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Inexpensive fitness rig, likewise from the discounter. Sometimes ineffectiveand even perilous: the risk of injury is too high. Fitness tracker for more motive: But not all of them providecorrect appraises. What are your trackers saying? 490,490? Yes. It is advisable to 630. And: dietary supplements thatare supposed to help you stay fit. These productsare unadulterated money-making, dispensable, potentiallyharmful and merely expensive. Subtitle: Norddeutscher Rundfunk 2021 Staying sporty and healthy: everyone wants that, ideally into old age. But good-for-nothing comes from nothing! You “re going to have to” do a little for it, and that alsomeans scooping free time for sport. You use your reputation among athletes.We invite: How oftendo you activity a week? 3 times. Two, three, four times. Every day. Really? Every two days. You try, you always lie to yourself. What does fitness mean to you? This is a time when Ican unlock the brain. It’s my outlet for everything.If I don’tmove regularly, I find everyday activitiesdifficult. Do you have fitness equipment at home? Yes. Kettlebell, elastic band. Several fascia rolls. Thera straps, fighting bands. Yoga mat. There is a trampoline at home. And a rowing ergometer. There are different plays equipmentfor at home – and they are also pretty cheap. Like this multi-gym. But: what good are they? We lineup four deviceson the Internet. At Kaufland the power stationfor 129 euros. At Tchibo, a pulse platewith expander parties for 109 euros. At Aldi online an exercise bikefor 89.99 euros. And at Lidl we ordera stepper with elastic bands. With ship for 54.94 euros. They try out the gear: Both of them experience doing a good deal of sportin their free time. The professional in our test: Nina Kersten is a physiotherapist, sports schoolteacher and fitness trainer.She regards was whether the devicesmake sense and what they’re good for. Our hobby athletes try outtwo maneuvers at home. The Aldi bikeis quickly clamped together. But Ycel needs 75 minutes to set up the multi-gym. If you wereto build it up in duos … Would go faster. Probably. Were there activity directions onwhat can be done with the machine? Everyone knowshow to do pull-ups. If you choose todo it, you know what to expect. OK. Ycel tried every kind of rehearsals. The multi-gym is definitelyonly suitable for boosted customers. But even forthem, the maneuver could be dangerous. If you jerk something, it’s very uncertain and dangerousbecause you can slip off rapidly. What is it particularly dangerous? I especiallyloved it when you did those tricep immerses. I can be demonstrated you.* Rattle* Oh divinity, oh god. Everything wobbles there. Yes. That sounds right.But that’s notthe only weak point. The treats are not tight either. You could slip. Oh! If “youre not” so fit, you will be thrown down. Exactly. Also information materials, there is only cheap rubber on it. Yes. If you sweat, you slip soon. It’s a hazard, it’s not slip-proof. Kaufland writes to us: They have contacted the dealerand checked … The manoeuvre does not score with coach Nina Kersten. This wobble is unacceptable. The jeopardy of gash is too high. Angela tries out theTchibo vibration plate at home.You simply plug it into the socketand you’re ready to go. With or without expander straps. Soulful dance papa That’s just something added. If you were able to, you don’t have to. And what’s more: you can’t alteration that either. They are not adjustable. No But: The machine has a remote control. Then go up, that thing. Now a bit vanishes. Yes. More? Is there more? Oh yeah! Is there so much better? Really? Yes! How does that feel? Well , not that special … especially pleasant. Is that not the maximum yet? No Now it proceeds even higher .* Laughter* And that’s not all.We can hear that too. Yes. Nina, physiologically speaking, does that make sense? At first you feellike jelly. But it is effective, it goes into the deep muscles. We need them for stability, for example in the pelvic storey. The muscles thatconnect the vertebral mass that we cannot actively ascendancy. And what are you criticizing? I criticize that there is no rodto hold on to. Is that what you need as a beginner? Yes. I have to try this out now.There is security. “Youve had” me in your hand.Go up! Uah!* Laugh* I knowwhat you represent by the pole. That is now 0/1 and it goes up to 99. What should that lead to? Whaaaat! The design is unsuitable forrestrictions such as heart problems. The manufacturer’s note on thiscan only be found when unpacking. Can I reach the deepmuscles differently or do I need something like that? You don’t certainly needed most. There are utilizations on one leg that are great for the ankle, knee and hip joint.Now the exercise bike from Aldi. Practical: it can befolded up and stowed away readily. And how does it do in the practical test? It has a displaywith various express such as speedor driven age. The resistancecan be adjusted mechanically and there are even heart rate checks. They are not that precise. You should rathertake a chest fasten and measurement thisor with a watch like that. There are now alsoforearm heart rate observes. Something else is see: The pedaling radius for the pedalsis relatively small. If you look here: They are so ten centimeters tall, I have the feeling thatI am invariably turning in circles.Too big. Like a hamster. You’d rather be bigger … Right. Is this an adequate replacementfor the gym if you want todo some fitness at home? I thought that was good. It is a complement to joggingwhen it rainfalls. 