Oprah moment, hope you choose whatever youlike to do. I love the corner sums one ofthose people. I don’t know why this crispy caramelized edgesso good. and now remember thesechocolate chips that it’s safe for the top, see this is why. >> I’m also going to just alittle bit of powder sugar just to get that nice contrast. It there. Wilson the rest of my Barnes it’s really pretty a little heavy handed overthere. Okay so time to take a fewpictures of it and that powdered sugar thatcan chocolate chips on for nothing.>> Really getting the shot. A little video. Inside okay, you know what I thinkwe’ve got the shot. It’s my time to taste. This so good. You know, it’s really niceabout this is well it’s not too sweet, so it’s really great ifyou like it’s even out a little drizzleof honey on top maybe a little more peanut butter almondbutter, whatever you have to kind of create this nice sitdown. No moment at home, it’s like banana bread but it’sa little more textures from the oatmeal and then you’ve got thechocolate chips that are totally giving it its likecookie, dough by. I wouldn’t cook it overbreakfast and I am kind of. >> This is inspired me and Ihave a lot more right than it is my kitchen, so I think wemight have to make my banana cream cheese cake, I got theingredients.OK do you want to knowsomething crazy about this use case. >> You don’t have to bake it.No ovens are involved, but just going to pop into the freezerto make it which kind of means it’s a cross between an icecream bar and a chance. 2 things I really can’t live mylife without.So let’s make it the first thing they do isprepare my pan with parchment paper so what I’m gonna do.It’s just line it straight into the pan and creating theseflaps on the side so that it can be super easy to lift thatshe take up after it’s done everything and just like that. And now it’s ready. The finalminute. So this press is going to bereally nice texture is going to be a little friendly to crispybecause it’s going to have a really nice thing is going togo on top of it. I wanted to create that contrast everythinghas to come together in this process are starting with some raman saysthe base this isn’t to get that really nice crispy crunchy tothe crest it’s going to cost.And now to sweeten the crest upwe’re going to use some good. I loved it’s a thermos kind themaple kind of case are going to use it this gives you a reallynice caramel sweetness of the cost and also it’s going toallow it to be a little bit sticky and viable so we canactually just stick it straight into our pan. And now we’re going to add alittle bit of creamy almond butter. You can also use of peanutbutter that’s what you have on hand totally fine with me. I want to get you a bit of melted and cooledcoconut oil going in there as well. A touch of vanilla extract and then I like to use a littlepinch of salt that he’s going to bring out that naturalsweetness create a bit of a contract. >> I’m just going to scrapedown the sides just to make sure nobody is caught nobody isleft behind. And process it. >> Looking good. We want to befrom Billy, but there’s also going to be some of thosepieces that remains now it’s time to just pack it in.This precious Crest preciouscargo at least and then now I’m going to do is just precedentto my pan. And you want to make sure it’sevenly distributed throughout the entire pan and you can kindof see that it’s sticking together as I tend to pack it. This is going to serve as areally nice home for creamy it’s going to be really happysitting on top of here. We don’t want the edges of thespan to feel in love we want to cross to be in there too somake sure you’ve got those corners as well. I think this looks pretty goodif I ask myself we’re done packing the pressinto the pan and I’m go grab the ingredients for filling. at water until they’re nice andsoft you’re not going to believe howcreamy this Tuesday going it’s going to be starting with ourand so cash is going straight into a blender we’re following it up with somecoconut milk, I’m using full-fat coconut milk herewe’re not messing around with a low fat kind.Perfect for a really rich andcreamy she’s going and I think this is a reallygreat time to mention that this is a non-dairyrecipe, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all of younon-dairy folks out there rejoice because this is foryou. Time for a banana or start. The rescued it from its fate inthe trash, perhaps. That’s straight in there. This breaking it up so it’s thethings you want. And now trying to go in withour maple syrup the right than Anna is reallynice because it superspy already but the maple syrup isjust going to pull it all together. I really like using awheelchair care because it’s a really nice warm in cold incontrast to those of rich and creamy cash.A little touch of vanillaextract. We’re going to add some meltedand cooled coconut oil. Now we’re gonna some lemonjuice is super important because he got rich and greedy.It’s like the caches in the full coconut milk we want thelemon juice to get that thing and really thought out hisfortune gradients. Using this to catch the seats.At home, you can even just putyour fingers underneath the lemon and then catch theseason, your hands a little CI why and then to balance everythingout balance that sweetness bring it out a little bit Ilittle pinch of salt. Now it’s time to what. >> You just really cannotbelieve it’s so smooth and so creamy on the show you a littlepeek. We’ll get that it tasted alittle and see if I think it needs anything. I’m not a little more lemonjuice a little more salt. >> You can totally justice toyour liking I just like a little more say and that’s allit’s going to really bring up that sweetness once again. My fresh food to taste one moretime. Perfect, now it’s time for this failingto find a home on top of our best and they’re still doing inthis. I got my special. This is precious to waste it. Now I’m just going to make surethat space and smooth. You could even tap it a littlebit to distribute it like this.Make sure hits all the edges. I like to pretend to cost solittle bit with the toppings can use whatever you’d like,but I’m the USO sliced on this straight on top. And a little bit of cinnamon. And finally just a little pincha flaky sea salt okay, don’t be mad at this nowwe have to wait a little bit we’re going to put this in thefreezer for 5 hours. But I promise you it is going to beworth it not just to cover it with some plastic wrap. Tech to it goes into the freezer it’s kind of long journey. >> The patients is so worth it.I’m so excited about this just going to remove my plasticwrap. >> Look at that. We almost don’t deserve it. This is why the parchment paperflaps are the best it just lifted straight out of the fanlike this. Now I’m going to slice theminto little cheese take far as what you can also do is slicethem into fingers as well if you want more of a fights icenot.Go ahead for the full picture,the full bar. This, I just have to show you can youbelieve that there’s no during this that’s for me this is my place. I am so excited to get to this. Here I go. ‘s simply not even there.It’s so creamy and such a great way to use thenearly perished in that this was sitting on your counter. Creamy you would never have anyidea there was an area of this.What I really wish equity allthese myself and I probably would but it’s. >> The little nice the Senatepictures of some friends and see if they want to have some. They usually do no one reallyever since now, I mean why would you what makes us so good. In the middle of something elseis and such a good friend. The face because what I broughtyou. If your favorite banana creamcheese cake, I mean there was a I did the same thing. Where does this movie on top ofit. >> We are bad, I’m Anthonycountry know and it is time to get saucy we’ve got a brand newkitchen, a new episodes coming your way this summer tune in totoday all day Mondays at 11:00AM.>> I want them to today all daylive special covid in the classroom, a guide tounvaccinated kids as millions of unvaccinated kids prepare tohead back to school. Parents educators and the public havemany unanswered questions about what this school year will looklike and how we can make it as safe as possible. That is whytoday we’ve assembled a team of experts with one goal in mindto help you prepare to safely and confidently send your childback to school before we need our panel of experts take alook at the facts as we know them now. >> A shoulder and head back tothe classroom, a new school year bringing new covidconcerns through a 700% increase in overall us casessince July with the more contagious Delta variantresponsible for the most new covid cases nationwide thebiggest concern is that the virus will continue to take itwell and that it could become more didn’t work in the room inresponse more efficiently, those at risk, the unvaccinatedincluding children under the age of 12 who are not yeteligible for a shot.