My Fitness & Youtube Journey (0-1560 subscribers In 8 Months)

hi my list is tong i am an online fitness manager and i help hectic maids achieve their dream people with our following and restrictive food i was asked to record this video commendation because head of community at sunderland doozy nicole she asked me to do it so i want to share who i am my success fib and what i do basically i bought the youtube for bosses seven months ago and i have managed to grow my reader sheet from zero to 1025 subscribers and i’ve never ever thought that was even possible because i always thought that youtube was such a big platform there are so many entrants but actually when i bought the youtube for bosses i didn’t have any promises i am only conceived okay with my former business tutor or yes onetime business manager when this allows you bought the same course she managed to grow her reader sheet from zero to almost half a million so right now i thought perhaps should try this also and my job is as a fitness direction to help busy gals achieve their dream forms in 12 -week program and likewise learning them all about fitness mindset and nutrition and likewise help them to educate them to become their own fitness coach just like my onetime fitness instruct did for me and i likewise want to ask to answer some of the questions merely to make sure that imparts more to you when you’re hearing this video like what were the biggest challenge i faced in my business which obliged me use youtube i want to share my honest truth on why i actually bought the youtube for bosses and likewise what sunnyland office has been coaching me in the last couple of videos about being 100 you proving up as your true self on youtube so okay i lived with my onetime sweetheart for 10 years and we wanted to start a family and we moved from college after finishing college i have a master’s degree in sell so we move to a town to start a family and i try to apply for all the in all the jobs in denmark in market it was an internship and it was a full-time position but i wasn’t ability or playing enough to be considered to take those posts so i just envisioned okay i have to pay rent and i have to provide for a family and it was actually quite fright because there’s no college anymore “youve been” “re going to have to” make some income consistently and so i also expected my former fitness tutor to help me launching generating my online fitness coaching so he facilitated me and actually i started to work with a lot of clients who paid me and i created amazing upshots for my buyers but the only problem was that i didn’t know how to charge enough or how to generate enough produces and because i really was enthusiastic about fitness coaching helping people and participating all the amazing alterations and the testimonies that they grant to me i really wanted to go all in because relying on someone else to say you’re good enough like applying for the jobs internships and full-time position they didn’t think i was good enough so i had to try to under i had to try to apply for some prestiges but i also went all in waiting 10 13 hours every day um study everything i have been able to about social media and also waiting for my patients but also the fact that my former lover she actually didn’t approve me doing this online practice coaching because she thought that it was kind of people being an entrepreneur and “ve got something” for themselves because when she was a dog as a doctor you’re just going from school to a new job and that’s just it while other people who are inventive and taking the lead trying something very different that is very abnormal but i sought to do because i couldn’t find any other way so after toiling so many hours i couldn’t pay lease i couldn’t remuneration anything and i was just kind of sad and exasperated so i heard i i am only we broke up i moved away from a town and at the age of 29 i had to suffer and so i got a new job in horses where i tried to really find out what i wanted with my life and too had a continuous paycheck every month pay the rent and i just shut down all my fitness instructing and didn’t want to take any more brand-new clients also i tried to learn as much as i could about social media because if i wasn’t good enough to even apply for a brand-new point in the marketing firm the only thing i could do after college is just learning more about fitness and social media so actually one day i just stumbled upon a video from where she talked about all the amazing patron results she got for her her clients so i thought maybe i should try this but i didn’t really know so much about pleasant so i think i spent a entire week exactly exhausting all the content until i got not got enough no life and trust from her and so i bought the course and while working in manual labor it’s a very physical demanding job 37 hours a few weeks and when you’re finished you’re just tired but i saw okay i don’t know what what i want to do with my life at least i have this course i can learn i think i’ve made it maybe 30 seasons by now just going the course over and over again because i just meditated what should i do i don’t want to rely on facebook ads anymore i think i spent at least 15 000 on facebook ads when i was doing my formal marketing but it wasn’t consistent i had to put in more fund but i didn’t have a lot so that is where all my fund travelled so while i was working in the new hassle i just thought of the new system for youtube for heads and the thing i really liked about this was how i heard about the story that unexpectedly shared with apollonia ponzi and vanessa lao and they all started from zero and changed their following on youtube