Cardio Step For WEIGHT LOSS And Cardio BOXING HIIT 💦Low Impact SWEATY Fun💦Fat BURNING Routine

welcome to today’s cardio step in cardioboxing class very simple basic easy to follow get grab your gradation terrace with one riser no stepbench is necessary grab your light hand forces if you like to use them for boxing moves we’re goingto do some cardio step with a lower torso focus and some cardio boxing affected drillsfollowed by one core tabata this is a sweaty low impact funworkout let’s go march it right to left cardio step cardio boxing hit now we go reachit forward now we’re just warming up you guys i never go into any exercising with merely altogether coldmuscles oh that doesn’t feeling all right right let’s just heated it up neat slow and steady oh yeah got abeautiful work up line for you listen if today is like an all-out high-intensity day why don’tyou add the risers forearms up start making those trendies yeah we work in it you got that energyyou’re gonna give it to me today while listening to your mas ever listen to your organization today is low impact but high-pitched strength we’re notgoing to jump-start which is at high intensity when you take both feet off the field we’ll staylow impact but high-pitched vigour again i’ll exclude all the moves basic and simple a lot of peopleget scared when they insure the step side like ah don’t worry guys you know i keep it simplecan you give me a hamstring scroll limbs down hey i got new shoes they’re nike’s “i m loving” themi’m wearing them my husband got them for me oh again we’re just simply warming up the bodyright oh listen these breathes i got off amazon you know you guys you know i love lulu lemons andyou also know they’re really expensive title give me knees touch now so i tried this brandit’s called kolo fuku whatever i’ll relate it in the description box below listen i reallyhonestly think they’re as good as my lululemon so if you miss a really good nice qualitypair try these i own like four of them now i own like 10 lulu lemons and now i am buyingthese instead yeah that’s how amazed i am with them i don’t make any money offthis you guys i’m just letting you know because if you demand lululemonquality at 26 these are it in seoul rely me “i m trying” every label out theredid you hear that you’re ordained yeah so let’s start our workout knowingthat we’re blessed we can move together again nice and easy out of the door i gottareally make sure you’re warmed up right you’re going to tap it right to left andcircle only to get that upper figure heated oh subject thank you for workingout with me today everyone yeah good are you ready toget sweaty yeah two more fixeds are you ready to get heart healthy yeah we’regonna do that with some beautiful cardiovascular set we’re going to get some hearthealth in woo clique not circle reach contact precisely cross the midline of your torso nowhitting that gyration by the time we’re done with this warm-up you all should be reallyreally warm and quite prepared to reached that workout it’s a little hip-hop today okay we’re going to step touch to the left take those arms i’m off the pummel there we goyeah i know how to stay on the beat you guys i do know that come on reach almost thereare you ready to go into some cardio step we’re gonna really get those legs nice andtoned now if there’s any move i do you don’t like you absolutely utterly modify can youdo that for me march it right to left right now we’re going to alternate the kneescenter change right here oh yeah we’re right in it we’re in our first cardio stair now we’re gonna do a breast tiny lunge like acrouch crouch crouch so you stoop and collect it up crouch you got it right here crouch we’re gonna goback to the alternating knees alter the knees right here simple in between moveswe rotate the knee that simple all right we’re going to sidesquat to the right to the left boom side squat are you ready to alternatethe knee claim paw steps up so this is our passing this alternatingknee this is where you catch your breath we’re gonna do a three squat pulsation ready herewe go one two three pa it up one two two three squat pulsate dad it up now you know you’re gonnastep that right foot on we’re gonna alternate the knees alter the knees so this is where you goafter each leg motion that simple nothing hard-handed that’s it you guys we’re gonna do a three pliepulse ready go one two three daddy it up pulse again one more time are you ready kneesyou’re on that right lead got it looking good we’re gonna do hipextension we’re gonna make that heel back we’re gonna three pulsate it and downtap the title paw down three gathers so making that heel up one twothree or you can just harbour it up alternating the knee from the top it’salways the liberty paw that steps on this is always a little recoveryhere the knee in the center see add one two or three risers are you ready forthat breast plunge stoop right paw paces us on i told you we’re going to burn that lowerbody just a little consuming that gradation bench are you ready alternate the knee always that rightfoot stairs on because i’m on that claim head right yeah you can always begins with one riser then addthe two razors all right we get that surface hunker now if you want to go wider touch the floorwe’re getting a little of hip mobility now you got a hip hinge you know you’re goingto alternate the knee right paw step this up you got it remember that three attract diddly-squat nowif you demand high-pitched ferocity after the third pulse you can jump it up three pull squat oh sitback in your ends come on sit back sit back one more all right alternate the knee yeah see it’s all about what you put into itbecause i love to keep these moves basic simple and easy to follow three pulsing plie plie again you are eligible to after the three pulseyou can hop both foot off here but i said i was gonna stay low impact rightyeah yeah all right right foot alternate the knee any time i’m on the right lead that means thatright hand that title foot is going to lead you okay stay here stay here oh yeah i forgot i know i had to do thathip propagation three heartbeats up and one down i knew that’s what i