ISSA Talk Healthy Holidays – Part 2: Fitness & Workout Tips For A Sweet Sweat

hey everyone welcome to part two of aspecial issa talk where we’re addressing the holidays and today with us wehave two experts not one but two starting with josh bryant a world-renownedfitness trainer author of jailhouse strong author of issa certification such as tacticalconditioning and too bodybuilding josh thank you so much for showing up today to talk to usabout fitness and holidays well i think we have three experts with you too erin but i appreciateyou having me on thank you josh and then of course we also have sky halliday wilson sky’s kind of allof it so sky is a nutrition coach she’s a personal trainer she’s very successful as an online coachshe also is a showed dna located fitness coach-and-four and she’s been featured in oxygen magazine so sheis out there thank you so much for coming skye thanks erin thanks for inviting me so in partone we were talking about nutrition which kind of comes to surface of mind for everybody when it whenwe’re thinking about the holidays and today what we’re going to be talking about in part two ismore about fitness and you know josh i’ll ping it over to you two are you’ve got these truly highlevel athletes what are they experiencing in terms of trying to get their conventional workout in not onlyduring the holidays but likewise maybe when uh there’s you know their planneds are busier and gyms mightnot be available to them talk me through what your buyers are going through so with the higherlevel athletes they’re going to kind of i mean you feel like being honest everybody they’re goingto design more or less what they’re doing a lot around the availability of the gym and stuffbut i recognize most people listening to this are not working with clients atthat tier that are going to do that so um you i think it’s real simple you you haveto do the best you can what you have it’s that simple so if um you know you you don’t have tonecessarily you know you’re your own gym you can do tons of stuff with your torso weight you can umbands “if youre going to” fly somewhere you can throw bandings in a carry-on and do that’sa ton of opposition right there um one of my favorite ways to exercise is um forcardio is stone walking you assure all that is is you um you know cover the tactical course yeah youjust if you have a backpack throw a few um you hurl a few weights there if you if you don’t havethat you can find some rocks or something only if you know like going with their own families or whoeverand you don’t want to like be the eccentric that’s off works out by yourself a delightful stroll witheverybody and prostrate a little of load in your backpack and keep on keeping on you’ve gotyou’ve got some character work in right there i i love that you wreaked that up josh i recentlybought um a weighted vest and uh yeah yeah yeah and so i love it because i’m watching myheart rate walking and it’s it’s incredible significant differences that it makes and um you know atleast for me you know no one’s up at the same time as i am so nobody’s walking with me but um i lovewalking especially during the holidays just being outside and the breeze simply feels different so umi’m exhilarated that you made that up and i’m also gonna start doing form heavines exerciseswith my vest extremely inspired by josh bryant skye what “ve been told” about your clients and whatyou’re having them do since your patients are typically general population i’m imagining thatthere might be a little less devoted and they might be squeezed on time whether it’s because ofbaking or vacation shopping or whatever what are you telling them to do for rehearsal i love thatjosh brought up walking because “thats one” of the things i love to promote my mama growingup she was a personal trainer a triathlete only kind of all around amazing fitness type ofwoman and she always said if you can’t do anything go on a march prevent a breast gait go as long as youcan and every time i go to visit her she lives up in washington state we will walk through the woodsdown by our dwelling and sometimes we’ll get going and we’ll walk you know six seven miles and the nextday i’m always a little bit sore or reasonably petite and you kind of forget how merely a low-spirited intensitytype of cardio can be so good for your body i think oftentimes we all focus on going so hardand so heavy all the time that just an extended occasion of strolling can do really a lot for yourbody and “i m loving” that hypothesi josh of perhap hurling some weight in your backpack i always tellmy patrons oftentimes do you have any college textbooks do you have any ponderous works that youknow the things you don’t read around the house applied it in in your backpack or even something assimple as bodyweight exercisings i have a couple textbooks i retained around from college you putthat overhead oh come on you know that’s at least at least four pounds right there so justmaking do with what you have and too contriving a little bit you are well aware maybe you’re bakingfor the holidays perhaps you’re the one cooking if you can take 20 minutes before you actuallyhave to start your cooking process it does your mas a lot of good um and i agree with joshresistance stripes are the best and you can get them pretty much anywhere and