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Life is just like a game of serpents and ladders Sometimes you climb up the ladders Other eras, snakes bite you and you fall down You can play the dice nonetheless you want But video games will never be in your hands Today onwards my lad and daughter … … both will live with you I am fasting for sixteen periods Then the working day my sister found out … … one of our debtor is in Delhi So my sister insisted on marrying you One time If her motive is only to move out of her hamlet and live in Delhi So what does it matter if she marries me or I have a solution What? Match Anarkali with Salim Then simply Majnu can focus on Laila Be it life or a game of snakes and ladders You guys already only knew my predestination Hold on Hold on a moment Take this! Super-kick in your face Bro do you ever feel lonely? Don’t talk shit Now that you’re losing, you will talk like that? Alright man, you earn What the hell is you get by acquiring? If there will be nobody to share that happiness with You are there for that Why do you start talking shit in the morning I am there……but a boy get completed by a woman exclusively I am asking like that Don’t you feel alone? That no one is there in your life Bro Has anybody encounter my mickey mouse etched underwear? Bro Has anybody view my mickey mouse reproduced underwear? Look at this Twenty four hours in a daylight, he is there with me If he leaves me alone, then simply I’ll feel alone Forget him I’m just asking, when you look at me You must feel like there could be someone for you What the blaze “are you doin “? I think you are wearing it I will slam youI think you are wearing it I will swipe you Give it back, there is no point in fighting Rinni, what are you doing? You could’ve dissolved your fast I was just smell making So that you don’t eat something reverse straight-shooting Reverse straight? I mean something bad We must only eat fresh You You adoration me so much I disbelieve if my mother charities me like that No no…Nothing like that Be removed from me I’m warning you! If you aren’t wearing it, then show me The fight will end Why should I depict you my lingerie? See? A burglar ever obstructs it Shut the fucking around and run away Do I not getting enough robes that I will wear yours? I have appreciated your underwears with openings Tell me one thing The truth only Don’t you ever feel like eating something from the fridge? No , not at all! Not at all? Nope You’re position in so much effort to keep us together I will also help you Here … From now on Here is the key What are you doing? The fridge is now fastened And here is the key From now on, the fridge will stay locked And the key will be with me So that if you ever want to eat Your fast must not break There is no need for this Why is there no need? Go away from here I am warning you Leave me…Leave my … I will fuck you up! I have seen that already You simply have the words Listen I don’t like Dharam and Akanksha Why? All nighttime, what projecting they do, I don’t know You are misjudging them You know … What is seen from the outside … … it is not from the inside Leave me Leave! what is going on there? Forget them You tell me How did you make such yummy nutrient today? Dharam was so impressed He was kudos you He maintained talking about you Dharam? Complimenting me? Not possibility Leave itNot possibility Leave it Leave my pyjama He simply seems adamant like thisLeave my pyjama He exclusively seems dogged like this He is atually very sweet And you know how much he gazes up to you? Get apart! Oh God! What the blaze? What’s happening people? It is good Boys and girls, both are amazed What did your father ingest before giving birth to him? Sorry sorry sorry I agitated you in the middle of your dance pattern Shut up man What were you doing? Everybody showcased their aptitudes in the lockdown I also downloaded Uplive And you know what? I have discovered “the worlds largest” sumptuous brides and handsome humen Dancing and singing on this app It is such a good platform Uplive? Yes, Uplive These people are celebrating their fifth anniversary Plus some bollywood luminaries are also streaming live here You likewise download it and follow me there I’ve been following you since so long now You are the one who doesn’t follow me back What? Do it no? Yes yes, just a secondWhat? Do it no? Give it to meWhat? Do it no? Give it to me You’ll thank me last-minute This app has helped me guides my era so well Done If you had some time to pass away Then you could’ve called me You have also announced me and messaged me daily, right? But I understand……you have such a busy schedule It’s alright, you can pull my leg Laugh all you crave There are vaccine slots available in the nearby hospital Nobody has got the pokings in the house, right? Yes , none has been injected yet So don’t worry I will book the slots You continue your dance I will too explore Uplive Okay? Goodnight Baby baby Please get me some returns Peeled off once Please Okay Thank you Now you must be having fun while fasting Are you blind? Bastard Oh! Sorry uncle No! Decide and “ve been told” by night Asshole or Bastard I will change the nameplate Which room is it? It is not a room It’s