2 Wochen Meditation mit App – Hilft mir das, Stress zu reduzieren?

Well, what colour is your stress lighttoday? Green, yellow-bellied or maybe even red? Regrettably for me it is often red. Somehow that irks me. Idon’t even want to feel the top of my skull! I don’t see any station in feeling the top of my skull! But what should help – also according to studies- is: meditation. Meditating should form you more tightened and healthier. Thenself-healing powers are simply determined possible again, which their own bodies cannot practise instress. I have to admit, it has never been my thing before. I think it’s all a bit”eso”. I am not a tree. I don’t want to be atree either. Nevertheless, I want to try it out for two weeks with a musing app.Perhaps meditation can even reduce my stress degree for me. Before I certainly start with “Omm”, or how it succeeds, it probably does n’t work that way, I want to knowhow accentuated I am. And I judge the editors have prepared something for that.Or, Franzi? A questionnaire: checklist, warning signal for stress. Physical warning signs: palpitations. Heart stitches.No, I don’t think I had. Muscle tension, I emphatically is a well-known fact that. So easy! I also had a headache. Now there is still emotional warning sign: impatience, feelings of anger. Yes, I “mustve been” unnerved for thepast week. You know that about me extremely? Or, Franzi? I’ve tried to hold back now. But yes! Warning signeds in behavior: grinding your teeth.Certainly! Erratic eating. But I can forget it sometimes. Okay, I’m through! By the space, stress itself isn’t thatbad. On the contrary: The reaction to brief stress has proven itself as a survival mechanism in evolution. In emergency situations, the body is supplied with energy at lightning speed: stress hormonessharpen the appreciations, improve responsiveness and enable peak physical performance.It becomes questionable, nonetheless, when you have to run away from a tiger- or more up-to-date – you are constantly under epoch pres. This is constant stress. And thiscan lead to irritability, sleep agitations, but too to high risk of aheart attack or stroke. Total parts 14. That positions me inthe middle-of-the-road category. And that implies: The chain reaction of physical and mentalstress reactions is already taking place in them. You should start improvingyour stress conduct talents as quickly as possible. That surprises me or worriesme a bit. I knew that I was under stress, but I too thought it was abit normal. Well, it involves stress that comes and goes.That was my strategy so far, so probably! Not a good policy. Can meditation be my approach against stress? I am sceptical. But one thing is clear: Meditation apps are booming: In the last four years, thenumber of users of meditation apps worldwide has increased approximately sevenfold – from 34 million toover 233 million. And that’s what realizes real money. Stiftung Warentestcompared ten meditation apps and these three came off the very best: Headspace, 7mind and Calm. And this pick was also recommended to us by musing investigates. Cost: approx. 12 euros per month. Let’s see which app I like best. I watch Calmfirst! It’s a little bit Spotify-wise. Youcan now just go through there and browse around in many different categoriesand see what the hell are you just wanted to do. I am perhaps a bit overtook with thisbecause I am not be carried forward that acces. App number two, it’s called “Headspace”. Meditationfor your everyday life: “Relax with meditation and techniques for more pacify and serenityin everyday life.” That doesn’t sound bad. But the report contains elementaries here too. That’s how Iimagined it to be. So I can merely start with “Basics 1” and been wonderful. Like inthe university! Meini likes that! Can the lastapp top that? The next app is called “SevenMind”. Our app is thereto shape reflection as easy as possible for you. This is actually exactly how Iimagined it “wouldve been”. Everything neatly set one below the other, neatly sorted. I don’t have any annoying that I have to choosesomething. As easy as is practicable! You have to take me by the hand and do it, otherwise itwon’t work! Therefore welcomed his first meditationwith “SevenMind”. Maybe even your first meditationever? Yes. I am glad that you want to start this journey withme. I’ll make love with her! Incidentally, my self-experiment is being professionallyobserved, but unnoticed by me.Our professional Dr. Britta Hlzel has been meditatingherself for 20 times, “ve developed” a musing app and, as a neuroscientist, researchesthe effects of meditation. All studies show that mindfulness isvery effective at reducing stress. My work: meditate with the app at least once a day for two weeks. I can choose the segment freely. Seems relaxed- but maybe it isn’t! And it is not uncommon forthe seen stress to increase, especially at the beginning of the practice. How good that I don’t know yet! Now feel how your pelvis is carried by theseat, how your buttocks connect to the base of your fanny. You are feel the pressure that your body is experiencing there. Try to perceive theups and downs of your breath, particularly in the field of your backbone, as a very fine movement. My very first meditation lasted merely under 8 minutes. And to be honest: That wasn’t excavation at all! Then I conclude like this: Oh God , now I have to feel my prickle! Where is she? Ah yes! There itis. I don’t feel anything liberty. Spine? What’s that supposed to mean? That almost upsets me. I don’t feel like doing this for an hour, sitting cross-legged somewhere! Or is that yoga? This “I rest in myself or something”? I don’t know, it all seems strange to