>> It’s idea that childrendon’t get infected. Children don’t transmit it’s not thecase with Delta. >> According to the Departmentof Health and Human Services pediatric hospitalizations forCOVID-19 have rapidly climbed in the past month. >> It got children in the ICUage range from 2 months to 16 years. For for you know forfiling late or any given time. >> The FDA granting fullapproval to the Pfizer vaccine bolstering New York City’sannouncement that Department of Education employees must getvaccinated. >> We know this is going tohelp ensure that everyone is >> Other states like Kentucky,Illinois and Connecticut, safe.Mandating masks in classroomsand based on updated CDC guidance. And in spite ofprotests from parents these masks are not a symbol. >> Of anything other than themprevention and protection to politicize this is quitefrankly. >> Hitting a new low allefforts to keep children learning in person after morethan a year away from school for some. >> The best way to get studentscaught up to happen in the classroom, learning with theirteachers with their peers, let’s all do our part to getour students back in school they’ve been waiting. >> And as so many of you havequestions today so we’re going to dig and so we’re joined nowby NBC News senior medical correspondent doctor Jon Torresand past president of the American Academy of Pediatricsdoctor Sally goza thank you both for talking with me today.You mentioned back to Torreslet’s let’s start with you one of the main reasons I thinkwe’re in this place at this time is because frankly as kidsgo back to school so many kids under the age of 12 stillhaven’t been vaccinated and a lot of people are eligible forthe vaccine. Obviously most of our kids so how close are we toan approved vaccine and is this something we’ll see in youropinion the school year. >> As you know is the biggestquestion I get from parents almost every day and the answeris yes, I think we’re going to see this this school year andwe’ll see it for a variety of groups and here’s what they’vedone is they’ve essentially divided into 3 groups a dividedit by they’re essentially their weight their body ensured thetheir immune system status so that way they can focus onthose groups right now like you mentioned 12 and above can getthe vaccine.The next group, they’re looking at a 5 yearolds to 11 year-old they’re doing those studies right nowas matter of fact they’re doing all these studies concurrentlyand they’re getting rain right to submit the data Pfizer saidthey think they’ll submit by mid September. And so what thatmeans is probably before Thanksgiving what we will seebrought an emergency use authorization for this agegroup the 5 to 11 year-old but now we have the other agegroups to look at the Knesset 2 to 4 year old and then the 6month to 2 year olds that’s probably more in the early 2022time frames because it does take more time to do thosestudies and the reason it takes time to do these studiesbecause as we always learn and medicine children are not justsmall adults which essentially means we can’t just take theadult dosing say I was cut in half and given to childrentheir immune systems are different the bodies reactdifferently so they have to they have to look and calculatethe variety of doses they need they have to go ahead and testthose doses in human trials and testing intervals to becausepossible the shorter intervals or longer intervals.This isinformation they need to find out what they find that outmaking sure it’s safe and effective the 2 big things wewant those submit that data then the FDA and the CDC willgo through the same steps they went through for the adults andthe 12 and above and again for 5 to 11 year olds were thinkingsometime before Thanksgiving for 42 to 4 year-old probablyearly 2022 6 months a 2 year-old probably more in thespringtime but should happen the school year. >> It’s going from Asian it’salmost a tap dance with his parents, you know we’re anxiousto get it, but at the same time obviously we don’t want to rushthings doctor doesn’t let me bring you in here, I have justfull disclosure of 3 little ones, I’ve twins heading in the4th grade a mile this is heading into 6th grade will be12 on Friday in fact and what everybody I think the hot topicamongst my parent friends if you will I think at first wejust assumed that covid wasn’t as big of a threat to childrenso you know we put our kids mask on we try to keep himoutside for play dates.But the worry wasn’t as strong, I wouldsay as it is now because everybody is worried about thisDelta variant we’re not quite sure if our kids are moresusceptible what is what is the research showing at this point. >> You know no low risk is notnot no risk so children that I’m getting a little long we’vehad over 4 million children with covid and we’ve had 18,000children admitted and close to 407 deaths. So it’s not no riskand this Delta variant is different. It’s it’s morecontagious, which means more children are getting theillness. We’ve had a 180,000 new covid cases in childrenjust from August 12 to August 19. And so we’re seeing this nowand it’s spreading rapidly as is very very contagious.And so that’s the difference >> Well, here’s my questionthen you know a lot of our kids are back in the classroom, Iknow my kids are back in the classroom just like last yearthey wear their mask, you know they have screen face shieldswhen they eat their lunch and things worked pretty well lastyear.But at the Delta variant is more contagious. I feel likea lot of the schools have come pull back just a little bit totry to get a little bit more I guess normalcy if you willshould we be concerned sheriff schools not be pulling back atall if anything it seems like we should be more ramped up aswe head into the school year. >> We believe that will schoolshould be doing the same things they did last year all thoselayers of protection or what’s so important like to call theSwiss cheese and with every layer we put in there. We aredecreasing the risk of our children getting COVID-19.So masking it mandated masking distancing.You know washingtheir hands, good ventilation all of those things are stilljust as important that there is not more than last year. >> One more question for youdoctor goes. Tell me that at this point what are the signswe should be looking out for in children when it comes to theDelta variant because I’ve heard the symptoms kind ofmanifest themselves a little differently. >> You know the Delta variantcould look almost like anything it can be a runny nose that canbe a cough it can be a sore throat it can be a headache itcan be vomiting and diarrhea. So if your child is sick, youneed to keep them out of school and you need to contact yourpediatrician or your doctor, they have a value waited to seewhat you need to do and especially that they had acontact in school but you know what they need to be checkedbecause it can really look like any other virus out there.>> All right, let’s get thismore specific questions from our viewers on this firstquestion is from instagram doctor does it for you, howcommon is long covid and children and for those whoaren’t familiar with the term long covid can you explain whatthat means and how common it is kids. >> Solanco that just means thatthe symptoms are lasting longer than what their quarantine asand lasting into you know a month to 2 months and evenlonger. And we’ve seen that adults there was one study thatactually said there are about 50% of teens and adults thathad long covid a long haul for this. And so it is a concern wereally don’t know how many children are affected by thisbecause we know a lot of children have been asymptomaticwith their covid and so we don’t know the symptoms weresaying that some of these kids or not the fact that they hadcovid that before were never tested for it because they wereasymptomatic and the symptoms are prettybrain fog, trouble, breathing a constant cough chest painmuscle and joint pain headaches, depression andanxiety heart palpitations smell and taste loss which wedo know, I mean I think most people would recognize that asa covid symptoms and sometimes being dizzy with a stand-up ofdizziness and are teenagers.So these are really commonthings we see in teenagers anyway and so it’s it’s reallyhard to know. And our concern is that our children that covidthem were children will see with these long haul symptoms. >> So scared that the tourismto bring you in here, it’s interesting I think I feel likea lot of us who are more nervous this time around thanlast year. No I think it’s because it just feels so withthis variance there’s just so many unknowns let’s get to aquestion from Cheryl in New Jersey. She says our kids thatride the bus to school to and from school at greater risk tocontracting covid that’s a good question.>> It is a great question a lotof kids will be riding the bus and are breaking into 2different segments worth waiting for the bus and thenonce you’re on the bus itself waiting for the bus, notnecessarily because you’re in an outdoor environment, we knowit doesn’t spread that well in the outdoors and soparticularly if you’re not in a crowded bus stop than the riskis very low that anything might pass from child to child, butyou still want them to be safe if it’s a crowded bus stop thendefinitely make sure they’re wearing masks and socialdistancing as much as possible once they get on the bus thinkabout any other type of transportation a subway anairplane anything like that you’re in a closed environment,especially the windows open.And so all the children shouldbe masks and hopefully the children are in the cord or apod where they’re on the same bus with the students are inthe same classroom with that school day long and that weknow doesn’t spread between these positives courts so therisk does go up but it can be minimized in the way tominimize it. Our to make sure they’re seated separately apartthey have social distancing if you can open the windows openthe windows to make sure ventilation is going throughthe bus and definitely wearing masks Chanel can’toveremphasize how important it is especially while they’re onthe bus and they’re that close environment and then again ifsomebody on the bus has some type of symptoms. If we thinktheir covid positive or they look like they might be havingcovid then you need to make sure that others are isolatedcontact tracing all that’s taking place as well to makesure that everybody stays protected not just on the busat school at home as well as you know.