a flat Take this First floor You go ahead, get in the mood Uncle, listen Forget everything Write “Horny old person” now Are you not ashamed of yourself? Son, first of all What’s your loss? It’s my house. I can move around naked here I “ve brought” ten girls now And one more thing Horniness does not care about Age, relation or season So numerous girlfriends are there in your own house and you’re giving me a castigate? Uncle, don’t bother Let me pick it up……and sorry Sorry again Do whatever you would like to do I travelled upstairs There are so many parties there And one bald-headed person sought me You dumb person, that is upper-ground First floor is above that And far removed from that bald-pated party He searches everybody Let’s go Fuck off It’s done Slot for vaccine is booked But there is a problem Rinni yours and Dharam bro, yours slots are booked for after three days No no no … We all go together It’s okay Doesn’t matter if we go together or separately Vaccine is important Also, person should be at home also to keep a watchman Okay baby As you said Somebody should be at home Bro I won’t be able to live with her We are not going to settle there We will be back in an hour Too, you don’t have to talk to her Take it easy, watch TV Drink some milk Uncle, don’t bother Let me pick it up and sorry Close the door Can’t you watch something better? Here is the remote Watch whatever you want You merely eat for free Do some work atleast What’s up bro Listen to me What happened? Never leave me and Rinni alone in the house again Why? Today I held myself Something bad will happen in the house This is good enough Atleast something came up in his judgment Did Dharam do something when I was away? Does he even has the courage? But yes Today he behaving a bit weird and gazing a bit weird Weird? No, he respects you a lot You misunderstand him Respect? He? and mine? Did you realise? He doesn’t even say a word infront of you This is such a good sum of respect Nobody acts like this with their parents Forget him Never leave me in the house I get bored There is a solution to boredom Download the Uplive app I was told by Akan- by a very good friend of mine Akash He is an amazing friend It is a really good app There are so many talented people who do singing, dancing and many more fun undertakings Too, there are many bollywood personalities Boredom will go away Dowlnoad then I will download it But you tell me Did you miss me today? See? He is such a good boy He can see that it is night go Doesn’t vex anybody Quietly does his business and goes away I want to become like him Anyway, it is getting late You sleep I will too sleep I’m starting to get fever because of the vaccination Where is the Paracetamol Oh there Okay then, goodnight But! Okay then, goodnight Okay then, goodnight Whenever I depart close to him Why does he get a fever then simply You will know when you get injected Goodnight I is gonna have to do something about the fridge’s key Eating this is so bad It seems like “sorry” has done it’s hassle Now let’s destroy the evidence It get locked What could be the password? 1..2..3..4 Oh my God So easy It’s okay She is saying “it’s okay” instead of “sorry” Which school learns this? Have you investigate my phone? Yeah, Aunty was calling……so I was coming to give it to you simply Talk to her Were you going on the roof to baked these invests? Yes Give it to me But Your brother will do it for you And tell aunty, she doesn’t need to worry I will find a girl for you Did the artillery die? Oh! Hi … Hi … How come you’re up at night? The hurricane was blowing nicely, so … Wind? Don’t we call it a cyclone? So are you going to go about dry the clothes in the hurricane? No actually there were too many dirty invests so I thought I should soak them That’s why I can help Oh no no It’s okay I truly think you should buy some new under- These are not mine So someone else’s No no these are mine exclusively I will buy brand-new ones If you want brand-new ones So you can manage yourself You got to know everything about me but you didn’t tell me anything about yourself What do you want to know? So, how is Raghav do? Did it improve or is it still toxic? We broke up? Oh genuinely? So when are you going to patch up? This time, it’s final It’s been eight months I have even moved on So…Why? Because when you know your happy place … … you shouldn’t try to become some other place your glad plaza Oh and what is your ha- You leave this … … and get half a brick We will use it to leant the rope back I will go checkWe will use it to employed the rope back I will go check And listen! The barrier comes jammed because it doesn’t have a stopper There is half a brick there, don’t go that out Sorry Fuck man, we will have to push it from inside exclusively Do one thing, scold Dharam I is an attempt to It is unreachable And there is only single ticking on Whatsapp Shit man You wouldn’t have Rinni’s number and why did I not get my phone with me? Fuck! Shit! Listen, come inside, you’ll get wet Leave it if it isn’t opening How will we get down? The barrier is jammed No hardware store would be open at this time I think we are stuck here till the morning Now what the hell is we do here whole night? What the hell is