Fitness Will Save Your Life (And The Ones You Love)

( maniacal laughter) – I would like you to thinkabout this for a moment. You and your family or love ones, are drivingfor a family vacation and then suddenly youguys have an accident. Things croak fade-out to black. And formerly you wake up your family is captured underthe transgressed part of the car. Unconscious. You attemptto lift the machinery but you are not strongenough. You try again and again and again but good-for-nothing seems to move.Until eventually you realize that your family is no longer alive. How would you feel knowing thathad you been a bit stronger you could have saved your entire family.The world is a much safer region. Now in general, we no longer have to fight or hunt for our meat. We no longer have to worry by an antagonist tribe tryingto steal our very best. This has caused the world’spopulation to forget and ignore their fitness knowledge. What if you have to run from an attacker and rush a high fence, what if you have tosave your part clas from a car accident? Can you confidently say rightnow at this precise minute I could save my familyfrom a car accident? Work on your fitness, retain your backbone. This will keep yourselfand the ones you love safer and will improve your qualityof life in the long run. Take care of yourself ..

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