Q&A with my TWIN SISTER // First video in Norwegian :0

hallooo hei hei: -) we are going to do a Q& A video in Norwegian We requested on Instagram for the issues of both English and Norwegian from you guys and we are going to answer them 🙂 This is Jenny by the way! She’s my twinned sister. You can introduce yourself I’m Milkgore number 2 People think she’s not my twinned sister .. They thought it was a joke and that she’s actually me, and that I’m the one that had/ owned her account for so many years And I don’t understand why( people think that) And beings are going to ask if we’re sisters no matter what( think she’s talking about instagram ). But some people think that we are not sisters very but yeah! We are going to answer your questions. Aaaand We are gonna start with the questions Jenny went first and then we’re gonna answer the ones I got on Instagram Since we both had question thing on our storeys on Instagram okay so first issue is: Who is the oldest? That’s meee I die first 🙂 I’m the oldest. I was born 10 minutes before Jenny Is it hard to be a twin. Do you compare yourself to each other to the other twin? I telling me that (?) A slew I think so I think we fought a great deal with .. I meditate the reason we were antagonists were that we were so insecure So we detested on each other You kind of become your own “demon ” therefore if you fought with yourself, your self-image extremely when you’re a teenage, I would say. either way at least that can stimulate you compare yourself a lot with the other twin. at least for us. We are identical twins so we look awfully alike So it depends if you inspect a good deal alike perhap? But I do not think we compare us to each other as much anymore now, because now We have kind of received ourselves yeah okay so do we speak Norwegian Bokml or with dialect It’s pretty obvious that we have a( language) But we speak delicate (?) trndersk( our language ). We kind of have an in between thing. I switch to a more formal/ bokml Trndersk( our dialect) when I’m in Oslo But I have not been to Oslo in a while so I speak more trndersk( language) then I usually do Our dad speaks trndersk, but our mummy speaks Nordmre Someone said I definitely sounds like a grandma Someone said that it resonated like I speak Nordmre.Have you likewise heard that? yes I do not understand It like .. I’ve only heard it one time in my lifeJenny: I do not say “kakskiv”( a conventional Nordmre way to say slice of eat) KAKSKIV( slice of eat) We speak soft speech (?? idk how to explain it in english) a softer form of it A heap of Norwegians do not understand what we’re saying so it’s good that we have subtitles to norwegians too, right? Think I’m happy with lives here in Norway I could have imagined that I could move out of Norway, but I’m very happy that I was born now. It’s a good country to live in It is a lot of difficulties in all the other countries. I think we would’ve struggled just as much in another country as much as we did here.Tbh Not so many parties with alternative vogue now, I feel You do not think so? or yes .. It’s more .. Maybe it’s more possibilities I feel like it’s not so many prospects here yeah I understand what you make But that does not have to do with if you’s born now or not? Like, you can always move out of the country, you’re still raised here. If you wanted to be raised in another country? noo right? same. I’ve had a pretty good upbringing in Norway Are you both hairdressers still? It’s only me which has now been it, but I’m not anymore. How hard was it to learn English? My english is really bad but I just stopped helping and merely have the English that I have but It’s very hard to get rid of the Norwegian english( accent) I think it depends but me personally have learning impediments, so I think it was really hard with learning english so I used to skip schoolbecause I could not remember the glossary so yeah there was no chance that I would read anything out loud in the classroom I had cold sweat EVERY english lesson because I was so afraid that the teach would invite me to say something out loud That reminds me of one of my math classes( elementary school) I would profess that I “ve got something” in my gazes no So the teacher I was like “I can not interpret, it’s blurry” so she had to bring me .. So we ambled around the school, and I see she glanced in those prescription cabinets to look for eye declines I do not remember, I foresee I’ve squelched it a little bit but I think it went like 30 times before she was like “you know what .. I is not believe you” because I couldn’ t learn the multiplication tables and we were going to say them out loud or something .. I do not recollect I feel like I could’ve done something similar tbh Is it irking to share apartment? yes what? You would have it worse without me I signify both yes and do. It could be worse, we’m just taking advantage given the fact that we can stay here. I convey I think we’re shutting each other out the majority of cases anyways we like in our own bubble around each other kind of. So we’re not always “togheter” we sit and work with our own nonsense we both aren’t very disadvantaged of talking all the time I visualize most people aren’t. We are very similar when it comes to that, so we do not get so tired of each other like other parties would be with living like we do But some dates we’re just mad at one another .. Basically the whole daylight yeeeaah. yeah A plenty of parties have asked if I can do room tour for so many years, but I do not know why people want that .. because this room is so messy, it’s not .. it does not seem good it’s not really anything to show here, it’s a mess yes .. no. what studies have you guys done? Do you guys want to study something? 