we do all light here? We can do so many things What do you mean? I make One second It is waterproof, right? Shubham what are you doing? You will get wetShubham what are you doing? You will get wet I hear in college that someone’s favourite movie is “Kuch kuch hota hai” So today is the few moments It is waterproof , no? Seriously? You’ll be able to tick off one thing from the barrel list But One second You know how to dance, right? You remember my full act How many years has it been? Four! No, six! Fucking – god This is so crazy Do you are well aware? When I did this I fell out But still I ended the procedure Fuck this shit! I have a fracture now Atleast thank me Be thankful that my phone turned on otherwise you would’ve been stuck here all night Rinni you are misunderstanding me again I’ve told you before as well What you accompany outside is not the same insid- Shut up! Now only dad will talk to you One second One second I was helping her exclusively Let me justify With your hand on her waist I know everything I’m no illiterate I will tell you everything As soon as I exited upstairs The puff started blowing Hello? The hurricane started blowing She has lung cancer She has lung cancer She was about to fall down What would I have done? Should I have not saved her? I am a faithful spouse I will not touch you I must’ve cured , no? As soon as I stimulated her stand You came upstairs You thought that we were doing something wrong Akanksha has lung cancer? Looking fine I am trying to prepare you understand this only Whatever you receive outside, it is different It was their personal substance They told me not to tell you Dharam also knows? That is why he is with her Meaning? Meaning that Akanksha was in love with Dharam Dharam is an old-fashioned biy He demanded a simple village girl So he said no to Akanksha But Akanksha insisted that it is her last-place care before dying that she wants to be with Dharam Oh my God! It is the last stage of cancer She has only a few days left Dharam has a big heart So he “ve fallen in love with” her Without thinking much of it, he said yes That is why they are together You were asking that day about Riya and all This is it It is what it is I never understand Dharam I definitely sounds like he is some kind of God Not even a single blame 6 footed health boy He has acre and coin All the very best calibers Kind-hearted Selfless I was wrong about you and Akanksha Sorry It’s okay Till when will all this go on? People have to sleep in the night Go to sleep You too sleep and please don’t discuss this with anybody These people time laugh from the outside They are crying from the inside You think about what they do in the night, right? They cry all darknes This is the kind of life they live I definitely sounds like crying whenever I talk about it that’s why I didn’t tell you anything Keep it to yourself, okay? Go, sleep What are you talking about mother? Don’t shake me all the time I don’t want to marry No Okay, bye Dharam, listen What? Am I coming in between Shivam and Rinni? You merely find the nighttime day for this kind of conversation? Tell me Don’t perturb me Sleep Okay listen Will you do one thing? What? Have you gone mad? Whatever we have done will go to waste No man I recollect by doing this he will go mad I am telling you Do you know him more than I do? So you won’t do it? Look at me Listen N O! She has gone mad Look you promised that you’ll assistant me with anything Have you thought it through? Okay Go to hell then Thanks Akanksha was saying that she doesn’t love you or anything What? Yes and the kiss that day was also out of pity What are you saying man? Why would I lie to you? Oh shit man What is this shit? Yesterday only we were dancing together closely It was such a neat moment I supposed love is back These daughters are like this only You never know what’s going on in their abilities Oh shit What the hell is this? What is happening? Majnu is doing so much for Laila She says that she doesn’t feel anything Is Majnu mad? That he is in between Salim and Anarkali’s life I get that Majnu cannot get her It doesn’t mean that anybody can fuck him over Laila keeps or not either way, Majnu has to save himself That is such a deep thought Today it feels like Pradhan’s son is a big man When did you experience dad’s dick? I said son, you deaf party Oh! I thought you and dad have something going on Why are you so inconsiderate Will you imbibe it alone? Can’t you interpret? One more boy is standing here Gulp it What is inside now? Do I drink your saliva? Bro there is no alcohol in your life It does till your lip but never goes in Someday I will get it Come downstairs fast These two are fighting like puppies and “cat-o-nine-tails” Go apart or else I will say something offensive Yes, first say something mean then maintain defending Apologize? I will never You forgot that you said sorry? I said sorry? I did? Yes Go away Why are you oppose like babies? He started it…giraffe How did she stroke me? Like this I will kill you One thing is clear I cannot do Anarkali and Salim together by myself But who is a greater bad son than me? Who can reach shell and spray one? It will be fun! Oh hi Hello Baby, gape who’s on the door? Yes, I’m going