>> All right, let’s get to avideo question on that note doctor towards this is a videoquestion from Jamail take a listen to this. >> As the cuts are part of ourquestion team would be how often should the schools allowchildren to receive breaks from wearing the mask, especiallythose students who have underlying health conditionssuch as asthma or bronchitis. >> Another good question. >> Yeah, this is a fantasticquestion. She went out to the Olympics in for 20 hours.I wore this thing and so I understand how you need breaksevery now and then especially for children and the youngerthe children are the more they’re going to be breaks andit depends on your environment to if you’re in the hot humidenvironment which is where we were in Tokyo for this can betough to have on the whole day long so you need to make surethey do have breaks and the best way to do that is to havethose breaks outdoors if they’re in recess and aresocially distance and there aren’t that many children outthere that they don’t necessarily need to have maskson that’s a good place to have a break for them and just doingthat throughout the day, especially BC them beinguncomfortable, no masks or they’re fidgety with theirmasks a lot or even sneaking taking them off every now andthen now as far as the children have asthma or bronchitis ifit’s not active at the time if there has is under control tobronchitis is under control than they should be wearing amask as well just like other children, but if they’re havingsymptoms of having shortness of breath.They need to be able totell somebody that so they should be he should let themknow if you’re having issues tell your teacher tells staffmembers there that you need to take the mask off and then makeaccommodations to make sure you do take it off. But theimportant part is twofold here one is wearing a mask but alsomaking sure they wear that mask by giving them appropriatebreaks best way to do that Chanel simply go outside.>> Absolutely doctor does it isvery easy to understand why so many parents perhaps watchingus right now would say you know what this is too much. My kidis staying home will do remote learning one more year, I don’tcare but at the same time. We’re experts say it’s soimportant for kids to go back to the classroom, it feels likesuch a tap dance what’s the answer here. >> You know the American TVactresses strongly stated that we feel children should be anin-person learning at all possible, but it has to be donesafely and just like we’ve been talking about those childrenthat are eligible 12 above should get vaccinated and awhite mask.They should be courting just like we wereturned back over to you on the bus and cordoning in theclassrooms they should not be gathering in large groups atthe school and they should be washing their handsconsistently, but children have missed a lot by not being inschool, you know some children have trouble having access tothe Internet. They can focus on what looking at a computerscreen that’s very difficult, you know, and so and they missthe social emotional interactions and so it isreally critical that we do everything in our power to makethe school safer for our children can be back in schooland parents can feel comfortable sending theirchildren to school and so it really boils down to makingsure we put all of those interventions that are havebeen talked about so many times in place in our schools.>> Well hearing what you guysand there’s been a little bit of controversy with someparents, not wanting their kids you know to wear masks butafter hearing what you guys have talked about it seems evenmore importance of doctor Torres doctor goes to thank youguys so much for your time. Today. Absolutely we know doctorTorres by the way will be sticking around in just a bitcoming up next. We’re answering the number one covid questionwe receive will get to that. Plus later NBC consumercorrespondent Vicky Wynn will join us to reveal her take thisis a good one on the best masks for your kids stay with us.Welcome back to it today allday live special covid in the classroom guide to unvaccinatedkids we’re continuing to answer all of your questions todayabout what this school year will look like and how it willaffect your loved ones, your lives and your wallets, NBCNews investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Wynn hasbeen at the forefront of this discussion. Thank you so muchfor joining us today, hey, it’s great to be here with youshould melt, absolutely so here’s the deal there are a lotof unexpected costs for parents last year you talk aboutlaptops and ipads for virtual learning to paying for privatelearning pods and more.What are some money saving back toschool tips you can give parents the struggle is realnow right the National Retail Federation is estimatingparents are going to spend $850 this year on school supplies.That’s up about $60 from last year. So the first thing I wantyou to do before you spend a penny is to call your schooldistrict to find out if they have any electronics for yourchild if they need a laptop or a tablet see if the districtnot just the school has any extras then consider thesecondhand market so that’s sites like swappa trade moregizelle they have great secondhand electronics playedhave a question. Yeah, so what if you’ve never heard of thesites. In the news business and I wouldn’t even know how toeven when you don’t even know what you can do an Internetsearch for Hughes Electronics or gently used electronics.I like the sites because the equipment is that it and also alot of times they offer a warranty so swap a trade warbecause all those are ones you can look for the other thing Iwant you to consider is shopping early because thesooner you can get out there the more selection you have totake advantage of the sales online.But don’t hesitate tobring some of those prices to a brick and mortar store and sayhey can you masses can you beat it, okay all right so we had alot of you are submit questions so let’s get to some of them.The first one is from Kristen on instagram she asked how dowe get information on whether faculty is vaccinated that’s agood question we must provide kids records yet no idea aboutthe staff.Yes, this is a sticky situation if you’relucky. You live in a district like New York City which is thebiggest public school district in the country just yesterdayannouncing they will require vaccinations for all teachersand staff. La unified second largest already made thatrequirement. But here’s the thing it’s okay we talk tolegal experts we talked to medical experts they say it’snot illegal or rude for you to just be direct and asked thequestion sometimes it helps to lead with your own vaccinationstatus, like hey, I’m fully vaccinated they suggested oneway of talking to your educators and school just sayyou know what backs nations are really important to us we justlike to know what the status is of our teachers are the stafffor working with our students. Look people don’t have toanswer, but it’s okay to ask that’s fair. That’s good for alot of things OK so here’s the deal.It’s cool goes back toremote learning this year, how can parents of children,especially younger children who need to be home, how they speakto their boss is about the balance of maybe extending, youknow their work hours and a lot of people who are dealing withthis the schools are ready for the kids to come back, youknow, but sometimes the parents are still working remote.I mean it’s just kind of a tap dance for a lot of peopletotally and we’re still a little bit in limbo that Ithink is a 100% back to normal.So this is a conversation youdon’t want to shy away from having schedule it sooner thanlater but make sure you’ve done your homework look back at whathave you accomplished over this past few months of this year,how productive have you been at You are asking for flexibilitydon’t forget. This is a company work. they want to know what’s in itfor them the good news here is according to monster and linkedin and several other workplace surveys.Flexibility is thenumber one thing that employees want bosses know that there areprobably more willing to accommodate that now that anyother point history because we were all forced to have to workremotely and some people shined and excelled if you are one ofthem and don’t hesitate to highlight those accomplishmentsask for what you need you might not get it all at once ifyou’re asking for 5 days from home asked for 2 or 3 and adevice can we revisit this in a few months and then haveanother conversation so the door is always open it’sconstantly evolving which got to ask for what you need andmake sure you tell them what you bring to the table too.It’s so good.So let’s ask another question this is frominstagram this is a good question. How will schoolsystems keep up with their teacher shortages and busdriver shortages due to mass resignations due to thepandemic yes, this is a very real concern, the NationalEducation Association has said ease chronic underfunding andunderstaffing but the pandemic really exacerbated this.Some districts are getting creative. They’re trying tooffer $2500 signing bonuses for new bus drivers for teachers,some are relying on student teachers who are getting theirmaster’s degrees to come into the classroom, others areasking for their substitute teachers