1 year of high school I did workmanship Skills and aircrafts Then I had hairdresser the second year and “hairs-breadth” dresser apprentice for 2 years after that. Then I got the craft certificate and toiled … how long make I operate after I got the craft certificate yeah I worked in the establishment 2 years as an apprentice, and I worked as a hairdresser for half a year and then I quit.We went to the same institution one year of high school and the second year I did interior and show layout and the third year I simply did interior and that’s it. but you do not get any general university admittances certification. You get a title I guess which does not help me that is something that. But I learned a lot tho! But I do not really want to continue with interior, I do not envision I’m going to study more( do not come for me norwegians I know this is poorly justified but my brain hurts) But it’s not that I don’ t want to study, but idk what to study or I have not found anything I want to study( I can not translate the action Jenny speak about stuff, you can probably tell by my face more LMAO) We already have a lot of event with stuff.We got a lot of know with photoshop Jenny do a lot of art/ choose and graphic motif and I done a lot of crafting and photography Jenny have too, but in different ways. My brain hurts. But I’m talking about that I do not want to waste 11 k USD for something that will not even get me a job in the end. So we’re probably not gonna study anytime soon. do you guys have any tattoos? Do you plan on getting more? I have mostly on this arm I evidenced them in the last Q& A video, but it’s not public anymore. can you guys insure? it is not sharpens it is not? does it matter newspaper fowls from spirited away and it says studio ghibli here and I have this Junji Ito and I got a few on my knees and I have a few on my legs that I’m not going to show she has a circle I took a adhere and thrusting tattoo on myselfand I worked some inexpensive ink.So I made a small saturn is it a saturn? I think so .. It was a saturn oh okay and it faded away because it was cheap ink and I was going to go over it with good quality ink but I’m slothful so I should not bother putting the circle around the saturn so it’s just a roundabout there so yeah, all my tattoos are stick and poking that I have done myself Jenny: DO NOT RECCOMENDme: But they’re pretty, she’s good at tattooing I do not recommend doing it. I did a lot of research on it, and I have not tattooed other. I have only tattooed Hanna DO NOT TATTOO OTHERS because it’s your responsibility and you can get infections because of it so yeah there yeah it’s supposed to be a seed thing. It bleeded a little bit but I think it still ogles good and this is pretty brand-new. I think it’s pretty cute and I have some scatters on my fingers I have one dot one dot and I have one on my knee it’s supposed to be a .. what the f is it actually? isn’t it a moth? yeah but it is a very special type of moth or .. It’s an bug. Yes, it’s an bug. it has bleeded A LOT over the years. she has tattooed it herself but now it seems almost like a injury but I actually used a stencil for it I do not remember I’m going to get any more stick and poke tattoos myself. Because I have bigger tattoos projected Are you planning to take tattoos that aren’t put and shove? yeah and bigger ones and I’m not going to do that myself/ by hand and I’m not so pleased to see you both with how the ink bleeds “couldve been” the ink I use but idk RAT will you compose your own youtube channel? I consider I have a channel where I affixed like 1 speedpaint But I do not ponder I’m going to make any other type of videos you never know Norwegian rascals swedes not good how old-fashioned are you? 22 we’re turning 23 this year favorite emblazon? pink and pitch-black black is not a color I recall pink, because I have pink on a great deal of substance pink is pretty and I do not get tired of pink other pigments I try out and it’s not it what is something we do daily that americans find strange? american people on a daily basis? I was going to say that we start the menu ourselves( WHAT IS THAT LAUGH) no stooop our breakfast we only eat bread precisely one bread slice a slice with ham or .. We really very thin layer with something OSTEHVEL ostehvel we cut the cheese. We have a block of cheese and we use a cheese grater, and we cut the cheese ourselves Norwegians already know this a lot of work something else? we do not wear shoes inside the house you like hot cheetos? I’ve never perceived it I want to try it tho sameee. Or what is it called .. takis? yeah, takis what is the difference between takis and hot cheetos cheetos is more like ostepop( norwegian snacks ). Takis is more tortilla chips that are reeled* indicating me takis* they’re skinnier? oooh so they’re like that I would probably get ulcer (?) I are likely not gobble sizzling cheetos you’ve smacked takis? I have ?? you have? no I is not able to even devour tortilla microchips with cheese spice I get indigestion; ___; is not it like if you ingest too many hot cheetos I thoughts I speak .. what is his name .. Lil Xan he had to go to the hospital because he ingest too many hot cheetos. he got ulcer( idk if that’s the right english command .) and it was only from sizzling cheetos? omkg .. Do we have a lot in common? like interests and identity I would say that our interests are more in common then temperament I mean we’re a little different, we are not exactly alike We have different opinions on things, it’s not like “were having” same beliefs on things we can argue because we have different opinions on things how much go do you use on your makeup depends I would say it can take anything from 30 times to 4 hours 4 hours ????? if we’re really slow I is not judge I’ve ever worked .. That have to be a looong day ago I recall I’ve waste three hour on my makeup before ye .. Ye but then you’re probably doing something right? Like if I listen to music or watching youtube videos, then I’m like disconcerted yeah if you’re taking your time I reckon 1 hour or 2 .. 