they can reallytake a body weight workout to the next level one thing that you just said sky and that the twoof you guys kind of talked about in our part one is you know 10 20 minutes just something rightbecause i think a lot of ages extremely i’m sure with your elite competitors um josh and skye evensome of your purchasers beings tend to think of like when they get their workout in it has to be the6 0 minutes and it has to be hardcore and it has to do this this this um but it doesn’t always haveto be like that especially if all the other eras out of the year that’s what you are doing rightright we have you know built in a lot in most platforms there’s some sort of deloading periodthis is a great time to use that deloading interval by default you know you’re you kind of have it andum absolutely 20 minutes i necessitate yeah you’re gonna um you are well aware be the most elite athlete if onlytrend 20 minutes a day you’re around probably not but but you can certainly maintain even a realhigh level of fitness it by working out for 20 you know if you do like a 20 minutes of intense kindof mas weight necessity and substance like that perfectly can’t even like tell these ruck walksi mean you can even perform those hard you can go up and down slopes and things like that there’s allsorts of endless um possibilities that you can do and if you’re always inside in a heavines area andthings like that this be a nice change of gait for certain and i’m sure we’ll tested positive of thiswhole you know i guess quarantine we call it situation is a lot of people are discovering thebeauty of outdoor duty about outdoor improve like um you know it’s like interpret like a park sidenew slope sprints out and material i’d see people you know running boot camps when things weretotally locked down here and um except that you could do stuff outside then they’ve remained atthose parks because oh wow it’s actually you know nice to be out here so you know for the clientsfor yourself your own business this will likewise help you be prepared if the authorities concerned does question somesort of mandate where you can’t do this or that you know you’re one stair ahead of the youknow of the event in that aspect the other step is you’re one step onward preparedfor your clients you are eligible to serve them best so it’s a lot of words josh you know i was uhwondering this when we were talking in our last-place one do you intentionally means december to bekind of like a retrieval month for your consumers um or is it does it because you had said there isa deloading phase for every every program sure um is that something that you take into considerationor that your clients are going through right now um sometimes so it’s gonna be a case-by-casebasis because merely because it is the holiday season um doesn’t mean extremely this yeardoesn’t mean people are going places one yeah and that kind of thing so you know somebodyelse might um if it’s like a virtual online buyer could be somebody you know in the middleeast and they’re you know you’re gonna plan that more about ramadan or something like that becausethey can’t feed as much and things like that so i mean it’s really case-by-case basis yep skyetell me about your consumers how are you know you you were talking about the strolls and it time itinspired i’m thrilled to hear that because it’s you know with the with the vest and thewalks and it just sounds much better doable so how are you getting to make sure thatyour patrons are getting activity in is are you saying like hey even if you can do 20 hours or talk me through the structure of that perfectly and that really is exactly what i’mtelling them that between 10 to 30 hours of some type of exercise is better than no exerciseand i recently an example that comes to mind i have a client who’s incredibly devoted shecomes a pair period a week we drill she is awesome she’s postpartum precisely had a baby ispretty much fitting into her pre-pregnancy invests um and she associate myself with me this pastweek when we were supposed to train that she maybe had been exposed to covet and shedidn’t want to leave the house she’s doing a quarantine and i said well do you feel welland she said yeah i’m just being safe i said well let me send you a bodyweight workout uh youcan do you have strips at home and she said yes i mailed her a workout she called me afterwardsand said why am i dying this felt so hard time with these bands because you can up the intensityum lessening the time in between what you’re doing to make a body weight workout very hard and ihad programmed it i think it only took her about 25 hours and she was like gosh that reallyhad me sweating i said see i think during the holidays and during these you know unprecedentedtimes we all stop saying that it’s such a great reminder and kind of a opening opener for peoplethat you don’t have to drive to a gym and expend an hour and a half coming crazy heavy launches inif you have purposes like josh’s clientele’s goals yes you’re going to need to do that but if you’rea general population person who has a crazy busy schedule and is chasing around your boys you canget a great workout in in a small amount of time increase your chances of being a healthier personand then kind of a snowball effect of all right i’m getting these workouts in i