forgot i was just trying tothink about it all right three heartbeat hip increase and then tap down liberty oh so heel workingthose glutes acting those hamstrings okay alternating the knee right hand right foot so whenever you’re like oh my gosh what pas wasi on set that cause hand out that’s gonna guidebook you now when we go into cardio boxing pop grabyour egg values get your step bench out of the way get your stair bench out of the way headabove the heart all right right here march it breathe it through you’re just marchinghit it punch it uppercut four punches uppercuts you got those equates “i m telling you” wego quick cardio boxing is our hit four pokings four uppercuts one twothree and four one two three four yeah four punches four uppers nothing hard about it come on let’s go one two three four one two threeand four all right watch me one two three cross hey one two three cross three pokings andacross shuffle back you ready to made it right here one two three cross is everything all right pluck seizure those eightweights slide entrust weights why not is everything all right one two three crossshuffle back shuffle back push it propagandize it sweaty watch me while you’re moving steal hookupper upper fasten hook upper upper hook hook when they say hit it husband you’re gonna get ityou can go faster than the trounce come on intensity come on hook use that lower body boom now go as fast or sluggish as you miss because it’syour affect you don’t have to stick to the beat go faster if you can you can go faster than 144 you ready watch me after recoveryhere we go jab cross jab cross jab set jab cross jab set croak quicker than the hit thebeats are 144 go slower go quicker your entitle drive hey i’m gonna stick to the beat because thebeat is 144. I like the thump poking cross punch specify i got those 1.5 pound egg values in my hands let’s go remain catch your gulp now i don’tknow if this is it if this is our total rest or not i always forget this one you’re gonnajab higher low-pitched if they tell you to punched it so high low-pitched i knew you guys this is the one this is the one album i’m like oh how many hitswas it five or six so at least i caught it now push high low-toned high low-toned sit back in those ends work those legs let’s get the most out ofthis workout large-hearted appendage large-scale leg movement rest okay let’s see if we got one more in this whoa ifwe do we’re gonna lash to the stomach and two secures touched it rip two secures four lashes onetwo three four two fixes so a slam you’re hitting them in the tummy slam lash slam slam palms are facing each other you’re hitting themin the stomach or the groin this is called a rib travel recover now this is your recovery positioned theweights down okay so we’re gonna do that stair terrace we’re gonna put it back thoughts above theheart now you recollect we did everything on that right lead well now you know me right guysmarch it right to left to right now make sure your brick is nice and secure you know me whatyou do on the right you do on the left you’re marching after each ten-strike you get a recoverynow make sure that brick is totally on okay are you ready wave that left end becauseeverything’s on that left weed now right all right so this is it for cardio gradation so this isyour last-place cardio step everything on that left side so i’m taking your heart rate i warmedit up i’m taking your heart rate up taking it back up taking itback up making it back down we’re playing with our cardiovascular enduranceto challenge it so wave your left hand all right y’all know we’re going to start with that stepknee you all know your whole foot’s on the bench chest on the prowl shoulder step back naturalcore activation alternate the knee does this look familiar oh yeah did you just tell me you’reblessed because you can move your torso yeah i heard you say that yeah we’re in it togetherlet’s crouch and lunge it oh hunker breast lunge picking something off the step workbench now again add asmany risers as your beautiful beautiful person hankers now you know the next one is a beautiful sidesquat start on the left side squat now we go now your antonym hand can touch are you gonna levitate all right in the center oh beautiful smile on your face do you feelthat beautiful sweat dripping doesn’t it feel so beautiful our form can do this oh pulsethree pulse and a lift i’m talking too much now you know you can hop it rightyeah all right that left lee left make after this is a three plie squatand a elevator higher intensity hop-skip both hoof off the sand after thethree pulsation three a three plie pulse can i talk today yes i can talk did youknow i made a no talking ability move workout yeah i wasn’t talking i created two more alternatethe knee “ive created” two more no talking exercisings i’m gonna get one of them out today it’sa power walk cardio box no angie talk whoo give me that hamstring bend three pulsations yeah balance right yeah i knowi’m working that core inequality yeah important challenges beautiful for the body step me now you know it’s always that leftfoot that comes on that bench right yes you got that beautiful smile on your face yeslet’s crouch select something up off that workbench we about to levitate all right give me the knee what yesit’s that left hoof that starts us off you’ve got to match it out i’m not gargantuan onclasses where they don’t work right and left lead that’s how you procreate muscle inequality feature hunkers yeah let’s have some fun step left new hub feel that vitality feelthat sweat feel all the bless your person is giving you today yeah yeah i say that a lotbut you need to know it squat pulse 3 and up soldier feel how strong your legs are oh you arestrong baby boy all right alternate the knee you know you got that threeplie pulsation in that filch oh feel that vitality gives people that plier heartbeat do low-toned feel those adductors workchest tall and proud and back yeah baby oh you get to step midst and that’s exactly what we’re doing three pedals trendy postponement again two more one more yeah alternate the knees all right situated thatstep workbench away grasp those light hand forces four thrustings four uppers punched it fourjabs four uppers turn left to right four pokings four uppers right yeah you’re inyour pop again is everything all right four pokings four uppers thumps per minute four jabs four uppercuts come on oh you are strong pressthree jabs sweep and a back three pokings cross come back yourtiming you don’t have to keep the beat move hear it smash it get serious come on let’s go three thrusting cross and take it back i got those1. 