1 hour and 30 min whar are your top 3 favorite animals? 1 is cat 2 is otter 3 .. perhaps dog? naaaah perhaps sloth or racoon junk panda 1 feline but crows are pretty close .. I love crows she loveees crows I pictured a documentary on crows like everytime we consider a crow, Jenny’s like CROW I’ve had hallucinations about a crow starting to hate me and that is seriously the worst that could happen to me 3 frog maybe? froggy chair oh you’re sitting so far away, come closer dOn’T pUlL mY hAir Bish when did we start with emo/ doll/ kawaii fad? I think we both had the cute mode a great deal later but emo People called me emo in 6th position I make I think we both were born emo mom said that I used to steal pitch-black invests from our friend Jenny used to extremely tomboy when we were younger I’m still very tomboy. Like, more tomboy then you I simply remember that I had always invests in pink and Jenny had them in purple since we applied according drapes sometimes I remember that we had these striped( stockings) .. those were pretty emo actually I had black and pink stripes and you had black and purple stripes and “weve had” skirts I think it was tutu skirts mine were pink and yours were purple, that’s the only thing I recollect. scene kings I colors my “hairs-breadth” pitch-black in 6th point that’s why I came called emo. but yeah we’ve been haunted with emos since elementary school like MySpace, situation queens nettby to you norwegians it was scene princess there too Nettby was like Norwegian MySpace. I is not actually have any experience with MySpace. did u? nooo But it was kinda the same. Nettby was like Norwegian MySpace It was like Emos and Scene mistress there too.It was so weird you basically had a status, you got a higher status based on how many friends and how many parties it was so wird simply thing I did was lookin at vistum rulers and I was like. I just wanted to be like them. so .. Preoccupied with that .. Both of us ought to have obsessed with that for awfully extremely very long so like charming style, I’ve actually never had come a little bit further in it’s first this year I’ve had that cute way and then you go out again it’s first this year I’ve had that cute fad I is suggested that I have not had that charming fashion. I’ve always had more emo You’ve had more calm down style. I really did not attend. You’ve had cute form in many years yeeah do u look at each other as best friends? I would say that we get along pretty well with each other But I precisely is not like the period best friends it “ve got a lot” of pressing we disliked each other for so many years so it feels nice to finally be able to be friends and we’ ve started to do a lot of things togheter. We have a shop togheter. And we’ve become much more close because of that how did you guys get so cozy with having a different form then others? we used to drool over emo things I recollect All The Things She Said we were OBSESSED we danced in our area to it. We had it on this little CD playes I even remember querying mummy like “mom can you please tell me what the song is about” but I did not understand a word of english and on MTV it was the music video OBSESSEDJenny: I recall mom and dad was concerned, but we were like I too got this toy from mcdonalds ah those were the best with Tokio Hotel and I toy that until it fell apart I was preoccupied those .. How did those drive you pulled it up and it comes down the book scene( it was actually a group picture lol ). And it blared the badest excellence you could imagine it was so good. SO good. so goodJ: But it was so good, I miss it. It cures a little bit being twins, you’re not so scared to do things( with fad) when you 2 it’s a little easier then you lean on each other a little Do you remember when we were at the hairdresser where reference is was exactly .. Yea we were in 7th evaluate we went to the hairdresser we both had our own picture of what emo/ situation mane we wanted they both were apprentice hairdressers so the one I had, she MUST have had a phase because she knew exactly what she was going to do but the hairdresser Jenny got did not know how to cut blows I make I had a mental outage after that yeah I remember that the pictures we were showing were beings that had cut their own hair yeah it helps that you’ re twins, since we have had the same interests so just having someone to do it with helps a lot.Were we good students? no your worst hallucination if you were a coach. I got told to leave the classroom so many times because I was too loud I convey I did not have any concentration I exactly daydreamed all the time “fell out”/ missed out the whole elementary school and it continued in middle school and yeah we hop-skip institution since elementary school It was not because I was a bad baby, I merely could not concentrate. and like when you can not concentrate, everything goes against you and only … clas is not built for people with ADHD camera went out of battery and it take some time to charge so we just decided to film the rest on the phone I hope the quality isn’t too bad but it’s still better then my phone so I think it’s okay. do you want microphone? that little concerned I get this can we try I spotted it wh@ e I do not have any sight oh my god .. Hanna I think we have to research how it voices first yeah, bye-bye what? we hope you liked the video! agree, like the video.share it with your whole genealogy you know. let me know if you guys want us to have more videos togheter both in Norwegian or english. we’re not so good in english, or .. it’s harder to talk. good english we can do it, but we speak Norwegian better. come with some minds would be fuuun see yaaa byeeeee you .. you have to do my outro thing.

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