If you have more motivationCheck it out Munich, final of the 800 rhythms of the Olympic Gamesof 1972. Dave Wottle wearing a cap is oneof the favourites. From the start of the race Dave Wottle foundhimself in last place The day before the hasten, he had sufferedfrom tendonitis. he remains at the back of the peloton for 600 m, then clambers up the other adversaries one by one. Just because you’ve always beenthe last doesn’t mean you can’t be the first. 2008 at aBig Ten indoor track competition. Heather Dorniden is the favorite in her6 00 -meter race. The race consists of completing threelaps around an indoor road. As she neared firstplace toward the end of the second round, Heather Dorniden takes an inspiring fallSo only one sip left You don’t fall to fall lowerYou fall to rise higher May 25 2005 UEFA Champions League final at the Atatrk Olympic Stadium, IstanbulLiverpool and AC Milan face off for European name At half-time, AC Milan clearly dominateand produce 3-0 In second half-time, Liverpool controlled an incredibleturnaround and returned to 3-3 in less than ten minutes.After a penalty shoot-out, theEnglish club won their fifth Champion Clubs’ Cup in their history As long as the coincide is not over, there is always a chance to win Slovenia, World Championship 2010 JBCMichal Marosi is favorite for victory But the cyclist has only one impressive fallHe will operate a resurgence by performing a wall ride When you hit rock bottom You have tocome back to the surface September 29, 2007 Kelly Pavlik faces Jermaine Taylor for the claim of endorse World ofWBC and WBO middleweight boxing From the start pavlik strugglesBut Your victory doesn’t depend on how manytimes you descend Your win depends on how many timesyou get up Paris in 2003 World Athletics Championships Marc Raquil is the great French hopeI would rather be the last of the best Than the first of the losers 2014 European Athletics Championship inZurich Floria guei participates in the 4x400m relay Maids Refuse to fight by p at failureit’s like refusing to live for fear of dying As long as you have a breath of lifeThere is still hope, the hope of winning But the fight is you against youIt’s only you who can make a difference, it’s only you

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