20 minutes on the bicycle in the morning, sweating and then showering. Clear. It doesn’t have the qualityof gym equipment. Aldi replies to the tread radius, “it wouldve been” … Now the stepper from Lidl, the cheapest devicein our sample. Again with rubber bandsfor more full form workout. That looks great. Thank you very much. But it already hasthat trendy shaking. I pictured a stepper was simulating that I was walkingon a step.Youactually don’t have that with him! There is given: foot location, leg shift. You can only do thator any faster. May I likewise sometimes? It looks great with her. If I do that, itlooks like a total breakdown. Yes, that’s … … for the catwalk. Simply it. For the catwalk. How do you like it, that it goes into the side like that? I find it exceedingly ineffective. “Were not receiving” radius of gesture now. It’ssuch a small radius of motion that you can’t even come close to gettinginto the stamina range. Then what is it for? Betterthan staying on the couch. It’s for amateurs – in termsof onu. But what speaks against it isthat you can’t hold on. There’sa stand to hold on to in the gym. Lidl wants to change the design, but the stepperis still effective and … Not all inexpensive maneuvers were ableto convince in our sample.But what do you need at hometo keep fit? Basically nothing. For fortitude trainingout into quality. You can go joggingor cycling at your own pace or go for a walk. At home you can do something for yourselfwith a few simple activities, without any equipment. For good fitness and health, it’s not just activity that counts, but also the liberty food. There are more and more products in the supermarket that appear very healthy. Just the thing for everyone whowants to eat better. For instance now: Easilydo without some carbohydrate. Or: exactly destroy more vitamins. Another big-hearted veer: proteins -instead of carbohydrates and fat. With five amateur chefs, we take a closer look at productsfrom supermarkets. Want to find outhow the carton affects you. First the trickwith the additional vitamins. Mix in a few cases of them and you canadvertise with defenses.”Supportsthe natural defenses.” That must be great stuff. Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, zinc. Its staggering whats going on there. Even with imbibing yoghurt: Added B vitaminsplus D vitamins to support the immune system. “Vitamin B6 and D”, vitamin D is good. Is an additional bringer, why I could take this, an additional effect. If I suck this, I’ll be productiveand never get sick again. Or a liquid plus sunshine vitamin D -a cleverly realized obtain incentive: “For well-beingand performance”. Many fruits are stillshown here. I would assume that vitamin D isalso specifically in these results. Vitamin D is just added. However, 100 milliliters of juice exclusively contain 15 percent of thedaily vitamin D requirement. It is surely … Unbelievably little! Negligible, it wouldn’t help mereplenish my vitamin D tier. Do you have to drinking a lot? Yes, or take another tablet.We encounter nutritionistBritta Schautz. How does she ratevitamin-fortified commodities? This is supposed to suggest thatit does something to the immune system. That this is very positive for me. That is why vitamins were added that allow certain explanations to be made. The testimonies are only: “Contributes to the maintenanceof the normal immune system.” What kind of statement is that? I couldget immune method difficulties if I don’t get enough of them.But if I assimilate more of it, it doesn’tmean my immune structure is getting better. But that’s what the box intimates. The Actimel manufacturer writes thatyou miss … The creator of High C thinksit is … Now the maneuver with less sugar. In this outcome spread from Zentis: 50% less sugar. How is that received? First of all it’s very good, because nowadays jams that are industrially producedcontain a great deal of sugar. Reducing thatmakes the make interesting. More outcome instead of sugar? Nothing. There’s water in the spread -for which you pay extra. More waterand I’ll money more coin? I don’t think that’s goodas the interests of consumers, then they sell mewater as jam-pack at that price.I prefer to useless of a real jam than to slander half of the wateron my bread. Zentis writes that the more complexproduction would help make the spread … Another precedent: the Klln fruit muesli. Once normaland once “without lent sugar”. What do you expect there? Outcomes, oats