me. Yes! I’m just the skeptical type.But if I plan to do something, then I will go through with it. So, two weeks of meditationwith the app, even if it might hurt! Now I want to start meditating.Now the neighbors are starting to pound a claw into the wall now! Guys i need rest! Today I goes to show you a way to consciously centre your attention on yourbody, on your sigh. An major step for more inner soothe and being more focused. How do your forearms feel The fucking arm? And the left arm? Bah! Ah man! That emphasizes me out! Did ithelp you focus on your torso and gulp? No! If it vanishes according tomy subjective feeling, then this musing has tightened me and damaged me morethan yesterday. The spokesperson is totally pleasant. Close your eyes, everything is cool! But this”focus on the body” stresses me out! Let’s see what musing professional Brittasays about it. It is not at all atypical that it is really difficult to concentrate on thebody at first, because we are not used to that in everyday life. The body scanincreases body awareness. That makes, it certainly coachs us to feel more clearly what is going on in our ownbody. When I lie there and discover , now concentrateon your hoof, then I truly notice how I tense myself. And somehow itannoys me that I can’t make love properly with this shitty simple meditation! Today was poop! Mindfulness genuinely “means youre” right with thesensations that are there.And if it’s frustration and exasperation and fury, then feel it fully. If you manage to say: Okay, this is what anger feels like! And that’s okay, it can be like that. Then it can pass again much faster.So that would be learning the mindfulness practice with all of the “being okay” right here. But of course thatis an animal challenge and it often just takes times toget there. Rain break during the shoot! I went inthe car immediately to ruminate. Isn’t it extremely cozy now. I don’t know if this is agood idea? I think it’s great because there are so manylittle times in the day that we can use as attentive bursts, but which wenormally crowd with learning something on the mobile phone or doing something else in someway.Simply feel the loosening as you exhale. I study. Now park now withone! How are you now And sunlights me up, ah! How does your bodyfeel now Yes sorry. I’m a little … Ah , now comes the gong. Haha! I review I have to getthe basic stuff on first. Alone, at home in peace and not in the middle of anystressful situation! Studies show that about 50 percentage ofthe time our thoughts wander away. And the practice of mindfulness is then to simplyreturn again and again and thus strengthen this muscle, to accompany the attention again andagain into the here and now and to become awake and aware there. And indeed: it slowly went better .( Gong) Just give the rhythm of your breath carry you. Let in and give away. Now, for the first time after reflection, Iactually feel more unwound than before. I like breathing.It’s really easy. That was the best meditation so far. Breathing is of course also strong as an interfacebetween the spirits and their own bodies. And then producing the breathing to restalso has a relaxing and pacifying influence on the entire physiology. Breathe in, breathe out, really be calm. I liked that! Yes. And then it works exactly as it alwaysworks. If you think you have somehow understood it now and it toils, then somehownothing duties anymore! “Finding the inner center” is the turn of today.If you crave, you can put your hands on your lower tummy formerly. Your pulsation starts now … I don’t knowif I want to focus my courtesy on the centre for human rights of my mas, on my belly! Haha! Maybe you can feelhow your gut projections a little. Again I “shouldve been” my torso. And againthat doesn’t get me anywhere! What should happen to me in this meditation? I’m so missing the goals and targets! Ah! It’s such a fundamental misunderstandingthat there is the perfect place somewhere that we still have a long way to go.In fact, it’s here and now! I do something without understanding exactlywhat I am doing or why I am doing it! That’s why I have the feeling thatnothing will change! And that’s almost a bit frustrating now.All in all, this is also one of the drawbacks of apps that you do not understand this theory, this theoretical substructure, as you can otherwise understand it in a musing track, that you are nottaken by the hand with disagreements and that are cleared up be capable of being. Of trend, theapp has the flexibility to use it anywhere and anytime. In reflection I can’treally relax and lean back. I think this is it! Because I have to do something all the time, because he told me to: feel this now, feel this now! That actually overwhelms mebecause: I don’t even want to feel the top of my skull! I don’t see any phase infeeling the top of my skull or my foot or anything! I’m now from five and a half hours of video conferencing.We reiterate our videos every week, i.e.The PULS report, the currentvideo, what was posted on Instagram. I think it’s great that we’re doing it sointensely. But it exactly ever takes a lot of time. Now meditation! Thebasic course was over yesterday. I can think of something new now. “On the lavender field”. No, that exactly constructs me vigorous now. “Relaxation Techniques”. That couldbe something now. Without known better, I drew the rightdecision! Now try again to tense your wholebody. So, the legs, the buttocks, the stomach and, if possible , now too the face. Try to tense and deem all muscles once and thensimply make them spurt away with the exhalation. Ah! That was good. Clear regulations on what todo. And it makes. I feel almost like after athletic