to spend extendedperiods of time in the classroom, you know we heard ofa district in Delaware, they’re giving parents $700 per studentbecause they don’t have bus service really trying to helpoffset the gas and transportation costs allows soyeah, it is a tough time support your school districtsbut realized that schools are trying to be creative about howthey get people back into classrooms, good.We haven’t agreat questions today that has from Carol from facebook shewants to know why hasn’t anyone come up with the shield forchildren, she says it would make things so much easier yescare I think you’re talking about those face shields with alot of them early on, and in the early days, some peoplewere saying well these are affected they provide eyeprotection. But as we’ve learned more and more about howthe coronavirus is Ariz allies and how it can travel there aresome concerns that because the shield only covers sort of youreyes and your mouth, but there are big gaps.They’re notrecommended as a substitute for face masks, but I didn’t bringthis channel we talk about this. Over the year, it’s allof the insight. So this is something that actually worksreally well for teachers of death students are deafstudents where you’re trying to still be able to see whatsomeone saying see their face now. But you know you still get sortof the protection of a mask, so this is made by clear mask.There are other ones out there this was pretty comfortable.They have those for kids so those are for kids on these arefor adults or adults that they don’t have kids sizes case, butthey’re pretty snug fitting and you can always tie it not inthe best idea a lot to take adult massive, they have toenroll to kind of make them tighter yeah because I thinkyou know mom’s a teacher was just retired, sometimes he justcame here their kids right right up there trying tointeract with them because they’re not realize how muchyou look at lips when you’re trying to hear someone saymaybe the little ones have that it could be helped it’sactually it’s easier for the teachers to see what they’resaying easier for the kids to see what the teachers are safethey’re trying to teach them reading for example that’s agood look all right so here’s a good way of a good questionreally of massive going to be you know kids are having towear them 8 hours a day a lot of parents, what masks that arecomfortable, but also effective so you have some I’ve so yourmask every time.Every time Vicki who walks in our studiowith things with attention because you guys do yourresearch yeah, okay, so, this is you know the reallybasic mask that you’re going to see on everybody right for thekids surgical masks, this is a small one it’s made in the ageappropriate size is that they come from protect and but theycome from all sorts of companies that are going to besmall for me, but I just remind parents that you really want tostretch out that child’s mask and make sure it goes undertheir chin and this part you want to lash right againsttheir nose bridge.That’s going to help with the mask, not likeslipping down taking and pitches under their nose, easythat we see that a lot so that good old fashion surgical maskis perfectly fine safe okay, but I would say that you knowcloth masks are also really helpful and useful. Mydaughters have been really over the past year and a half usingthese masks Pike Robert Austin toki and I’ll tell you whatthey like about them.This actually goes completely overyour head right and so when the kids online. It’s just aroundtheir neck. They don’t misplaced them or put them somewatch the event OK again this is small for me, but the othercool thing is you can actually just kind of loop them overyour ears and then it hangs around your neck, so it’s notit’s not tugging on your ears the way some of the traditionalmasks, do stuff that’s a problem for your truck, youwant to try this kind of design options this mast actually thealso goes over their heads. So for like a Tom and that goesover to our my daughter started warning this when she was 4 onthe youngest and it was fine and state short through pre Khad no problems, OK. The other mask, I also like this one ismade by blue cut from but what I like about it is if you dolike the ear loops look for ones that are adjustable sothen it just it’s all about the fit.So the past ask for yourchild is the one your child’s going to where you want toAyers always remember that 2 layer mask. This is goodbecause it’s a nice take cotton weave so I was going to ask youthat because we’re hearing about you know we know and 95are good these are second best is what we’ve heard that we’veheard the cotton is as good. How do we know so I think Imean we look with what the experts have been telling usthe public health experts and epidemiologists the tularecotton mask is very effective, especially what do kids needthese for when they’re in the classroom that typically goingto be about 3 feet away from their classmates.Hopefully theclassrooms windows open when it’s possible they’ve gotbetter ventilation systems and don’t forget kids should havemask breaks all the experts we’ve talked to especially theones have children themselves have said during recess whenkids are outdoors it’s OK to let them take the masks offbecause the risk of getting covid outside is just so lowthe benefit of giving kids a chance to just relax and nothave the mask on out ways that risk it’s different obviouslyif your child has a preexisting health condition that you areconcerned about and have them keep the mask on and honestlykids have been so resilient, I mean I doubt you for yourkids to a 100% holes fast.It’s going to end and I knowthere are a lot of parents who are watching right now yourkids perhaps we’re fully remote last year so this is your firsttime you know, putting the kids back in school. I will tell youmy kids are in school last year. I didn’t get a singlecomplaint and the parents, you know parents of my friendskids or my kids friends. They all say.Kids think I’m playing right we’re almost to the point wherewe told them you know you’re outside you can take them allthe kids would still keep them on my side are like swear inthe car. It I mean it’s really a parents, it’s the adults thatare more in a tizzy about this and I get it you want your youknow chill your teachers to be able to see your children’sfaces I totally understand masks are not forever we’realmost on the other side but vaccinations are going make abig difference kids you can’t get vaccinated that’s whypeople are asking them to wear masks in that, I’m the onethere with other kids because we know they can transmit.But the key is always solid information always get theusual and she.Helpful tips up next. We are answering thatnumber one question we received that’s right after this test. Welcome back to today all daylive special covid in the classroom, a guide tounvaccinated kids we’re back with NBC News senior medicalcorrespondent doctor Jon Torres and now joined by doctor TinaCarol stock board certified pediatrician and medicaldirector at the South Miami children’s clinic to continueanswering your questions thank you both for checking in withus today once again.Thank you. Yeah, we have a lot ofabsolutely we have a lot of video questions on start withour first one doctor Carol Scott this one is for us fromTiffany take a look. Hi this is my daughter Bellashe’s too and she has down syndrome. >> And I have somebody her agewith down syndrome is at greater risk for severe diseaseand death from COVID-19. >> Excellent question. >> Yeah, it is a great questionand we really don’t have a lot of information on kids and downsyndrome and whether there’s increased risk for severedisease with coronavirus it is true, however, that many adultspeople with down syndrome are higher risk for serious illnessdue to the immune deficiency related to down syndrome andhigher frequency of other conditions such as heartdisease diabetes, obesity and other respiratory difficultiesassociated with a higher risk for serious illness. But withthat said the Delta variant could be a game changer withthis high, it’s higher rate of transmission ability and morekids being infected and hospitalized so this will putnot only kids with chronic medical conditions that riskbut even healthy kids which we’re seeing in many states nowwith low vaccination rates.So that’s why it’s socritically important for every eligible person 12 years andolder to get vaccinated as soon as possible, so that we canprotect those young children who are not eligible yet andespecially those that are on their medically vulnerable. >> One of Europe’s could justfor a moment that will get our next video question that reallyreally quickly. I have a lot of friends. My son for exampleturns 12 on Friday, he’s a small little guy about thelargest person in the world and I’ve talked to a lot of friendswho have kids were on the smaller side. And they’rethought is you know are they too small it fits if thevaccine is ready for an 11 year-old at my side, my 12years as the size of a 9 year-old for example show waitfor a little bit. I know it sounds crazy. But I’ve heard somany parents, you know months excels talk about this. >> No it’s actually not crazyand in in the study trials on they had you know 12 year-oldwith different weights and so all of that has been tested andso it should and it’s perfectly safe regardless of what whatthe way it is as we go down further with the younger agegroups I think that’s that’s why it’s taking longer for theFDA.Approval is because it is a much more dose dependent withthe younger kids