want to eathealthier to meet my goals there and it all kind of complexes on to each other and so i always liketo say to my consumers during the month of december it’s not so much a deloading uh type of timefor them because they aren’t trained in an elite acces but i do tell them any move isbetter than nothing if you can walk the dog you know push your kid around in the stroller run aroundin the snow even something that doesn’t feel like exercise but running around having a snowballfight when you’re wearing ponderous invests and boots you know i grew up in washington state you getsweaty doing that so only experience that time and kind of clear fitness fun is what i would say i love itum and i like that we’re talking about figure weight workout here because in one of our previouswebinars josh was just talking to us about all the different you know highways you can use everything aroundyour house and something is as simple as like hasten push-ups really explosively like i rememberwhen we were talking about that and of course i addrest it in my next exercising i was so sore i’vebeen doing push-ups all the time and chest press and trash but when you stir them powerful orplyometric you really feel a difference and then as you go through those types of activitiesespecially putting different strain on your body um you’re going to be burning more caloriesthroughout the next day or so right so um josh i don’t know if you know this but your mas weightworkouts that you wrote up for us as an ebook are one of our top performing segments of content of alltime so it shows that people need this information um and so since we’re on the topic talk me throughlet’s hear your five favorite bodyweight efforts that anybody can do at their house um i like umyou know the self-evident like push-ups and you can get you know you can get more advanced as you goor less advanced if for somebody that can’t do a push-up you can get um you know 12 inches fromthe wall and push up against the wall somebody else could do a one one limb push up so that it’svery scalable that’s that’s the key right there is what we touched on the e-book and then on the lastthing is this is very scalable it’s not just like you know i’m too strong for you are well aware for bodyweight or i can’t i weigh 400 pounds i can’t do this it’s very scalable okay um hunkers same thingyou can do you know different you can go like some people do a handgun diddly-squat some people only doing abodyweight hunker without a full range of motion is going to be you know a pretty good workout forfor them um so i think that’s huge here i am thinking um i think also um i like um a lot oflunging type of movements um burpees right yeah overall conditioner right there i meanthat that back in the day that was like the world war ii kind of um conditioning test the militaryto come up with i think they weren’t going to have enough people if if they because you knowit’s that hard to pass it type of thing so i think burpees are huge than pull-ups you cando um you know that one’s not going to be quite as scalable for a good deal of people unless you havelike cliques and things like that but i mean you can um i mean you can do them on a doorway if youhave to you can do them on a tree outside i convey i um when i was out on a move um i at the parki saw this guy out there that was um trying to progress trying to be able to do handgun hunkers sohe clearly could not he didn’t have the balance or the strength to be able to do the full rangeof gesture pistol diddly-squat and he was by himself which done me happy because he was he was he wasprobably applying something his tutor told him to do um but he was you know pitching downvery slowly and then he’d get to the bottom and then he’d articulate his other foot down and help himselfback up and so it’s inspiring to see people doing the pistol diddly-squats are hard and so it’s inspiringto see him doing it out of the ballpark by himself and really struggling but still constructing it happenum sky what are some at-home utilizations that you have your beings do same with what josh wassaying i think really great kind of cool basic uh foundational motions are great i liketo switch up alterations of things for example you know do a little circuit where you’re takingit to a bodyweight doodly-squat then into a banded squat then a squat startle same with leaps maybe you’retaking it to a forward move a downward plunge then move movements all of those again can be scaledbut can get up in intensity and something like a move startle i don’t care how fit “youre ever” 20 secondsin your legs are burning same with burpees you know when’s the last day you tried to do 30 40 burpees in a row with good form and a good cadence it’ll it’ll get your heart rate up you’ll getsweaty and it’s definitely going to be challenging so i think having changes that are able scaledfor beings is great and too having crusades that people can do in maybe an apartment settingthat aren’t super resounding not everybody can drop a dumbbell when they live on the fifth storey oftheir apartment house and not everybody can be smacking around really loud when you haveneighbors like that so making them options like that um i likewise am a huge fan of pull-ups that’sone of my favorite motions to do and josh liked what you’re saying i