and no sugar. It would be very beneficial, we are eating far too much sugar. And if it says”no computed sugar”, it should contain less carbohydrate, as I understand it. Funny: There is hardly any difference in the sugar material. In the normal one there are2 3 grams of sugar per 100 grams, and in the “no lent sugar” oneonly one gram less: 22 grams What does that meanif the proportion is the same? Incredible that the carbohydrate valuesdo not differ from each other at all.That astonishes me. “Without included sugar” I expect that there is significantly less carbohydrate init than in the normal package. Klln writes to us thatthe commodity matches … The buyer has learned: I should avoid sugar. It sounds good whenno carbohydrate has acceded to by a concoction. That just says: In contrast to the original make, it has less carbohydrate. But that does not meanthat there is no sugar in it, because the ingredients maynaturally contain carbohydrate. Dried fruits inparticular got a lot of sugar. And another subterfuge: the protein mesh. Proteins are all the rage. As much of it as possible, then the make seemsmuch healthier. Like here in the sweet: When I think of protein, I must be considered a strengthstudio, gym, protein, which is muscle-supporting. Can be a good productfor someone who exerts a lot andgoes to the gym regularly. Low in solid and with no contributed sugarsounds mega good if Ican use it to increase protein grades. But the question is whethera low-fat quark would not do the same, which would probablyalso be cheaper? Kaufland even announces itspudding “high protein”.But quark also contains the amount of proteinand even more. Without any sweetenersor stabilizers. Do Inot even need the additional protein? No, there are normal foods that are in more proteinbut are not labeled. They expense a lot less, and now we have the problem: there are thickeners in it, carrageenan, I shouldn’tbe expending that too often. Mostly sweetenersand other elements that are rarely experienced. This is not a health breakfast, but preferably a sweetened and shouldonly be snacked rarely. Kaufland explains that the pudding is … If “youve had” the feeling that your dietis not healthful enough, you liketo use dietary supplements.The offer is large: high-pitched doses of magnesium for players. Big promisesin small-scale tablets. Check out these products.Have “youve been” bought something like this? I made magnesium once. No. He has already taken that and the a.So yes. Aha! Why? After exercising, to slowly bringthe hardened muscles back downto a unwound government. Did it do anything? Yes. We gotmagnesium while hiking. For the calves. Magnesium for schooling. As a father of two, you get tired speedily. There isnothing wrong with taking precautions and throwing something in. I also notice thatwhen I take vitamin B complexes … If you take them, it clearly retains you fitter. But how beneficial is it actually to take all kinds of vitaminsand micronutrients? Do we even have a defect? We satisfy nutritionistMatthias Riedl.We chiefly buy magnesium andvitamin tablets in pharmacies because we thinkthey could help us. Medical doctors advises against this typeof self-medication. If you have vitamin paucities, you have to measure itand replace individual vitamins. But no hodgepodgein high-dose form, like the watering can spray on it. That can be more damaging. You can only find out whether you are well cared for witha blood test.How about me I have a blood drawn. The worst is already … done. Thats okay. The blood is experimented for B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, cast-iron, and vitamin D. Wasn’t that bad at all. No, exactly. While we’rewaiting for the research results, let’s take a closer look at what the hell is doin pharmacies. The vitamin B concoctions from Abtei, taxofit and tetesept: all in high dosages. Times 200 percentage. Times 300 percentage. And formerly an unbelievable1 2,000 percentage of the daily requirement. Harmonizing to the motto: a good deal assists a great deal? The wide range of topics of dosagesshows: It is completely arbitrary, these dosages are diced, each company does it differently, but that doesn’t matter. Everything is too much, everything is useless and everything can be exempted with. Matthias Riedl notices something else aboutour products: The parts do not combatthe actual deficiency evidences in the population. 