5 egg forces in my hands work it rest watch me punch cross jab placed jab cross jab located you’re moving when theysay rest you’re moving shake that button punch cross chat specified respite you are moving hook hook up it’s left hook hook upper we’reon that left contribute hit hook upper upper hit it start with the left you’re moving be reminded that high low-spirited rememberthat high low-grade moving respite moved you move though high low-toned high low-spirited poking on theleft gesticulate your left hand let’s go you’re strong you’re strong touch it i said hitit come on laura come on virginia astrid let’s go kathy come on babes let’s go foranybody else out there come on record it you are on fire say i’m strong i’m strongi am potent did i hear you i am powerful remember rip steal fix fourrips turn left to right hook hooking ten-strike it four reps in the groin or the belly recover all right guys grab that stepbench we have tabata core coming up then we get a divulge and we’re done with the firstpart of class all right i wishes to you to tell off if you feel you are a sweaty mess core tabata coretabata this is your recovery you are moving around “youre not” check did you hear me you aremoving around we’re gonna use our stair terrace for a beautiful core tabata drill yeah youheard me poor tabata expending that gradation workbench oh yeah baby how you feeling you feeling good are we heart strongare we cardiovascular strong yes we are snap it husband snap it you’re worth itman corroborate nourish and love yourself okay firstly section right here oh yeah oh you’regonna crunch as you drive that knee up so that knee comes various kinds of at that three frontankle let’s go do as many as you can did you notice i’m challenging your equilibrium as well andi’m too working on that lower body leg sculpt you feel that right glute that right quadengage yeah i don’t care how quickly or how sluggish three two one remain you know you’re doingthe same thing complete on that left side poise core i’m incorporating it allfunctional actually and so you know the drill grab the rope and pull give a lasso pullit behind your laughingstock neck right here pull feel that grab in that internaland that external oblique next one liberty sound down outside leg tapthen inside maids pass under the shoulder stabilize through the shoulders propagandize it three two one rest yes we’re gonnado that again please do as numerous as you can take a break when you need to build up to ityour body and forte is not built overnight so do as many as you can andtake a break really sounding you’re gonna neighbourhood your hands on in in and out now you can do one legin and out or you can do both legs your timing now you can do one lower andthen you can do like this set it down i know these may be hard on the back so i’m gonnashow options you can cushion your as as well complete we’re gonna do that again againyou can do both arms or both legs one live three two one remain okay next one complete we’regonna simply sit it back and we’re gonna fore pose again prepare if you have a bony butt work goahead grab that map situated it on that sub bench major equilibrium shoulder step backdown and away from your ears no tension in the brain neck or shoulders reallyfeel that midst give let’s go two one through you can grab behind your knees you don’t have to be ina step workbench merely please make it work for you okay prepare this is it and we get one minute recoveryyou can grab ocean put your pace bench apart we’re gonna get ready for strengthtraining now if you’re watching this recorded you will be going to yourcool down and strain you all know if you’re watching it recorded threei do these live one rest every monday okay articulated the stair terrace apart well “re ready” beautiful long strain just contact we’re gonna accommodate come those loads out of yourway if they’re in your route listen somebody tell it fill your being stay with me fill your person the past won’t get the best of me all right face that right leg and if look at that left leg dresser to that left leg reach right heel in front of that left ankle liftup through that left hip fucking arm over privilege ankle press up throughyour privilege trendy left weapon over i’m letting remain i just want what’s best for me all right make that left leg backbehind you ouch and lean forward release the blue-chip off my back tell thepaint go away straight go away rain wash away take that left hoof forward right bent freedom back way forward i can’t let it go all right right hand on my knee lookover your left shoulder sit up tall right hand left knee look over the privilege shoulder take that right leg out lift upthrough your fanny trendy up and over i have to let it go i have to let it go grab that top one more songto work through flexibility joint mobility just as important as strong training andcardiovascular endurance what i’m doing right now is essential for your torso so it canmove freely within its normal range of motion now you’re gonna stay here orif you can you’re gonna grab it you’re going to take it down you’re goingto do that left leg on top right arm over give that top leg i woke up this morning count lift that leg if you can i broke down all right hands under your shoulders knees underyour hips final mobility your timing rolled up roll back to your toes let’s get some anklemobility roll on your toes back on your heels all right forward fold seizure your joints and what i can’t do i’ve got this feeling draw everything can be i know if i stay positive i believe in miracles i believe in myself is deep sigh in inhale and we are done

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