have a lot of clients who areworking on their first pull-up breath but gyms are closed and they don’t have a real prohibit you know theones that fasten over the doors are great but even something with your stripe if you’re traveling makeit a lat pull down there’s just so many things you can do switch moves in and out and still geta great workout in i think everybody really needs to switch their mindset of exactly what you saidjosh you’re never more good heavines you’re never extremely good for a torso weight gesture because if youchallenge yourself it should be hard and you can make it hard and you’re not too far gone eitherif you can’t do it absolutely you can always you know i don’t like the word regress butcome down in the type of movement you’re doing if you can’t do a weighted squat or a bandedsquat take it to body heavines and only work on it right now is a great time to be working onyour formation and kind of break yourself out of poor movement patterns because if you don’t haveaccess to load and all you can do is body heavines magnetism yourself work on that i i love i love thatyou said that sky because i was just thinking right before you said it i was thinking you knowpeople aren’t often doing their material precisely in the first place whether it be their chefs ortheir lunches or you know their squat starts or their burpees so taking the time and perfecting itum and really paying attention to what their body is doing can also be a struggle because when whenthey do have access to everything else they’re just blasting through their practises and probablynot really focusing on what’s happening at the knees and the feet and you know what’s going onwith my shoulder complex and my my trendies so um it’s a good reminder and uh you know it’s greatso you know to to wrap it all up and then i’ll have you guys throw some closing thinks is whati’m hearing is use during the holidays first and foremost anything is better than nothing it’sgonna you know even if you can’t do a full hour doing 20 minutes is better than doing zero minutesit also starts putting you into the right snowball of doing healthy things versus unhealthy thingsso we’ve got that do something anything body weight should never be underestimated there aredifferent things that you can do deviations and going from level one to level ten you can get anexcellent workout in go and you know doing things that are delightful that get your heart rateup so moving knapsack um you know snowball campaigns anything again you can find a way to make itenjoyable do it because especially during the holidays you’ll be more likely to stick withit if you’re doing it with category or friends um those are three excellent takeaways anythingelse from your and josh that you want to add in i think you just have to do the best you can withwhat you have and i think there’s a idea um in auctions they call it the paw in the door if you canget someone you know if you’re selling something you get them to buy something for 50 cents youhave a better probability of selling them some a auto for 50 000. I was just thinking you meet yourselfuse that same psychology on yourself if you buy in and do five minutes you made a habitright there so you can do these small things it doesn’t have to be some crazy workout but justdo that small thing and appoint that buy-in in yourself and subconsciously you’re programmingyourself you know to make this a habit lifestyle well immense because by the time we wrap this upbefore i ask you skye for your final expectations i will have about seven minutes before my nextmeeting and i’m gonna go do some doodly-squats and burpees and push-ups um so thank you josh thelongest begins with a single pace sky what are your final dreams my final imagines would be ithink the holidays get a real bad wrap for parties trying to restrict and figure out ways to getaround this and stay on track my biggest takeaway is if you can have a little bit of grateful for abody that can move you’re going to have an easier go getting it to move i think if this crazy yearof 2020 has schooled me anything it’s that i am so grateful to have two strong legs two strong armsand the ability to get to go out and go on a walk or get to pick up a load or do a bodyweightcircuit i think if we can shift that mindset of this isn’t some type of punishment it is suchan amazing thing that you get to move your person and get that mindset in your head of i don’thave to do this i get to do this and numerous people cannot do this it can help you there toobecause if you get to do 20 minutes in your period that is going to put you in a better moodput you on a better move to a healthier torso it can it can be the difference between it allshifting the mindset enormous level and enormous road to wrap it up um because i don’t think i’ve evenbeen thinking about it that way i’ve certainly experienced you know being outside and activity morethan before but it’s it’s a wonderful remember that we should all be extremely grateful for thebodies that we do have and our ability to uh be active especially through the holidays so thankyou skye expressed appreciation for josh i love talking to you guys enjoy your own celebrations and make sure you takesome time for yourself thanks erin thanks erin

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