but for a small 12 year-old it’sperfectly safe. >> Okay, all right doctorTorres let’s go to our next question this is from Tim erawith a 9 year-old and a 7 year-old look at this one. >> I’ve got an underlyingcondition. Well unvaccinated I’m still concerned that mychildren may bring home COVID-19 to me. What will theefficacy of my vaccine still be in the fall if I had thevaccine in the spring. >> These are great questionsdoctor Torres. >> You know these are greatquestions, especially the fact that she has underlyingcondition that put could put a high risk for complicationsfrom covid does need to be a little more careful, especiallywith children going back to the classroom, hopefully in thatclassroom in the school.They’re masking the staff isvaccinated all those things that can really help make surethat nothing is brought back to the House, but as far as theeffectiveness the efficacy of the vaccines. What we know theyhave started to decrease for a couple reasons one is becauseof time these vaccines have started to what we call waneover time in other words they gave a very robust immuneresponse back in January February time frame when peopleare getting vaccinated and we’re talk about 9594% efficacywe’re hoping if you remember to get about 50% that was the maingoal over a year and a half 2 years ago we were surprised wegot this 9495%, but we also knew that over time that willstart to wear off.It looks like that is indeed happening,especially in other parts of the world where we’re seeingabout the 8 month point is when it starts to drop off a littlebit unfortunately that also coincided with the Deltavariant coming on and the Delta very we know is much morecontagious sees be able to break through the vaccine, alittle bit more but in spite of that we do know the right nowlooks like does efficacy this affecting this has dropped downa little bit but by a little bit we’re still talking in the70’s percent range is so she definitely needs to protectyourself because she has an underlying condition againchecking the schools to make sure everything’s OK there butalso talking to your doctor, you know they just recommend is3rd dosing for those with these types of medical conditionsdoes she qualify for that she should be getting a 3rd doseand we have found out that with that 3rd owes it really boostyour immune system back up to that level that high level thatwe really like and for the rest of us getting booster shotswhen that time comes is going to be important as well to makesure that we get that robust response and that robustresponse stays as long as possible, especially what we’retrying to defeat the Delta variant and we’re trying to getthrough this pandemic Chanel.>> Good advice. All rightdoctor. Carol Scott, let’s get to another question this isfrom a viewer. Charlene, she’s a mom of a first gradertake a look. >> My daughter is 6 years oldand going to the first great. Her school does require masks,but is there anything else I can do to protect her. So we all want to know. Yeah, so this is a questionthat is on every parent’s mind right now with children tooyoung to be vaccinated and I guess the first thing I wouldsay is to give yourself grace. There are things that we cancontrol and other things that we cannot and we all have justyou know we have to try to do our best to advocate for thesafest environment possible for our children.The first thingyou know I think we need we need to do is to put pressureon are our kids schools to make sure that every eligibleindividual within the school is vaccinated parents have toraise their voices now more than ever to make sure that theschools are setting children up for success, not failure.And we do know that high vaccination rates in teachersstaff and students over the age of 12 will not only protect thevaccinated individuals but those who are eligible to bevaccinated yet such as children under under 12.We have tocontinue wearing the mask and it’s great that your school isalready requiring masks because we know that not help to reducetransmission of this virus in a school setting and I would alsoencourage you to find on a comfortable, well fitted maskthat makes it easy for your child to keep it on all daybecause that will also make a difference as far as you knowreally helping to reduce the transmission of this virus in aschool setting.And hopefully you know the school has alsoimplemented other strategies to improve ventilation and toencourage more instruction outdoors when weather permitsand on and really just continuing with all of themitigation strategies that we’ve all been using for thelast year and a half with physical distancing andhandwashing as well. >> So to hang on a littlelonger that’s good advice. All right doctor Torres yourturn this is from Anna Lee says she’s in California with herquestion. >> I have 2 little ones areparents even protecting their kids by getting vaccinated. >> Absolutely by far parentsare protecting their children by getting vaccinated andhere’s the way to look at it.We call the Swiss cheeseapproach doing the layer protection because everythinggoing on here is like those holes you see in Swiss cheese,you know they’re not necessarily lined up so if youcan get layer protection, you can certainly help out andthat means social distancing that means wearing masks, thatmeans washing your hand sanitize your hands that meanscontact tracing you making sure those around them are protectedas well and they’re protecting you and your children, but thebiggest thing by far just to make sure that showed that theadults around the children are vaccinated because like we’vetalked about children under the age of 12 can’t get theirvaccines yet and so the best way to protect them is to makesure that we as adults who are around them are fullyvaccinated that means we’re much less likely to catch thevirus were much less likely to spread the virus to them but wealso know that’s not an absolute that’s not a guaranteeand so that’s what you want those other layered approach isas well, especially if you’re in different environments,indoors of people who might not be vaccinated you wear a masksocial distance all those things that we know work andyou know 2 years ago, none of us would have ever thoughtabout asking some of these medical status when they cometo your house will now it’s not rude at all to say if you’regoing to come in my house for a play date.The good kind.Dinner, what your vaccination status. I want to protect mychildren want to make sure they’re safe are you fullyvaccinated if you’re not fully vaccinated just not rude to sayyou know, let’s wait until after the pandemic will pick itall up again. >> You know what I’m so gladyou mentioned that it can be uncomfortable. I had to do withthe relative a cousin coming into town, you know it’s I feltbad, but it kind of is what it is as they say just listen toare quite yet squeeze into more questions here at doctor.Carol Scott we keep talking about massive, we get to thisquestion.We kind of talked about it a little bit but wehave new people tuning in every moment here. This one is aboutit says my daughter is 4 years old they’re required to wear amask in school. Every time I see a photo of my daughter Isee that her mask is not on correctly, how much our maskreally protecting our kids and we’ve said it but all let’sanswer question. >> Okay, so the most importantthing is finding a mask that fits correctly and allows foreasy breathing and I have to say even as a position on it’shard for me to find a mask that fits comfortably that decreasesmy own pitching. So I think finding a mask that’s madespecifically for for kids, especially younger kids thatit’s properly on allows them to breathe easy without gapsaround the sides and I think even on adjustable ear loopsare useful as well with younger kids and I think justreinforcing why masks are important and modeling thatbehavior when you go out in public on with your children.So that it’s not just to be here for the schoolenvironment.Kids are you currently rule followers andthey want to be good citizens and so I always make a point toapplaud my young patients who wear their mask correctly inthe office and I thank them for helping to protect those aroundthem who could get really sick from the crash if they gotinfected and remember too that the mask, a little and willprotect kids in school. So it is going to be a layeredapproach as we discussed before which includes vaccinations forthose who are eligible handwashing the distancingtesting and contact tracing as well.>> All right so the number onequestion is is there an end in sight.Will this be with us forever. I’m going to put you push a pasbut they’re going to answer that question after the breakbecause we have to take a quick break so think about thatanswer because I think that’s what everybody wants to knowsaid thank you guys, we’ll talk to you in just a bit. Comingand we have some good stuff here stick around we have kidsasking questions later in the show they’re going to do thatall right up next how does another school year are cloudedby a pandemic affect their kids mental health is another layerto all of this and how can we protect our kids physically andemotionally hang with this.We’re going to talk with apsychiatrist coming up in just a bit stay with us. Welcome back to today all daylive special covid in the classroom, a guide tounvaccinated kids as a mom, I know it is not only our kidsphysical health that we all worry about. It’s also themental toll another year of masks and social distancingcould have on them. So the answer all of your mentalhealth questions and concerns we’re joined now by boardcertified psychiatrist doctor sue Varma hi, good to see youtoday.