JUST KEEP STUDYING! – Study Motivation

you keep studying no matter how roughthe sea you remain studying no matter how many people are telling you you can’t doit you prevent studying what if you can pull this off what if you can become thevery person you dream of it starts as soon as your alarm clock goes off youhave a decision to make and it makes study to do this to really committo having a productive daylight to get up to meet every single minute of your daycount and you got to do this every single day no matter what it takesno matter what obstacles go in your channel no matter what your friends say nomatter what your classmates say a constant contend that exactly doesn’t stopagainst a weakness against delay and laziness it’s acampaign of hard work and dedication it’s waking up early and going to bedlate and studying every second in between its implementation of your dreamslies within you and you alone whether you overstep your quizs or lack exams isyours you need to be persistent about what it is that you want to achieve youhave got to make a declaration that this is what you stand for you crave it andyou’re going to give it everything you’ve got to achieve it I didn’t say itwas going to be easy if it was easy everybody would be doingif you crave the a points and the 4.0 GPA if you really want it if you’re not justsaying but deep down you feel it within you there’s gonna be relinquished there’sgonna be wreak and you’re going to have to move tough decisions and you’re goingto have to be patient but if you can combine those three things that’s whatmakes great things happen that’s what body-builds extraordinary boundaries appoint thehighest grandest dream possible because you become what you believe no matterhow crazy it might announce to the other parties “ve been thinking about” it carefully who doyou want to be what stirs you happy prevent propagandizing because you believe inyourself and your vision it needs to be clear to you you need to know exactlywhat you crave you know what it smacks like and smells like but you’re nevergoing to be able to do it if you stop offsetting the wrong decisions if you keepprocrastinating and squandering day doing things that don’t align you with yourend goal you want to achieve remarkable evaluates from now on it’s on you you canmake it happen you’ve got the power to time that you can change things for you itdoesn’t matter what grades you got in the past it doesn’t mattersee when you acknowledge it and say hey it’s meI’m the one that determines the outcome I’ve got to do this I have someobstacles in front of me I know it’s not gonna be easy but eventually theseobstacles are not gonna slow me down just when you feel like you’ve done yourlast hour of studying or speak the last passage in the textbook and your brainis telling you you can’t study anymore you say yeahgot to do really a little bit more make this year the year that you commit toyourself that you’re going to make progressit just takes discipline and outright devotion if you can commit to winningevery single day for the entire year in 365 epoches your life will be drasticallydifferent I don’t care who you are or which country you’re from or how oldyou are it’s the same for everyone if you’re going to have the vitality and thepassion to drive through the day working at 100% act you’ve got to wake upevery single daylight and start with that see because right now while you’requitting the next being will be studied while you’re quitting and giving upwhile you’re saying alright that’s enough it’s time to rest the next personis just getting started somebody’s gonna win you or him it’svery simple the person who winsis the person who wants it the most

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