to 15 500 000 subscribers and they were selling their coaching program through youtube without exercising any ads or anything so i thought perhaps i have been able to do it also i don’t even know if it succeeds but i’ll do my best i don’t want to procrastinate anymore i just want to do this so what i learned from sonny’s system and how it possibly affected my interval was actually you could find your model[ Music] encounter your ideology patients on youtube just through youtube scour and google investigation because you know google is the biggest search engine in the world and it’s it owns youtube which is the second biggest search engine in the world so just by are concentrated on keywords ponderous videos “youre just” gushing new videos out each week consistently in order for the algorithm to recognize you as the leading authority in the opening and as a fitness manager i want to become the most famous fitness coach where busy girls achieve their dream figures without descending or restricted by it and that it actually signifies exactly women who really wants to get a tone lean and seductive bikini person they are working 50 60 hours a week and they don’t have time for that or they could have time but they are not able to time management their resources in order for them to actually know everything there is to know about getting in shape so after pinning down my niche statement i also made this a youtube committee where i actually put in the things i learned from study academies like my niche affirmation i cure hectic maidens achieve their dream figures without following a restricted food so whenever beings are coming to my direct they are just knowing okay he’s the panel of experts on this and because i have some commendations oh i have a client resource before and after word-paintings on my um on my youtube banner it actually built it more easy for the brand-new subscribers are in place to my canal and verify within five seconds okay he’s actually displayed astounding outcomes for his clients so you have to grab people’s attention in less than five seconds but likewise originating sure that you are consistently popping videos out so i too learned that you should use your youtube placard are concentrated on the how often you are posting videos because you want people to come back to your canal every week so also sunny too coached me about leading generation like making a free option because on your youtube strap you have to give people some evaluate up front because the more you are giving is more out of the generosity the more you demonstrate it’s just natural that you get more back but it’s not that you are expecting it it’s just the natural road the world is so making this free option procreating some guide generation whatever it is you on your youtube placard you are eligible to direct people who actually likes your content they can download the free option and through this free option you are just going through the step by step on what is actually going to it’s just a teaser of what your program is going to be like so you’re just just like me i’m increasing all the fitness myth which women often fall into through my email up to and that only generates them the opportunity to see that i’m exceedingly knowledgeable and in the end of this free option they can book a coaching label with me or time redirecting them to my gumption sheet so that was just a youtube banner and likewise another thing i learned from sunny system is it’s like a universe you’re using youtube where you’re focusing on generating so many it’s like you have to create a keyword heavy videos where you’re actually going to answer the questions your gathering have your ideal audience have because the more you can help them with answering the most common question they have like how do i lose weight what to eat and how often should i train to lose weight it’s just stimulate it more easy for them to find you no one knows who i am before they are actually typing in the keyword specific videos for them to find me on youtube page number one and if i’m actually getting pushed in the youtube investigation and being the number one video it’s going to be more easy for the people to find me but actually really to think about that the youtube youtube mindset i learned from sunny is that every minute there are around 500 hours of videos uploading on youtube so it’s like how do you even plight yourself in front of your principle customers because if you’re not doing that your video is just getting drowned in the ocean even though you are place a lot of endeavor in making videos so she learnt me about how to following the system with a test videos where you are compiling like three evergreen material that is like a keyword heavy specific videos where it’s like what are your ideal clients even searching for each month so she actually taught me about the tools like he was everywhere that is like focus on the search volume that is 0 to 10 000 scouring every month like how do you lose weight and also places great importance on two body which is another two where the score has to be like fair or above and also places great importance on the velocity like how many customers are there on this channel compared to the witness like “when theres” 500 000 subscribers and 40 million views on specific videos in the fitness manufacture it’s just offsetting it more obvious that there are a lot of people who really like this content so putting all this together is just make it very easily a lot more easy for you to create videos that actually are getting scoured for so the more you are focusing on on finding out what tools you have to use which you are getting educated through