60 percentage of our youthhave an iodine deficiency. We have to work on that. Deficiency in iodine can damage the developed at ayouthful intelligence. That is what we should focus on. The producers writethat the tablets could … In … However: Countless tabletscontain an objectionable element that is already banned in France: titanium dioxide. The manufacture expends itto emblazon tablets. Titanium dioxide is suspected of causing cancer, interrupting the immune method andcausing autoimmune infections. The question is that titanium dioxidecan damage our intestinal vegetation. The intestinal flora is importantfor a hurdle capacity. Thefabric can be dispensed with as a colour. Nevertheless, it is still used by manymanufacturers. How is that received? That is unnecessary. Then it shouldn’t be in there. Not good. They should find out. Numerous do not even knowwhat titanium dioxide is and that it isin such tablets: You should write it on it.It says titanium dioxide. But nothing knows what it means.Exactly. It cannot bethat we have to find out more, I was hoped that from car manufacturers. The manufacturers of taxofitand tetesept explain on request that they want to forego the useof titanium dioxide in the future.Back inMatthias Riedl’s practise. The blood results are there. I’m really excitedand hope for the best. What resultsdo you have for me? Everything in the lettuce field. Magnesium, zinc, cast-iron -even a lot of cast-iron. All very good. Do I not neednutritional complements? Not after this flop. I simply have a slight deficiency in vitamin D. But I don’t have to take anything for that either. Simply check again at the end ofsummer.If this slight deficiencypersists, I recommendvitamin D supplements from October to Easter. You have to control that very, because we don’t knowhow much vitamin D it is necessary to. This differs in partby ten ages the dosage. I consider it hazardous to choose such a dosage “one for all”. If you make vitamin D, you always have to check it again. Taking individual vitaminsand micronutrients utters gumption when physicians discover a absence. Otherwise you will spend a lot of money on itwithout them really helping. Jogging on the coast: actually wonderful. But going up for sportand attaching with it is not that easy. Many rely on atrick to cause themselves: They use fitness trackers. Have you a? Yes. Why? I am a physical education teacher. It is important for me to knowin which phases I am active.To be able to motivate me.* Laugh* I don’t understand. That you stay fitand keep your body fit. That it gazes good. In the home office you can seewhether you are moving enough. Do you have? Yeah, yeah, just like that. We try to take8 000 steps a daylight. What if it’s only 6,000 at 8 p. m .? Then again … around the corner. Yes? Yes. Fitness trackers arerelatively cheap, but whatabout a better quality? Fitness trainer Ashanti Hckeland flee teach Jens Freitag try out two trackers each. Ashanti the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5for 27.99 euros and the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2for 41.08 euros.Jens the Huawei Band 4 Profor 49 euros and the most expensive, Fitbit Inspire 2 for 77.59 euros. Important to know: In order tofully exploit all functions, it is necessary to a smartphone. Both havealready tried the trackers. Ashanti’s Xiaomi trackeris difficult to read outside. And then there isa language problem: It’s in Chinese, isn’t it? Yes. Do you know chinese No. I can’t find a way toset this clock. So that I can seehow many steps I can take, how far the interval isand my pulsate. It is importantthat I can control it.A bugwith Amazon online send. So we can’t try out the Xiaomi tracker. Jens also has difficulties -with the Fitbit tracker. I can’t see anything. As? It’s out here -it’s not even peculiarly light – I’ve got my glasses on specifically. With a long arm. I only see that it is on. I can not see anything. That appeases me. Is that an operator error? You can alsomake light/ darknes on the monitor. I have no setting here, I have as bright as is practicable, that’sall I can do. This displaycan only be read indoors. Very annoying! This means that there are nowonly two trackers left to start.Our first check: How well and reliablydoes the GPS signal, with which the length moved ismeasured, piece? An important pointis the accuracy in terms of distance. We have a distancethat is exactly 630 meters. That was measured precisely. We want to pursue thatwith the trackers. Can we get started right away? The Huawei has its own GPS, it would have to find that first. I don’t knowhow long it will take. Try it out. Yes. And that takes … … a few minutes.It’s like receiving a cell phone. That’s worse. But how helpful is that? Does he mostly have problemsfinding the GPS in the timber? Yes. But then, after what felt like an afterlife: He says, I can start walking.No actually! And you? I’m ready. I’m going crazy. But now. The trackers should value 630 rhythms. Can you be that specific? Dynamic pop The resultafter the 630 -meter run: And … Stop! So now. What are your trackers saying? 490,490? Yes. It is advisable to 630. 490? 