now. Reallylike walking after half an hour of exercising or passing or something. Cool. I am glad that “wooden skulls” or “emotional dyslexics” too work for mewith such simple gimmicks! Now I’m secured! But togo one step further, I’m getting a few additional tips-off from reflection teacherBritta today.Hello? Hello. Hello Sebastian! Hi. Thank you for asking! Would you like to just tell how “youre ever”? I actually think that’s prettygood with the app. But in more detailed information it is difficult. There is one crucial sticking pointin practice that I would like to discuss with you. With amusement! That we have thefeeling that there has to be one thing, if we have achieved that, then it is right.And let go of that. This is actually the practice of mindfulness, these expectationsthat something perfect “re coming”, right now! When I think about it, that’s quite a big difference. Because , ordinarily “were having” or I can refer it to myself, I actually always have some destination. “Not wanting to go anywhere” is very unfamiliar to me! It’s really about being where we are rightnow. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it isn’t perfect. But that’s real life. And that is the only moment when we can really really feel our life consciouslyand awake. This is the moment and that is the key to beinghappy. But regardless, at some moment I would like toachieve that, for example, I am more tightened and feel little accentuated. Doyou have any other specific tips-off for me on what I could do differently? Perhaps in everyday life to tryout these minutes in between when “theres going” from one appointment to the next.Maybe you would like to make a walking meditation out of it? That means to see thatyour thoughts are not already where you want to go, but that you are really walking. So go to go! And not to go to get somewhere andbe somewhere else again. If I manage to do this regularly, that I amreally quite conscious in such daily instants and don’t think about anything else, but reallyonly live in the situation, what will I achieve with it in the long term? In these instants when we are completely there andvery consciously and feel ourselves, the body can come back to rest. Thenself-healing influences are simply prepared possible again, which their own bodies naturally has, butcannot exert in times of stress. We already know that constant stress is bad. But it also has serious outcomes on our ability: If the stress hormone cortisol is released permanently, tissue in the hippocampus dies and its volumedecreases.Since these sections of the brain is used to transfer informationfrom short-term to long-term memory, stress has a negative effecton our remembrance. And what can meditation change there? Well: In people who meditate for a long time, it has been shown that the destroyedtissue in the hippocampus abbreviates again. For meditation researchers, this is anindication that meditation can have a positive effect on the consequences of stress. What do “youre thinking about” these apps? The appbrings with it the great possibility that you can incorporate this into everyday life, because not everyone has time to go to the course formerly a week for two and a halfhours or so. What is also essential with the appsthat people with mental illnesses should be careful, because the meditation practice isnot inevitably suitable for everyone in every lifetime statu. I would recommend alwaysapproaching this with therapeutic support.So apps could just really leadin the wrong direction. Okay good. But that have now been cured me alot. Thank you very much. I go my bike for this conversation.But now I do a moving musing and not a bicycle meditation. That means I’m going to push the bike home now and meditate on it. For the first time without an app. Does that are actually toil? Switch off while treading? Outdoors? With all the people around me? Oh yes, that was really nice! Well, I think it took the first 3 minutes to forget that I actually have agoal, namely that I crave and should be going now.But then it made! And it was reallycool at times to do essentially nothing and think of nothing. I do that very rarely. How is it with you guys? Do youdo that sometimes? So in daily life that you mull or that you trynot to think about anything or to tighten? If so, write that in the commentsand how you make love. That would be interesting. Bye! Oh guys! I’m onmy space back from filming. We have “You can never do this! ” turned. I haven’t meditated today, there was no time. And now I’m getting a message right here from Franzi, our writer: Hey, Meini! The society hada particularly nice idea for you, a heartfelt early riser: a morning meditation. We’ll be with you tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. There was no that I have less Boch on at the moment! Yes, in a nutshell: Not my time, not my climate and an action that I would definitely not “ve chosen” myself! I don’t know where I’m going the nextmorning either. Hopefully you were nice to me at least when choosing a location! You will definitely get some tea, very important.Step 1. Hm, tea! Thank you. Maybe it is just right to study in the morning. Perhapsthat will work against morning grumpiness. I tell myself be surprised. I am still, let’s say, medium caused. It wouldn’t be cool outside. And now I don’t feel like meeting a good deal of beings either. If somehow there is such a strange meditation round, which are probably all still in a good mood, I wouldn’t be in the mood at all! Okay, it doesn’t look like meditation small talkhere. And the outdoor storey? Mmh, let’s see. Why did it have to be early in themorning? Folks why? But otherwise I think this is a