>> I know there to see you. >> Let’s begin here, this islooking like another tough year are our kids at their breakingpoints or are we projecting on to our kids because a lot ofparents are stressed. >> Yes, so yes, and no so Idon’t think our kids are at their breaking point becausekids are super resilient. I can tell you this much nowthat the numbers have gone up in 2021. We look at emergencyroom visits for children. We know that in February andMarch of 2021 emergency room visits for teenage girls or asuicide times I got up by 50% the CDC also said that 25 to30% we saw an increase in emergency room visits for childmental health child and adolescent young adult.We doknow that the numbers are a breaking point you know thatstill remains I think a lot of it has to do with what we cando and Prevention early detection and early treatmentthat will that will make the biggest difference. >> Let’s talk about talking toour kids I have 3, 1, of them of open book my daughter, Ican’t I don’t even have to ask her a question other one’s notso much especially my oldest, are there if you have a childwho is and is open to just having a conversation what kindof questions can we ask our kids to get a betterunderstanding of how they’re feeling going into the schoolyear. >> I’m so glad that you’resaying that really you know every child is different.I’m also a mom and I know that opportunity for conversationswith kids that don’t work the same way they do with mypatients when I’m talking to the bills.You know, Michelleyou and I would go for lunch one day we were talking, wewould say how are you doing and you know the idea that we wouldopen up children I I noticed 2 bigthings one is you have to spend time with them and you’ve seenthose unexpected moments on way to school on the way got someice cream in the car when you’re hanging out watchingmovies things will come to them nationally and usually takestime for them to warm up and to feel safe and to feelcomfortable. So plans of those extended Lacey I’m sitting hereand we think the top if they don’t ask questions that areopen to it and you know what happens as we often askquestions like do not send or you everything is fine isn’t itand there’s a weight might come.And there’s a way to shutdown if you want to have more control gel question say how iseverything and then making more now that more now on to say howare you doing how are you feeling today, how are youfeeling about your friendships, how’s that know me know I meanwith stuff going on in school funding the classes at heartare you enjoying it which is your favorite class. Anotherthing I find that we hope will ask them about their friendplayed love about this is that it takes the focus off of them,but it’s still not to know what’s happening in their careand a lot of times children reading what’s press. Whatthey’re feeling smooth. Other people so and so is thinkingabout time, you know substance so and so is talking aboutgetting peer pressure into sacks and why would you sayabout that and are testing new out this new you love to seethis is something that’s going make you angry and the minutethey see that you’re really want to shut down why so whatyou’ll notice they’re talking about their friends don’t casta stone from the like oh that’s interesting.I wonder what wasgoing on not I’m in a lot of times fiction reading bookswatching TV talking about Carter’s and complicatedsituations that the characters well into making very safearound for something to talk about them. >> Is there anything I thinkyou probably alluded to it is there anything as parents wecan do now to help I guess our kids mental health issues thatcould surface especially from this pandemic in the futureanything else we need to be doing in this moment. >> Yes, what we have torecognize the warning signs I can’t stress this enoughrecognizing the want size not even talking to contrition anddon’t see yourself I might be overreacting Michael and overor let your doctor if you want to get out, I would say for themental health is it specifically you’re seeingsymptoms or signs of low mood person is not getting out ofthat the child is interested in activities and we must not godown and clean either isolated beautiful.They’re havingdifficulty sleeping at night. They don’t want to go schoolthey’re talking about a lot of unexplained symptoms like headis hurting my stomach turning gotten any better pressing ineither their best wedding so even a very good teachers andis it to say it was just a shock and I was everything howschool and you need to even leave the room, if you thinkthat your child might be open to that that’s something that Iwould love to the parents. I would say that even a fewsessions 30 can be really helpful copy of the eurotherapy what we do know that when kids to access treatment.They get better what you can do with your child people toaccess treatment or you’re waiting for an appointment andwait times have gone out for finding that a lot of timeswhen kids go to the e r for psychiatric problems that mightbe plenty to talk about things I attack. They may not going toplan for a long time so I would say that Harvin morning routinecenter just about having fun if you want to watch a video leftthem are source, they feel being just they want to do deepbreathing exercise have right now stuffed animal on the bellyis so much is too much just have fun that you can do isjust let them know that some people to find out if acoloring book some people I want to buy exercise school’smen’s super helpful it can’t so it’s distractions that washaving Ward’s and plan a fun things heading out to playdates with vaccinated adults and children of that might beeligible.But really just like on the forms of mental healthmovement might fullness mastery any litigation that your kidinto a new to get them involved and key to that those we have aperson so get your kids get their hands dirty get intocourt and get them to plant and each hikes walking by the walkto water mother had his is my point. >> Really quickly, you knowwhat I’m noticing the little ones it’s easier to facilitatethat breathing or yoga are getting my 9 yearold in thekitchen.It’s my between the 12 year olds a 13 year-old 14 yearolds those parents are having a tough time trying to reach themfor techniques. >> Yes, yes, it’s really hard,you know what sometimes I see that having a trusted adult forcars and for somebody that may be closer to your age.Thursday, a young adults in their family but Noah’s Ark hasa relative of the 20’s like sometimes they’re not going tobe all and all the kids so seeing a lot of times parentswith to supplant you want to do something to stop annoyingsupply growth you might have to pull back a little and you canchoose your battles and at the same time Leon. I’m going totriage here and having investments like this not sideof that question in that war. I mean if you’re hiking and wedon’t reflect a mental health problem is just you it’s ateenager and a lot of parents of teens and tweens are aresaying that make China Iris times to start stop talking tome so understand that there is more of an emphasis on the new3rd less interested in you without a shirt or interestingwhat the whole world is doing.I would say that that’s OKwithin reason that you might have to prevent a lot oflimitations on your screen time know what they’re watching andthen just say one of the many call to one of the ice and soif you’re not going to have so much conversation. If you canplug another adult counselor, a teacher, one of the greatestthings that I saw is on my side teacher send us, I hope to allparents that says handle with care and it was signed thatsaid if your kids on to a rough day just put this in a folderas a teacher all know that you or a family or. >> All of your kid, a pass so Ithink it’s really great when the teacher and the parent cancollaborated understand that mental health doesn’t problemsdon’t ever exist in a vacuum, it’s really a whole familyproblems. It’s large it’s a society should be particularone another as they are we must absolutely prioritize ourmental health before I was talking to show something tohear a couple that I tree and had 3 children and I said tothe point you have to prioritize and hope you guysare the directors of this.But you’re running so, I’m gladthat they took the times to part-time themselves and therelationships that they can have stronger Van strongmarriage and then bring in their best selves to theirchildren. >> I’ll tell you something I’vebeen talking with you for years and I think this is one of thebest conversations we’ve ever had there’s so many things thatyou said that I think will speak to parents even down togosh, I was growing up in a pandemic in high school tosuper stressed out, you know a student at a remote room wasalways a mess and looking back I think that was the one thingmy mom did write she kind of just let me have a messy room,it was just kind like my space my sweet space should nag aboutit and I turned out OK that I mean that is that sometimeskids need a little grace to you doctor Varma thank you so muchfor your time today.All right up next questionsdirectly from the voices that matter most are kids that’sright after this. Welcome back to today all daylive special covid in the classroom guide to unvaccinatedkids our goal really began working on the specialist tohelp you prepare to safely and confidently send your childback to school. We know as parents we have a lot ofquestions for the experts