medical fitness and healthcare 1/2019

Welcome to medicalfitness and health care, the expert periodical for health providers andphysiotherapists. The key data of the German fitness industry in 2019 impressively show that the fitness and health market proposals more and moreinterfaces. We invited professionals for their assessmentand prepared it for you in the current issue. With the coming into effect of the Prevention Act in 2016, prevention inGermany was strengthened. In an interview with medical, Prof. Dr. Arne Morsch, what you need to know about prevention tracks and what futuredevelopments might look like. As the largest industry eventfor health providers and physiotherapists, FIBO 2019 enticed 145,000 visitors to Cologne. We have summarizedthe craft gala spotlights of around 1,100 exhibitors for you in the currentmedical.You haven’t received the medical hitherto? Thenvisit our website now at or subscribe tous via our social media channels !.

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