verygood feeling! Now I only have to find the excellent blot. Here is such a little way. Now we can constitute our action through the clump. This is actually a delightful reflection clearing now. Now I’m a little happier. But whether the forest provides the ultimatemeditation experience for me? Will that convert that is something that? You barely need an app now, because you could just use these forest noises as a meditation background, right? But of course I’ll still envision whatmy app is available with me for my woodland reflection premiere. On the mountain, on the river, on the edge of the forest. It’s actually at the edge of the forest, who really belongs now! Yes. Close your eyes and turninward. Your gaze strays over the immense country, the meadows and battlefields. From the forest behind “youre coming” a aroma ofmoisture and nuts. And you can enjoy it.( Gong) Oh, I found that almost a bitshort now. I was able to fully empathize with that. To do this forest course in the middle of theforest is almost “virtual reality” somehow. The fledglings are singing. And thenI noticed how the wind comes from here and how it gets a bit cold. Then itrained again for a moment. I noticed that on my forehead and on my snout. Yes, and that’s what I’ve been dealing with. And exclusively with it. That was a good idea. So, thanks again to you guys! Now I has been extremely motivated for my lastdays of reflection, even though they are you do “nt see it” right now. However, my stress grade still leaves a lotto be hoped. I was in Vienna this morning on atrain from Munich. Then I now had a professional appointment. Yes, a good after-work meditation right away. Maybe I need anotherchallenge now. If it does n’t work that way right now, then I’ll focuson what’s happening inside of me. So, merely look at what is. Not what shouldbe. “Basics intensive 1 – intentional sitting”. I’m glad he’s starting to reallyget in. And it sounds like he certainly understood what it was about. You may need a little more timeto fully return from this meditation. Yeah, I’d rather stay. Or have you often been disconcerted by estimates or sounds? Stop babbling! I stay. I unquestionably feel more relaxed thanbefore. I said here today that, yes! Who speculates meditation is esoteric and somehowfinds everything there is funny. Meditation and mindfulness is reallynothing esoteric, it’s about study to use your own mind in a meaningful practice. Actually, I was already on the residence stretchand then my health precisely didn’t want to play along.All right then. Episode 6: Self-healing influences. This activity is best done standing up.Oh! I have to rebuild everything now? Ah! Today with a female enunciate and a differentexercise. Too feel how your springs take over the waterfrom the earth. You feel how this influence flows through you. I am not pure vitality today.Maybe you like to shake yourself a little to get back into your person and the environment.Sorry! No, open! But that’s too esoteric for me. I’m not a tree, I don’t want to be a treeeither. And certainly not today! I’m going totry other self-healing supremacies now.I deter imbibing tea and then lie downagain. It is of course not meant that youget a cold and then you sit down, meditate and then everything isfine again, but that is a longer-term effect on the immune serve! On the penultimate daylight of the experimentation, I’mstill not quite fit. For tomorrow I’ve still decided to do something veryspecial. A especially beautiful arrange. Now take a look at this! That’s good, right? I also thought tomyself that if I start here it must be worth it. And now I want totry a long meditation. So far I’ve always meditated for an average of 8 minutes. And I’ve felt that for a long time. With this kind of breathing, I’ve always donereally well so far. And now there is a meditation now called “breathing exercise”.It takes 20 minutes.That’s already an announcement.I have an atmosphere and now breathe a bit meditatively? We do that! Breath in, breath out. Take a little naturalpause and breathe in again. What else can you discover? Cool! Well, it’s been a long time! Itreally makes a difference whether 10 times or 20! If you really concentrate on thetip of your snout for 20 minutes, again as the breath comes in, and on your lips as it becomes out, that ismentally demanding. But now I was just really relaxed.But what about my goal that I prepare for myself two weeks ago? At the start I invited myself whether Icould lower my stress level with such a reflection app within two weeks. And the answer is: no , not really! Yes. No miracles areto be expected in two weeks , not even with meditation. But I still feel I’ve achievedsomething. I formerly understood so approximately what musing actually is and, aboveall, that it is not about fulfilling any extreme expectations.And for that, I feel, such an app isgreat. But if you want to go deeper, then I argued that at some pitch you would haveto exchange ideas with someone who is really familiar with the topic. Only thendo “youve been” check it out! Overall, musing is still notthat 100% excavation. But I’ll take something with me regardless. For precedent, justsit down somewhere, just breathe, concentrate on it and do nothingand, above all , not think about anything! You are also welcome to time try it out. Of trend, what you are also welcome to tryis what happens when you give us a due now. With a bell, of course! Whether a tantra rub triggers the eventual in loosening? You can see that in this report. Ari and I tried that out. And here is the PULS Reportage Playlistwith all the sungs from all of our videos ..

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