but so too our kids so we askedthem to let us know what was on their minds and to help usanswer those questions, we’re back with board certifiedpediatrician and medical director at the South Miamichildren’s clinic, doctor Tina Carol Scott thank you again forfor talking with this. So let’s hear from some kiddo’s shall we okay so our first one is from Ilike the same passion he’s 5 years old listen to this. >> That’s a fair question. >> Yeah, and it’s actually agreat question and I think the easiest way to answer year isto say that there are safer ways for you to eat lunch, andsnacks at school on which will help to reduce the spread ofthis virus.I’m probably the first thing is on isdistancing. And so even you know being away from anotherstudent, you know a minimum of 3 feet is helpful and I knowthat’s not always possible in all school settings but thefurther away that you can be away from another studentduring lunch, the better off it’s going to be as far asreducing spread. If you live in an area where the weatherpermits and their school allows you to eat outside. That’s alsoa great option that the more ventilation you have that youknow the better it is as far as reducing transmission of thisvirus. And there are some schools that are also allowingstudents to eat meals in the classroom with the same groupof students and that also has been found to be helpful as faras on reducing transmission of the virus. But there’s there’sno I’m 100% effective way to do that on in a school settingwith you know, especially during lines and with witheating snacks.But again, you know trying your best isall that we can ask and on and I wouldn’t get very stressedout about that the most important thing is that you’rein school and you’re able to socialize with your friends andhopefully have a more a more normal experience this schoolyear than last school year. >> All right, let’s squeeze inone more 6 year-old Joaquin take a listen to this. It’s easy to meet that goalthis ersatz my hands.>> So it’s not exactly the sameso washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20seconds is the preferred method. But with that said thatmay not always be available to you in a school setting and sousing hand sanitizer is on a great second option and makingsure that you’re choosing I hand sanitizer at alcohol basedon a probably not to know this but hopefully your school hason alcohol based sanitizers that have at least 60% alcoholand that’s that’s a great option as well and were readilyavailable.>> We only have seconds left isthere an end in sight I tease this this was the number onequestion what would you say. >> Yes, so there is an end insight because all pandemics eventually ends but I think wehave to decide as a society, how we want that ending to lookand if we value not only our own lives. But those of peoplethat we may not even know, and I think that’s you knowwhat’s clear from everything that we’ve seen over the lastfew months is that the vaccines are a key component to endingthis and it can only certain individuals or groups gettingvaccinated it’s going to take every eligible eligible citizendoing the right thing doctor Carol Scott.>> To all of our experts thankyou for talking with us today. I’m sure we’ll be talking toyou again, and as you can tell information is constantlyevolving so be sure to check with your district and yourstate this has been an excellent conversation. I hopeit’s been helpful for you will >> He’s a place we may not beable to visit for a white come with us as we take youthat in somewhat. so the true shining city on ahill only to one gold 3 religions and many more namesand I will break out coats in Hebrew should live where theBible says Jesus himself will to visit Jerusalem is to travelback in time into history and yet in this holy city, thoughFOX and fate my friends let me get all thatthey be Granja this is from the owner of some Francis here inJerusalem. It’s just that the House where Jesus is thought tohave held the last supper.>> Take this and divide it among themselveswhen the Romans came the Strait of temple and the history ofthis place also but be rebuilt in the same place. >> The evidence he says becausein the very walls that this is a city every stone has thestory. >> The size of rock could havecome from the temple of Jerusalem this became the mostimportant place for Italy for for the first Christians. >> And while you can never beconfident anything here is what it is said to be. These reputed the very steps, Jesus wouldhave taken on his way to get 7 on the eve of his crucifixionbooming only the pope is that out first thing that strikes mewhen I’m here is how peaceful it is the torture that Jesus wasgoing for the win.He was said to be you knew whatwhen and the crown of thorns nailsyou everything that you stay here. And this is where Judas kissthe betrayed him. According to the vines the judge use of pizza or buildsomebody on the ruins of the Palace of the high priest withJesus was interrogated. >> This is where they say Jesuswas spent his last night. The night before hiscrucifixion in a dungeon. >> See Jerusalem for yourselfis to truly comprehend how all these biblical events happenedin an exceptionally small area of the day to take speak to theOld City where Jesus was sent to put punches caught. >> There we see the masks thetime of Jesus to the temple of Jerusalem and the place wherewe stand with the Roman for Chris and dawn.That was theplace where pilot. This is the first of thestations of the cross of the >> So now we are quiteliterally walking in the footsteps of Jesus followingthe 14 stations of the cross. So we reached the 4th stationjust the place where Jesus met his mother. This is the 5th station.Yeah, it’s my time it’s tiring helped boost various processed. And Portland footsteps of herebecause we’re entering the Basilica built a simplecorrect. This is the church which believe say contains thefinal. >> For station. >> Underneath the altar, we cantouch direct of go to the place where the cross of Jesus was.>> And the picture is owned bysome scholars to house the remains of Jesus is right whenCrist the holiest shrine a whole. The very place he saidChrist’s body was brought off to the crucifixion to come in for the first timeto match and this is where Jesus was resurrected or inspiring. >> Events take place exactlywhere they happened thousands of years ago is no scientific proof It’s cool looking for thetruth. >> King David 6 West Solomon’stemple stood with Scripture >> The Holy is the how’s theArk of the covenant.The city visited it is said byMuhammad himself in a single >> Anywhere in the DNA ofJerusalem. night. Yet, but does not stoparcheology hooking for the truth. The Old Testament. Sachin with the Scripture inone. The underground in Jerusalemarchaeologists hope to find it will lose money filet is aRoman occupation. The Western world. >> So we’re underneath themen’s pair area in the Western Wall Plaza, the men arestanding above our heads. They think they’re standing onthe floor. Well they’re not they’re hanging 10 meters andair. >> Pilgrims thousands of yearsago following Dorrance pounds south to witness what has beenthe world’s biggest historical be. >> You can imagine this is opento sign it was a beautiful poem or stroke here in the time ofKing David people wants this road to the slow him pullmentioned in the Bible. There was music that was incensedwhen people see all this is written about Jewish texts. >> And I’m reading the heavy upchapter, 3 and he built the wall all of the she law schoolnext to the King’s garden as far as the steps that go downfrom the city of David that’s something to show youhere.Look at that. >> What’s down that that is anaccess road into the underground sewer of the city. >> This ancient town is builtat the time of King Herod around 2000 years ago. >> We look at the Bible thisexodus chapter 39, it’s talking about the robe worn by the highpriest of Israel says they also mean belts a pure gold, andattached the Bells all around the head of the road. It’s the hyper says walkingover here somewhere and hold the ball tears off goes throughthe drain and something the stolen 2000 years later wepulled out of the ground. >> But in these layers ofhistory is there evidence of biblical Jewish Kings.David o’sullivan, if there is to it. >> But he has not found theBible never intended to speak history has its own and theoffices, not taking. David Solomon and that nothing is hereally fall here to just Israel Finkelstein is for my saysfinding proof is in the positive and the food is not. >> The question is with theJerusalem was the golden age city into this century BC so we’re dealing with memoriestales meats.>> Excavations sparked countrybest. >> These tunnels beneathPalestine Yun hung above >> One of these loans sites outAqsa mosque. ground. >> In places the search for ownsays beneath this city is unsettling communities aboveground. >> Looking for the truth of thecost, a disturbing people in the present. >> How we the jury some 20miles out of the city to remote hilltop where Akio just YosefGarfinkel has found another Connell of evidence so we’reentering a city in the kingdom of King Davidyes, and this is the biblical city of shine. You’ll very big discovery was actually threw somethingquite small, if Pete, all of tips a stone if it helps youget this out and say give us the dating is getting his 1000BC I said if today is like the sleeve here or on that itdoesn’t have to go. It’s amazing that a little lives canlead to a discovery. So big. The fortress town looks thatand nobody. The famous people to come back.