this program is easy to be situated yourself in front of your model purchasers audience so the the thing i know as a fitness instruct is that even though there are a lot of things my principle audience like women who wants to lose weight they wished to know but it’s not everything they know when it actually comes to losing heavines like they speculate five ab exercisings are mostly what it is to lose weight but as a fitness course i know the whole process the 12 -week process for you to actually lose weight so it’s more on the mindset you have to have and change that is lifestyles change another nutrition and likewise you have to focus on the food firstly and not just focusing on the workouts because when i look at a lot of the videos on youtube they are always constituting some videos about five-minute ad super and fatty and i just know as for myself that’s not possible there are a lot of other things so my direct is more about i want to create thumbnails that actually get beings to click on my video we are getting in the youtube storehouse “we ii” schooled about good thumbnails ctrs 2 to 5 or 5 to 10 is very good and my thumbnail is always play-act like four to ten percent so it’s very clickable and you also have to focus on on the first text of the first two fronts of the videos because that is the only thing parties are reading so you’re getting instruct through this program how you’re actually doing it through keywords like through keywords the investigations and ogling what the other beings the top performing videos on this subject are doing so how can you stand out and make it more clickable like in what i’ve been learn not sure how to lose weight and burn belly overweight that is a question and then saying something like i want to share in this video how you can actually lose weight and how these tips help my patrons achieve their dream forms in 12 weeks so every week i have just for months starting youtube videos on evergreen material where i focus on using the tools like inquiry magnitude 2 organization and views and velocity which actually uttered it a lot of government in the fitness manufacture which shaped me mull okay perhaps i can do something else i could make a death video because sunny is schooling us about three various kinds of videos you have to produce the first one is everything content that is what are people actually searching on youtube and then the viral videos like what are the most trending topics beings are searching for because they just get a lot of increase in velocity a lot in views and because i didn’t i just made evergreen material for for months and then some viral videos but then i wanted to share a depth video actually this death video is like a coffee chat video where i had to tell about me and because i feel so much knowledge and trust with my public through evergreen content like how to lose weight i just wanted to share who i and i was really scared to make this video because i think who would even listen to me but i just tried to reach something different and likewise trying to trust something with starting that video to share who i am and my personal story my weight loss journey and actually i just out of my memory and surprised because this video from every other of my videos with notions redoubled and readers doubled and watch duration doubled and i just learned that people genuinely resonate with my material because i accommodated them so much value for months and even though you have one subscribers it’s not just one customers actually a person so the thing i always likewise learned is that following the stunning system is just like the hub if you are actually time furnishing so much value through your everything and viral content and deaf videos you are going to build your other social media stages like i have an instagram tick tock facebook pinterest twitter all of those programmes i was schooled through this programme how to use for the best in in terms of how to get my views get more most considers more more their opinions and for parties to actually find me so you have to just think that whenever you are creating a lot of content people can also follow you on other social media i i don’t have the number of how many times parties have found me through my instagram sketch and really followed me there because they are also getting more behind the scenes of who “i m really” and i’m posting more on my instagram sheet comparison with my youtube on a weekly basis and also i can interact with the people in the dms since they are genuinely trust me after i’ve been produce the most content on youtube and it’s just built this one one to one personal relationship because you’re actually just talking to them like a human being and i likewise certainly enjoyed this kind of interaction with the pleasant organisation but likewise “its also” a highway for you to monetize it when when you actually want to launch your service i know i’ve been rambling a lot now but i hope you understand that the only thing i have in mind is how can you benefit from this i know that youtube is a big ocean and it takes a lot of courage like i’ve it’s not very often that i am talking to the camera because who is also talking to a camera like this it’s not normal but the the thing you have to know is that if you’re just following the system you will have beings your model customer come to you and you build this know like and trust and it’s actually fun to see how people are finding you on youtube and want to work with you and the thing i too learned about youtube is that whenever you’re creating this video you also have to distribute it and within the first 24 hours you have to get as much you have