What a surprise I know Please come in Show me Lines on your hands have become deeper Oh! Prince has woken up Peter? Who else? Joseph? Who is it baby? Okay, behind Peter’s back, “youre calling” daughters in the house Who is it? Wow, pimp is also here Do you likewise have Russian girlfriends? Hey! She is my sister Mother must have two different mills then Just kidding What is he doing here? He announced me in the morning He’s making a really cheap movie When will you get bigger from the ability? If we facilitate him We won’t have to pay the rent for a few months I said yes That is great Wow! Picture? I had this dream since childhood to become a heroine We will see you one Love square A legend of two different couples Peter likes too much drama First day, 200 crores Superhit Blockbuster Let’s cast right here only Shivam humanity Your lover is likely to be Alanksha Dharam boy Get together with this girl O hello! I will not get together with him You won’t be able to Peter change the assign Don’t talk about my ability No you do it yourself Make the cinema yourself Director is nobody He’s been working on this for 6 months Forget it Give me the hire And from today, the hire is doubled Stay if you can, otherwise get out Peter bro, what are you talking about? Learn to take some jokes Dharam what are you doing? Where will we go at this time? You time have to act Rinni please understand You have to act only Will your papa throw us doubled payment? Please get it Just act He’s asking for doubled rent Okay? Let’s go guys, both of them have agreed Come on Akanksha, let’s prepare for Peter’s picture This is how the world makes You have to show who’s the boss Which role do you have for me? You will get the most important role Really? If you move even a little bit and I receive the mic in the enclose I will interrupt both your legs But Do you demand the persona or not? Good boy He will do me a protagonist I is not let the mic drop-off Chaps, ready? Yes In this background, Ashok thinks that his wife Madhu is disloyal But in this Listen first And Ashok is going to leave her This is their last-place converge It’s a really psychological scene I depleted 4 nights on this Let’s do a go And babe, I trust you on this, okay? But Peter, this is blank Where are the dialogues? Akanksha darling Don’t be a dumbo There must be a writer inside an actor Improvisation makes a scene jolly Okay? Yeah Let’s start And Action! If it was not a girl, I would’ve slammed And war! You dallied a good recreation with “peoples lives”, Madhu You could’ve told me a bit before So that I wouldn’t have loved you so fondly No Ashok You are not going it right I was wrong before, Madhu I thought that we will invest some time together and you will start loving me But no What is it that I don’t have? Am I not the one for you? Do I give less? No Ashok! It’s not that It is like that, Madhu It is like that How did “youre forgetting” those instants that we spent together of members of this house? When we were really close to each other Was it all a lie? Tell me the truth Did you never adoration me I never said that Lie! You said it yourself Bhola! Pimp! Everything was so natural You spoilt the whole scene Pack up! Let’s make love tomorrow Cancer According to date of birth, your zodiac is cancer, right? Yes Atleast you could’ve taken a bath Like the people who did bathe are smelling enormous What is he even originating? Let’s forget yesterday And start afresh With full vigor What do I “re going to have to” do? Make him be done away with I’m telling you I will shoot myself Bhola, you go upstairs But I will not take you to the Ambiance mall otherwise Okay Like he’s making Jodha Akbar Your sister’s- Let’s not ruin the exertion Okay? It’s a really romantic panorama Ravi and Shalu, both desire each other very much Are they both husband and wife? No Shalu is the red-hot girl living in Ravi’s building Okay? Scene starts They both press the same button in the hoist And as the heave is going up They look at each other with affection sees Okay? Didn’t he do engineering? An technologist can do anything Cameras are installed Everything will get recorded Okay? But Peter I feel sophisticated in raise Sophisticated? She entails suffocated Rinni babe Don’t you want to be a heroine? It’s only 2 minutes Okay, I adjust And also Peter Can we both improvise like we see fit? If she improvises, the stage will come out shit No Do whatever you are told Okay 3…2…1… And act! You have to look with a kindnes gaze You should have a cute face for that What happened? Did the supremacy cut? Akanksha darling When this movie liberates, you will become a star Don’t forget this Peter Peter! Only kidding Don’t fake it I earnestly can’t breathe Look, I can breathe I cannot breathe I cannot- I- yes okay Rinni! Are you okay? Is anyone there? Peter! It’s been so long, why are they not here? Rinni! Is the scene finished? I don’t know what they’re doing Lift is not working Power is off Okay, power is off What? power is off !? Can’t you picture the turn out lighters? One second Rinni said that she’s claustrophobic Maybe due to the high-pitched consignment, the MCB was downed It is possible I will go and check She’s so smart You also did Engineering , no? Check fast Akanksha Someone? Shivam? I thought that MCB must be down It was down, I sterilized it Let’s go Come on, wake up What happened? She dozed off in the promote Wake up Rinni You give her good help We will shoot the residual tomorrow Brother and sister will not let me finish the film Let me know if you need something Rinni Open your eyes Put her carefullyOpen your eyes Put her carefully Careful Give CPR CPR Press her dresser Rinni I will get irrigate Get up Careful Sit directly Give a pillow Akanksha Sit up Carefully Nothing happened Give her liquid Yes, suck some ocean Maybe because of the shoot lamps MCB must’ve tripped It’s all good Don’t cry Everybody is here Shivam is here, Akanksha too Don’t cry Everything is okay Give her sea Give her more irrigate Now, drink some water What happened to my sister? Nothing happened you monkey Get downNothing happened you monkey Get down What happened? Get down What happened? Come outside bro Leave them alone Let her remain Come outside Akanksha you too Let her remain You rest now, I will be right outside, okay? Bro You stay here with her You were stuck in the raising with her , no? I advocate you sleep here simply ButI show “youre sleeping” now merely But It’s for precisely one day What but? Can’t you do this much for the family? She will feel better Let me know if you need But you are going to get married to her How can I conclude her feel right? Sleep Go to sleep Open your eyes Don’t fake it Open them I never understand Dharam It seems like he is a God not even a single defect 6 hoofed handsome lover No no no no Rinni you can’t do this now Listen Didn’t Majnu do something very lowly while get Salim and Anarkali together? Majnu had to do it the world talks about his love Anarkali is also not a feeble musician It won’t be easy You don’t know Majnu that well more Have you heard about Chanakya? Yes Majnu and Chanakya has one common thing You know what? What? Brains Meaning? I will tell you tomorrow It’s too late now Come on Careful Drink some sea Sister, you should take care of yourself and you should keep your doctor’s and ambulance’s number on speed dial Meaning? This city’s air is polluted I have decided As soon as lockdown and corona points I will go to the village And will never insure Delhi ever Yes Living in a village must be so good Wake up in the morning in fresh air And then farming Stellars are too discernible in the night And dog’s poop everywhere Ask us We have lived there 25 years So why are you coming tensed? We will go back there exclusively, in the clay no no no We are fine in Delhi only Rinni What are you saying? After marriage, you will live with me , no? Someone tell him Delhi is much much better than village Yes lover She is right here On one hand Delhi, on other village There is no comparison He right One second Why bro? What is it in Delhi? Bro freedom! Hauz Khas’ beautiful horde Lajpat nagar’s momos And if you ask me Drink up and get home anytime without ingesting midst fresh No one can say a word What is not in Delhi? 64 count is also in Delhi 64 count? Is it a market? Do they sell dress as well? Not suits They- Shut up! Eat your food After lockdown objective , no one can stop me from going there Whoever wants to go wherever can go I am speaking for myself I will live in a village simply Final! I am also clear I will live in Delhi only Dharam marriage Rinni Wow! Shivam will be yours merely You take one step, I will take four So it’s done, just like Shivam’s girlfriend my lover will too live in this house Bro don’t you ever feel lonely? A girl ends a boy Don’t you feel alone? He was right, I feel alone Okay baby, as you say Watch something good Here is the remote, watch what it is you crave It’s been too long Where are they? You both are in a relationship? What is this feeling? I don’t even want to eat or cup anything Atleast do some occupation Never leave me and Rinni in the house alone Stomach is hurting a bit Let’s see what is there to eat Let’s drink some milk Why are these conceives like this? Today he was acting weird and searching a bit weird I will have to got something Do one thing, announcement Dharam I am doing that only It is unreachable and it is showing single ticking on whatsapp Did my phone charge yet? Oh shit Rinni, come upstairs Shivam is calling you Fuck this shit! I have a fracture now Be thankful that my phone turned on Listen Will you do one thing? What? Tell Shivam what I feel for him Have you gone mad? Whatever we have done will go to waste You promised that you’ll assistant me Have you thought it all out? Akanksha said that she doesn’t love you What the hell is this? Don’t you remember those minutes that we depleted together in this house when we were really close together? Was it all a lie? Tell the truth Did you never love me at all? Lie! You said here today yourself Bhola! Pimp! Who shook the stool? She was your girlfriend, is likely to be your daughter ever And the working day I get some quirky envisage, I will slam myself before you do Be it their own lives or Snakes and Ladders You know when does it hurt the most? When you believe that you are going to win and the biggest snake on 99 chews you.

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