>> This is where David forJuly. This is the second indication this so if we’vebeen standing here 3,000 years ago from here we’ve been ableto watch David back with the live show. >> Was King David he. Of courselike every story. Some say yes, some say no. What is not in doubt is thataround the same time. >> It was right about who theywere books which became from the men. The way many of us seeourselves to that. >> And for that we are headingdeep into the desert over the last so Lake cooled the DeadSea to this desolate spot where a secret that was hidden formore than 2000 views it was to become one of the mostimportant recall fines of all time.This the bevy place way in 1947takes the became law for now as the Dead Sea Scrolls werediscovered in these case by a Bedouin Shepherd and you know case. >> He wanted to find a goldencoins or go to Asia on a dime on what they’ve done. But he do this too that thewill to phone a much more than gold and Diamond. some of them were broken. When you open one draw. >> He sold 3 schools. But you must write in terror ofthe run this place jobs containing precious partsmonths in the case planning to return late. I never did to imagine them. In here. But that’s not the end of thestory every friend with is important. It’s like opening. The oldest Bible in the world. >> This the boat which home to25,000 fragments of the schools is still discovering hidden wasin the parchment. >> This it says he is the meansto sink. >> Well, this is a word thatyou never knew was that >> using advanced imagetechnology designed to detect patterns in the darkness ofspace.So you think about the people sitting in the cave inthe desert was no take a toll and then we’re investigatingthat was the Super high-tech technology utilizing the lightspectrum and Heidi chewing cameras the computer highlightseven black and scriptures. >> The bottom part it’s allcompletely illegible. >> And today they are readingscrolls that are like coal. >> And said the words missedthink the real yes. >> 70 years after they werefound in okay. >> It is amazing. >> Now all the parts of thebook schools which were connected to the soon. There you can read them we onlystuck.Prison a biblical chicks will cost. >> It gives some clues aboutthe Old Testament text and about the times in which Jesuslives. Next we travel across thedesert as did those 3 wise men to the place where Jesus wasborn. >> A journey in the footstepsof Jesus takes us to the negative tests from where theBible says 3 Kings why spent following is stopped. Of the good to see whomillennia late I go to if I want to start of his wife and Iwant great place to see the Stars.>> It came on camels records,the Bible from the East bearing gifts. >> Traveling through the desertthat would have been the best place for them to follow astop. >> Of course. They want the astronomers ofthat day. >> Expect an astronomy to workusing the science of astrology >> I go stories here there arequestion marks. >> Start just appears becomecomes to that was an F through death. That’s just the foliage. >> According to the Bible hesays where the star guy did the 3 Kings took best and off the2000 views mainstream change that much. This may be where the 3 wise men arrived inMethuen. >> Yes, actually this is one ofthe oldest cities of the time >> If the white man came toBill Clinton is now coup stops from when. to stop Street stop this timethis time of the wise men.>> You can still buy some ofthose gifts that the 3 Kings brought with them and they sellall kind of spices frankincense and yeah, I could to vote.Yes write Franken says. >> Look at them so expensivethat all this is a gift from Kate, yes, yeah for a new babyhaha haha you don’t have any go. >> The very spot where theteens, Kate the Church of the Nativitybuilt some 1700 years like Bob, what is thought to be and to through this tiny doorit. >> Once inside when the time. >> Such humble beginnings, thisincredible church and incredible story. The day’sbest. We have is beset by conflict located in the WestBank flanked by a wall Israel built to section off thePalestinians who live here and prevent terror attacks but. >> In the heart of this. >> Holy sits the Christmas treeis a simple what different message.And a 100 othersaround their own. This Christine Palestinian fine.Some celebrate Christmas. You have Christmas, yes, why doyou like it. >> It’s all made together andwe have fun and play games. >> The who’s going to gives ushope. What if you to come in. >> Is the enduring promise ofthis whole thing that we’re competing stories. The groupconflict for thousands of years, it’s the flame of >> In Egypt, a country thatgoes back and to history where the daywith more illustrious than the living.It’s a site dedicatedto the often. Us monuments celebrates itsgreat Kings we that modi’s and laid to rest return it insight colossal room. >> Like in the Valley of theKings buried and hidden to be the best. >> This is the true. >> And the seas was mugged inthe plos Boston minded by his wife, a green tea. The slain Farrow was in tunehere 3,000 years ago. But his Mommy is not. So ready to go. Back question was buried at thetop of this mountain. >> Yeah, I hope to Zahi HawassEgypt’s leading archaeologist >> It’s taking me into an ocean50 feet down inside the mountain. >> OK Karen. >> Watch out for snakes andit’s really just a phone. >> In these tunnels, a 150years ago archaeologists made an astonishing discovery.The found money of the money off that e. >> The gate just 15 years oldhe shipped to the time.>> And he’s had been taken fromthat to lose the baby to in antiquity to protect them fromto raise. Among the 15 Royal mummiesdiscovered what they found on the city’s assigned him strangeand terrifying cools a scheming money. Screaming mother. It sounds intriguing. But who wants it. And so that question I traveledto Cairo and its famous Egyptian Museum on the trail ofa 3,000 year-old but Eastern.>> In the back room in theMusee I’m showed the UN most coffee found in the cave. >> A serene face coughed on theBig One. It’s very different. The one inside. >> This screaming mummy havebeen executed experts here think for the mud of ramesses. >> You can see it as a tank in and the people. >> I just didn’t that’s why thescheming money has open. >> Many of Egypt’s Royalmummies were embalmed here under the watchful eyes of thestakes in this temple. >> Okay shun happening herewell as a 70 day process pretty gruesome to first to empty from everything. >> One of the inside out justonly hard the the hot hot. In the from knows yet up to thebrain. Yeah, yeah, it’s like a horror movie it’s a happeningGrande. >> Across Cairo in this labusing the latest scanning technology radiologistprofesses a hostile Lee has examined many of those Royalmummies.>> This is the cta scan of thesays this is showing the scone the moved the brain and theyplaced large amount of the new law to material. Well thereason this is that the use of 5 of them to patients that onlyand quality. >> Occasion, but the screamingmoney she says is difference. A very different. >> This is it the screamingbalmy Scott unlike comes as the city and all the the volumethat the jury was not removed it was the message. Theremaining guns, it on the left to see Kate and to dry. >> Screaming mummy was left torot yes. The body of the screaming moneyholds other secrets to when scientists took DNA samplesfrom the movies found in the cave and compared them theymade an astonishing discovery. The screaming Mommy was noneother than the King’s own site. Its name was Pinto and hiscrime plotting with his mother Queen tier to kill his fatherand steal the time he was sentenced by the Royalcouple’s. This is a court document.>> It is a court judgment inthis behind me, we can know this bone in Pa or was in front of thecourt. And the Austin. >> Is published was doubleagent Egyptian cuts is to deny him happiness in the often this site What about his of evil Queenbehind the murder plot. It’s still missed. >> New unspectacular finesbeing made it all the time. Recently in the Valley of theKings archaeologists unearth 20 elaborately decorated coffinsof priests and high ranking women they were found just afew feet beneath the site where they had lain undisturbedfor over 30 century. It’s the moment so many around the worldhave been waiting. >> Haha doctor how us was onhand. >> The CV events this out ofthe best offense. I’ve seen it this bad. Team has alsodiscovered an city the best the most important find sinkstooting common sense don’t. Last. Now he’s on the great his questof Houston and as a missed it.Another 2 other 2 on thistopic. The sites for the tomb of Queen Nefertiti she was thebeautiful step mother of 2 to come. That was my Dean says howas a child to look for her. But doctor Weiss she is theultimate prize and he believes to maybeintact. Some at this remote it’s a perfect place. For the film before a 50 to behe didn’t. He keeps the uncovering themysteries of this ancient last You never know what the scentof Egypt. My height. 1000 square miles of desert toexplore all that’s a lot of places behind those seat. >> Friends who are tuning in totoday all day, it’s our favorite streaming channel.So thank you all for joining us for our digital show. Today in32 got a lot. Get started for stop covid cases still rising aconversation with doctor Anthony Fauci on the newvaccination. >> Plus France, and all yourpressing questions when it comes to keeping your kids safein school also had a friend Jill Martin is here tointroduce us to an engineer

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