to get as much views and engagement on your videos in order for it to actually get propagandized after the 24 hours through probe so i just tried to affix my videos everywhere squandering the sony organization because she had a real mythology in terms of how to use the thumbnail on instagram or on facebook and only writing we want to hear not paying anything away and too stirring sure that you are posting the link in the comment section not in the berth because reach and i think i every single day have at least spent several hours commenting on other people’s channels because simply being sincere and saying something nice about their fitness tour and most of the people also coming back to my direct only registering me adoration so i always experience when people are coming back to my direct so i just engage and try to write back to every single of these subscribers and participate and even when i have full-time job in my escapes i’m hiring with every one of these readers and when i finish my terminate i go back to work again so i do this every single day it’s hard work but what should a guy do else when no one wants to hire him so he has to create his own job so my biggest goal with this youtube is i want to live of it i want to launch my fitness coaching with high targeting high patrons girls i’ve built my website now it’s soon to be done and then i’ll open brand-new smudges for beings working in collaboration with me i know that when you are new to youtube you’re very scared and i understand you i was also scared but if you don’t try anything new you will ever think back in 10 years that i don’t want to ever think that so i just go all in i don’t know if this is going to work but when you’re buying this youtube for superiors you are actually going to get so much support from sony and nicole and the sony team because they are actually helping you to get answered all your questions you may have and doubts and emergence is not easy you have to push yourself every day and my dream is to pick to get first 1 000 readers i got it and i wasn’t even sure if i could but this facebook society you are being a part of is actually going to push you even further subsidizing you and so i’m so grateful because if you don’t have a support system behind you it’s not going to be easy because you are always having so much doubt when you are growing to survivor pay so fast i don’t even know if 10 1 000 customers are that much i judged okay maybe in one year i are able to obtain 1 000 customers but i got it in seven months so my next goal is 100 000 customers and then one million and become the biggest in the world and i know i can because i have this supporters and who’s always propagandizing me to grow further and nicole and son they are so knowledgeable and they are so encouraging but too all the other superiors youtubers in this group easy road because most people they’re just grinding their nine to five employment creation and i don’t think that’s wrong with that i just know that if you have something inside of you you have to try to create something for yourself but also it’s much easier when you are together with people who actually been there just like my former fitness track he’s the national champion in denmark and if i wanted to get a free organization i have to learn from him because he has actually get this amazing body just like sunny has according to forbes she’s the number one youtube coach so i wanted to learn from him get out from her so actually so surprised about the amazing solutions you can get from youtube and too being featured in sony’s recent videos on how to follow the system and it actually uttered me cry because you have to understand that when you are trying to apply for new positions in managing every day for years and you’re getting rebuffed you’re just feeling like no one wants to hire you and you’re not comfy and material and too when your lover she says you’re not good enough you cannot do this you have to move away to a new municipality you don’t have anything anymore so if you have someone like pleasant but i want to believe in myself now i don’t know how it’s going to pan out but at least i tried you only have one life so precisely do your best and even when you have a full-time job like i have i miss manual labor and that’s really tough for your torso but you have to keep pushing if you really want success just like in fitness you have to work hard dedicated and got a plan and just say to yourself every single day if you are switch but i’m just very stubborn and when people are saying no to you all the time you’re just getting used to it you actually expect it so i hope you got some value from this video testimonial well simply supposed i wanted to make it 10 minutes but i think it’s like i’ve rambled on for 30 hours 40 times now i don’t know but everyone who wants to actually buy this course i know for a fact that someone who got repudiated on world markets no one wants to hire you and you are actually seeing parties just like apollonia ponzi and vanessa lao who’s living off their youtube channel and selling their coaching i also think i can because i’m all already at 1020 readers and well can count up to 100 000 i know it and become the biggest so if you are just starting from the bottom just like me precisely think it is yourself no no stop believing in sunny and cold youtube for leaders and they will start believing in you so thank you goodbye and if you want to talk with me more ask me any questions about the youtube professors you can dm me on instagram or any of the other social media pulpits so expressed appreciation for so[ Music] you

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