620. Oh! I am excited. Accurate to ten meters.That is extremely good. How do you rate the result? It previously differs considerably. At 10 or 20 metersI would have said okay. Hobby runnerslike me can take it, but that’s … I find that extremely demotivating where reference is evidences less performancethan I did. Next up, how exactlydo the trackers count paces? We accompany 100 stairs each, here in a roundabout. It is best for everyone to count humbly, otherwise the other will get disorient. Understood. Well, and … One, two, three, four … Dynamic pop musicwith organ playing What do your trackers say? In fact, minecounted exactly 100 steps. No! Yes! Wow! Jens? Your tracker? The Huawei alsocounted precisely 100 paces. Wow! Really? I am surprised too. What if we do this? We “couldve been” clowning theclock. Precisely, you can. Is the? Yes. Yes, that was 20 speeds now. That is also a Schmu. If you canted like that, he wouldn’t take any steps … I’d be interested.I do not think so. Shall we do that? Why not? We make 100 stairs. Dynamic pop musicwith organ frisking Mine didn’t count that. Not at all? No. I’m three stairs morethan I time had. Okay, it goes throughthe motion sensor. And with you? 98 gradations. How do you explain that to yourself? Magic, I don’t know, I don’t know. Is that good or bad? I think it’s impressive. When valuing the length runand weighing the steps, Huaweihas so far been more convincing than Samsung.Now let’s check how exactly the trackers measure heart rateand calorie consumption. To do this, we had a meeting with plays medicine professional Helge Riepenhof at the Bergedorf Clinic. The EKG machine evaluates the heartbeat and the oxygen maskmeasures the calorie uptake. Both attest appraisal techniques. We capture every heartbeat.We are very precise. What else are you able assess? We measure everything that goes into the body in terms of airand what goes out again. This allows us to calculatewhat the body is consuming and display the calorie consumption. The Samsung trackerworks with an app. Cycling is set as project activities. But it quickly becomes apparent that the tracker weighs fewer heartbeatsthan the ECG device. And the calorie consumptiondoes not match either. We noticed an inaccuracy in the heart rate. Is this also reflectedin the calorie intake? Yes, 50 kilocalories were destroyed, we assessed 112. The heart rate was lower now. That is certainly the basisfor calculating the calories. I didn’t expect it to be twice too much. The heart rate distanceto the actual value was also greater.Inaccurate appraisals at Samsung. And what aboutHuawei and Fitbit? Fitbit is back becausewe can speak the display inside. How exactly do these trackers quantify? The heartbeat measurement at Huawei: considerably better. These measurementsare more closely related. The peaksare not quite reached. The maximum heartrate we assessed was 171. It’s below that. But when it is necessary to calories, Huawei measuressignificantly more than was depleted. And at Fitbit? I am astounded at how accuratelythe maximum number is exposed. It differswith merely one heartbeat. 172 is measured now, we set 171. Thats huge. Now I have the impression that the heyday loadings arealso evidenced. And whenit comes to calories, Fitbit is accurate more. It’s a shame wecan’t speak the Fitbit tracker outside. Our conclusion: The Xiaomi tracker was eliminatedbecause everything was in Chinese and youcouldn’t modify the language. In our sample, Huawei’s tracker accomplished best. The tracker from Samsung accomplished the weakest. No observe from car manufacturers. But Helge Riepenhof pictures: It depends onwhat you just wanted to do with it.If I want to count calories, like a diabetic who has to calculate something like that, it’s nonsense. Nevertheless, I think they are good, they have a motivational influence, we see thatin our patients. If I keepusing the same tracker, I can see what I’ve done compared to the previous days. I can say: I’ve done more this week. Maybe I cando more next week.That is positiveand you have to appreciate it. It’s great to be able to monitorthat people are doing something. I would neglect that it is not valued precise. When it gets medical, you can’t rely on it. Many competitors swearby extra nutrition for optimal develops after set. More and more stores arespecializing in “functional foods.” Sonja Teichner’s sales classic: protein pulverization in awide variety of variances. There is morethat athletes presumably need. So what is that? EAA.These are “essential amino acids.” I need them for what? These are the amino acids that humanshave to take in through menu. The advantage of these amino acids is that they do not burden the tummy. I can incorporate the productbefore training.The muscle isalready provided with proteins before practice. The muscle is protected, I have a taste in the liquid, it is mingled into the water. What alternative could I make? Real food. There is no alternative. There is no alternative? For before set: Yes. You’re a good salesperson. I feel like I can’t dowithout these powders. And that costs: 29.90 euros for 45 training courses. For before? Yes. And the pulverization for subsequentlies? Exactly. That “wouldve been” optimally take better care. That too expenditure 49.90 euros. When I have them together, I am supplied with 80 euros for twoto three months. Yes. Let’s take acloser look at the gunpowders for protein shakes. You can now find themin almost every supermarket. Different symbols, mainly with