Fit Clubz: Fitness Phenomenon Or Bowling Pins? – Sweat Inc., Season 1

All privilege, guys. Ready. Obi: Uh-oh! My man is trying tobring the past to the present. Jillian: Hit us! Clubz Fitness is a functionalfitness program designed to improve mobility and rightfully has somethingfor everyone. Fit Clubz is an actual toolthat allows you to do all functional, full-body rehearsals. Comprising somethingaway from your form, your bodyhas to work harder, which is going toburn more calories and be more efficientfor training. We havethree different programs. We have Cardio, we have Power, and then we have Recovery.You get a real high-intensityexercise interval at a very shortperiod of time. I don’t know how familiaryou are with Indian golf-clubs. That’s where we gotthe force when designing my product.It’s an 1800 s pattern from the militaryto train mobility. – How much are they? – $ 40. – What’s your cost on that? – $ 15 to $20. What are you patentingon a tool that’s been aroundfor 500 times? The patentis on functionality and based on the paddingthat’s around it. Have you been to any big boxgyms? Has anyone seen this yet? We’ve pitchedsomewhat to a coupleof large-scale gym bonds. They’re not biting. There’s people who havenibbled at it, perfectly. Okay. So, we launchedat the beginning of 2014, sold over 2,000 measurements. Randy: I like the innovation, but I am a little concerned.You’ve been at itfor a couple of years, and you’ve only sold2, 000 lists. I want, that createssome question marks. Indian clubs are bad-ass.They’re large-scale, they’re heavy, and you can do some reallycrushing things on them. This may seem like the superwatered-down version of something cool. I’m just not surewhether dancing around with some bowling pinsin my hand is a phenomenon. I don’t know anybodywho’s doing it in a groupfitness environment, and I think it’s proven, and “its certainly true it is” all about you and howyou’re going to turn this into a workout that’s easyto coach and easy to do. These, basically, must be considered itas an extension of your figure. Everything that we dois going to have just the supplemented resistanceof containing out. I’m going to takeyou guys through some of my favoritesignature exercisesand let you feel it. Everythingis going to be either 30 secondsor 60 seconds at a time. Why would somebodyuse this over boobs? Tell me that. The force placement.The value is placedaway from you, and the manage, if you have a weight, one of the purposes of the weightis in your hand.So, this allows youto get that pendulum patrol. As you can see, you feel that extensionand that squeezing all the way to the very end.We’ll start with our left leg. We’re going to spin andcome all the way to the sky and then alternate. I cherish the fluidity of this. I’m a big fan of stayingin motion and having active recovery. I genuinely adore dynamicresistance schooling. What I like aboutJason’s Fit Clubz, they continue to flow, and they require corestrength and stability. It’s a great workout. I’ve burned 75 caloriesso far, guys.In three, two, one. A reach-out, some cover. Reach out. It’s almost like plankpunches a little. There you go, and you’ve gotthe extra leverage’ generate you’readding a little weight. Jason’s taken a productfrom the past, and he’s renovated it, but he hasn’t improved on it, and he’s made it light, and it’s ineffective in terms of functionalstrength training. In three, two, one.Anybody smash a little sweat? I bid I would’ve seen moreexercises from major muscles, like the chest and the back.Fit Clubz are a great tool to rehabilitate shoulderinjuries, but it’s not very effective for peoplelooking to build muscle.Thanks for the opportunity. I’m aware there’sareas for improvement. It’s obviously not designedfor the whole world. We have a good niche, and I thinkthat we can expand that. I’m feeling really good.I don’t want to trash-talk, but I mull I’ve gotthis thing in the bag. Let’s see what you guys got ..

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