vanillaor chocolate spice. Recreational and competitive players “shouldve been” addressed. What is the opinion of boasts prescription specialistRiepenhof on protein pulverizations like this? As an athlete or recreational athlete, do I need added nutritionin the form of protein shakes? If I devour a balanced nutrition, then it is definitely not. If I drill very intensively, if I want to build up forte or if I am injuredand want to maintain my muscles: Or if I want to lose weight precisely, protein shakes can be worthwhile. We buyfive products in the supermarket – the filling sums differ. Wecalculated the prices at 500 grams. Our sample: MaxiNutrition for 12.80 euros. Power System for 13.87 euros. ESN Designer Whey Proteinfor 14.27 euros.Layenberger for 14.57 euros. And Multipower for 17.77 euros. So protein shakesare good for the muscles, but do they smack good too? We want to find out with cookand amateur player Alex Eychmller. Are you fit, how often do you do plays? Once or twice a week. And what? Running, cycling, swimming, what’s going on with the climate. Have you tried proteinshakes like this? Yes, yes.And how was that It didn’t do that much. I can eat a lot, butit doesn’t work. I am that type of guy. I’m curious how they taste. We do a blind tasting and begins with the cheapestproduct from MaxiNutrition. It looks a lot like the chemistry lab. I’ve prepared some pulverizes. Do you want to take a nose? It smells like it used to when baking, vanilla sugar.Take a snout. It’s correct. Pure vanilla sugar. Very sweet and vanilla. Yes. Let’s see how it tastes.I hope for vanilla. We mix3 0 grams of pulverization with the amount of water according to the instructions. Then: good ones! For the benefit! Yeah. It’s vanilla milk. Milk … It’s very runny. According to the manufacturer , no thickeners are exerted. Now the second cheapest powderfrom Power System. And here? Oha. It smells artificial, totally chemical. The shake is mingled rapidly -and how does it perceive? Wow! I find the firmnes more pleasant, it’s a little bit thicker, which I find positive, but I find it totally artificial. It is more in the direction ofvanilla shake than the simulate before it. The manufacturer’s test panel was unable to determine the scores artificiallyand chemically.Next the pulverize from GSN: The hue: chocolate brown. How does it smell Yes, chocolatey. That reeks pretty good, I have to admit. This is cocoa. Can the powder alsoscore degrees in terms of taste? Wow! That’s cute! That was my first impression. So far it is themost poised in terms of taste. Except for the sweetness, which is extreme, but you don’t tastethis artificial, chemical one? And the Layenberger powder? Again with a inkling of vanilla, but with a different uniformity: particularly dense, almost slimy. But I thoughts the sugar is muchbetter than the cocoa variance. Not that charming. The compatibility is created here againwith thickeners. Now the most expensive protein powder inour sample from Multipower: Does it glance different, with dark shreds in the pulverize? I’d be surprisedif it’s real vanilla. It could be ground pods.Then mix it up. A pretty intensetaste experience: Mh! In comparison, it’s again … … such a sugar flowerpot. And the uniformity? I make the compatibility is very good, the best of allfive we’ve tried. It’s a bit more fluid, has a slight attachment, it’s not that pudding-like, but it’s not runny either. I think it’s very cute. It has acompletely different taste. It’s not vanilla. It savours “cookies cream”, but youcan’t taste it without package. All makes containsweeteners instead of sugar, and some were extremelysweet. What does nutritionistMatthias Riedl say about it? Sweetener is always a problem.Because sweeteners, this basic sweetnessin all foods, dullour feel of sweetness. This is bad and, as we know from rehearsal, it promotes weight. The second point is that we have seenin the past few years that sweeteners changethe intestinal vegetation. In other names, you get fat more easily, and you may havehigher blood sugar degrees. And youare more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. From the manufacturer’s point of view, sweeteners can save calories, and onlyapproved sweeteners are expended. Sometimes vegetable andanimal protein sources are mixed. Does it make sense? The motley of proteinand animal proteins is always good for usability in the body.This principleis also used now. Soyprotein and whey protein are employed: This increases the usability, the absorption capability of their own bodies. In terms of consistency and taste, the pulverizes have strongs and weaknesses, but they area convenient source of protein. But if you have a balanced diet, you can do without the shakes. Our conclusion: Countless manufacturers cleverly employ the desire to eat betterand live more healthily. Regrettably, fitness and health cannot bebought in stores. What we do for it in the end is upto us. Copyright subtitle: NDR 2021.

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